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Aim for maintain & improve w chin arc 2008

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  • 1. AIM for M i t i & Improve f Maintain ISupporting a Real-time PAM Strategy Wil Chin Research Director ARC Advisory Group wchin@ARCweb.com
  • 2. Plant Asset Management (PAM)Typical Scope of a PAM Strategy Ramp Func Up Oper Asset Rdy Assm Operate & Peak Asset Optimize Perf Spec p Mods Design & Maintain & Build Proj Improve Liab Plan Des Cash Basis Idea 2 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 3. PAM Requirements for AIMA Broad Range of Information Types Real-time predictive asset health information Intelligent analytical tools t predict potential I t lli t l ti l t l to di t t ti l asset issues Processes to mitigate risks and consequences of asset failures Optimal maintenance and operations practices Ability to focus resources on the most critical issues Benefits equally i B fit ll important as control in t t t li automation Workers with tools to Monitor, Analyze & Optimize Plant Assets 3 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 4. PAM Requirements for AIMTo Answer Many Different Questions Information Needed for PAM • answers reasonable questions regarding the physical asset, Human Virtual • about asset DNA, specification, DNA specification application, configuration, health, recommended actions, and more Physical • for Maintenance & Operations, • to enable better decisions PAM Strategies Based upon AIM Empower the Workforce with Knowledge 4 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 5. PAM Requirements for AIMDelivered in Many Different Ways Easily accessible Provide procedures and practices P id d d ti Cover all assets Available from one source Consider importance and relevance Real time status information Specific Stakeholder views History and up-to-date y p Real-time information 5 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 6. AIM for PAMDistributed Across a Large Area Plant Assets Thousands of Assets Are Located Across the Plant 6 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 7. AIM for PAMDisparate Assets with Diverse Information Flowmeters ESD Workers Field Machinery Devices Turbine Heat Exchanger Analyzers Conveyors Utilities Utilities Compressor Cooling Valves Tower Mechanical Distillation Equipment Train Switchgear Motors Packaging Drives Wiring Machine 7 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 8. Example of the Many Assets in Plants Machinery & Automation Production Assets Assets Motors, Rotating, Reciprocating Equipment Field Devices Process & Mechanical Equipment AIM for PAM Analyzers Remote Equipment Control Electrical Valves & Equipment Positioners Rest of Wiring Plant Networks 8 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 9. Complex Information ManagementRequire Technologies and Domain Expertise Complex Information Global Rich Assets Information Varied Workforce 9 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 10. Information Must Be Appropriate for Experienced Workers Typical Chemical Plant w/ 3,308 workers 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 0-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 60+ Age However 60-80% experienced operations and maintenance p p slated to retire in 5 years 10 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 11. But Also Meet the Needs of Inexperienced Workers p 11 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 12. Market Forces Demand High PerformanceCreate Opportunities and Challenges for Manufacturers •Increasing Global •Accelerating Demand Competition for Commodities • Downward •24 x7 Operation pressure on costs • Rising Energy Costs • More Distributed Operations •Excessive IT Support Costs •Aging Workforce • Customer-Imposed in Manufacturing Standards & Requirements Market Pressures Are Driving Manufacturers to Become Real-time Enterprises: Manage Assets i Real-time in l i 12 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 13. ARC Vision of a Collaborative IntegratedPAM Strategy Workers Field Machinery Devices Analyzers A l Utilities AIM for PAM Valves Mechanical Equipment Switchgear Motors M t Wiring Intelligent Information Enhances PAM Solutions in a Common View 13 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 14. Information Not Always Available Asset Class Electrical Mechanical Automation Pressure, Temperature, Control Valves, Assets Flowmeters, Level Meters, Positioners, and Miscellaneous S Mi ll Sensors, Associated Equipment Analytical, Switches Turbines, Compressors, , p , Production Fans, Gear Boxes, Motors, Switchgear, Assets Conveyors, Grinding Mills, Transformers, Drives, Extruders, Dryers, Pumps, Wiring Pipes, Pipes Heat Exchangers Exchangers, Tanks, Boilers, Furnaces Must Deploy Intelligence in Production Assets 14 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 15. Measurement Technologies ProvideReal-time Information Production Asset Asset Applications Monitoring Methods Rotating & R i R t ti Reciprocating E i ti Equipment, t Turbines, Compressors, Fans, Pumps, Vibration Motors, Gear Boxes, Wind Generators , Bearings Heat Exchangers, Bearings, Motors, Infrared Switchgear, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Furnaces Rotating & Reciprocating Equipment, Turbines, Compressors, Fans, Pumps, Ultrasonic Motors, Gear Boxes, Wind Generators, Valves, Oil Analysis A l i Engines, G E i Gear B Boxes, T Transmissions, i i Pipes, Heat Exchangers, Tanks, Pumps, Corrosion Valves, Field Devices, Boilers, and virtually any process wetted equipment Can be applied to virtually any Modeling equipment 15 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 16. Solutions Must Connect via Many Communication Technologies Interoperability p ySupervisory ORK LEVEL Control PROFInet HSE NETWO I/O DP PA , Device H1 TYPE OF CONTROL Machinery Process 16 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 17. Reality Many solutions Online real-time and off-line solutions real time off line Rich solutions from field device & equipment suppliers Software modeling solutions complement PAM Successful niche solutions- asset centric Proprietary and open connectivity Ad-hoc implementations Complete enterprise wide solution require integration of multiple solutions PAM Needs to be Integrated into the Organizations AIM Strategy 17 © ARC Advisory Group
  • 18. Thank You.For more information, contact the author atwchin@arcweb.com or visit our web pages at www.arcweb.com www arcweb com 18 © ARC Advisory Group