Momentum Camp Program For Teens Thailand (Summer 2010)


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Momentum™ Camp is an adventure-based learning camp, where participants go through a series of adventures aimed at sharpening their survival skills, increasing their self-awareness, and empowering their leadership qualities

The next camp will be held in Thailand during AUC\'s Spring Break from the 31st of July until the 9th of August.

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Momentum Camp Program For Teens Thailand (Summer 2010)

  1. 1. Momentum™ Camp in Thailand Trip Details Thailand's diversity of culture and stunning landscape make it the perfect action-packed adventure destination. From trekking through dense jungle on foot to voyages on elephant-back to paddling down fast river rapids, this trip has it all. This journey will keep you on edge like no other as you move from one exciting activity to the next, and we have more surprises for you. This fantastic hands-on experience is a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills in self-reliance and challenging oneself in the company of some of the most experienced trainers and guides in the field. Outline Itinerary: Day 01: Arrival In Bangkok, Transfer to the Hotel Meet & greet. Private transfer with English speaking guide from airport to I Residence Sathorn hotel for check-in. Briefing about program with information on Bangkok. Dinner & overnight at I Residence Sathorn superior room ( or equivalent.
  2. 2. Day 02: Free Morning to Explore Bangkok, Overnight train to Chang Mai After breakfast at the hotel, we have the morning to explore Bangkok, walk around shopping through the bustling markets. Check out time will be at 12 PM and the luggage will be stored until we are picked up to head to the train station. 1550 A private transfer to Hua Lampong railway station to catch the overnight train (2nd class air-conditioned sleeping berth) to Chiang Mai. Dinner box and overnight on train. Day 03: Arrival to Chang Mai, Elephant trek, Building a Bamboo Raft, Camping, BBQ Dinner, Team Briefing 07:45 Arrival at Chiang Mai railway station. Meet & greet by local Chiang Mai guides who will collect the group and transfer them to Elephant Camp North of Chiang Mai. We will be transferred to a riverside location by an Oxcart ride. After a safety briefing, we will separate into groups and build bamboo rafts from bamboo, rubber tyres and rope. Students will then paddle these rafts downriver for 30 minutes, then boarding a series of canoes and kayaks for the remainder of the 2 hours paddle downriver. Along the way, they will pass through forests and secluded areas, and will also enjoy the opportunity to swim in the water at certain locations – educational stops will also be provided ensuring the group learns about their surroundings. After a buffet lunch, the group will enjoy a one hour elephant trek, with two persons per elephant, through the jungle, river and villages. The elephant will trek you to the camp area for the overnight in tents. Dinner will be a BBQ. After dinner, a series of mild, fun ice-breaker games will be played the goal being to learn names, break down barriers of race/sex/age etc, and to set the tone for the rest of the trip. Day 04: Mountain biking, Tree Top Canopy Walk , Pang Soong Lodge The group will receive a 7.00am wake-up call and a breakfast will be served at 7.30am. For the morning activity, the group will begin a mountain biking route through local trails, with some stunning scenery. Additionally, there will be some educational stops where students will be provided with information about the local people and ecosystems.
  3. 3. After a picnic lunch, the group will be transferred to the Flight of the Gibbon facility, where they will enjoy a tree-top canopy walk complete with zip wires. The evening will include a transfer to the Pang Soong Lodge. Here, they will be introduced to the Lodge, its staff and the rules in place, before being assigned rooms (male and female students separate). Dinner will be a Thai cuisine buffet. After dinner, the teams will reflect on the day‟s activities and then enjoy some evening games. After the games some free time is enjoyed before lights out. Day 05: Challenging trek through forest, education on local culture, flora and fauna, Waterfall abseiling adventure, Thai Dinner Buffet The group will receive a 7am wakeup call and a buffet breakfast of mixed Thai and Western cuisine will be served at 7.30am. After breakfast the group will be divided in to two sub-groups for the day, and told what the morning plan is and asked to dress accordingly. Group A will depart at 8.30am and will walk a challenging trek through pristine primary forest and up some very steep slopes. The trek takes the group to 1,400metres above sea level and if the weather is clear, offers some outstanding views of the surrounding province. During the walk, educational information will be provided by our experienced guides on the local flora, fauna, ecosystems and people. Check points will also be set up on the mountain to provide additional water, and compulsory breaks. Waterfall abseiling Group B will walk half way up the main Pang Soong Nature Trail, and will then be provided with an introduction to abseiling, before each person then commences a 7m-waterfall abseil. Whilst it is not their turn, participations will be expected to support and encourage each other. A very qualified team of 4-5 persons is utilized for this element of the program. Both groups return to the lodge for a buffet lunch at approximately 1pm, and in the afternoon they swap activities. In the evening the teams have a period of time to clean up before dinner. Restrictions on hot water usage will be communicated to the students (5-7 minute showers only). Dinner will be enjoyed by the group, consisting of a Thai cuisine buffet. After dinner, the teams will reflect on the day‟s activities and then enjoy some evening games. After the games some free time is enjoyed before lights out.
