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A glance through the finance pyramid for investments. This presentations gives an insight to the various products & services that Asit C Mehta Investment Interrmediate Ltd. Get to know about the …

A glance through the finance pyramid for investments. This presentations gives an insight to the various products & services that Asit C Mehta Investment Interrmediate Ltd. Get to know about the financial terms that will help you plan your investments.

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  • 1. Fixed Income InstrumentsFixed income instruments guarantee both the capital and returns.Under these schemes, investors need to deposit a lump sum amount for a fixed period at apredetermined rate.There are various types of Fixed income instruments like: Bank FDs, Post office deposits,Corporate FDs, etc. However, they differ in terms of interest rates, minimum investment, tenureand tax treatment of the interest income.Best suited for:• Every Investor seeking to have a risk-free certain minimum corpus accumulation over a definite time.• Charitable Trusts and such other non-profit organizations which are required to invest in certain notified instruments only as per Indian Trust Act.• Investors who need to ensure near term liquidity needs (2-5 year horizon) such as higher education fees, medical expenses and social obligations such as marriages, etc.
  • 2. Fixed Income Instruments…(Continued)Product features:• Company fixed deposits offer lower safety and higher returns.• Debentures are also issued from time to time by well known companies. These debentures are often secured against the assets of the company.• Capital gains can be invested in some notified instruments to save taxes.• Can be bought for 1-10 year period with fixed returns ranging from 6% to 10% in various instruments like fixed deposits, non-convertible debentures, etc.• In case of fixed deposits, any premature encashment will result in lower interest than originally contracted for.Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• We have a panel that vets and decides on the company instruments that will be marketed by our staff.• This panel consists of experienced debt market professionals.• The companies elected are judged for quality and the salient features of the instrument which is used to raise money.
  • 3. Mutual FundA mutual fund is a company that manages the pool of money collected from various investors andinvests it in stocks, bonds or other assets. It is managed by a team of professional fund managers fora small fee. The cost of managing funds is regulated by SEBI.The combined holdings of stocks, bonds or other assets the fund owns are known as its portfolio.Each investor in the fund owns shares, which represent a part of these holdings. This allows aninvestor to diversify his/her risk even with a limited amount of capital as small investment cannot bespread into equity shares of various good companies due to high price of such shares.The current value of such investments is calculated on daily basis and the same is reflected in theNet Asset Value (NAV) declared by the funds from time to time. This NAV keeps on changing withthe changes in the equity and bond market.Therefore, the investments in Mutual Funds is not risk free, but a good managed Fund can give youregular and higher returns than when you can get from bank FD, etc.Best suited for:• Beginners or busy investors• Long-term investors• Systematic investors
  • 4. Mutual Fund…(Continued)Product features:• One may begin investment with a small regular investment as low as Rs.200 each month• It saves the time needed to gain the expertise of understanding so many companies/sectors• A variety of schemes are available to suit the investment objectives of each class of investors.• A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a vehicle offered by MFs to help you save regularly and compound your wealth. It reduces risk by averaging the cost of investment. Please click below: Benefits of MF SIP, Disadvantages of starting late, Comparison for last 5-10 years & Recommended SIPs)• Mandatory disclosures by MFs helps the investors know how the funds are being managed.• Mutual Funds can also be bought and redeemed on the stock exchange platform.• Mutual Funds are subject to market risks.Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• Investment advice to suit your risk profile and investment objectives• Hassle-free Online MF Purchase and Redemption• Units are seamlessly transferred to and from your demat account with ACMIIL• Online reports are available to track you portfolio NAV
  • 5. Initial Public Offering ( IPO)IPO is the initial public offering of shares by a company that wishes to get listed on the stockexchange to tap public funds for the first time.Best suited for:• Every retail investor who wishes to begin investment in equity markets.Product features:• IPOs are a good place to start making investments in the market as it is available at a rebate to retail investors compared to other class of investors (institutions, QIBs, etc.).• The IPO shares are available at a fixed price and there is no fluctuations in the declared price.• Refund is directly credited to investors bank account and if allotted shares are directly credited in the investors Demat account.• Depository account (Demat a/c) is mandatory for participating in IPO market.
