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December Newsletter - A Cat's View Veterinary Hospital


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Happy Holidays from A Cat's View! This month, we explore some of the ways you can make your house feline friendly in the midst of decorations, feasts, and friends. We also talk about some of the risks of cold and frost (for those clients on Palomar mountain) and preview next month's Dental specials in our Ask the Vet section.

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December Newsletter - A Cat's View Veterinary Hospital

  1. 1. A Cat’s View Veterinary Hospital Presents: The Cat’s Meow Regular Hours: S Me Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm Saturday: 9am-12pm December 2012 A Cat’s View Veterinary Clinic 760-749-0099 --- www.acatsviewvet.com Special Holiday Hours: 29115 Valley Center Road, Valley Center Christmas Eve: 9-2pm Holiday Hazards – What to Watch Out For! Holidays can be some of the most ground. It also helps to make Christmas Day: Closed enjoyable times of the year: a sure kitty has plenty of her own decorated Christmas tree, a ham toys to distract her from the tree New Year’s Eve: 9-3 pm warming in the oven, the smell of ornaments. cinnamon pine cones drifting through Don’t let your cat drink out of New Year’s Day: Closed the house. But some felines have a the tree stand – especially if propensity for mischief and can be you’re feeding the tree a more naughty than nice! So if your lifetime promoter. These kitty is on Santa’s naughty list, products can give your cat a very Newsletter Highlights: here’s what you should watch out for upset stomach. Additionally, the and how you can make your home stagnant water can house feline friendly for the season!Holiday Hazards Page 1 bacteria, which can also lead to The Christmas Tree diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.Ask the Vet Page 2 Placing a tree skirt or aWinter Woes Page 3 Christmas trees are the highlights for makeshift wall (chicken wire many households during the holidays. works great!) will help deter Be sure to keep an eye on your cat, your cat from getting in to the and follow these simple steps toRemember, we offer avoid a holiday downer. tree water. Hide the light cords! If youemergency care for Place ornaments out of the decorate your tree with lights, reach of your cat. Ornaments,established clients, whether plastic or glass, can cover the trailing cords with rugs or electrical tape (duct tape break if batted by an even during the works too!). If a cat bites into a enthusiastic cat that sees it as light cord, they can get seriousholidays! Call us at a toy. The small pieces from electrical burns – and risk ornaments can be swallowed 760-749-0099 if easily and have the potential sparking a fire or shortening out a circuit. To ensure yours and to cause blockages in the your cat needs cat’s digestive tract. These your feline’s safety, be sure to keep your cords well out of your emergency care. blockages may require surgery cat’s reach. to remove, so make sure you place your ornaments on the Continued at “Holiday Hazards”, tree a few feet off the pg 2.
  2. 2. Ask The The Cat’s Meow, pg 2 VetDr. Nancy, “Holiday Hazards” (continued from page 1) poisonous to cats, so buy the Household DecorationsMy beloved Akibono lost 5 equally elegant fabric plants in lieupounds and I am a little Candles can be a big risk in of the living ones.concerned. Is this households with cats. If allowedsomething to worry about? to burn unsupervised, candles Feasts and GuestsHe was always overweight may be knocked over by playful Family and food are often thein the past and is probably kittens or may burn curious ones. highlight of the holidays. Follow theseat the right weight now (10 Always make sure you blow out tips to make sure it’s just as fun for1/2 pounds). What do I do? candles when not in the room, or your feline family! -Barbara C invest in some electric candles. Have arrangements for your cat I’m glad you sent this in Pine cones, nuts, and any during family visits. While manyBarbara. Sudden (especially decorations with small pieces cats are comfortable with guests,unexplained) weight loss is can be quite the attraction to a some get frightened easily and maycertainly a cause for curious kitty. These can be easily slip outside when the door is open.concern. swallowed and may lead to a If you’re worried that your cat may In the middle to older blocked digestive system, which sneak out, or he/she may beaged cat, thyroid disease can become life threatening. scared of newcomers, make them(hyperthyroidism) is a Keep these items out of your comfortable in your bedroom orpossibility. This happens cat’s reach or do your best to bathroom for the duration of yourwhen the thyroid gland remove the hazard all together. guest’s visit. If you’re worriedproduces too much thyroid Tinsel and garland can be someone may open a door and lethormone and speeds up dangerous if your cat gets into your cat out, you can always boardmetabolism in your cat’s them. These can get caught in your cat at A Cat’s View just forbody. These cats can be the intestine and may require the night!losing weight despiteincreased appetite. Hyper- surgery to remove; they are also Holiday meals are fantastic forthyroidism causes the body chocking hazards. We highly humans, just be sure you keep anto go into overdrive and recommend avoiding tinsel in the eye on your cat. Don’t let themstresses many organs, presence of your feline family. eat any ham bones. Also, onionsincluding the heart. It can No Poinsettias! These beautiful and garlic (even if in a broth) arecause high blood pressure and traditional plants are actually toxic to cats.that can lead to kidneydamage, as well as suddenblindness and personality Some Holiday Humor:changes. We can diagnosethis with a simple blood testand we can manage thesyndrome in a few differentways. Dental disease, kidneydisease, diabetes and otherinternal disease can alsocause weight loss. A gooddetailed physical exam andblood-work usually gives theanswer, so I recommend youbring Akibono in for anexam. -Dr. Nancy
