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  • 1. Równie prestiżowe jak uczelnia, z którą jest związane, wydawnictwo Yale UniversityPress początkowo słynęło z publikacji na temat architektury i historii sztuki. Obecniew jego ofercie znajdują się pozycje z szeregu dziedzin – od polityki i historii tematówaktualnych po muzykę czy religię. Niemniej jednak sztuka, na której YUP zbudowałoswoją historię i reputację, nadal pozostaje kluczowym obszarem zainteresowańwydawnictwa. Yale University Press podpisało liczne umowy największymi muzeami,dzięki czemu zyskało status wiodącego wydawcy w dziedzinie sztuki na świecie.Książki Yale University Press cieszą się uznaniem wśród krytyków, zdobywały równieżtakie nagrody literackie jak amerykańska National Book Award czy Nagroda Pulitzera.
  • 2. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Bolton AndrewAlexander McQueen (1969-2010) was one of the most influential, imaginative and inspirational designers at the turn of the millennium. His fashions both challenged and expanded the conventional parameters of clothing beyond utility to a compelling expression of culture, politics and identity. Focusing on the most iconic and acclaimed designs of his prolific career, this stunning book examines McQueens inimitable technical virtuosity and its subversion of traditional tailoringand dressmaking practices. This book also focuses on the highly sophisticated narrative structures found in McQueens collections and in his astonishing and extravagant runway presentations, which suggested the most avant-garde installation and performance art. 9780300169782, HB, April 2011 34.8x25.9 cm, 224 pages, 250 colour illus.
  • 3. Daphne Guinness Guinness Daphne, Steele Valerie"She is one of the – if not the – most stylishwomen living", says designer and film directorTom Ford, speaking of Daphne Guinness, thesubject and co-author of this extraordinarybook. From her platinum-and-black stripedhair to her towering 10-inch heels, her to-die-for couture collection and amazing diamondjewellery, Daphne Guinness embodies therarified, personal style of a true fashion icon.A designer, editor, model, muse, and stylist,Ms. Guinness is renowned for the way sheuses fashion to transform herself. As herfriend, the art historian John Richardson putsit: "She is the object of her own creativity. Herpersona is her own masterpiece".Sumptuously illustrated with both high-fashion photographs and paparazzi shots, thebook is a spectacular showcase for the worldof Daphne Guinness. 9780300176636, HB, September 2011 28x23 cm, 192 pages, 100 colour illus.
  • 4. Balenciaga and His Legacy Walker MyraThe House of Balenciaga grew to serve an international clientele from locations in Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona, and from 1937 to its closing in 1968 created some of the most outstanding and innovative examples of French and Spanish haute couture of the era. This beautifully illustrated book presents nearly 70Balenciaga creations for day and evening, along with 25 hats, from the extraordinary archives of the Texas Fashion Collectionof the University of North Texas. The bookalso includes striking fashion photographs from "Vogue" magazine and "Harpers Bazaar" by Richard Avedon and Louise Dahl-Wolfe. A series of essays explores many aspects of the designers work, among them his contributions to fashion history. 9780300121537, HB, November 2006 30.7x24.4 cm, 224 pages 112 colour illus., 40 black&white illus.
  • 5. Accessorize! 250 Objects of Fashion & Desire Bloemberg Ninke, Mortier BiancaAwarded a Dutch Design Award 2008, thisbook is aimed at fashionistas with a sense ofhistory. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam hasan important collection of fashion accessoriesfrom different eras and countries. This bookcontains 250 of the most beautifulaccessories, lavishly photographed. "Your fingers will itch to get your credit card out" – Marie Claire 9789086890453, PB, August 2010 23.2x17 cm, 272 pages, 250 colour illus.
  • 6. Handbags: The Making of a Museum Clark Judith The history of the handbag – its design, how it has been made, used, and worn – reveals something essential about womens lives lived over the last 500 years. Perhaps the most universal item of fashionable adornment, it can also be elusive, an object of desire, secrecy and even fear. "Handbags" explores these rich histories and multiple meanings.This book features specially commissioned photographs of an extraordinary, newlyformed collection of fashionable handbags that dates from the 16th century to the present day. It has been acquired to exhibit in the first museum devoted to the handbag, in Seoul, South Korea. The project is a commission undertaken by experimental exhibition-maker Judith Clark, whose innovative practices are revealed in "Handbags". 9780300186185, HB, August 2012 27.9x23.5 cm, 272 pages 350 colour images, 50 black&white illus.