  • 6. Initial Public Offering ( IPO)…(Continued)Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• Ensuring distribution of only quality IPOs approved by our investment banking team• Online IPO subscription through Power of Attorney• Free IPO research• Online transfer of funds• Seamless deposit of allotted shares into Demat account with ACMIIL
  • 7. Direct participation in secondary MarketsDirect participation in secondary markets means buying and selling of shares in the stockmarket through brokers.It helps you become a "partner" of Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Sunil Bharti Mittal andsuch other well known industrialists by buying shares in their companies.Best suited for:• Investors who have knowledge of the markets and companies may participate directly in the secondary market.• Long term investment horizon is recommended to earn meaningful returns.
  • 8. Direct participation in secondary Markets…(Continued)Product features:• Transparent trading platforms are provided by stock exchanges.• Integrity of settlements is guaranteed. This gives guarantee of money as well as ownership of shares bought.• Goods purchased from stock exchanges are in Demat form, this allows hassle free storage and transfer of goods purchased.• Investor redressal mechanism is very strong. This ensures timely pay in and pay out of money and securities.One needs to have a Depository Account (Demat account) & Investment account in order tobegin investing in secondary markets.Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• We are members of both stock exchanges - BSE & NSE.
  • 9. Commodity Derivatives ServicesCommodity markets facilitate trading in various products like precious metals, energy, etc. inspot or derivatives market. In the spot markets, commodities are bought and sold for immediatedelivery. In the derivatives market, various commodity-based financial instruments such as‘Futures’ are traded in exchanges and serve as investment tools allowing investors to profitwithout possessing them.The buyer of a derivative contract buys the right to exchange a commodity for a certain price at afuture date. Although this person is a contract buyer, he may be buying or selling the commodity.He only needs to pay a small percentage, known as the margin price and not the full value of thecommodity that he is investing in. The contract seller is the person who accepts a margin andagrees to buy or sell the stated commodity on a certain date stated in the contract at a certainprice. Both parties are required to honor the agreement despite losses.Commodity derivatives trading allows a person to use a small sum of money for the potential toearn substantial profits. This sort of investment, however, is considered high risk. When pricesare not in an investor’s favor, he can suffer substantial losses.Best suited for:• Organizations directly or indirectly associated with commodity markets as producers, processors or consumers can use derivatives to hedge their exposure and manage their risks.• Investors wanting to diversify their portfolio by adding commodity as asset class.• Households wanting to invest in gold and silver for social obligations like marriage, etc.
  • 10. Commodity Derivatives Services…(Continued)Product features:• Commodity market prices reflect demand and supply balance at the national level.• There is no counter party risk as every trade is guaranteed by the exchange.• It is a globally-linked market.• Far month contracts are available considering the needs of long-term investors upto 12 months.• It is an alternative market that enables commodity users to hedge their business risks.Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• Regular research to guide investors to take informed decisions including events coverage & analysis during market hours i.e. 9 am to 12 pm• Dedicated dealer to take care of your advisory requirements.• Online investment option available for internet savvy customers.• Physical delivery available in Demat account.• SMS facility for post transaction services such as transaction confirmation, payment advice, etc.• Web enabled reports to view all transactions, ledgers, exposures, etc. and post transaction services.Top commodities:• Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Copper, Steel, Zinc, Nickel.
  • 11. Commodity Spot market Services National Spot Exchange (NSEL) has introduced E-Series products in commodities. Retail investors can now trade and invest in commodities like they invest in equities. This will be a unique market segment, which will function just like cash segment in equities, but offer commodities in the demat form in smaller denominations. The clearing and settlement pay-in and pay-out will be based on a settlement cycle as per the practice in the stock market. This instrument will provide ample opportunity to the masses as secured investment in their product basket of diversification. Commodity Spot Exchange Facilitates accumulation in small quantity of select commodities over a period of time matching savings cycle.it provide small Lot sizes to suit both the investment needs as well as trading desires of retail participants.Best suited for:• Investors wanting to diversify their portfolio by adding commodity as asset class.• Households wanting to invest in gold and silver for social obligations like marriage, etc.
  • 12. Commodity Spot market Services …(Continued)Product features:• Invest in smaller denomination (1 gm gold and 100 gm Silver)• Longer time session providing additional time to buy & sell.• Impact cost is low and liquidity & transparency is high.• Hassle free transaction• NSEL e-gold provides a nation-wide transparent price mechanism with no geographical limitations• No Security Risk• No storage cost as e-series gold is stored in demat formCompetitive advantage with ACMIIL:• Regular research to guide investors to take informed decisions including events coverage & analysis during market hours i.e. 9 am to 12 pm• Dedicated dealer to take care of your advisory requirements.• Online investment option available for internet savvy customers.• SMS facility for post transaction services such as transaction confirmation, payment advice, etc.• Web enabled reports to view all transactions, ledgers, exposures, etc. and post transaction services.Top commodities:• E-Gold,E-Silver,E-Copper,E-Zinc,E-Lead,E- Nickel.
