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cloud - internet rengineering
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cloud - internet rengineering


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presentation on cloud - internet reengineering? at cloud computing symposium, as part of acm bangalore compute 2009 conference, by venki nishtala, Rediff

presentation on cloud - internet reengineering? at cloud computing symposium, as part of acm bangalore compute 2009 conference, by venki nishtala, Rediff

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Cloud Computing Internet Re- Re-engineering Venki Nishtala India Ltd
  • 2. Internet – a review • Behind the Web, • An interconnection of telcos’ ISPs • CDNs – public and private help distribute content from the edge of the Internet • Major portals use a combination of public and private CDNs • Portals and CDNs use multilateral network peering relationships
  • 3. The new elements 1.0 Hardware as Service: On demand storage and VMs – Amazon’s S3 & EC2 2.0 Platform as Service: SimpleDB – Relational DB Map-Reduce and Big Table – big step
  • 4. The Agile Cloud • No more versioning , from here on, a continuous evolution • Powerset and facebook were early adopters • sets the trend for established businesses • Specialized outsourced and new services (for ex. speech recog.) can leverage cost advantages • for others, some work to do…
  • 5. Determinants Business: • Capital expenditure • Operating Expenses – bandwidth, IT (ops) manpower • Service migration strategies Product Engineering: (from a web biz pov) – Minimalization with real-time global collaboration (see
  • 6. Inter-cloud backbone Service migration would need a heterogenity of cloud services – ranging from hardware as a service(ec2), platform(bigtable) to complete systems (for ex. salesforce) therefore, interconnection (peering) between clouds will be needed Peering will still happen through telco backbones Incumbent advantage for a web business?
  • 7. Determinants..contd Bandwidth costs in cloud by data transfer volumes suitable for smaller businesses with local operations peering relationships will be needed with web-scale apps to compete with CDNs
  • 8. Network services • Cloud are still a collection of machines (VMs) in a single autonomous system – the cloud’s AS number(s) • A large & autonomous app cloud would need network peering to maintain cost efficiencies in addition to hardware and power savings on storage • Provisioning of manageable network services is key to consolidation
  • 9. Virtualization & Data Security Data retention: In most cases a VM reset ensures delinking of data blocks, sufficient for most cases Sensitive data may need encryption unless physical zero’ing with delinking is assured by VMs Security issues allow no tradeoffs, but increased costs may be offset by improved server efficiencies and lower unit cost of computing? Virtual user contexts on servers and session management will present newer challenges of privacy and security