GREAT LAKES COUNCIL*R O O S E V E L T   U N I V E R S I T Y * *** * U N I V E R S I T Y O F   F I N D L A Y*              ...
About the ACBSP Great Lakes Council (Region 4)The Great Lakes Council of Business Schools and Programs is a regional divis...
CORPORATE SPONSORS         LiveText, Inc.         1 S. La Grange Rd, 2nd Floor                                            ...
Conference Organizers and Academic Sponsors                    Roosevelt University is an independent, non-profit, metropo...
*R O O S E V E L T     U N I V E R S I T Y * *** * U N I V E R S I T Y O F                   F I N D L A Y*               ...
Friday, October 5    7:30-8:30am         Registration – Roosevelt University campus                        1400 N. Rooseve...
Concurrent SessionsSession #1                                                                                             ...
Concurrent Sessions    Session #2                                                                                         ...
Concurrent SessionsSession #3                                                                                             ...
Keynote Speaker                                         Steve Russell                       Senior Vice President, Chief P...
Presenter Biosketches and Contact InformationStephen Bell, LEED AP is a Director of College Partnerships for the Illinois ...
Presenter Biosketches and Contact Information    Terri Friel, DE is the Dean of the Walter E. Heller College of Business  ...
Presenter Biosketches and Contact InformationJohn McDonald, PhD is a Professor of Real Estate at Roosevelt University. The...
Presenter Biosketches and Contact Information     Mindy Poliski, MA is an Instructor in the Department of Business and Eco...
Conference and Networking Notes
October 3-4, 2012                Schaumburg, Illinois (Region 4)               October 31 - November 1, 2012    New London...
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ACBSP Region 4 Conference 2012 Program


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ACBSP Region 4 Conference
October 4-5, 2012
Schaumburg, IL

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ACBSP Region 4 Conference 2012 Program

  2. 2. About the ACBSP Great Lakes Council (Region 4)The Great Lakes Council of Business Schools and Programs is a regional division of theAccreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) representing colleges anduniversities in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and the CanadianProvince of Ontario. The mission of the ACBSP is to establish, promote and recognizeeducational standards that contribute to the continuous improvement of business education and,through the process of accreditation, to recognize business schools and programs that adhereto these standards.The Objectives of the Great Lakes Council of Business Schools and Programs, Region 4include: To provide a regional forum to foster a better understanding of business education and for the exchange of ideas concerning collegiate business education programs, curriculum, and articulation among member institutions. To assist Region 4 member institutions in their efforts to improve their professional business schools and programs and to assist them in their efforts to attain accreditation. To provide ACBSPs Board of Directors with ideas and recommendations as to how the Council can better serve its membership. To work with the ACBSP Board of Directors, Executive Director and Staff to achieve the goals and objectives of ACBSP. To provide opportunity to focus on membership expansion and related services.CONFERENCE WELCOMEWelcome to the ACBSP Region 4 Conference, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility inthe Classroom, which is being held on the suburban Schaumburg campus of RooseveltUniversity just outside Chicago, Illinois! From the national ACBSP office, Steve Parscale,Director of Accreditation, and Eliza Guyol-Meinrath, Member Services Manager, will beproviding the ACBSP update and conducting the pre-conference Seminar Series, StrategicPlanning for the Business Unit.Also, thank you to all of our corporate sponsors, including: LiveText, Peregrine AcademicServices, and Global Management Challenge. Thank you to our academic sponsors as well:Roosevelt University, Triton College, University of Findlay, and McDonald’s HamburgerUniversity. Also, I would like to extend a special thank you to Roosevelt University for hostingthe conference in your wonderful facilities and to Melissa Stutz and Tom Head for their hardwork in helping to organize and plan this conference.Please enjoy the many talented, highly educated speakers and presenters, including SteveRussell, Senior Vice-President and Chief People Officer at McDonald’s USA during theThursday evening reception and Stephen Bell, Director of College Partnerships for the IllinoisGreen Economy Network, our Friday luncheon speaker.Thank you again for your attendance and participation.Josephine Kershaw, PhD, ACBSP Region 4 President-Elect