  • 13. Currency Derivatives ServicesCurrency derivatives are transferable futures contracts that specify the price at which a specifiedcurrency can be bought or sold at a future date.Currency futures contracts allow investors to hedge against foreign exchange risk. Since thesecontracts are marked-to-market daily, investors can, by closing out their position, exit from theirobligation to buy or sell the currency prior to the contracts delivery date.Why should you buy the product?• Hedging currency risk protects your budgeted profit margins by preventing erosion due to foreign exchange fluctuations.• Futures facilitate you to lock in rates ahead of the actual inflow/outflow, thereby taking advantage when rates are favourable. Best suited for: • Importers and exporters who wish to hedge the risk of currency fluctuation. • Enterprises dealing in commodities/metals, etc where domestic prices are highly influenced by international prices of the same and the by the prevailing foreign exchange rates.
  • 14. Currency Derivatives Services…(Continued)Product features:• Exchange traded contracts are transparent in terms of pricing, charges, margining, etc. as compared to over the counter transactions with Authorized Dealers.• Currency derivatives contracts traded on exchanges in India are futures and option contracts.• Currencies available are US Dollar ($), UK Pound (£), EURO (€) and Japanese YEN (¥).• Each contract is a monthly contract, and up to 12 Months’ futures contracts can be traded at a time.• Settlement is done in cash by settling the difference in Indian Rupees.Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• Competent team with in-depth experience of Foreign exchange markets.• Regular research to guide investors to take informed decisions.• Experienced team to advise quantum and methods to hedge the exposure.• Online transaction facility available.
  • 15. Investment Banking ServiceInvestment banking refers to the sourcing of capital and loans from investment markets by theorganizations needing risk capital of any kind.Best suited for:Any company needing capital either for venture, growth, acquisition or needing advice forrestructuring, takeovers, management buyouts etc. can use these services.Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• Our diverse and rich experience with a variety of industries and clients helps us understand our clients’ needs better.• In-depth knowledge with a variety of markets like equities, debt, money, foreign exchange, commodities and derivatives help us arrive at a better solution for our clients.• Our significant presence in most of these markets help us execute the agreed solution in a timely and cost effective manner.• Our experience of many years help us assist a company at every stage of their life cycle -from the cradle to takeovers and mergers.• Depending on the nature, tenor of the funds and the stage of the organization, we assist the companies in taking informed decisions and then help them raise the capital by recommending appropriate products.• The service is offered on fixed fees basis, thereby offering significant value for the clients. Most of the fees are linked to successful raising of the capital.
  • 16. Institutional ServiceInstitutional Equities provides Equity research, Sales and Execution services to Institutional clients:Banks, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, FIIs and Insurance CompaniesCompetitive advantage with ACMIIL:• We cater to an extensive client base like domestic banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, pension funds and FII which gives us a broad perspective on market happenings• Our experienced research team tracks various sectors like Telecom, Capital goods, IT/ITES, Infrastructure, NBFCs, Auto & Auto parts, Metals & Banking• Our research reports include thematic sector research, mid-cap company research, event reports (for companies covered), results estimates and updates, one-to-one company meetings and management con-calls• Our research infrastructure includes Capitaline Corporate databases, CRIS INFAC, CMIE, PROWESS & Bloomberg• We have an experienced execution team capable of handling multiple clients, diverse order types, and is further equipped with electronic order routing and DMA• Our derivatives desk caters to FIIs & domestic MFs. Our products include Pair strategies, Option based strategies, Arbitrage & Stock recommendations
  • 17. Depository Account (Demat Account)A depository account is an account which holds your shares in electronic form just like a bankaccount. This is also known as the Beneficial Ownership (BO) or Demat account.This account is opened with the Central Depository Services of India Ltd. (CDSL) through adepository participant.Why should you hold your investments in the Demat Account?• It is a very secure, convenient and liquid way of holding your financial assets.• It is mandatory to open this account for subscribing to IPOs and Debentures.• It is also necessary for investing in equities, exchange traded funds, and mutual fund units on stock exchange platform.
