ARC's Dick Slansky's PLM with Shop Floor Operations Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum

ARC's Dick Slansky's PLM with Shop Floor Operations Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum



ARC's Dick Slansky's PLM with Shop Floor Operations Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum in Orlando, FL.

ARC's Dick Slansky's PLM with Shop Floor Operations Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum in Orlando, FL.



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    ARC's Dick Slansky's PLM with Shop Floor Operations Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum ARC's Dick Slansky's PLM with Shop Floor Operations Presentation at ARC's 2008 Industry Forum Presentation Transcript

    • Integrating PLM with Shop Floor Operations: Validating As-Built to As-Designed Dick Slansky Senior Analyst ARC Advisory Group
    • 2 © ARC Advisory Group Evolution of the Design/Build Process 90s Integration of Production Process Design and Shop Floor Operations 80s 2000 2008….. 3D Digital Mockup Digital Manufacturing 3D User Experience 2D TechnologicalAdvance Design, Simulation, & Validation of Manufacturing Processes
    • 3 © ARC Advisory Group Today’s PLM: Holistic Approach to Product & Process • Product, Processes, & Resources have become “Virtualized”: 3D Experience from Concept to Customer • PLM Scope has expanded: Design/Build has become Design/Simulate/Validate/Automate/Build • PLM Solution Sets Interface with most Enterprise Business Solutions: ERP, SCM, EAM • Digital Manufacturing Solutions Extend Virtual Manufacturing Processes to the Factory Floor • Integration of PLM with Operations Mgmt Validates the As-Built to the As-Designed • Validation of As-Built Product Closes Loop between the Virtual Build and the Physical Build
    • 4 © ARC Advisory Group 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 3D CAD Product Data Mgmt (PDM) Project/Program Mgmt Parts Fabrication (CAM) Product Test (CAE) Mfg Process Mgmt (MPM) Knowledge-Based Engr. (KBE) Digital Manufacturing 2D CAD Service/Support/Content Mgmt What PLM Solutions Companies are Using Growing Adoption Rate
    • 5 © ARC Advisory Group 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Mfg Process Definition/Creation Process Planning Production Mgmt/Shop Floor Execution Workcell/Production Line Simulation & Validation Automation & Controls Simulation & Validation Not Important Somewhat Important Important Essential to MPM/Digital Mfg What is the Importance of Digital Mfg & Shop Floor Operations Requirements?
    • 6 © ARC Advisory Group  Manufacturing Planning • Define High-Level Manufacturing Processes • Process Planning (Assembly & Installation) • Define Work Instructions & Work Flow  Detailed Process Design & Analysis • Detailed Resource Modeling & Simulation • Process Definition and Validation • 3-D Factory Layout • Equipment, Tool & Fixture Simulation • Ergonomic Simulation  Validation & Virtual Commissioning • Control Logic Simulation & Validation • Kinematic (Robotic) Simulation & Validation • Quality Assurance/Process Improvement Validation • Sensor/Metrology Placement Validation • Virtual Commissioning & Validation of Automation Systems • Knowing that the Production System Works Prior to Launch: Priceless. Digital Manufacturing Covers the Entire Build Process 3D 3D
    • 7 © ARC Advisory Group Digital Manufacturing Enables Product & Process Validation • Product Design (CAD) tools are used to define “What" is to be built • Manufacturing Process Design tools are used to define “How" it is to be built • Integration of Product & Process Design directly supports concepts such as Concurrent Engineering & Mfg Process Validation Digital Manufacturing facilitates the Holistic view of Product and Process Design as integral components of the overall product life cycle
    • 8 © ARC Advisory Group Integration of PLM and Shop Floor Operations Enables Validation of the As-Built Product Managing the Manufacturing Process  Integration of Product Design with Mfg Processes (Digital Mfg) Enables Production Management & Shop Floor Execution to be Integrated with the PLM Solution Set  Manufacturing Process Design coupled with Digital Mfg Simulation Integrates the Definitions of the Product, Processes, Factory, and Resources into a Comprehensive and Consistent Manufacturing Solution  Manufacturers want a more direct and horizontal integration between their PLM/PDM design/build environment and their shop floor operations. PDM Integration with ERP is not bi- directional