  • 7. Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations Bolton Andrew, Koda HaroldAlthough separated by time, Miuccia Pradaand Elsa Schiaparelli – both Italian, bothfeminists – share striking affinities in terms oftheir design strategies and fashionmanifestoes. Presented as an intimate"conversation", "Schiaparelli and Prada" aimsto tease out formal and conceptual similaritiesbetween the two designers. Strikingphotographs and insightful texts will illustratethe parallels between the two, including theirpreferences for interesting textiles and prints,eccentric colour palettes, and a bold andplayful approach to styling and accessories.Schiaparelli, in the 1920s through the 50s,and Prada, from the late 1980s to today,exploited the narrative possibilities of prints,sought out unconventional textiles, playedwith ideas of good and bad taste, andmanipulated scale for surrealistic outcomes. 9780300179552, HB, May 2012 28x23 cm, 192 pages, 175 colour illus.
  • 8. Glamour: Fashion, Design, Architecture Steele Valerie As one of the most alluring yet elusiveconcepts in contemporary style, glamour is an ideal that permeates our visual culture. This lavishly illustrated book radically revises our understanding of glamour infashion, industrial design, and architecture. The volume traces glamours trajectoryfrom its historical middle-class origins to its present-day connotations of affluence and elegance. In doing so, "glamour" is established as a new critical category for design that embraces richly decorative patterns, complex layering, sumptuous materials, and sculptural forms. Following a general introduction on the culture and consumption of glamour, three essays explore the concept as it has evolved in the fields of fashion, design, and architecture. 9780300106404, HB, October 2004 29.5x24.9 cm, 256 pages 150 colour illus., 20 black&white illus.
  • 9. Buriki: Japanese Tin Toys from the Golden Age of the American Automobile Earle JoeTin toys have been made in Japan for morethan 100 years, but during World War II theirproduction – and international sales – ended.Almost as soon as the war was over,ingenious manufacturers began to makemodel Jeeps out of recycled food cans. Withthe resumption of international trade in 1948,exports of more sophisticated metal toyssoared. At the same time, the postwar boomin the United States led to an increasinglyautomobile-based society – the perfectinspiration for Japans gifted toy designers.As leading marques competed to market evermore seductively styled autos to U.S.consumers, Japanese toy manufacturersfollowed styling trends closely, retooling oftento create miniature versions of the latestmodels; airplanes and spaceships. 9780300151572, PB, June 2009 23.2x20.3 cm, 96 pages, 70 colour illus.
  • 10. Full Spectrum: Prints from theBrandywine Workshop Edmunds Allan, Langdale Shelley, Fine RuthSince its founding in 1972, the Brandywine Workshop has become an internationally recognized centre for printmaking and avital part of the Philadelphia community. In 2009 the workshop donated one hundredprints to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in memory of its late director Anne dHarnoncourt. "Full Spectrum" celebrates this generous gift and documents and contextualizes the workshops achievements over its distinguished 40- year history. All one hundred prints by the eighty-nine artists represented in the bequest are beautifully reproduced.Cultural identity, political and social issues, portraiture, landscape, patterning, and pure abstraction are some of the many subjects explored in these works. 9780300185485, PB, October 2012 9780300185485, 76 pages, 110 colour images
  • 11. Inventing the Christmas Tree Smith Benjamin A., Brunner BerndBernd Brunners brief history – enriched by a selectionof delightful and unusual historical illustrations – spansmany centuries and cultures to illuminate themysteries of the Christmas tree and its enduring holdon the human imagination. Tracing various Europeantraditions from the Middle Ages forward, Brunner findsthat only in the nineteenth century did Christmas treesbecome common in European family homes. In NorthAmerica, the imported custom soon fascinated,though some found the tree not quite compatible witha Puritan mindset. Brunner (author of "Moon", "Bears"and "The Ocean at Home") explores how theChristmas tree entered mainstream American cultureand how in recent times it has become globallypopular. He introduces Jacqueline KennedysNutcracker Tree in the White House, trees used tocelebrate the New Year in Turkey, and the worldsmost expensive Christmas tree, erected in Abu Dhabi.The author also considers the place of the artificialtree and the ecological dimensions of the Christmastree trade. 9780300186529, HB, September 2012 17.8x12.7 cm, 96 pages, 8 colour images, 13 black&white illus.
