Rapid Product Innovation


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Rapid Product Innovation

  1. 1. Rapid Product Innovation:Improving Processes for Production System Design, Implementation, Design Implementation and Operations Digital Manufacturing and Collaborative Digital Automation February 8, 2010 Greg Gorbach Vice President ARC Advisory Group ggorbach@arcweb.com
  2. 2. Today’s Business EnvironmentMakes Innovation and Responsiveness A Necessity A Turbulent Marketplace: Impact on Production: Global Competition • Re-tool for new products p • Rapid Introduction of New Customers have many alternatives Production Processes Price pressure • More Automation More products and variations needed • More Plant Software More product info: Traceability, • Re tool to Reduce Energy & Re-tool Pedigree, Carbon footprint, etc. Emissions • Re-Tool for Green Packaging Consistently high quality is critical • Re-tool for more flexibility Fast turnaround Complex delivery terms and schedule Green Increasing Costs Energy Natural resources Regulatory Pressure Growing Climate Change Pressure Other Environmental/Safety 2 © ARC Advisory Group
  3. 3. Today’s Product/Process Innovation BottleneckProductLifecyclePhysicalProduction DESIGN BUILD OPERATESystem For certain manufacturing segments (especially discrete and portions of hybrid), introducing new products or improving the manufacturing process usually requires creating or modifying production systems Many production system problems are not discovered until late in the design/implementation process, which introduces delays and cost d i /i l t ti hi h i t d d l d t Once in operation, virtual reference models, if available, could aid in performance monitoring, process optimization, problem diagnosis, operator training, and continuous improvement 3 © ARC Advisory Group
  4. 4. Limitations in Today’s DigitalManufacturing and Automation Tools Design Modeling/Simulation Typically, many different design Product Component Physics-Based and modeling environments are g Mechanical Design 3D Solid Models Component Models used. They often don’t integrate Mfg Systems Equipment Physics-Based well. Mechanical Design 3D Solid Models Equipment Models Limited tools have been Mfg Systems Queuing/ Process Network available for designing and Design Models simulating the implementation Chemical Process Energy & Emissions of control systems and devices, Model Model and the behaviors of the control Product Electrical Product Electrical systems as they interact with es g Design S u at o Simulation the electromechanical systems Inspection & Test Systems Inspection & Test Systems Design Models Control Engineers need to be Mfg Systems Equipment able to collaborate and interact Electrical Electrical Design Models with other manufacturing Mfg Systems Controls & engineers and their models and Controls, Logic I/O Emulation Logic Design Models systems Mfg Systems HMI & MES Software Software Design Models Models/Simulations Can Improve Design, Build, and Operate Phases 4 © ARC Advisory Group
  5. 5. Digital Manufacturing 5 © ARC Advisory Group
  6. 6. Developing Production SystemsRequires Parallel Engineering Activities PRODUCTION PROCESSES Industrial • Equipment Layout Engineering • Queuing/Throughput Models • Human Factors Models • etc. Mechanical Electrical El t i l Design & Controls Production GEOMETRY System y AUTOMATION SYSTEMS • Mfg Equipment Design • Electrical & Wiring Design • Mfg Equipment 3D Model(s) • Electrical & Wiring Models • Controllers & Control Devices • Controller & Control Device Models • Control Code Virtual, Science Science- • etc. t Based Modeling & BEHAVIORS Simulation • Core Manufacturing Process Models • Equipment Modeling • Kinematics • Simulated Work Environments • etc. 6 © ARC Advisory Group
  7. 7. Digital Manufacturing: Modeling and SimulatingGeometry, Processes, Behavior, and Automation Digital Manufacturing & Production PRODUCTION PROCESSES Industrial • Equipment Layout Engineering • Queuing/Throughput Models • Human Factors Models • etc. Digital PROCESS Mechanical Models Electrical Design & Controls Digital Collaborative GEOMETRY Digital (3D) ProductionAutomation GEOMETRY System AUTOMATION SYSTEMS • Mfg Equipment Design • Electrical & Wiring Design • Mfg Equipment 3D Model(s) Digital • Electrical & Wiring Models BEHAVIOR • Controllers & Control Devices Models Controller & Control Device • C ll C l i Management & Integration Models • Control Code • Project Management Virtual, Science- • etc. • Data Management Based Modeling & BEHAVIORS • Portfolio Management Simulation • Core Manufacturing Process • Connectivity Models • etc. • Equipment Modeling • Kinematics • Simulated Work Environments • etc. 7 © ARC Advisory Group
  8. 8. Digital Manufacturing: Model-BasedDevelopment of Production SystemsProductLifecyclePhysicalProduction DESIGN BUILD OPERATESystem Concept & Design Validation and Validation and Problem-Solving Optimization through Start-up System Design Models & Simulation Production System Conveyor Robot Conveyor Robot Conveyor RobotDigital CAD, SimulationMfg etc Environment DEVELOP & USE USE & REFINE Physical Production Cell Virtual Models Virtual Models Typical DM Scope 8 © ARC Advisory Group
  9. 9. Manufacturers Need Better Tools forDigital Manufacturing and CDA Production Systems • Assembly Lines • C Conveyors • Work Cells • Safety Systems • Packaging Lines Collaborative • Batch Vessels Digital • Power Plants Automation • etc. • All with Mechatronics: • Electrical Systems & Wiring • Controllers, Sensors & Control Devices • Plant Software, etc. 9 © ARC Advisory Group
  10. 10. Collaborative Digital Manufacturing (CDA) 10 © ARC Advisory Group