  4. 4. Day 06: Multiple Challenges Day The group will receive a 7am wake-up call and a buffet breakfast of mixed Thai and Western cuisine will be served at 7.30am. After breakfast the group will be divided into teams of 10 persons per team and provided with their briefing for the day. The theme of the day will be competition and teamwork, with points accrued throughout the day for activities undertaken successfully. Team activity one: Developing a team identity For one hour, the teams will need to achieve the following, ensuring that for the rest of the day they have a strong team identity: 1. Coming up with a team name 2. Creating a team slogan/cheer 3. Creating a team flag, from materials provided Following the end of this period, each team will present their team to the others, and the team flag will be placed on the communal notice board at the restaurant. Points will be awarded for creativity, humor and quality of their creations. Team Building Challenge From mid morning to lunchtime, the teams will undertake a team building challenge. This team building challenge will provide a chance for teams to earn points and will test their planning, communication and problem solving skills – importantly, it also provides the chance for teams to settle down, learn about each-others skills and to „break the ice‟. During the challenge, a facilitator accompanies each team. Participation of teachers is also encouraged. The challenge takes place in the areas surrounding the Pang Soong Lodge, including the river, jungle, field and buildings, where 8 different challenges await the teams. The goal of the Team Challenge is to simply complete as many challenges as possible in the allotted time (2.5 hours) – challenges are located in the river, in waterfalls, in the forest and more.
  5. 5. Challenges include: 1. The infamous leaky pipe – the team‟s goal is to fill a 2m high pipe with water to collect the ping-pong ball at the bottom of the pipe. Unfortunately, the pipe is full of holes, which must be covered to ensure the water level rises. 2. Ravine cross – the teams goal is to cross from one platform to another one 1.5m away. Between the two platforms is water and rocks. 3. Spider web – teams must cross from one side of the web to another keeping in mind that once one hole in the web is used, it is „closed‟. 4. Minefield – teams must cross the minefield, remembering (as a team) where the bombs are to find the right path. Teams will be awarded points for each challenge, and bonus points for additional elements (finishing all challenges, completing a challenge on their first attempt etc). Team activity two: Jungle survival and river tracing challenge After a buffet lunch, the group will begin walking the length of the Pang Soong Nature Trail, approximately 2.5km. The main trail runs through pristine jungle and around a series of 17 waterfalls of varying sizes, as it follows the stunning Mae Lai stream uphill. The added challenge is that the group cannot use the main path, and must instead walk through the stream, over rocks and up waterways. Ropes and ladders will be provided to assist their walk. As they start walking, the main role-play challenge then begins: “The team has survived a plane crash and is lost in the jungle. The team must follow the trail to safety, completing the jungle survival scenarios along the way, communicating and working together as a team if they are to stay alive”. As they complete various challenges, they will continue down the trail, finding envelopes along the way that provide new instructions and challenges: • Passing the “Old Man of the Forest” • Building a stretcher for an „injured‟ team member • Scavenging for food • Using a slingshot for protection from predators • Building a fire and a shelter • Escaping killer bees • Collecting water Points are awarded for successful completion of each challenge, and via a ratings system decided by the facilitators.
