ACCENT Marketing Overview


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ACCENT Marketing Services is a member of the MDC Partners Network and provider of outsourced customer engagement solutions for brands that are passionate about keeping and growing customers.

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ACCENT Marketing Overview

  1. 1. Every time a customer interacts with your brandIT’S AN OPPORTUNITY An MDC Partners Company 1
  2. 2. The ACCENT ADVANTAGE• A refreshing point of view, specialist experience and proven ability to deliver differential results. Deep customer insight Engaging and personal experiences Monetize every customer interaction Vested in our strategies and ideas 2
  3. 3. THE COMPANY WE KEEP Progressive Marketing and Communications Network of 40+ Companies Leveraging Digital, Creative and Analytics to Solve Problems and Drive ROICommunications Retail Consumer Products Technology Automotive Financial Other Media Manufacturing 3
  4. 4. Helping Brands ENGAGE Engagement creates opportunities to:• Your customers have more power than ever to influence your brand. Join the conversation • Connect personally through Engagement. • Influence behavior • Shape brand perceptions • Transform customers into brand advocates ENGAGED CUSTOMERS DISENGAGED CUSTOMERS Recommend your brand nearly Tell an average of 3 people 4 times more often to AVOID your brand Visit your website twice as often Cost you 25% to 75% of and make 3 times as many online annual lost sales purchases Are more willing to forgive a Are 4 times more likely to post problem if referred by friends to a blog or website about their or family poor customer experience SOURCE: People Metrics Survey, 2009 4
  5. 5. The ACCENT Engagement• Transform customer service touch points into powerful relationship and brand-building tools. Connect where customers live, learn and make decisions Lower cost to serve Increase efficiency Improve brand experience Drive incremental revenue 5
  6. 6. The ACCENT Engagement LISTEN• A solid understanding of your customers’ questions, concerns, needs and wants. Monitor social conversations Capture inquiries across MANUFACTURER channels ACCENT monitors thousands of tweets Collect feedback through daily on behalf of the surveys and written grill manufacturer - listening for correspondence opportunities to provide product help and improve customer sentiment. 6
  7. 7. The ACCENT Engagement LEARN• Capturing data to better understand your customers. Uncover insights about your customers, brand and products APPLIANCE OEM Generate dynamic scripting Through multivariate to guide conversations testing, ACCENT uncovered hidden Intelligently route customers value in the OEM’s warranty relationships. to best communications Insights gained yielded channel 18% decrease in churn and generated 194% return on investment. 7
  8. 8. The ACCENT Engagement CONNECT• Engaging and personal conversations that are transparent, timely and consistent with your brand. Empower self-service RETAILER Provide guided assistance ACCENT helped create the ultimate member Host peer-to-peer support experience across communities phone, online and social media channels – propelling retailer to Forrester Research Top 10 Customer Experience Leader. 8
  9. 9. The ACCENT Engagement INFLUENCE• Transforming your customers into brand advocates. Turn negative experiences into positive interactions COMMUNICATIONS Present real-time modeled ACCENT proved to be offers right call for collections. Our ability to positively influence delinquent customers yielded 25% increase in amount collected while improving CSAT from 73% to 86%. 9
  10. 10. The ACCENT Engagement OPTIMIZE• Each interaction is more intelligent and engaging than the last. Analyze speech and text to uncover sentiment Monitor quality of engagement MANUFACTURER against defined customer ACCENT’s satisfaction surveys provided experience immediate feedback on dealer performance and Uncover reasons “why” product satisfaction – through root cause analysis helping manufacturer achieve 95% CSAT Administer customer rating and generate satisfaction surveys 353,000 new service and installation leads. 10
  11. 11. Where Great Talent LIVES • Solely focused on helping you connect with your customers. Passionate Energetic Knowledgeable Helpful Friendly ENGAGEMENT CENTERS Hot Springs, AR / Zephyrhills, FL / New Albany, IN Tell City, IN / Monroe, LA / Farmington, MO Kansas City, MO / Kingston, Jamaica Makati City, Philippines 11
  12. 12. THE TOOLS AND RESOURCES To Drive Your Business Forward• Creating engagement solutions tailored to meet your needs. Data Analytics Communication Channels Knowledge Management Social Media Monitoring Print and Fulfillment Services Back-Office Services Workforce Management Quality Monitoring Reporting 12
  13. 13. Solution: Customer Care Experience Results: 41% savings of $8.26MM and $1.4MM in Builds incremental billing adjustments over internal centers Solution: Tech Support / Cross and Up-Sell Brands Campaigns Results: 14% increase in revenue on incentivized items Solution: Appointment Confirmation Campaigns Results: $430,000 cost savings in less than six months on unnecessary truck rolls• Expert guidance to Solution: Member Sales engage in the digital, Results: Sold four times more memberships over social, interactive and internal center, generating $18.8 MM in member lifetime value real-time world. Solution: Member Care Results: Decreased cost per call by 29% while improving member satisfaction rating to 94% VERTICAL MARKETS SERVED Solution: Account Review Campaigns Telecom / Manufacturing / Insurance / Retail Cable / Healthcare / Financial Services Results: Scheduled 51,000 appointments resulting in $1.1MM in new revenue Solution: Loyalty Marketing Program Results: Generated 68,000 product sales and registrations valued at more than $389,000 13
  14. 14. The most important customer interactionis the one that’sgoing to happennext. Contact us to get started 866.623.0018 or visit www.accentonline.comARE YOUREADY? 14