  11. 11. What is Collaborative Digital Automation? The application of digital tools, simulation, and CDA virtualization to the process of developing, p p g, implementing, and operating production systems Especially involving the interaction of control devices a d sys e s and systems with the electromechanical co po e s e e ec o ec a ca components that constitute the production system Design Virtual Simulation Physical System 11 © ARC Advisory Group
  12. 12. Collaborative Digital Automation (CDA)in the Design – Build Phases DESIGN VALIDATE IMPLEMENT Manufacturing Process, Process, Interference, Build, Test, & Deploy System, & Components Kinematics, Controls, etc. Physical System Software Design Software System Software System alidate Physic Installation n Visibility Visibility Visibility EMI EMI Execution Execution Execution MES MES Controls Controls Controls Interface Interface HMI Interface HMI Control Control ign Control Logic Virtual Controller Logic Controller Logic calCDA Validate & Optimize Desi Electrical Design Electrical Model Electrical System Sensor I/O Block Drive Sensor I/O Block Drive Sensor I/O Block Drive O missioning: Va Safety HOA MCC Safety HOA MCC Safety HOA MCC Mechanical Design Mechanical & Mechanical System Environmental Model Virtual Comm Conveyor Robot Conveyor Robot Conveyor Robot CAD, Simulation V etc Environment Production Cell Design Virtual Production Cell Physical Production Cell 14 © ARC Advisory Group
  13. 13. Collaborative Digital Automation (CDA)is an immature but rapidly developing space Processes Software & Human Interfaces Collaborative Geometry Live Production Digital Systems A t ti Automation i Virtual Simulation Other Systems Electrical & Wiring Model Execution Logic Control Devices Models MES/CPM Configuration I/O Emulation Virtual Commissioning Control System Design Connectivity to: Control Logic • Process Models • Geometry Models Controller Code • Simulations Controller Emulation C ll l i • Mgmt & Integration HMI Configuration etc. Standards, Libraries Tools Standards Libraries, Tools, Interoperability, etc. Are Needed 15 © ARC Advisory Group
  14. 14. Virtual Production Systems 16 © ARC Advisory Group
  15. 15. Virtual Production SystemExtend Digital Mfg to Operations Virtual Physical Design Production Production Systems System System Execution & Visibility S/W Interface • Performance Deviations • Optimization • Process Improvements • Diagnose Problems • Problem Resolution • Operator Training • Alternate Designs • Maintenance Activity Modeling • etc • etc Product Data Process Data Product Data Process Data Metrology Faults Metrology Faults Quality Throughput Quality Throughput Inspection Shift Data Inspection Shift Data Signoffs CAPA Signoffs CAPA Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Asset Data Material Data Asset Data Material Data Maintenance Supplier Quality Maintenance Supplier Quality Cycle Count Inventory Levels Cycle Count Inventory Levels Etc. Rejections Etc. Rejections NCR NCR Etc. Etc. Virtual Results (As- Actual Manufacturing Designed & Simulated) Results & As-Built 17 © ARC Advisory Group
  16. 16. DM, CDA, and VPSModel-Based Development & Operation of Production SystemsProductLifecyclePhysicalProduction DESIGN BUILD OPERATESystem Production System Concept & Design Validation and Simulation Enables Validation and Problem-Solving Continuous Optimization through Start-up Improvement Virtual Production SystemDigitalManufacturing(DM) DEVELOP & USE USE & REFINE USE & EXTEND Virtual Models Virtual Models Virtual ModelsCollaborativeDigitalAutomation Digital Manufacturing and CDA(CDA) • Steady State Design • Virtual Commissioning • Performance Deviations • Dynamic Simulation D i Si l ti • Diagnose Problems Di P bl • Optimization O ti i ti • Design Optimization • Process/System Validation • Diagnose Problems • etc • Operator Training • Operator Training • etc • Maintenance Activity Modeling • etc 18 © ARC Advisory Group
  17. 17. Issues Faced by Users There are lots of different pieces involved, it’s hard to know how to proceed p How do I get to the point where I can re-use things - such as models and control code – for equipment that I use frequently? eque y What will we encounter when we start down this road? What don’t we know? Integration and Interoperability What are the costs? What are the benefits? Etc. 19 © ARC Advisory Group
  18. 18. Issues Faced by Suppliers How to persuade manufacturers to try CDA apps • Seems complicated, risky, and costly complicated risky • Who drives buying decision? How do I justify creating device models and solution components? t ? • Is the market ready? • Can I afford NOT to participate at this stage - will that effectively cede the market to others and negatively impact my automation business? Etc. 20 © ARC Advisory Group
  19. 19. Summary: Key Points Digital Manufacturing is becoming more important in creating competitive advantage g p g ARC advocates extending Digital Manufacturing to the Operating phase (Virtual Production System) Collaborative Digital Automation (CDA) unlocks the true potential of Digital Manufacturing Digital Digital PROCESS Models Manufacturing & Production Digital Collaborative GEOMETRY Digital (3D) Automation CDA Digital BEHAVIOR Models 21 © ARC Advisory Group
  20. 20. Digital Manufacturing With CDA HelpsCreate Competitive Advantage Enterprise Products Equipment Processes Engineering Operations Digital Mfg Digital Automation Collaborative Solutions for Digital Automation are Beginning to Emerge 22 © ARC Advisory Group
  21. 21. Thank You For more information, contact the author atggorbach@arcweb.com or visit our web pages at www.arcweb.com www arcweb com 23 © ARC Advisory Group