  • 18. Depository Account…(Continued)Product features:• You can view your holdings 24x7 on Internet• Movement of assets from and to your account is informed to you via SMS directly from the Depository• Makes your assets very liquid, borrowings are possible from banks and other lenders just by signing a pledge form. Un-pledging is also very easy.Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• Diverse plans to suit every customer profile. Our services and fees structures are designed to suit both large regular users to small infrequent investors.• Plans ranging from Rs.149/year + Service tax (has a small transaction fee) to Rs.2,000/year + Service tax (unlimited free transactions) using your holdings as margins for your temporary needs without transferring them to our pool account.• Settlement of transactions by direct delivery to stock exchanges on sale of shares by using your limited on-market Power of Attorney.
  • 19. Investment account One may become a "partner" of Tata, Ambani, Mittal and other such well known industrialists by buying shares in their companies. This is done by participating directly in the secondary markets through buying and selling of shares in the stock exchanges through brokers. Transparent trading platforms are provided by stock exchanges with integrity of settlements thereby guaranteeing money as well as ownership of shares bought.One needs to have an Investment account and a Depository Account (Demat account) in order tobegin investing in secondary markets.Usually known as the ‘trading account’, an ‘Investment account’ is required to be opened by allinvestors wishing to invest on their own or with our assistance in any of the financial productsavailable in the market: shares, mutual funds, debentures, Gold units and so on.Best suited for:• Investors who have knowledge of the markets and companies• Investors with long term investment horizonProduct features:• Zero yearly maintenance charges• Free access to top-notch research specially tailored for retail investors
  • 20. Investment account…(Continued)Competitive advantage with ACMIIL:• Members of both stock exchanges - BSE & NSE.• Appropriate Investments advice to suit the risk appetite of the investor• Variety of research products delivered through various mediums to suit different investment objectives• Regular publication of performance card of the investment advice delivered to investors• Multiple order execution channels available to suit your investment style: Access to a dealer, Call-2-Invest facility, Browser-based investment platform• All post-transaction information available on SMS. Eg. Transaction confirmation, payment confirmation, receipt confirmation, shares credits, etc.• Scientific risk management based on VAR and ELM margins• Advance brokerage plans available for professional investors
  • 21. Personalized Execution ServiceMultiple options for trade execution to suit different client profiles:• Through our wide network of Branches and Franchisees / Associates that provides personalized service pan India at more than 250 locations• Through our ‘Call-2-Invest’ facility to small investors who are not internet savvy• Through our Toll free numbers for Order execution• Through our Internet Browser-based Investment Platform for those investors who wish to invest on their own• Through our Internet Software-based Investment Platform “NOW” for frequent and professional Investors.
  • 22. ACMIIL Advantage• Investor First -Unbiased investment advise as per investor’s financial goals• Transparent and fair dealing• Financial Market expertise & vast experience of Founders & Top management• Full-service full-product range brokerage house with a larger & sharper market view• Wider options for investments - All financial instruments through all technology mediums like Internet, Broadband, Call-2-Invest, VSAT, etc.• An ISO 9001:2008 certified company reflecting high quality standards of service• Best risk management systems in the industry by grading clients and providing VAR- based margining system (as followed by exchange) for risk exposure• We are present in 25 states and over 400 locations across India.
  • 23. Company Profile
  • 24. About UsThe company is jointly promoted by noted stock market professionals Mr. Asit C. Mehta andMrs. Deena A. Mehta, and is a part of the Mumbai-based Nucleus Group of Companies. Thefounders have over 25 years of experience in the fields of finance, investments and technology.The other group companies are engaged in IT and IT-related services such as databasedevelopment, back-office applications for banks, insurance and finance companies, contentacquisition and corporate document management solutions.
  • 25. Vision: To be a Trusted Financial Intermediary Corporate Purpose:To reach appropriate financial products, services and solutions to every Indian entity.
  • 26. Our Beliefs• That every household can, should, and will need to participate in the financial markets directly or indirectly to protect their financial interests;• That regulatory/legal compliance ensures economic sustainability;• That transparency and fairness are the cornerstones of all dealings;• That knowledge rather than capital is the key driver of this business;• That product, process, and technology led innovations are necessary preconditions for continuously adding value for all our constituents;• That given the environment every person will realize his / her potential;• That people are driven by causes.