  3. 3. CORPORATE SPONSORS LiveText, Inc. 1 S. La Grange Rd, 2nd Floor LiveText’s customizable and comprehensive solutions La Grange, IL 60525 allow for seamless integration and data reporting to 1-866-548-3839) effectively measure outcomes-based learning goals and institutional objectives. For more information, please see Brian Zirlin at the LiveText display or after his session presentations. Global Management Challenge USA Peregrine Academic Services, LLC 1100 17th Street, Suite 1000 PO Box 741, 1001 S. Douglas Highway, Suite #160 Washington, DC 20036 Gillette WY 82716 1-202-263-3508 1-877-260-1555 Global Management Challenge is the largest Peregrine Academic Services provides a varietyStrategy and Management Competition in the world. of services related to obtaining and sustaining program and university accreditation.To find out more, please stop by the GlobalManagement Challenge display or see Eliza To learn more, please see Olin Oedekoven at theGuyol-Meinrath after the Opening Meeting. Peregrine display or after his session presentation. Many thanks to our sponsors for their support of the ACBSP Region 4 Conference!
  4. 4. Conference Organizers and Academic Sponsors Roosevelt University is an independent, non-profit, metropolitan university with two distinct campuses located in downtown Chicago and suburban Schaumburg, Illinois. With a rich history and progressive curricula featuring 126 degree programs, we are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence. Our award-winning faculty and dedicated staff take pride in pushing Roosevelt’s remarkably diverse students to the limits of achievement, inspiring the transformation of lives and communities through the principles of social justice. Learn more at In today’s fast-paced world, the University of Findlay is continually adapting programs and teaching methods to meet the needs of current students who are preparing for tomorrow’s careers. The University of Findlay has nearly 60 majors leading to baccalaureate degrees and offers eight master’s degrees, doctor of pharmacy and doctor of physical therapy degrees. The mission of the University is to equip our students for meaningful lives and productive careers. To find out more, go to Hamburger University McDonalds Center of Training Excellence Since its inception, training at Hamburger University has emphasized consistent restaurant operations procedures, service, quality and cleanliness. It has become the company’s global center of excellence for McDonald’s operations training and leadership development. More information about McDonald’s training programs can be found at training_and_development/hamburger_university.html Triton College is one of the nation’s premier two-year institutions of higher education dedicated to student success. Located 14 miles from downtown Chicago, the school offers outstanding educational value in a student-centered setting rich in academic and cultural resources, career- oriented learning opportunities, and engaging social activities. Please contact Dr. William M. Griffin Business Department Coordinator 708-456-0300 Ex. 3579 or go to for more detailed information on all program offerings. Thank you for your contributions to make the 2012 ACBSP Region 4 Conference a success! Melissa Stutz, Josephine Kershaw, and Tom Head, Conference Co-Chairs
  5. 5. *R O O S E V E L T U N I V E R S I T Y * *** * U N I V E R S I T Y O F F I N D L A Y* ACBSP Region 4 Conference October 4-5, 2012 Schaumburg, Illinois Hosted by Roosevelt University and The University of Findlay 1400 N. Roosevelt Boulevard, Schaumburg, IL Thursday, October 4 12:00-5:00pm CST Registration at Roosevelt University Conference hotel check-in Springhill Suites Marriott, 1550 McConnor Parkway, Schaumburg, IL 60173 3:15pm Bus leaves for Hamburger University campus at McDonald’s Corporate Offices Meet at the main entrance / front desk area at Roosevelt University 4:00-7:00pm Tour, Presentation, and Cocktail Reception McDonald’s Corporate Training & Education Facility Keynote speaker: Steve Russell, Senior Vice-President, McDonald’s USA Dress: Business Casual In 1983, McDonald’s invested $40 million in Hamburger University, a 130,000-square foot facility on an 80-acre campus located at McDonald’s Corporate Offices in Oak Brook, IL. This industry-leading facility includes interactive team rooms, kitchen labs, and state-of-the-art service training. Since its inception, training at Hamburger University has emphasized consistent restaurant operations procedures, service, quality and cleanliness. It has become the company’s global center of excellence for McDonald’s operations training and leadership development. 8:00pm Optional Popcorn and a Movie: Revolution Green Other nearby activities: Woodfield Mall (Hours 10am-9pm) Check out current events in the Chicago area at 1
  6. 6. Friday, October 5 7:30-8:30am Registration – Roosevelt University campus 1400 N. Roosevelt Boulevard, Schaumburg, IL Directions from hotel (about 2 minutes) The hotel is directly across the street from Roosevelt University Turn left on McConnor Pkwy Turn right in any entrance where you see the Green ‘R’ Roosevelt sign 8:30-9:30am Opening Meeting ACBSP Update, Steve Parscale, Director of Accreditation Global Management Challenge Presentation, Eliza Guyol-Meinrath Global Management Challenge is the world’s largest strategy and management (competitive-based) simulation training platform. Established in 1980 and operating in more than 40 countries, Global Management Challenge offers professionals and university students the opportunity to develop critical business and management skills while working in teams. 9:30-9:45am Morning Break 9:45-10:45am Region 4 Business Meeting Presiding: Dennis Brode, President ACBSP Region 4 11:00-11:45am Concurrent Session #1 (See listing on page 3) 12:00-1:00pm Lunch Luncheon Speaker: Stephen Bell, Illinois Green Economy Network 1:15-2:00pm Concurrent Session #2 (See listing on page 4) 2:00-2:15pm Afternoon Break 2:15-3:00pm Concurrent Session #3 (See Listing on page 5) 3:00pm Conference end – Safe travels! 2012 REGION 4 CONFERENCE PLANNING COMMITTEE Roosevelt University: Tom Head and Melissa Stutz University of Findlay: Scott Freehafer and Maria Gamba Triton College: Bill Griffin Region 4 Treasurer: Marcy Jance Region 4 Secretary: Kris Neslund Region 4 President: Dennis Brode Region 4 President-Elect: Josephine Kershaw2
  7. 7. Concurrent SessionsSession #1 11:00 - 11:45 amTour of Roosevelt University’s Sustainable Campus EffortsDouglas Knerr, Roosevelt UniversityFrom prairie grass landscaping and eco-friendly sidewalks to classroom infrastructure RooseveltUniversity’s Schaumburg Campus has experienced a diverse number of environmentallysustainable changes. The Campus Provost will take interested participants on a walking tourand discussion of these practices............................................... Meet in Alumni Hall Room 155Teaching Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility through Service Learning ProjectsLaura Foote & Jamillee Krob, Malone UniversityCreating a culture of sustainability and corporate responsibility via experiential learning can beaccomplished in a non-traditional, accelerated, business management classroom. Thepresentation presents a theoretical and practical view of how to incorporate a service-learningcomponent into an adult learning curriculum. .............................................................. Room 326Aligning Traditional Educational Outcomes Assessment Practices with Todays BestPractice Business Excellence ModelsBrian Zirlin, LiveTextDuring this session, LiveText will share samples of how particular Fortune 500 businesses suchas McDonalds, FedEx, and Alcatel-Lucent incorporate performance-based processes toevaluate and measure employee performance against sustainability and corporate responsibilitymissions and goals. ............................................................................................................ Room 325Small, Personal, & (Lake) Superior: Stories of Sustainable Excellence from LSSU StudentsMindy Poliski, David Finley & Valerie Phillips, Lake Superior State UniversityLake Superior State University has successfully integrated sustainable and collaborativeprograms and projects to meet community and university needs. This presentation highlightshow two student-led initiatives have sustained and delivered the outcomes the School ofBusiness developed for its graduates. .............................................................................. Room 331Best Practices in the Assurance of Learning Process among Accredited Business SchoolsCarolyn Wiley & John McDonald, Roosevelt UniversityThis presentation is to discuss the best practices in the assurance of learning process. They willinclude examples and reflect the trends among accredited business schools. This will include:what the best practices are, why, and how they should be applied. .............................. Room 332Teaching Finance and Economics Courses to Millenial Students – Practices FollowingChickering and Gamson’s Seven PrinciplesOi Lin Cheung, Indiana University EastFinance and economics courses are challenging to millennials. Teaching practices addressingthe difficulties encountered by this new student body and preparing them to succeed in theircourses, in their future studies, and in their careers are highly desirable. Selected practices willbe presented. .............................................................................................................. Room 337 3
  8. 8. Concurrent Sessions Session #2 1:15 - 2:00 pm A World Class Business Program (We Organize Research Lead Dream) Marsha Jance & Timothy Scales, Indiana University East A “World Class Business Program” is an interactive presentation. In the program, “WORLD,” we teach the essentials and knowledge needed to run a business in any location throughout the world. We organize, research, lead, and dream. ................................. Alumni Hall Room 155 Academic Preparedness with Customizable Accreditation-Related Services Olin Oedekoven, Peregrine Academic Services In this presentation, we will discuss how Peregrine online academic services including CPC- based COMP exams, Academic Leveling Courses, and APA Writing Style services can assist with several accreditation and accountability requirements. ........................................ Room 325 Incorporating Sustainability into the Accounting Classroom Deborah Pavelka, Roosevelt University The incorporation of sustainability into the accounting classroom is important since it is not present in the currently available textbooks. The presentation of the accounting reports is important as sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Contents and types of sustainability reports currently available will be discussed in the presentation............. Room 326 Using “Too Big To Fail” in Teaching Business & Society Anna Parkman, Ohio Dominican University This presentation offers techniques that have resulted in a significant increase in active participation, reading, and exam scores when utilizing “Too Big To Fail” by Andrew Sorkin as the primary text in three consecutive semesters teaching Business & Society. ........... Room 331 Corporate Financial Reporting and Sustainable Social Well-being Ahmed El-Zayaty & Josephine Kershaw, University of Findlay Presenters will discuss their experience with modifying how they taught MBA courses to incorporate sustainability and corporate responsibility, featuring the PRME framework in a financial accounting course while a strategy course highlighted corporate social responsibility within the Baldrige quality criteria. ............................................................................... Room 332 Bringing Sustainable Development Content into the Classroom Terri Friel & Josetta McLaughlin, Roosevelt University This presentation focuses on bringing sustainable development content into business college curriculum. Recommendations are articulated based on survey responses from business deans on program development, curriculum, faculty coverage and other responses to expectations that students understand the sustainable business imperative. .......................................... Room 3374
  9. 9. Concurrent SessionsSession #3 2:15 - 3:00 pmManagerial Accounting and Corporate ResponsibilityAhmed El-Zayaty, University of FindlayThis presentation shows how learning outcomes of managerial accounting courses can alignwith the UN’s Six Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) expectations.Using the balanced scorecard approach, managerial awareness of the role of ethics and socialwelfare is emphasized...............................................................................Alumni Hall Room 155Key Performance Drivers in the Assurance of Learning ProcessCarolyn Wiley, Roosevelt UniversityThis presentation will discuss a proposed model of the key performance drivers in an effectiveassurance of learning (AoL) process. In order for the process to be successful in terms ofresulting in continuous improvements in student learning outcomes, these six drivers need to beblended together in the appropriate measure. ............................................................. Room 326Creating a Culture of Assessment to meet Accreditation Standard 4Brian Zirlin, LiveTextWhen preparing for ACBSP accreditation, a challenging standard is the collection and reportingof student learning outcomes and other learning experiences. This session shows how LiveTextcan be used to meet this challenge. .................................................................................. Room 325“Can You Hear Me Now?” Encouraging Student Engagement Through the Use ofTechnology in the Classroom Michael Bevis, University of PhoenixPresents participants with a case study demonstrating how cell phones and other mobiledevices are being used to engage students in course-specific learning. Learn how technologycan create opportunities to apply learned course objectives through service learning and virtualbusiness collaboration................................................................................................. Room 331The Forest Beyond the Truffula Trees: Using The Lorax to Introduce EnvironmentallyResponsible Business ManagementAnita Morgan, Indiana University EastThis presentation provides suggestions for lesson plans using The Lorax to introduce the topicof environmentally responsible business management. .............................................. Room 332Sustainable Practices: 10 Suggestions to Obtain Faculty “Buy In”Thomas Head & Melissa Stutz, Roosevelt UniversityThe key to any sustainability program is in its successful implementation. Without faculty andstaff cooperation your beautiful plan cannot work. Ten suggestions taken from changemanagement practices are presented that should help to gain support. ...................... Room 337 5
  10. 10. Keynote Speaker Steve Russell Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer McDonalds USA, LLC Steve Russell is the Senior Vice President of People at McDonald’s USA. In this role, Mr. Russell oversees all aspects of human resources and training, learning and development for McDonald’s 14,000 U.S. restaurants. As part of McDonald’s USA’s senior leadership team, Mr. Russell actively participates in accelerating the company’s growth, contributing to strategic direction and leading the talent management and succession planning processes. He leads the company’s efforts to fundamentally improve the capability and capacity of McDonald’s restaurants and the more than 700,000 restaurant employees. This strategy includes a comprehensive organizational redesign of the restaurant management structure, training, and technology, as well as the creation and execution of leading edge recruitment and retention programs. Collectively, these efforts have achieved historic results in the areas of employee commitment, retention and productivity. Mr. Russell joined McDonald’s in 1996 as Director of Corporate Human Resources. In 1998, he became the Department Director of the HR Service Center and Global Technology Departments while also beginning his accelerated development program in McDonald’s Field Human Resources. Prior to his current role, Mr. Russell also served as Vice President of Human Resources for McDonald’s Business Development and Partner Brands (Boston Market, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Donatos, Fazoli’s, Pret A Manger) from 2002 – 2003. Mr. Russell has been honored with many awards throughout his career, including the 2004 Division Presidents Choice Award, 2007 Circle of Excellence Award, 2007 Elliott Group Motivator of the Year Award, 2009 Presidents Eagle Award and 2010 Commitment to People Award. Mr. Russell serves on the 401k/profit sharing administration committee on behalf of McDonald’s Board of Directors. Outside of McDonald’s, Mr. Russell has served on Cornell Hospitality Research Advisory’s board, as well as on the board of DisabilityWorks. Born in Highland Park, Illinois, Mr. Russell received his Bachelor of Arts from Ohio State University and M.B.A. from the University of Dayton.6
  11. 11. Presenter Biosketches and Contact InformationStephen Bell, LEED AP is a Director of College Partnerships for the Illinois GreenEconomy Network (IGEN) where he provides strategic direction and promotescollaboration among the IGEN Network colleges and between the colleges and avariety of partners. He has also served as Director of Sustainability at the ChicagoBotanic Garden.Phone: 847-543-2238 Email: sbell1@clcillinois.eduMichael Bevis, MBA is the Director of Academic Affairs at University of Phoenix.Prior to joining the University, Bevis enjoyed a successful career in the bankingand finance industry. He ultimately turned to a career with the University to pursuehis passion of teaching and educating others.Phone: 608-240-3612 Email: michael.bevis@phoenix.eduOi Lin Cheung, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Indiana UniversityEast. She has given numerous presentations regarding stock volatility transfersand regulations in Dallas, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee and Charleston, SouthCarolina. In 2006-2007, she received the Outstanding PhD Student ToussantHocevar Award from the University of New Orleans.Phone: 765-973-8497 Email: ocheung@iue.eduAhmed El-Zayaty, PhD is a Professor of Accounting and Finance at the Universityof Findlay. He has developed financial accounting and cost accounting systems,as well as designed management information systems for a variety oforganizations. His international teaching experience includes universities in SaudiArabia, Kuwait, and Egypt.Phone: 419-434-4897 Email: el-zayaty@findlay.eduDavid Finley, PhD is the dean of the College of Business and Engineering at LakeSuperior State University. With the College’s strategic alignment, the innovationand prototyping laboratories currently in place within engineering are leveragedwith business school expertise and community resources to encouragemultidisciplinary teamwork to design and develop products.Phone: 906-635-2207 Email: dfinley@lssu.eduLaura Foote, MA is an Instructor of Management Studies at Malone Universitywhere she teaches the communication, writing, fine arts, faith and worldview, andbusiness management courses. Her research interests include worldviewdevelopment in college students, faith development, and cognitive development inadult learners, and women and public speaking.Phone: 330-471-8494 Email: 7
  12. 12. Presenter Biosketches and Contact Information Terri Friel, DE is the Dean of the Walter E. Heller College of Business Administration at Roosevelt University. She has been a Baldrige examiner and is published in many journals for her work in both engineering and management. Her expertise includes continuous improvement, business process restructuring and organizational change management. Phone: 847-619-8494 Email: Thomas Head, PhD is a Professor of Management at Roosevelt University. He has a wide range of consulting and research interests, currently being dominated by Global Organization Development. He is currently serving on the board of Pro- Change International and has served as a past President for ACBSP Region 4. Phone: 847-619-4866 Email: Marsha Jance, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Indiana University East. Her research interests are in statistics and decision modeling with recent publications related to interval values. She has served as Secretary and Treasurer for ACBSP Region 4 since 2009 and is currently the Treasurer for the region. Phone: 765-973-8341 Email: Josephine Kershaw, PhD is ACBSP Region 4 President-Elect and Associate Professor of Health Care Management at the University of Findlay. She is a Fulbright Scholar and was the recipient of the 2011 ACBSP Great Lakes Region and International Teaching Excellence Awards. Her research interests include minority health disparities and program evaluation. Phone: 419-434-5463 Email: Douglas Knerr, PhD is the Provost at Roosevelt University’s Schaumburg Campus. He plans to use the latest practices in sustainable energy usage to transform the entire exterior landscape of the Campus, decrease water usage, replace grass with more native plantings that don’t require mowing, and create community gardens. Phone: 847-619-7294 Email: Jamillee Krob, RDH, MPH is an Instructor of Management Studies at Malone University where she teaches in both the Organizational Management and Health Services Management majors. Her teaching interests include health services leadership, community health education, and epidemiology. She is also a practicing registered dental hygienist. Phone: 330-471-8472 Email: jkrob@malone.edu8
  13. 13. Presenter Biosketches and Contact InformationJohn McDonald, PhD is a Professor of Real Estate at Roosevelt University. Thefounder of the Center for Urban Real Estate while at the University of Illinois atChicago, his teaching and research interests are in the fields of real estate, urbaneconomics and urban planning.Phone: 312-281-3287 Email: jmcdonald@roosevelt.eduJosetta McLaughlin, PhD is an Associate Professor of Management at RooseveltUniversity, where she received the Heller College of Business Administration Awardfor Outstanding Teacher in 2007. She recently presented a paper on “Assessingthe Construct Validity of the Global 100 Sustainability Ranking for Schools ofBusiness.Phone: 847-619-4853 Email: jmclaugh@roosevelt.eduAnita Morgan, DBA