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Ace Institute of Internet Marketing is new entrant in the Digital Marketing Industry but holding professional who are from years in this domain and served various brands with the services of Internet Marketing and now all set to share their knowledge and experiences with those who visualize their career in Digital Marketing Field. ACEIIM is ready to facilitate you with the Digital Marketing Training Program with 95 hours complete course including all the components like Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, Google adsense and blogging, Online Advertising, PPC advertising, Website and Content optimization, Formulation of Digital Marketing strategies etc.

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Digital Marketing Components

  1. 1. Platformtogainthe excellenceinDigitalMarketing. Ace Institute of Internet marketing
  2. 2. 1. Digital Marketing Overview - 3 hours a. Digital Marketing right from the Scratch. b. Difference between Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing c. Importance of being Internet Marketer d. Internet Marketing – Requirement for every sort of Business. 2. Website Planning & Optimization - 6 hours a. Website – Pillar to start viral with. b. Types of Website c. Plans & Strategy before you make your website d. How to retain visitors of your website? e. How a well build website will lead to effective marketing? f. Difference between Dynamic and static version of websites? g. Update your website of your own? h. Creating Website on Wordpress 3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - 21 hours a. What is SEO? b. What is the role of keywords in SEO? c. Need of SEO for your Business d. Search engines and how they function. e. What is Traffic & Traffic types? f. What are Keywords? g. Different sort of keywords. h. Permutation & combination of keywords. i. Tools to find out keywords & Traffic on keywords. j. Google trends & Guidelines for SEO Steps in SEO a. On Page Optimization – b. Keywords Optimization c. Competitive Analysis d. Title & Meta Tags creation and updates e. Optimize content by keywords f. HTML outlook and basics g. How to create sitemap for your website? h. Google Webmaster Tool i. What is Indexing? j. How to get your website Indexed? Off Page Optimization – a. Back links and types of Back links b. What is page rank? c. How to increase page rank? d. Link Building & Types of Link Building e. Do’s and Don’ts of Link Building f. Thematic Link Exchange g. Importance of Content Marketing Course Curriculum
  3. 3. Methods of Link Building – a. Articles Submission & Marketing b. Blog Marketing c. Directory Submission d. Classified Listing e. Google Maps Submission f. Social Bookmarking g. Forum posting 4. Social Media Marketing - 18 hours What is Social Media ? Marketing and Advertising on Social Networking sites. How you can use your current social media for your Business? Facebook Marketing – a. Creation of Profiles b. Creation and Marketing of Fan Page c. How to increase fan following? d. Engagement of Fans on fan Page. e. Facebook Advertising f. Push and Pull strategy of Facebook Marketing g. Develop a Facebook reveal page h. Social Media sharing Buttons or plug-ins i. Facebook Application j. Community Building k. Facebook fan page vs profile vs group l. Creating external tabs in Facebook Page Linkedin Marketing – a. Linkedin profile and its use. b. Company Profile vs Individual Profile c. Creation and promotion of Linkedin Groups d. Marketing on Linkedin Groups e. Increasing ROI from Linkedin Ads f. Promote your business through Professional network Twitter Marketing a. Twitter account and its benefits. b. Actual technique to go viral on Twitter c. Advertising on Twitter. d. Basic Twitter Lingo e. Is Twitter right for your audience? f. Shortening URL g. Increase reach for your blogs Videos Marketing a. Video Creation b. Video Content Marketing c. Use Videos to grow Email List d. Upload Videos on Video marketing Websites. e. Advertising on YouTube f. How to increase viewers on your videos? g. Making viewers land to the website. Course Curriculum
