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TED Talk_Lisa_Kristine PSP TED Talk_Lisa_Kristine PSP Presentation Transcript

  • Lisa KristinePhotographer and Humanitarian
  • Lisa KristinePhotos that bear witnessto modern slavery
  • Thesis: Lisa Kristine pleaded a cry of help and of unjust for the ignored modern day slavery that cannot speak for itself and is currently in action around the entire world.
  • Ms. Kristine wasquite captivating byplacing an intensevisual in the mindsof the listeningaudience, one sovivid that it wouldleave the audiencewith the feeling as ifthey were rightthere in the story aswell.
  • She also kept the same vivid depictions, keeping her audience extremely involved throughout her entire presentation.
  • She really used the 4th TED commandment the most, Connect with peoples emotions. This was very useful for what she was trying express to the listening audience.
  • I would giveher a 5 out 5.Reason being,she reachedout to thosewere andwere notaware oftheseunknown-knownatrocities thatstill threatenand affect ourworld today.
  • Even though this idea is not an original one,the delivery could not have been moreconsciously revealing and emotionallytouching unless the audience was apart thisevent that is taking place.
  • I would sayMr. Kristinekept thingsquite simpleand straightto the point,which is thefirst rulefrom GarrReynolds.
  • I learned thatemotionallycapturing eventswould in turncapture the audienceemotionally;embedding athought, idea orimage in minds thatcan not be easilyimpassive.
  • Lisa Kristine’s approach turned outto be extremely urgent and notwatered down at all.
  • Sir Ken Robinson used a more glossy approach to the idea of revising school structure, stirring to be not as urgent as Ms. Kristine’s thesis.
  • Lisa Kristine’s presentation had noplace for anything else butearnestness and seriousness.
  • Mr. Robinson used quite abit of humor that wouldallow his audience to feel abit more contented, whiletaking in his thesis.
  • Tip for myclassmates, usethe 4th TEDcommandmentto its greatestextent. It can’tdo anything lessthan catch theattention of theaudience.
  • CitationsLisa Kristinehttp-/www.lisakristine.com/wp-content/themes/lisa/images/big_head_2/Artist-Portrait-for-Artisthttp-//www.lisakristine.com/wp-content/themes/lisa/images/big_head_2//Artist-Portrait-for- Artist-Lisa Kristine’s workhttp-//fstoppers.com/images-of-modern-day-slavery-by-lisa-kristineSir Ken Robinsonhttp-//inmenlo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/sirkenrobinsonhttp-//businessplayground.com/creativity/ken-robinson-at-ted/attachment/sir-ken-robinson/