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This is a copy of my presentation to the CAIS Commission on School Advancement's annual Spring Conference at Quinnipiac University's Hamden, CT campus.

This is a copy of my presentation to the CAIS Commission on School Advancement's annual Spring Conference at Quinnipiac University's Hamden, CT campus.

Published in: Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Google Analytics & Twitter Understanding Your Website, Opening Up to the Global Conversation
    • 2. What Twitter Is... SMS (Short Messaging Service) Rapid-Fire Public Timeline 120 characters or fewer Direct Message Feed hash-tag-able (#) Overlapping Communities Frequently loopy Searchable Trending Topics
    • 3. What It Isn't... One-way Mysterious Permanently deletable Difficult-to-use On-message A magic bullet Controllable manageable
    • 4. SIGN UP NOW! • Make two accounts: • 1) Control your school’s online identity o School name, iconic characters • 2) Test account / your name / practice
    • 5. commit=Join%21
    • 6.
    • 7. How to Tweet: From Web
    • 8. Hashtags means (#) The number sign in Twitter is repurposed as a hashtag • A hashtag is a statement like #dn21 that allows Twitter users to create a shorthand for certain kinds of events. • I used #dn21 for my posts from a CAIS conference in October. • Commonly used hashtags include #jbieber, but could include #CAISCSA or #CAISCPD • or #Taftarts for drama events at one school, • or #CRHsports for lacrosse at another school.
    • 9. The Teacher Talks • #edchat • #admin • #highschool • More! • See below for more details: •
    • 10. How to Tweet: Client Programs
    • 11. How to Tweet: Client Programs • I usually use Tweetie on both the iPhone and iPad (downloadable from Apps store on iTunes. • Twitterific very popular • So is TweetDeck • Many tweeting programs for smart phones
    • 12. How to Tweet: Phone You can also set up a mobile phone to take photographs and send those to Twitter using text messages...
    • 13. How to Tweet: Phone Go to settings on the Twitter homepage to add a phone & photo to your profile.
    • 14. Using Iconic Photos You can upload pictures, or link your account with... • Flickr • Picasa • yfrog "Kids made homemade pizza on Memorial Dorm today! Yum!"
    • 15. Using Links to Enlarge conversation
    • 16. ReTweeting • Alumni, • Faculty • Students • Alum-to-alum • Events on campus and off / Regional events
    • 17. Joining A Conversation Remember to stay polite. You are joining a four-year-old online conversation where everything is recorded, searchable, and re-contextualized You will not be able to control your message here. You will be expected to respond.
    • 18. Thank You!