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The Ultimate Blog Experience
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The Ultimate Blog Experience


Published on

"The Ultimate Blog Experience" Keynote presentation by Black Web 2.0 at Blogging While Brown.

"The Ultimate Blog Experience" Keynote presentation by Black Web 2.0 at Blogging While Brown.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Angela Conyers-Benton Markus Robinson
  • 2. Platforms
    • Wordpress, MoveableType, Typepad, Blogger, ect.
    • Blog Engine for Microsoft
    • Blog CFM for Cold Fusion
    • Plugins:
  • 3. Widgets, Applications, & Plugins
    • SpringWidgets
    • Build our own: Clearspring
    • Grab external widgets that will complement your content
    • Consider outsourcing development of Facebook apps or iPhone apps; this will help add value to your content and result in WOMM, going viral
    • Wordpress has plugins for just about anything, use caution so that your site is still usable and loads fast.
  • 4. Design and Layout
    • Usability is important and shouldn’t be over looked
    • Aesthetically Pleasing ( Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit )
    • Build a brand not a just a website:
      • Who you associate with effects your brand, including advertisers.
    • Content is King, don’t over do the graphics
    • Stay a breast of design trends, but remember trends fade
    • Design should work WITH the content not fight it
  • 5. Gaining Traffic
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Partnerships
    • Syndication
    • Showing Value
    • Building a Community
    • Social Media Marketing:
      • Facebook Targeted Ads
      • StumbleUpon
  • 6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 7. SEO Tips
    • Submit your site to Search Engines
    • Have relevant and quality sites link to yours
    • Use Short Clean URL’s
    • Avoid iFrame’s and Flash
    • Use Google Webmaster Central
    • Submit and XML sitemap to Google
    • Analyze Traffic:
      • Keyword Exploration
      • Top Content
  • 8. Syndication
    • Content Partnerships
    • RSS Syndication to distribute your content on social networks like:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • MySpace
  • 9. Building a Community
    • Building Evangelists from your readers
    • Social Bookmarking:
      • Yahoo! Buzz
      • GlobalGrind
      • EVIPlist
    • Community Platforms:
      • Meebo
      • Ning
      • CollectiveX
      • Find the best platform for your specific content:
        • Audio use Odeo, iTunes, Zune, iMeem, ect.
  • 10. Content
    • Scheduling content
    • Frequency
    • SEO friendly URL's
    • Headlines (SEO)
    • Keyword Audit, Research, Exploration
    • Guest Writers
    • Other Content
      • Podcasts, video blogging (vlogging)
  • 11. Content con’t
    • Use Google Trends to looks for hot topics to write about, this will help drive organic referral traffic to your site.
    • Mobile integration for various devices
  • 12. Last but not least!
    • Be original
    • Find your voice
    • Be engaging
    • Post often
    • HAVE FUN!
  • 13.