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  • Every personShort intro as to what their business isWhat is their roleWhat problem do you solveDo you do any content marketing? Example, good/bad?Do you use social media? Example, good/bad?Hi I’m Daniel, owner at Content Grasshopper, a content marketing consultancy I help businesses attract and retain customers by unpacking their expertise and turning it into content. I also use social media to help distribute content.
  • Does anyone know?Sharing information that solves customer problems or makes their life betterIt isn’t advertisingDifference – interrupting vs being helpfulGet two people to pretend to talk“STOP GET YOUR CRAPETS CLEANED” vs “10 Qualities of stain resistant carpet”Requires thinking like a publisherBut over time you build a massive online presencePositions you as an expertDemonstrates expertiseBuilds trust Amazing SEO advantages – fresh and original content – Google loves it
  • Does anyone recognise what these steps represent?Use someone’s business as an exampleContent helps at each stepSome content types better suited to certain steps than othersLast one is red as often overlooked.
  • It is a gardenIt needs nurturing, learningYou can’t wait for perfectThink pull/attract – not push/pull
  • Yes it takes timeBut so much can be achieved on a small budgetYou can outsource aspects if you like.It is very easy to track success compared to mass advertising
  • Hands up who thinks they use content marketing?Who uses email, articles, brochures, events?That is content.But huge benefits if you can focus on it betterThe difference between content and content marketing is that content marketing is designed to move people through the BDP
  • Have a look at this slide85% of business blogs has 5 or less posts!Please take a mental note of how many of these tactics your currently use
  • Take a pollWrite up on board
  • Take a pollWrite up on board
  • Where can we get our best value?
  • Take a poll
  • Does anyone here outsource?You don't have to outsource all of it.Think guest posts every know and a gain or get an expert involved at certain stages that you aren’t good at.
  • NBN = faster internet speedsAlso means ‘more’ people connectedAllows you to reach more peopleIt widens your businesses’ audience locally and internationallyAllows you to create more rich contentPeople can access it quicker and more cheaplyDeepens level of engagementMore people can join the conversationMore people can easily share your contentPeople can start to create content for you – use Brumbies example
  • Think about that for a second.Think about how we don’t just use one medium/screen at a timeThe content you can create way more engaging contentYou control the message/mediumQR codes?
  • What strikes you about the types of things being used when you consider the NBN?those tactics that don’t require fast internet are the most popular?The tactics that require super fast broadband will become more popular as the broadband becomes more available.There is an opportunity to build an audience through these tactics and get an early advantage.
  • IMHO
  • Who thinks that being ont he first page of Google is important for their business?Videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results as opposed to text based contentDoes anyone know what the second most popular search engine is?People type in “how to” questions. This si what CM is all about!!!Very accessible. Doesn’t have to be perfect. People will forgive a non-perfect video, in fact it can actually benefiotyoru brand vs high quality production.But people won’t forgive poor audio – make sure you invest in audio.Can be immediate - Buzzcard
  • LiveOne-to-many30-60 mins approxThey can see your screen and hear your voiceYou can record to a videoCheapManages rego – collect intel on audienceUse polls/surveys at end as topic researchNBN will make the tech more reliable and much better quality.You broadcasting to people all over the world and interacting with them in a webinar will be high quality and quicker = more prfessional
  • Everything old is new again.On demand.Multi-media – video, sound, email out etcVery very visually rich. NBN will allow you to distribute high quality content and for customers to get the full experience and to download it quickly.Coles – Woolworths – Fitness First are great examples
  • Coach smart app exampleVanderbilt University Medical CenterNot heavily brandedDownload it now – no weather infoYou can see that they use it to get content in front of people which positions them as an expert and builds trustImagine the WOM when it saves a player?NBN will allow you to aggregate and push content of a higher quality very quickly.Think – is there anything you can provide your target market real-time or that they need quickly?
  • Add Video Add Audio but at a small prices – premiumNBN will enhance the user experience and afford you more professionalismYou can see lines are blurred – youtubevs webinar vsslideshareOwned by LinkedIn – has some klout behind itmore than 60 million visits and 120 million page views monthly.According to a recent study, chief level executives use SlideShare 40 percent more often than they use LinkedInIt has been around for a while now but a lot of people believe it is going to grow this year.