  • 27. Board of DirectorsChairman : Mr. Asit C. MehtaManaging Director : Mrs. Deena A. MehtaWhole time Director : Mr. Kirit H. VoraIndependent Directors : Mr. Shirish Shah (Former MD of Shah Constructions, an International constructions company. Prof. N. Venkiteswaran (Former Professor at IIM Ahmedabad and Director at Thiagarajar School of Management Mr. Shashidhar Ullal (Former Vice-Chairman of HECL Ltd.) Mr. C. L. Jain (Former Finance Director of Hoechst Ltd.)
  • 28. Our team Mr. Asit C. Mehta, the Group Chairman is a Chartered Accountant and a Seasoned Capital Market Professional. He also has several shot-term/ diploma courses in management, securities laws & investment management. He started his career in the corporate finance markets in the year 1983 by associating with the leading Government Security broker of those times. He concentrated on Corporate Debt comprising of ICDs, Bill Discounting, Syndication of Loans, Issue of commercial papers, Short-term debentures,etc. Within the group he focused on debt business comprising of GovernmentAsit C. Mehta Securities and Corporate Paper. He expanded the product portfolio by adding Chairman both the inter bank, forex broking and retail money changing and latter on money transfer services. His passion for technology led him to the technology sector in 1996 with certain assignments in business process, GIS and data management solutions. As the group Chairman, he provides the guidance and direction to the group.
  • 29. Our team…(Continued) Mrs. Deena Mehta, a Chartered Accountant and an MBA, is a co-promoter of Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Limited (ACMIIL). Currently, she is on the board of ACMIIL as its managing director. Over the last 25 years, she has successfully developed the capital market investment business of the Nucleus Group. Her core functions include the supervision of the Retail and Institutional Equities and Derivatives Businesses, MF distribution, Business Development, Marketing, Strategic Planning & MIS, Company accounts, Compliance, Operations, Software Development, HR and Administration. Deena Mehta She has been actively involved in various capital market-related reforms in the country and is currently a member of the governing board of theManaging Director Bombay Stock Exchange as its trading member director. In 2001, Mrs. Deena Mehta became the first woman president of the Bombay Stock Exchange prior to its corporatization.
  • 30. Our team…(Continued) Mr. Kirit Vora, a Chartered Accountant and law professional, has been associated with the Nucleus Group for over two decades, since its inception. As Whole-Time Director, he is responsible for various components of business activities of the company. Besides, he is part of the core management team of various group companies.Kirit Vora Professionally he has rich experience of over 28 years in the capitalDirector market and allied field.
  • 31. Reach & Access• Presence in all major cities including Tier-II and Tier-III locations in 26 states• Over 30 branches across India• Over 349 Investment Centres• Over 315,000 Client accounts with almost 140,000 unique Clients• Over 500 Employees *Figures as on 31st March 2010
  • 32. Membership & Licenses• NSE: Capital, Derivatives, Debt & Currency Derivatives.• BSE: Cash & Derivatives.• FEDAI: Foreign Exchange.• SEBI: PMS & Merchant Banking Category I.• Commodities: NSEL,MCX,DGCX• CDSL: Depository Participant
  • 33. Corporate Social Responsibility• Investor Education newsletters in various regional languages• Medical camps at remote locations in Gujarat• Earthquake relief camps at Bhuj, Kachchh• Detection-cum-corrective surgery for the physically challenged
  • 34. Our achievements• One of the first limited liability Companies to acquire membership on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).• One of the first multiple seat holders and multiple exchange members.• One of the first private VSAT network users.• The first to utilize a franchisee business model for Associates.• The first to achieve the ISO quality certification for business processes from SGS. Currently we are an "ISO 9001:2008" certified company.• The first to receive a CRISIL grading for quality of operations and services.• Company Managing Director Mrs. Deena A. Mehta was the first lady to be elected to the governing board of the BSE and first and only lady to be the President of BSE.• Mrs. Deena A. Mehta is also currently the First lady as the Trading Member in the BSE Governing Board (post corporatization).
  • 35. Call us Toll-Free: 1800 22 9002 Or at Landline: (022) 2858 4444 Website: www.investmentz.com Follow us on www.twitter.com/ACM_Investmentz Registered Office: Nucleus House, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072, INDIA. Tel.: (022) 2858 3333 Fax: (022) 2857 7647 Email: customerservice@acm.co.inSEBI / Regulatory Registration Nos: BSE:INB/INF 010607233 ·NSE:INB/INF/INE 230607239 ·PMS: INP000001920 Merchant Banking: INM000010973 ·DP Reg: IN-DP-CDSL-28-99 · DP ID .CDSL 12013200