  • 12. Treasures of Chinese Export Ceramics: From the Peabody Essex Museum Kerr Rose, Sargent William R."Treasures of Chinese Export Ceramics" is one of the most authoritative sources on this topic. The book features scholarly entries on more than 275 objects, dating from the 15th to the 20th century and divided by type of ware. A glossary of ceramics terminology makes this an invaluable resource for even a novice collector. The commentary, including an essay by Rose Kerr, offers new perspectives on the artistic, historical, and social dimensions of export ceramics. 9780300169751, HB, May 2012 30.5x24.1 cm, 480 pages 430 colour illus.
  • 13. Georg Jensen Jewelry Taylor David AlanThe Danish silversmith Georg Jensen(1866 - 1935) first established a worldwidereputation as a designer of flatware,hollowware, and jewellery in the arts andcrafts idiom of the early twentieth century,then went on to become a foremostinternational designer of elegant and refinedsilver creations in the modernist style. Thisbook surveys his work from his beginnings asa self-taught artist through his apprenticeshipto a master silversmith and beyond. His workis highly sought after today, and he isconsidered one of the most influentialdesigners of the twentieth century. Richlyillustrated, the book provides thorough,detailed coverage of the full range ofJensens jewellery. 9780300107067, HB, July 2005 31x25 cm, 304 pages 50 black&white illus., 250 colour images
  • 14. Extravagant Inventions: The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens Koeppe Wolfram This landmark publication is the first comprehensive survey, in nearly four decades, of the firm from its founding inabout 1742 to its closing in the late 1790s. The Roentgen workshop perfected the practice of adapting prefabricatedelements according to the specifications of the customers. Detailed discussions of these extraordinary pieces are complemented by illustrations showing them in their contemporary interiors, design drawings, portraits, and previouslyunpublished historical documents from the Roentgen estate. This fascinating book provides an essential contribution to the study of European furniture. 9780300185027, HB, November 2012 27.9x21.6 cm, 304 pages 220 colour and black&white illus.
  • 15. Art of Edo Japan: The Artist and the City, 1615-1868 Guth ChristineThis beautifully illustrated survey examinesthe art and artists of the Edo period, one ofthe great epochs in Japanese art. Togetherwith the imperial city of Kyoto and the portcities of Osaka and Nagasaki, the splendidcapital city of Edo (now Tokyo) nurtured amagnificent tradition of painting, calligraphy,printmaking, ceramics, architecture, textilework, and lacquer. As each city created itsown distinctive social, political, and economicenvironment, its art acquired a unique flavourand aesthetic. Author Christine Guth focuseson the urban aspects of Edo art, includingdiscussions of many of Japans most popularartists – Korin, Utamaro, and Hiroshige,among others – as well as those that arelesser known, and provides a fascinating lookat the cities in which they worked. 9780300164138, PB, April 2010 23.4x15.6 cm, 176 pages 20 black&white illus., 109 colour illus.
  • 16. Storytelling in Japanese Painting Watanabe Masako "Storytelling in Japanese Painting" presents seventeen classic Japanesestories – tales romantic and horrifying, epic and meditative – as told through 30 remarkable scrolls, ranging from the 13th to 19th centuries. Among them are the supernatural Great Woven Cap; the story of the valiant Peach Boy and his battle against the ogres; the 11th-century psychological novel "The Tale of Genji"; and, the political allegory "Tale of a Strange Marriage". Each scroll is accompanied by a brief relation of the tale being illustrated, while the books introduction discusses the history and tradition of storytelling in Japanese art. A series of multiple gatefolds allows many of these scrolls to be appreciated in detail, while preserving the sweep and grandeur of these complex, colourful, evocative works of visual and narrative wonder. 9780300175905, PB, November 2011 20.3x22.9 cm, 128 pages, 40 colour illus.
  • 17. Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting Barnhart Richard M., Xin Yang, Chongzheng Nie, Cahill James, Shaojun Lang, Hung WuAn illustrated and comprehensive account ofthe history of Chinese painting fromprehistoric times to the 21st century. It shouldbe of interest to students and general readerswho wish to gain an in-depth knowledge ofChinese painting. "This is the most comprehensive and up-to- date single volume account of Chinesepainting from prehistoric times to the present. For some time to come it will be an indispensable work for students and the general reader who wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of Chinese painting” – James Watt 9780300094473, PB, August 2002 30.4x22.8 cm, 416 pages 25 black&white illus., 300 colour illus.
  • 18. Chinese Silks Feng Zhao, Hao Peng,Huang Nengfu, Juanjuan Chen,Watt James C. Y., Wenying Li, Kuhn Dieter Encyclopaedic in breadth, the volume presents a chronological history of silk from a variety of perspectives, including the archaeological, technological, art historical, and aesthetic. The authorsexplore the range of uses for silk, from the everyday to the sublime. By directly connecting recently found textile artefacts to specific references in Chinas vast historical literature, they illuminate the evolution of silk making and the driving social forces that have inspired the creation of innovative textiles through the millennia. 9780300111033, HB, August 2012 30.5x22.9 cm, 624 pages 600 colour images, 50 black&white illus.
  • 19. Pomp and Poverty: A History of Silk in Ireland Dunlevy MaireadLustrous, warm, lightweight, strong silkhas always been a symbol of wealth andstatus, beginning in prehistoric China. In"Pomp and Poverty", Mairead Dunlevyunfolds a colourful tale. She introduces usto the merchants or "silk men" who tradedin silk, oversaw its production and investedin machinery and design; the weavers anddyers who created luxury underexploitative conditions for miserablewages; and, the gentlefolk and aristocracywho indulged in this expensive fabric as asignifier of wealth and taste. Irish legendcredits seventeenth-century FrenchHuguenots with introducing the industry,but this book reveals that it was woven inIreland long before that, possibly from thetenth century. 9780300170412, HB, April 2011 26.2x19.8 cm, 280 pages 25 black&white illus., 135 colour illus.
  • 20. Jean-Luc Moulene:Opus + One Fer Briony, Joseph Manuel, Raymond Yasmil, Toufic Jalal Since the late 1980s, Jean-Luc Moulene (b. 1955) has developed a body of work informed by a critical investigation of artistic authorship, addressing such issues asautonomy, immanence, and anarchic politics. Although he is best known for his enigmatic and seductive large-format photographs, Moulene has maintained a parallel exploration of materials and objects – manufactured and found, industrial and organic, intimate and imposing – that he has collectively titled Opus. This book, the first critical study of Moulenes work, brings together leading scholars to examine the artists diverse aesthetic strategies and interests in the relationships between socialand political arenas and systems and orders, including geometry, mathematics, social sciences, and human behaviour. 9780300188820, HB, November 2002 29.2x19.1 cm, 264 pages, 264
  • 21. Van Gogh: Up Close Homburg CorneliaThis sumptuously illustrated book offers acompletely new way of looking at the art ofVincent van Gogh, by exploring the artistsapproach to nature through his innovative useof the close-up view. One hundred keypaintings dating from his arrival in Paris in1886 to the end of his career, show how VanGogh experimented with unusual visualangles and the decorative use of colour,cropping, and the flattening of hiscompositions. In some paintings he zoomedin on a tuft of grass or a single budding iris,while depicting shifting views of a field orgarden in others. "Van Gogh: Up Close" notonly reveals how these paintings became themost radical and innovative in the artistsbody of work but also demonstrates that, farfrom being a spontaneous or undisciplinedartist, Van Gogh was well aware of the historyof art and was highly conscious of his effortsto break new ground with his work. 9780300181296, HB, February 2012 27.9x24.1 cm, 368 pages, 200 colour illus.
  • 22. Becoming van Gogh Kelly Simon, Kendall Richard The career path of Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), one of the worlds most recognizable artists, was anything but typical. Focusing on the early stages of Van Goghs artistic development, "Becoming Van Gogh" illustrates the artists efforts to master draftsmanship, understand the challenges of materialsand techniques, incorporate colour theory, and fold myriad influences into his artisticvocabulary. This handsome book features works by Van Gogh alongside works by the artists who influenced him, showing how he incorporated elements of their techniques into a style that became, eventually, uniquely his own. Generously illustrated with 150 colour images, the book also includes a chronology charting the artists stylistic development. 9780300186864, HB, November 2012 25.4x20.3 cm, 288 pages, 265 colour illus.
  • 23. Renoir in the Barnes Foundation House John, Lucy MarthaA passionate supporter of Europeanmodernism, Barnes built a collection that wasvirtually unrivaled, with massive holdings byPaul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, and PabloPicasso. It was Renoir that Barnes admiredabove all other artists, however; he thought ofhim as a kind of god. Barnes collected Renoirtenaciously, amassing 181 works by thepainter between 1912 and 1942, and all ofthese are included in this lavishly illustratedbook. "Renoir in the Barnes Foundation" tellsthe fascinating story of Barnes obsessionwith the impressionist masters late works,while offering illuminating new scholarship onthe works themselves. Authors Martha Lucyand John House look closely at the keypaintings in the collection, placing them in thewider contexts of contemporary artistic,aesthetic, and theoretical debates. 9780300151008, HB, June 2012 30.5x24.1 cm, 392 pages, 535 colour illus.