  3. 3. Winter Woes: The Dangers of The Cold, Snow, and Ice Ask The (For those clients on Palomar Mountain) Vet (cont.) Even though A Cat’s View is located in sunny Valley Center, we have many friends who live on Palomar Mountain or in other regions thatHello Dr. Nancy! receive snow or frost. Just as with other pets, cats can getOne of my colleagues just took his hypothermia and frostbite from excessive cold, freezing rain, thecat in to get her teeth cleaned. morning frost, or snow! Let’s look at a few of the risks for cats duringI’ve never heard of a cat getting adental! Is that actually really the cold winter months and what you can do in an emergency.necessary? Should I bring Mal in? -Kevin R Hypothermia Frostbite Absolutely! Cats have as What is it? Hypothermia, low body What is it? Frostbite is damage tomuch potential to get dental temperature, can result from the skin and underlying tissuesdisease as other pets, so it’s prolonged exposure to the cold. It caused by extreme cold. It is oftenhighly recommended that cats is most likely to occur when a cat accompanied by hypothermia. Itget dental exams and cleanings. is wet, like after extended most commonly affects the ears,Your coworker had it right! exposure to a cold and chilling toes, scrotum, and tail, as these Here’s why. The bottom line rain. (It can also occur in cats who areas are the most exposed and are in shock, or newborn kittens.) only lightly protected by fur.is that good dental cleansings can This prolonged chilling causes the Frostbite occurs when bloodactually add 3 to 5 years of body to burn available energy as it circulation to these areas isquality life to your cat. Dental tries to warm itself and pre- decreased in response to the cold.disease can cause infection that disposes them to low blood sugar. If cold blood from these areascan spread to other organs, What are the signs? Hypothermia reaches the heart, it can causeinfection behind the eye, pain is distinguished by violent serious problems, so the bodyand difficulty chewing, and shivering, followed by listlessness decreases the amount of bloodchronic inflammation that can (lack of energy or interest), exposed to the cold. In doing so, itlead to kidney failure and lethargy (a state of exhaustion predisposes the areas to frostbite.cardiovascular disease. where the cat seems unusually What are the Signs? At first, frost- At A Cat’s View, we are inactive or excessively tired), a bitten skin is pale and white. Asproud to offer digital dental x- body temperature below 97°F, and circulation returns (after warmingrays; with this, we can actually in extreme cases, coma or begins), it turns red and swollenspot dental disease below the collapse. and may later peel. Eventually, itsurface of the teeth (where it What do I do? If you find your cat looks much like a burn and willoften begins in cats). In addition, shivering outside, wrap him in a become hardened and brittle. TheJanuary is dental health month! blanket or coat and carry him actual damage may not beDuring this time, we’ll be inside. If he’s wet from a cold apparent for a week or more.offering 20% off all dental rain, falling into icy water, or Between one to three weeks, theservices (including dental exams, extended snow exposure, you can skin may fall off.dental scaling and polishing, bathe him in warm water. Then, What do I do? Warm frostbittendental anesthesia, and dental x- rub him vigorously with towels to areas by immersing in warm (NOT dry. If you have access to warm HOT) water for 20 minutes or untilrays). water packs, wrap them in towels, the area becomes red. Do not rub Once the teeth are cleaned then place them under the cat’s or massage the affected area,and polished, we can get you armpits, chest, and abdomen. because the damaged area isgoing on a good home program to They should be about as warm as a easily destroyed. As sensationkeep your feline’s dental health baby’s bottle. Use caution if you returns, the areas may be painful.on track! Starting when Mal is use a hair-dryer as they can cause Do not let your cat excessivelyyoung is helpful; it’ll help burns. If you’re comfortable taking groom or chew these areas. Also,prevent expensive dental the cat’s rectal temperature, do not apply an ice pack for painprocedures that may otherwise continue warming the cat until his as this will further damage thebe required. temperature is at 100°F. Bring the tissue. Bring your cat into the Bring him in this month! cat in to the hospital as soon as hospital as soon as possible for aRemember, 20% off for January! possible or call us if you need follow up exam and so that we can -Dr. Nancy further emergency care advice. provide further treatment.
  4. 4. I Want A Home For the Holidays Too!HOLIDAY PHOTO Hello! I’m a half-Bengal CONTEST! kitten who would love to Post a photo of your make your home my furry feline enjoying home! I love to play and the holidays on our purr, and want someone Facebook page and to love. Come to theyou’ll be entered in a clinic to meet me and prize give away! The (hopefully) take mewinner will be selected home! (I’m on the right!) at random from all entries. Board Your Cat For the Holidays! Post the photos at: The holidays often involve a lot of travel, as well as www.facebook.com/ plenty of festivities. While you’re away or while you acatsviewvet have guests over, be assured your cat has a warm bed, aYou can also email us a full belly, and lots of love by boarding them at the Cat’s photo to: View Spa!acatsviewvet@gmail.com Put “FacebookContest” in the subject title. Be creative and good luck! Mention this ad and get a free cat toy! A Cat’s ViewVeterinary Hospital 10% Off Services! 760-749-0099 Happy Holidays!www.acatsviewvet.com On your next visit to A Cat’s View Veterinary Hospitalacatsviewvet@gmail.com or Spa, receive 10% off your services charge! A Cat’s View Veterinary HospitalIf you’d like to unsubscribe to 760-749-0099 ----- acatsviewvet.com ----- acatsviewvet@gmail.com our monthly newsletters, 29115 Valley Center Road, Valley Center, CA 92082 simply send us an email and *May not be combined with any other offer* *Must bring coupon in for we’ll take you off our list. discount* *Expires March 1, 2013 **One coupon per family please*