Facebook for Business delivered to ACT Digital Enterprise on 14 may 2013
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Facebook for Business delivered to ACT Digital Enterprise on 14 may 2013

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Social Media is critical for business marketing in the current global digital boom. This workshop covers the basics of establishing a Facebook page for your business.

Social Media is critical for business marketing in the current global digital boom. This workshop covers the basics of establishing a Facebook page for your business.

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  • 1. Facebook for business
  • 2. Housekeeping
  • 3. www.threesides.com.auwww.Facebook.com/threesideswww.Twitter.com/threesideswww.slideshare.net/threesides
  • 4. We help these businesses with their social media +Facebook marketing:Old Bus Depot MarketsInternational Student AmbassadorsNational Parks NSWLantern Apartments ThredboSportsmans WarehouseDeeksMichael MiltonCanberra BusinessPointCanberra Business Council(and more…)
  • 5. Where does SOCIALfit in your onlinemarketing?
  • 6. OnlinemarketingStrategyWebsiteExposure /ListingsLinks /connectionsSearchEnginesSEO/SEMConversion/ SalesDirectmarketingSocialMedia
  • 7. 7 hrs & 30mins eachweek‘invested’Source: Nielsen Nov 2011
  • 8. Who are we doing ‘it’ with? (avg. friends)227
  • 9. Businesses with Social media presence
  • 10. FacebookUsage inAustralia
  • 11. Get started inFacebook forbusiness
  • 12. TimelineCover pageProfile photoPublisher / composerPostsAppsAbout usHelp (www.facebook.com/help)Anatomy of a facebook page >
  • 13. Resources
  • 14. People - WhoBudget - $$Time – How much timecan you afford to spendResources – the how much question…
  • 15. Question:Where can youspend $$ inFacebook?
  • 16. Facebook ads / Promoted postsAccount setup / customisationCustom Pages / Third Party app costsPlanning and strategyTrainingCommunity ManagementDeveloping content – photo / videoWebsite integrationCompetitionsReporting tools and analysisWhere to spend $$ in Facebook
  • 17. Building yourAudience /Fan Base
  • 18. It’s still all aboutpeople
  • 20. 1. Look for influential individuals who will helpget the word out.2. Personally invite members via email3. Promote in offline channels (Print / onsite)4. Promote in online channels (web / email)5. Build relationships with other businessesthrough follows, likes, shares, crosspromotionsAudience Building 101
  • 21. CreatingContent +Engagement
  • 22. PhotosVideosQuestionsQuick AnswersInsightsAttention + to feel specialLight entertainmentSeeing other peopleFinding out more about youFacebook fans love >
  • 23. Updatesand linksPhotosEventsPeopleOffers andspecialsIncentives &CompetitionsCustomerFeedbackThe social media content pie
  • 24. Conversational/ ContentCalendar
  • 25. Facebook forcustomer service
  • 26. Business vsPersonalProfiles
  • 27. Will I get flooded withcomments on myfacebook?Will the complainersfind a new outlet?
  • 28. Type of issue ResponseStraight Problems –issue with yourproduct or service and person has laid outexactly what went wrong.Respond directly and quicklyConstructive Criticism - when thecomment comes with a suggestionattached.Respond and take on boardMerited Attack –Essentially, you or yourcompany did something wrong, andsomeone is angry.Respond , follow up, move offline ifnecessaryTrolling/Spam –no valid reason for beingangry at youIgnore, block, banNegative response optionsAdapted from http://mashable.com/2010/02/21/deal-with-negative-feedback/
  • 29. Things to avoid
  • 30. 1. Selling in every post2. Negativity3. Slow responses4. Asking questions without replying5. Over posting6. Talking about yourself7. Not setting a time budget8. Fake answersThings to avoid
  • 31. Competitionsand incentives
  • 32. 1. Make it easy to enter2. Be clear about terms and conditions3. Provide a valuable prize4. Make it achievable to win5. Promote the comp off facebook6. Use a third party app7. Don’t run a ‘like’ competition8. Track the resultsCompetition tips
  • 33. Wildfire apphttp://www.wildfireapp.com/
  • 34. FacebookAdvertising
  • 35. 1.Facebook ads2.Promoted Posts3.Sponsored Stories4.Facebook OffersAdvertising Platforms
  • 36. www.facebook.com/ads/manage
  • 37. Managing &Evaluating
  • 38. Facebookinsights –your#1 tool
  • 39. www.analytics.google.com
  • 40.  Constantly changing the setup Not always stable Search is terrible Can be a maze and help file isn’t that helpful Privacy is not a default Ads manager can be confusing A time eater…!What sucks about facebook
  • 41. Have fun andcreate a goodhabit
  • 42. 1. Commitment2. Engagment3. Light AnalysisFacebook 3 keys to success
  • 43. Facebooks’‘Facebook marketing’Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/marketinganz