  6. 6. After the days‟ activities, the teams have a period of time to clean up before dinner. Restrictions on hot water usage will be communicated to the students (5-7 minute showers only). Dinner, consisting of a Thai cuisine buffet, will be enjoyed by the group,. After dinner, the points from the day‟s challenges will be announced, with the winning team receiving a prize. After dinner, the teams will reflect on the day‟s activities and then enjoy some evening games. After the games some free time is enjoyed before lights out. Day 07: Rock Climbing, Paint Ball After breakfast, we will be introduced to Rock Climbing Rock climbing instruction (basic level) will be provided to the group at two locations. 1. The rock climbing and abseil tower on site at Pang Soong Lodge. 2. A 15-18m rock face located some 300m away from the Lodge. The team of experienced climbers/ abseilers (who would have worked with the team on the river tracing program will run the training program. We will then have lunch at the Pang Soong Lodge then check out of the lodge and head to the city and our paintball challenge. After arriving at the designated area, we have the Paintball Last Man Standing Challenge. Two teams of 5 people each engage in a series of „elimination‟ war games. They each start from opposite ends of the battle ground and advance into enemy territory behind the cover of barricades, obstacles and a shield of covering fire. The objective is to „kill‟ the enemy and take his control tower. Full protective equipment is worn and the game is monitored by two war marshals. There are two hours allocated to this challenge, and each team is issued a given amount of ammunition per round of combat. Participants are removed from the battlefield when they are hit by paintballs, and the team with the last man standing wins the challenge. After this exciting activity, we will check in to Imm Eco hotel , wash and refresh. After a some rest time, we will head out to Dinner at Just Khao Soy, an authentic Thai restaurant. We will then talk a stroll and visit the night market. Then transfer back to our hotel.
  7. 7. Day 08: Exploring Chang Mai, Night Train to Bangkok After breakfast in the hotel, we will travel by minibus accompanied by an English speaking tour guide to visit the city‟s most well known temples. Wat Doi Suthep: extremely popular amongst the Thais and the North‟s best known temple. This magnificent temple is perched high above the city on the side of Doi Suthep mountain affording panoramic views. The temple is reached by a scenic mountain road. Lunch is taken at a local restaurant. After lunch visit several of Chiang Mai‟s most interesting shopping towns, where guests will see ceramics, saa paper, handicrafts, celadon, antiques and more. They will have the opportunity to purchase items and also to see items being made first hand. We then transfer to town via the hot springs for an hour of relaxation. 17:20 Drop off at Chiang Mai train station for special express train (2nd class air- conditioned sleeping berth). Overnight on board, dinner box included. Day 09: Free Day in Bangkok We arrive at Hua Lampong Railway station at 7 AM. Private transfer with English speaking guide to I Residence Sathorn for breakfast. (normal room check-in time is at 14:00 hrs). Luggage to be deposited with hotel concierge and group members can use rest rooms (2 rooms each) to clean and freshen up. We have the day free to explore Bangkok, do some last minute shopping and farewell this amazing city. In the evening we have dinner & overnight at I Residence Sathorn (superior room) Day 10: Heading Home At 03:40 AM we are picked up by Private transfer with English speaking guide from I Residence Sathorn to Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Breakfast box included. 06:40 Depart Bangkok for homeward journey.
  8. 8. Investment Package: Total investment for Momentum™ Camp in Thailand is 13, 500 LE per person. The following section explains what is included in the package Cost Includes: - 10 Days & 9 Nights Accommodation - Meals as mentioned in the itinerary - Flight to and from Bangkok, Thailand - Transportation and internal flights - ADAA‟ facilitators - ADAA‟ training material - Evaluation Report about the personal development of each participant - Behavioral logs to track your own performance Cost Excludes: - Thailand Visa fee Documents needed for the visa: - Bank statement (up to date) - Passport (valid for 6 months) - Enrollment certificate - 3 passport photos - Copy of the passport Deadline for Early Bird Registration (eligible for 10% off) an down payment: July 15, 2010. For registration, fill out the following form: ZoUlE6MQ Deadline for Full Payment: July 21, 2010 Terms and Conditions: Only students between 15 and 19 years old Contact information: Mobile: 010-0006-097 E-mail: Website: