Basware Steve Muddiman: Thought Leadership 22.01.2014


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Basware's Steve Muddiman's presentation slides at the Ajatusjohtajuus 2014 seminar on 22.1.2014. The seminar was organized by Procom and AC-Sanafor.

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Basware Steve Muddiman: Thought Leadership 22.01.2014

  1. 1. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Getting the whole company aligned
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to Basware • Thought Leadership and its role in the marketing mix • Content strategy • Aligning your content to drive revenue • Ensuring participation 2
  3. 3. Basware Vision The Largest Business Commerce Network # of suppliers & buyers # of transactions Basware Commerce Network € value moving across the network 4 P2P software Value Added Services
  4. 4. Our journey in becoming a Service Company Everything changes: Our operating methods, how we design new product/service, how we package, price and position for new markets, the way we present & deliver value, the customer segments are changing, employee change management, shareholder & customer expectations only become higher..... Becoming a service company: Transitioning from a software company into a service company. Marketing plays a critical role uniting all these elements
  5. 5. Charting a difficult course.... Products Services Network growth Accelerated growth 6 Enterprises + SMEs Channel sales Global leader
  6. 6. As we change, our story evolves too 2004: “Value for financial processes” 7 ”Unlocking value in a connected business world”
  7. 7. •So how do we get there? 8
  8. 8. You want to influence buyer behaviour with your content (lead their thoughts) • 70% of the content that supports a buying decision is discovered by the buyers themselves (they think!) • And an equal 15% from sales & marketing Marketers need to create content available to be found: • By each buyer, in their context • When they are looking Content that accelerates the buyers along their journey and leaves behind you ‘brand scent’ 9 Source: Forrester Research [
  9. 9. Developing thought leadership along the Customer Journey The Differentiating Moments of Truth …..a series of MoT’s Aware Engaged Interacting Involved Transacting Delighted Advocate “If you’re available at the Zero Moment of Truth, your prospects and customers will find you at the very moment they’re thinking about buying, and also when they’re thinking about thinking about buying.”
  10. 10. Thought Leadership sits at the pinnacle of content marketing strategy Major Thought Leadership Impact of ideas on potential buyers Solutions, Customer References & Evaluation Tools Products, Services & Collateral Brand Advertising & Messaging Minor 11 Content Marketing
  11. 11. Thought Leadership embodies bold attributes Relevant Provocative Forward Leading Distinct Inspiring Actionable Results Driven Conversational Credible Independant Source: Forrester Research • Deals with big issues your buyers face • Challenges conventional thinking • Anticipates what’s coming over the horizon • Different from what everyone is else is saying • Energises people about this way of thinking • Provides actionable advice on what clients can do now • Using the ideas can produce breakthrough results • The tone encourages a dialogue and feedback • Your company can help people get there • Makes no reference to your products or services
  12. 12. What is content? • • • • • • • • • • • • • Content is a representation of our brand promise Good content tells a story A good story should create curiosity (‘I want to know more’) Good content drives action Content should drive engagement Examples include: Video White Papers/e.Guides Blog posts PR editorial Social shares (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) Content and channels overlap and need to be ‘fit for purpose’ Twitter is not good for sharing complex content or ideas
  13. 13. Content Marketing • Content = Marketing • Approach is the same – but need to act like a publisher not a broadcaster: • What stories do we want to tell? • To whom? (what personas, segments, targets) • To get them to do what? (CTA) • How do we reach them? (channels) • How do we measure success (engagement metrics)? • How do we turn curiosity and engagement into Sales Ready Leads? • How do we measure the overall process so that it becomes predictable and drives funnel management? • What tools and platforms do we need to automate/ manage all this? 13 February, 2014
  14. 14. Content engages our audience across the buying cycle Brand communications: problem definition Solution communications; why us? Nurturing/ Engagement Buyer’s Journey T a r g e t P e r s o n a Untroubled & Unaware Acknowledge Pain Define Needs Receive Proposals Select Vendors Select Single Vendor Engage Buy CFO AP Other Finance Content Content Content IT 13 February, 2014 Content Content Purchasi ng SMB Content Content $ Content
  15. 15. End to End Process - Demand Mgt & Direct Sales Plan Engage Discover Qualify Quote Negotiate Marketing Management Demand Generation Identify Sales Opportunity Opportunity Qualification Quote Generation Client Acceptance & Contracting Contract Signing and Acceptance Activation Understand Market Propensity Targeting Retrieve leads Nurture Leads Generate Proposal Proposal Discussion Contract Handling Order Handling Develop Market Strategy & Plan Design Campaigns & Rules Prepare for contact Propose solution Gain internal approval Understand client & negotiate Activation Product Portfolio Definition Build Campaigns Contact Prospect Qualify prospect Contract Signing & Acceptance Segmentation Execute Campaigns Landscape Prospect needs/req Reach BANT Marketing Proposition Prospect initial contact Pricing & Bundling Strategy Import contact details from Eloqua Customer Contact Strategy Close Implement Gain client acceptance Gain credit acceptance Gain commercial approval Generate contract Key: Supports Competence MoT: Pain Point: Supports Differentiated MoT Demand Centre Scope Transition to Service
  16. 16. End to end customer experience framework & impact on content Awareness Problem identification Search for solutions Brand awareness Receive marketing Receive supplier activation comms View mass media content Interact – Welcome Interact - Nurture Transact Learn about propositions Tailor proposition & obtain quote Recognised/ Personalised Resolve queries Decide to purchase Access resources Define requirements Visit website or have call Submit order Use Support: Get Help Use service Assisted help Manage account Receive retention marketing Installation View user dashboard reporting Self help Receive version update comms Receive winback marketing Complete activation Extend/ Configure service Help chat/ community Learn to use Manage bill/ statement Receive support notification Fulfil Receive welcome comms Implement Organisation Changes Service Renew Receive Suggested Service Advice Make payment Key: Pain Point: Differentiated MoT View new media/ social content 17 Competence MoT: Demand Centre Scope Other Interaction
  17. 17. Ways to ensure your stakeholders are always engaged Identify your target audience, their issues, and the sources of information they trust. Develop your thought leadership platform: the ideas and content that express the company’s positions Engage your audience through a considered mix of digital, social, and traditional channels. Assess the impact on your business and revise or reinvest. 18
  18. 18. Brand development platform Immersion & Discovery Research & Insight Brand Strategy & Positioning Brand Platform Creation Activation • Immersion and Discovery: Business, brand understanding and internal viewpoints • Research and Insight: Market,audience and competitor insights • Brand Strategy and Positioning: Opportunity for the brand in the market • Brand Platform Creation: Mission/vision, values/character, proposition and creative platform • Activation: Internal and external activation 19