  4. 4. 5. Lead Generation for Business - 3 hours 1. Concept of Leads generation 2. What are Landing Pages? 3. How to develop an effective landing Page? 4. Methods to generate leads 5. How to nurture leads? 6. How to get genuine and authentic leads? 7. Concept of A/B Testing 8. Why A/B testing is important? 9. Leads to actual Sales 10. Lead Funnel and its Marketing Strategy. 11. Concept of Lead Funnel 12. How to nurture leads? 6. Google Analytics - 5 hours 1. What is Google Analytics? 2. Creating Google analytics account 3. Linking analytics account with website. 4. Bounce Rate 5. Tracking your website 6. Monitoring website performance 7. Setting filters according to business needs. 8. How Analytics will help in the growth of Business? 9. Other Analytics Platforms 10. Monitoring traffic sources. 7. Email Marketing - 3 hours 1. Concept of Email Marketing. 2. Best practices of Email Marketing 3. Free software for Email Marketing. 4. How to generate lead through emails? 5. How you can use your personal emails to reach masses? 6. Paid forms of shooting Emails 7. How to increase number of email subscriptions? 8. How to target Inbox of customers? 9. Spamming 10. How to write effective mail? 8. Ecommerce Marketing - 3 hours 1. What is Ecommerce? 2. Who are the leaders of E commerce in India? 3. New Entrant and their Success stories 4. Role of Affiliate Marketing to promote E Commerce Business 5. Effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategy 6. E Commerce trends in India and abroad. 7. Case Studies on E commerce Marketing. Course Curriculum
  5. 5. 9. Online Advertising - 3 hours What is Online Advertising? Types of Online Advertising Display Advertising a) Banner Ads b) Rich Media Ads c) Pop ups and pop under ads Contextual Advertising a) In-text ads b) In-image ads c) In Videos ads d) In page ads e) Tracking and measuring ROI of Online Advertising f) Google Guidelines to run online ads g) Payment Modules h) Online advertising service providers. 10. Formulation of Digital Marketing Strategy - 1 hour 1. Integrated Marketing Plan 2. Choose the right platform for your business 3. Engage and Cultivate 4. Measure and Evaluate 11. Google Adsense & Blogging - 5 hours 1. Concept of Adsense 2. Adsense approval by Google 3. Do’s and Don’t of Adsense Approval 4. How to get approved for adsense? 5. Custom ads 6. Responsive ads 7. Placing ads on your blog 8. Using your adsense account interface Blogging a. Concept of Blogging b. Types of Blogging c. How to write an effective blog? d. How to market a blog? e. Guideline to be followed while creating a blog f. Do’s and Don’ts in Blog writing g. Top 10 things to make your blog an exception h. Readable content for blog. Course Curriculum
  6. 6. 12. Mobile Web Marketing - 3 hours 1. How mobile can optimize your website? 2. Real time Sync with your Desktop website 3. Link to Google Maps and direction 4. Notice emerging Patterns 5. Tweaking Advertising for Mobile 6. Various forms of Mobile Marketing 13. Affiliate Marketing - 6 hours 1. Concept and History of Affiliate 2. How to sell your product and services on website? 3. How you can make money via Affiliate Marketing? 4. Different ways to do Affiliate Marketing 5. Affiliate Software 6. Affiliate marketing trend in India and abroad 7. Who are the leaders in Affiliate Marketing ? 8. How people are making money as an Affiliate? 14. Search Engine Advertising- PPC Advertising - 9 hours 1. Concept of Ad words(Google adwords) 2. Set up of adwords account 3. Creation of Campaigns and Ad groups 4. What is bidding in adwords? 5. Use of High and low Traffic keywords. 6. Creation of Banners using Display Builders 7. How to write effective ad copies ? 8. Managing account 9. Keywords grouping 10. Track of Advertisement Performance 11. Optimizing CPC (Cost per Click) 12. Understanding Bidding and Payment modules – CPC,CPA, Enhanced bid, CPM 13. Costs and Billing. 15.Free Internet Marketing Consultation - 3 hours Course Curriculum
  7. 7. Ace Insitute of Internet Marketing 40/113 Pocket 40, Kalkaji New Delhi - 110019 Ace Insitute of Internet Marketing 2580 hudson lane kingsway camp. Delhi 110009 Phone General Inquiries: +91 97188 77777 011-46177777, 9718877777