  • 24. Impressionism,Fashion, and Modernity Groom Gloria This volume is the first to explore fashion as a critical aspect of modernity, one thatparalleled and many times converged with the development of Impressionism, starting in the 1860s and continuing through the next two decades, when fashion attracted the foremost writers and artists of the day. Although they have depicted fashionable subjects throughout history, for many artists and writers, including Charles Baudelaire, StephaneMallarme, Emile Zola, Gustave Caillebotte, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, ClaudeMonet, Berthe Morisot, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, fashion became integral to the search for new literary and visual expression. 9780300184518, HB, October 2012 30.5x24.1 cm, 336 pages 250 colour images, 25 black&white illus.
  • 25. Vauxhall Gardens: A History Borg Alan, Coke David E.From their early beginnings in the Restorationuntil the final closure in Queen Victoriasreign, Vauxhall Gardens developed from arural tavern and place of assignation into adream-world filled with visual arts and music,and finally into a commercial site of massentertainment. In the first book on the subjectfor over fifty years, Alan Borg and David E.Coke reveal the teeming life, the spectacularart and the ever-present music of Vauxhall infascinating detail. In the nineteenth centurythe Gardens remained a popular attraction,but faced increasing competition from newforms of entertainment such as the circus andthe music hall and, with the arrival of therailway, the seaside. 9780300173826, HB, May 2011 25x15 cm, 400 pages 200 black&white illus., 80 colour illus.
  • 26. Diary Gombrowicz Witold Just before the outbreak of World War II, young Witold Gombrowicz left his home in Poland and set sail for South America. In 1953, still living as an expatriate inArgentina, he began his "Diary" with one of literatures most memorable openings: Monday – Me; Tuesday – Me; Wednesday – Me; and, Thursday – Me. Gombrowiczs"Diary" grew to become a vast collection of essays, short notes, polemics, and confessions on myriad subjects ranging from political events to literature to thecertainty of death. Not a traditional journal, "Diary" is instead the commentary of a brilliant and restless mind. Widely regarded as a masterpiece, this brilliantwork compelled Gombrowiczs attention for a decade and a half until he penned his final entry in France, shortly before his death in 1969. 9780300118063, PB, June 2012 19.7x12.7 cm, 800 pages
  • 27. Little History of the World Gombrich E. H.E. H. Gombrichs "Little History of the World",though written in 1935, has become one ofthe treasures of historical writing since its firstpublication in English in 2005. The Yaleedition alone has now sold over half a millioncopies, and the book is available worldwide inalmost thirty languages. Gombrich was ofcourse the best-known art historian of histime, and his text suggests illustrations onevery page. This illustrated edition of the"Little History" brings together the pellucidhumanity of his narrative with the images thatmay well have been in his minds eye as hewrote the book. The two hundred illustrations– most of them in full colour – are not simpleembellishments, though they are beautiful.They emerge from the text, enrich theauthors intention, and deepen the pleasure ofreading this remarkable work. 9780300176148, HB, October 2011 23.4x18.9 cm, 304 pages 200 colour illus.
  • 28. Little History of Philosophy Warburton Nigel This engaging book introduces the great thinkers in Western philosophy and explores their most compelling ideas about the world andhow best to live in it. In forty brief chapters, Nigel Warburton guides us on a chronological tour of the major ideas in the history of philosophy. He provides interesting and often quirky stories of the lives and deaths of thought-provokingphilosophers from Socrates, who chose to die by hemlock poisoning rather than live on without the freedom to think for himself, to Peter Singer, who asks the disquieting philosophical and ethical questions that haunt our own times. Warburton not only makes philosophy accessible, he offers inspiration to think, argue, reason, and ask in the tradition of Socrates. "A Little History of Philosophy" presents the grand sweep of humanitys search for philosophical understanding and invites all to join in the discussion. 9780300187793, PB, September 2012 21.6x13.8 cm, 288 pages, 42 black&white illus.
