Middle grade council  acsa mgpn l summit presentation 2013
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Middle grade council acsa mgpn l summit presentation 2013






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  • WHY: - We are in the midst of some of the biggest changes to ever encounter educators and administrators are right in the middle! (facetious)Shift to common coreFunding changes with LCFFGreat recessionMinority MajorityGlobal economy and shrinking worldTechnology in the classroom at speed of lightFlipped classroomsVirtual schools, charter schools, and alternative schooling aboundsChanging landscape ( transgender law)Bullying epidemicSafe Campus concernsNCLB to College and Career readiness Social MediaOn Demand services across societyWe need the power of WE and mutual support and shared learning now more than ever!

Middle grade council  acsa mgpn l summit presentation 2013 Middle grade council acsa mgpn l summit presentation 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Launching a Successful Middle Grade Partnership Network Cindy Freeman, Council President Jeff Harris, ACSA Board Member Derrick Lawson, ACSA MGPN Liaison November 7, 2013
  • Expected Outcomes You will:  learn about the ACSA Middle Grade Partnership Network (ACSA MGPN) - a great PLC for middle grades administrators.  learn how to launch and maintain an active Partnership that pools resources to provide for wonderful presenters, best practices, networking opportunities, technology updates, school site visits and more!  receive an ACSA MGPN toolkit which contains resource tools to help you launch and grow a Partnership network.
  • A Little Bit of History …after Caught in the Middle (late 1980’s), middle grades principals met and formulated the first Partnerships… …informal breakfast and lunch meetings to provide mutual support… …became CMGPN supported by CDE… …then came Taking Center Stage, TCS Act II… …the result…Middle Grades Consortium
  • Why is the ACSA Middle Grades Education Council now shepherding this effort?
  • ACSA Strategy IV: We will build and maintain vibrant, purposeful networks of educational communities.  “Cutting edge” information will be provided to ACSA members based on self-identified areas of interest  Networks are created between ACSA and both traditional and non-traditional groups  Members connect virtually with other members
  • Purpose of ACSA MGPN  A collaborative, administrator-to-administrator and school-to-school Network  Sponsored by the ACSA Middle Grade Council  Local Network meets during the year to support, visit, mentor, and assist one another  Focus is specific to middle grades education
  • Benefits of ACSA MGPN Participation 1. Provides up-to-date information on CDE activities and initiatives, state and federal mandates, and pending legislation. 2. Gives access to current middle level research, special state or federal projects, grants or special funding opportunities. 3. Enables participants to provide input on state middle grades policy development. 4. Allows you to visit model middle schools in your region to see best practices. 5. Provides a network of people from/with whom to share resources, ask questions, or solicit ideas. 6. Provides a forum to voice and solicit input on middle grades issues, challenges and solutions. 7. Can be part of a pool of resources to provide relevant middlelevel professional learning and development.
  • Region P’s MGPN Story
  • How do I start a Partnership Network?  Start small (i.e. breakfast group).  Invite colleagues you already know or are acquainted with; have them bring a colleague.  Send out personal e-mail invitations.  Call middle grades principals in your area.  Join up with an existing group of middle grades principals.
  • How do I build a solid constituency?  Cultivate a Web presence  Send letters and brochures to area Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents and principals  Cultivate County contacts  Connect with local ACSA Middle Grades Education Council Representative  Connect with local CLMS contacts
  • Various Models Across the State  Region P  Meets 5 times bi-monthly, half and full day mtgs  Kick-off weekend meeting  $500 annual membership  San Diego  Breakfast meetings  Professional development  Rural Northern California group  Saturday meetings each quarter
  • Format of Region P Meetings  Book Club  Partner Association reports and updates  Speakers  Professional Development Presenters  Site Visits  Best Practice Showcases  Tech Links  Connection and Mutual Support time
  • Agendas
  • Growing a Middle Grade Partnership Kick-Off Meeting  A weekend meeting off-site with a built-in social networking time with a meal or activity  Team building activity (modeled for site use)  Set budget, topics, books, speakers for year  Select host sites for year  Establish contact listing and best practices to share or site leadership team needs
  • Book Clubs  Purchase 4 books annually  Books reflect the chosen topics of professional development  Study guide/PowerPoint included  Quick reads key  Use a “Novel in an Hour” Strategy  Pre-read and discuss with pre-determined guided questions form
  • Speakers  Recognized principals  District leaders across the region  County Office curriculum specialists and facilitators  University professors publishing a book  Authors and presenters from conferences who are in the area at key times  State and Federal representatives  Specialized vendor representatives  Research Personnel
  • School Site Visits  Host Sites showcase unique, special, or highly effective programs/practices ie: No Zero Zone, AVID, Watch DOGS  Schools to Watch or showcase sites based on requests for team visits  Distinguished Schools with signature practices
  • Growing a Middle Grade Partnership Potential Formats For Meetings  Informal breakfast or lunch meetings  Formal agendized half or whole day meetings  On-line Webinar, Adobe Connect, Skype, or blog forums Calendar: Region P Example      We meet 5 times bimonthly Meet from 8:30 to noon and then a group lunch Twice we meet full day Initial meeting is a Friday/Saturday Everyone brings their calendars and we map it out
  • Gathering Our Info Through Surveys:     Topic selection Book selection Practices to showcase Requests for team visits Dues: Determine Your MGPN Fee Region P Example: $500 per year to cover costs of - Books, Speakers, Continental Breakfast and group lunch for meetings - Kick-off weekend rooms and conference location - Postage and printing of materials for meetings
  • Roles and Responsibilities Example: Region P Officers  President: Coordinates speakers and agenda  Vice President: Helps coordinate survey info  Secretary: Takes minutes of meetings, maintains directory  Treasurer: Monitors and updates dues & budget  Tech Master: Facebook, Twitter, Tech links
  • Resources to Help You  ACSA MGPN Toolkit   TCII website http://pubs.cde.ca.gov/tcsii/index.aspx CLMS and Schools To Watch personnel www.clms.net, www.clms.net/stw ACSA Middle Grades Council Reps www.acsa.org/middlegrades    County liaisons State symposia contacts
  • Questions and Next Steps
  • Testimonials I am a new member who is already seeing the benefits of the Region P Partnership. Region P provided a wonderful presentation through Linda Solis on "Rebooting School Culture." The timing was perfect. Region P provides valuable networking opportunities with other principals who are outside my own school district. ~ Jim Owen, Principal March Middle School Val Verde USD
  • Testimonials I came to the middle school principalship with no secondary experience. Site visitations to Partnership schools, collaborative meetings with my counterparts from other districts, and the wide range of ideas I've gathered from our meetings have been invaluable to me. Seeing great programs and strategies during our meetings has allowed me to take those back to my site and make my school a better learning environment. ~ James Judziewicz (U-Jay-Vitch), Principal Elsinore Middle School Lake Elsinore USD
  • Testimonials I've been associated with Region P for about 14 years as an administrator. Out of all the conferences, inservices and trainings I have attended, being a member of Region P Partnerships has been the most valuable. I find being able to collegially be a member of a group that shares anything and everything makes my job easier... AND I feel supported. Can't imagine my administrative life without the support of my Region P colleagues. ~ Karen Hayes, Principal Margarita Middle School Temecula Valley USD
  • Contact Us For more information regarding the ACSA MGPN, please contact:  Cindy Freeman, Council President cifreeman@pylusd.org  Charles “Derrick Lawson, MGPN Liaison Charles.Lawson@dsusd.us  Mary Gomes, Council Executive mgomes@acsa.org
  • Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you!