    • 9 © ARC Advisory Group Shop Floor Systems Should be an Extension of PLM Manufacturing Processes Product Lifecycle Processes Create Processes Plan Processes Simulate & Validate Processes Execute Processes Digital Manufacturing Solutions + MES As – Built RecordsEngineering Design Validate Design Simulate Automate BuildValidate
    • 10 © ARC Advisory Group Tailored Work Package • Process Configuration • Work Instructions • Work Flow Routing • Operations Scheduling • Shop Floor Requirements • WIP Tracking • Process Control • Quality Assurance • Labor/Parts/Tooling PLM Integrated with Shop Floor Execution PLM Process Creation Product Design • E-BOM • M-BOM • Bill of Process • Product Config. Maintenance & Support “As Designed” Product Data Production Mgmt Shop Floor Execution (MES) “As Built” Records “As Designed” Process Data ERP
    • 11 © ARC Advisory Group Closing the As-Built to As-Designed Loop FEEDBACK LOOP: Operations Mgmt/PDM Integration Product & Process Reqmts: As- Designed Simulation Analysis Validation Execution (Build) Knowledge: As-Built Records Manufacturers Want to Know they are Building the Product they Designed
    • 12 © ARC Advisory Group CAD Product Design Process Models,3D Simulations, Work Order Instructions Process Execution Shop Floor Execution (MES) Quality Assurance Unit Data & Work History Data Vault 3D Models E-BOM Process Modeling Digital Manufacturing/MPM Process Simulation & Validation Process Planning Inventory Mgmt Work Orders Release & Status Financials Invoicing Shipping Labor Reporting Receiving Parts Purchasing ERP Production Scheduling Work Order Release Work Order Status Material / Parts Job Sign On/Off Digital Mfg + Shop Floor Execution = Validation of As-Built to As-Designed Closing the Loop From As-Built Records To As-Designed Master Routings, M-BOM E-BOM PDM Product Data Management Collaborative
    • 13 © ARC Advisory Group What are Manufacturers Using for OM/MES Today and Plan to Use in the Future 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%100% In-house developed custom solutions Vertical Industry Solutions from OM/MES application providers OM/MES solutions from Automation provider OM/MES solution from ERP provider OM/MES solutions from PLM provider OM/MES solutions from Supply Chain Mgmt provider Current Future
    • 14 © ARC Advisory Group At What Stage are Manufacturers with PLM- OM/MES Integration 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% Operations/Inspection Records Interface with some Engr/Business Systems Operations/Inspection records do not Interface with any Engr/Business Systems Have some limited connection between Work History (Operation/Inspection) records and PLM/PDM Have basically closed the loop between As- Built and As-Designed Have an accessible Data Repository for Operations/Inspection (As-Built) records Best Practice
    • 15 © ARC Advisory Group 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Work Flow Routing Work Order (WIP) Tracking Quality Assurance Mgmt Operations & Inspection Records Production Data Acquisition Product Tracking & Tracing Tooling Mgmt Future Currently What Shop Floor Operations Interface with your Engineering/PLM Solutions?
    • 16 © ARC Advisory Group What Business & Engineering Systems do your Operations & Inspection Records Interface with? 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% ERP PDM (As-Designed Source) Other (In-House Systems, etc.) SCM CRM Best Practice
    • 17 © ARC Advisory Group Effective & Efficient Use of Digital Mfg & OM Tools: Guidelines for Users  Integrate Use of DM Tools into the Manufacturing Design Process • Set and Implement guidelines for application of DM technology • Provide DM training for Mfg Engineering Discipline & Resources  Emphasize Re-use & Commonality • Re-use dependent on a strategy of Common Process design  Reuse of Virtual Processes is a Key Enabler  Establish a Library of virtual production systems & equipment • Use modular approach for efficient use of Virtual Simulation  Establish basic Virtual Production Equipment building blocks  Build Virtual Production Systems with Common Virtual Equipment  Integrate DM Tools with Shop Floor Operations • Virtual Models Developed & Maintained by multiple engineering disciplines (Product, Manufacturing, Tooling, Controls) • Use Latest Production Process Data for Virtual Simulations
    • 18 © ARC Advisory Group Thank You. For more information, contact the author at or visit our web pages at