  • Bring experts together from your industryYou will be more confiendt is speed and quality of tech/informationThink eco-system that your customers operate inYou could monetise
  • Who listens to podcast regularly or semi-regularlyThe NBN will helps us access people from all over the world with better quality and more reliable audio.So you can access that rock-star of your industry and be more confident tech will workNBN speeds will allow people to download quicker – think back catalogue when they first find you
  • Create courses for the masses world wide using high quality videoAdditional, passive income stream. i.e. you don’t have to keep doing work on it!These services have apps so people will be able to take courses anywhere using the NBN – they won’t have to be at their desktop at home or at work.
  • Everyone lerans differently – visual, listen, doingEveryone has learning preferances – read blogs, watch vids, listen to audioEveryone is time poor.NBN allows you to be accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Brand AwarenessEngagementCustomer Retention/LoyaltyCustomer AcquisitionLead GenerationThought LeadershipWebsite TrafficSalesLead Management/NurturingSelect yours – don’t select all!!! Just 2-3
  • Who are you 3 main competitors?Visit their site – what content marketing are they doing?What is your opinion on what they are doing? Good-Bad?Sign up/follow them – market research
  • Your business probably already has a mission statementYour content marketing one should align/reflect thatMission Statement = reason for existenceHelps you stop being fixated on channels the why must come before the what
  • Pair/Triple up into groupsWrite down as many questions as you can think of that customers askCheck in with your group if they would have any questions to addDo you have an FAQ page?Do your competitors have an FAQ page?How can you capture questions ongoing? All staff
  • Magazine planning has been perfected over decades of iteration, and the very best print-based titles leave a footprint that offers the ultimate blueprint from which you can create your perfect content strategy onlineTo begin to understand how this is useful to you and your business, we must first understand how the process for print works.Every title will have its own planning process, but all will roughly follow a process of templating regular articles and features so it becomes much easier at the sharp end when it comes to idea creation and tactical magazine creation.When a magazine redesign is carried out, the editor and creative team will think about how to lay the magazine out to ensure that it speaks to all the key personas that make up the audience, that it is structured to promote good content flow, and that it can be created with the resources available.This means creating a schematic wireframe, or flat plan, for the title so that those who are creating content have a structure to follow.That flat plan holds the key to their content strategy, and it is this that we want to tap into as digital platform owners.
  • Content marketing by daniel oyston from content grasshopper

    1. 1. introduction
    2. 2. Content marketing is an umbrella termfor any marketing that involves thecreation and sharing of media andpublishing content in order to acquirecustomers.The basic premise is to provide somevaluable information or entertainment(content) that stops short of a directsales pitch or call to action, but whichseeks to positively influence acustomer in some way.”
    3. 3. 1 blog per week= 184 pieces of content5252 52 12 12 452 52 52 52 52shared 260 times
    4. 4. The steps ahead are not the be all andend all of content marketing.They are simply provided to help youthink about some key areas and begin toformulate a strategy and/or plan.
    5. 5. P&G’sHomeMadeSimple.comWhether it’s a delicious recipe, an inspiring décor idea or arefreshing approach to organizing, we strive to help you [Moms]create a home that’s truly your own. Everything we do here isdesigned to empower and inspire you to make your home evenbetter, and most importantly, a place you love to be.Inc. MagazineWelcome to, the place where entrepreneurs andbusiness owners can find useful information, advice, insights,resources and inspiration for running and growing theirbusinesses..
    6. 6. flat plantemplate
    7. 7. Don’t look at what they arewriting about, but ratherthe idea itself. That meansignoring what an interviewis about, and just focusingon the fact that it is aninterview.
    8. 8. Allows you to extract valuewithout confusing thepicture with content ideas.By simply replacing theirideas with yours, you canbuild a well thoughtout content plan that canthen be translated into acontent or editorialcalendar that you canrepeat, with new ideas, forseveral months.
    9. 9. > Understanding of Content Marketing> Understanding of how the NBN can enhance marketing> Set goals for content marketing> Understand of what CM competitors are undertaking> Created a content marketing mission statement> Topic ideas (common questions)> Created a list of content types