is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at Indiana UniversityEast and teaches Accounting, Finance, and Entrepreneurship courses. She wasthe Program Chair of Accounting, at Colorado Technical University from 2007 to2009 and served as the ACBSP Region 4 President in 2010.Phone: 765-973-8442 Email: animorga@iue.eduOlin Oedekoven, PhD is President and CEO of Peregrine Academic Services. Hehas over 30 years of senior leadership, education, and academic experience inboth the public and private sectors. He created Peregrine Academic Services to fillthe gap between requirements for direct assessment and the tools available at thetime.Phone: 307-685-1555 Email: oedekoven@peregrineacademics.comAnna Parkman, PhD is Director of the Graduate Business Programs andAssociate Professor of Management & Organizational Behavior at Ohio DominicanUniversity. Previously, she served as Chair of the Division of Business at theUniversity of Charleston. Her research interests include leadership, generationalconflict, and social responsibility in the business unit.Phone: 614-251-4569 Email: parkmana@ohiodominican.eduValerie Phillips, MBA teaches marketing and retail management at Lake SuperiorState University. Her LSSU marketing classes have provided hands-on fieldexperiences engaging students with entrepreneurial and philanthropic projects,such as the successful Hoops for Hope for her sport and event marketing course.Phone: 906-635-2450 Email: 9
  14. 14. Presenter Biosketches and Contact Information Mindy Poliski, MA is an Instructor in the Department of Business and Economics at Lake Superior State University. She also plays a key role in helping her accounting students to volunteer with their local Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program to file tax returns at no charge for low-income residents. Phone: 906-635-2255 Email: Timothy Scales, MBA is Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and of the Center for Economic Education at Indiana University East. He is the owner of a Fortune 500 company and has held leadership positions in many organizations. In 2010, he received the ACBSP Region 4 Teaching Excellence Award. Phone: 765-973-8620 Email: Deborah Pavelka, PhD is a Professor of Accounting at Roosevelt University, where she was honored as Distinguished Lecturer. Her areas of interest are business fraud, accounting theory, accounting regulation, CRA, bank regulation, bank audit and compliance. She has also contributed questions for the Certified Internal Auditor Examination. Phone: 847-619-4865 Email: Melissa Stutz, MA is the assistant dean of the Heller College of Business Administration at Roosevelt University where she specializes in the education of adult learners and designs executive education services. In 2010, she received the Presidential Award of Excellence from the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce. Phone: 847-619-4880 Email: Carolyn Wiley, PhD is a Professor of Management at Roosevelt University. As former European principal and as global expertise faculty in performance and talent management with Mercer HR Consulting, Wiley has been an adviser on management practices and workplace performance in the United States, Ireland, France and Japan. Phone: 312-281-3281 Email: Brian Zirlin, MA is an educational consultant at LiveText, Inc. and a former marketing associate at Sysco. He assists with implementing LiveText with on- campus visits and facilitates a guided planning process to help plan and refine the institution’s assessment process, as well as define outcomes and related rubrics. Phone: 866-548-3839 Email: brian.zirlin@livetext.com10
  15. 15. Conference and Networking Notes
  16. 16. October 3-4, 2012 Schaumburg, Illinois (Region 4) October 31 - November 1, 2012 New London, Connecticut (Region 1) November 6-7, 2012 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Region 6) February 7-8, 2013 Kansas City, Missouri See Steve Parscale or Eliza Guyol-Meinrath for additional information about the next ACBSP Seminar Series. Best of Regions Presentation Selection Committee Kris Neslund, Ashland University - Chair Dennis Brode, Sinclair Community College Robert Deadman, Ivy Tech Community College Barb DiNardo, Owens Community College Lillian Schumacher, Tiffin University Paul Sears, University of Findlay Please complete your concurrent session evaluations.They provide great feedback to the presenters and will help in the judging of the Best of Regions presentation. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING THIS YEAR’S ACBSP REGION 4 CONFERENCE SEE YOU NEXT YEAR AT MALONE UNIVERSITY!