  • 29. Little History of Science Bynum William F.This inviting book tells a great adventure story: thehistory of science. It takes readers to the starsthrough the telescope, as the sun replaces the earthat the centre of our universe. It delves beneath thesurface of the planet, charts the evolution ofchemistrys periodic table, introduces the physicsthat explain electricity, gravity, and the structure ofatoms. It recounts the scientific quest that revealedthe DNA molecule and opened unimagined newvistas for exploration. Emphasizing surprising andpersonal stories of scientists both famous andunsung, "A Little History of Science" traces themarch of science through the centuries. The bookopens a window on the exciting and unpredictablenature of scientific activity and describes the uproarthat may ensue when scientific findings challengeestablished ideas. With delightful illustrations and awarm, accessible style, this is a volume for youngand old to treasure together. 9780300136593, HB, September 2012 21.6x13.8 cm, 288 pages, 40 black&white illus.
  • 30. Lady in the Painting:Simplified CharactersRoss Claudia, Ross Jocelyn, Fang-Yu Wang FredA well-known chinese folktale is retold here within the limits of an elementary 300 character vocabulary. Yale and Pinyin romanization with Traditional characters. An excellent text for beginning Chinese students. 9780300125160, PB, April 2008 22.9x15.2 cm, 250 pages, 25 black&white illus.
  • 31. Lady in the Painting: A Basic Chinese Reader Ross Claudia, Ross Jocelyn, Fang-Yu Wang FredThis book is an expanded edition of the story "TheLady in the Painting", written in the style of aChinese folktale by Fred Fang-Yu Wang. Thestory is told with vocabulary and structures familiarto students who have completed a basic course inChinese. Using an inventory of only about 300Chinese characters, it serves as an excellenttransition between the short reading passages thatstudents encounter in a basic level Chinesecourse and the longer and more demandingpassages in subsequent levels. This expandededition of "The Lady in the Painting" can be usedas the primary textbook for a low-intermediateclass or as a supplementary text, depending uponthe reading proficiency of the students. The CD-ROM provides sentence-by-sentence andparagraph-by-paragraph audio recordings forlistening practice. Each of the eight chapters of thebook includes an expanded vocabulary list,structure notes and exercises and readingcomprehension questions. 9780300115499, PB, April 2008 25.4x20.3 cm, 250 pages, 25 black&white illus.
  • 32. Anthology of Vietnamese Poems: From the Eleventh Through the Twentieth Centuries Thong Huynh Sanh This superb anthology brings together a thousand years of Vietnamese poems for the English- speaking world. Huynh Sanh Thong, widelyregarded as the preeminent translator of the poetryof Vietnam, here presents more than three hundred poems by 150 poets, some celebrated, some obscure. Many of the poems are not otherwise available in English. The authors historical and critical introduction to Vietnamese poetry, and his abundant explanatory notes throughout the collection, assist readers in understanding and appreciating each work. Huynh observes that Vietnamese people in all walks of life compose, read, and listen to poetry; this collection of poems thus reveals much about Vietnamese language, literature, history, and culture. 9780300091007, PB, March 2001 22.9x15.2 cm, 448 pages
  • 33. Lets Study Urdu! Volume 1: An Introductory Course Asani Ali S., Akbar Hyder Syed"Lets Study Urdu!" is a comprehensiveintroduction to the Urdu language that drawson a range of real-life contexts, popular filmsongs, and prized works of Urdu literature.A variety of effective aural, oral, and writtendrills will help students master the languagewhile keeping them entertained."Lets Study Urdu!" provides students ofdiverse backgrounds, including heritagespeakers, the opportunity to enhance theircompetency over basic grammaticalstructures so that they can comfortably usethe language in Urdu-speaking milieus fromSouth Asia, the Middle East, Europe, andNorth America. 9780300114003, PB, July 2007 27.9x21.5 cm, 320 pages
  • 34. Lets Study Urdu! Introduction to the ScriptAsani Ali S., Akbar Hyder Syed "Lets Study Urdu!" is a comprehensive introduction to the Urdu language that draws on a range of real-life contexts, popular film songs, and prized works ofUrdu literature. A variety of effective aural, oral, and written drills will help students master the language while keeping them entertained. "Lets Study Urdu!" providesstudents of diverse backgrounds, including heritage speakers, the opportunity to enhance their competency over basic grammatical structures so that they can comfortably use the language in Urdu- speaking milieus from South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. 9780300120608, PB, July 2012 27.9x21.5 cm, 320 pages
  • 35. Ahlan Wa Sahlan: Sound and Script Workbook Alosh MahdiThis new sound and script workbook isintended to be used and completed by studentsbefore they begin using the second edition ofthe "Ahlan wa Sahlan" textbook. The workbookhelps students learn the alphabet, numerals,and sounds of the Arabic language. It will teachstudents to read, speak, and write Arabic, whilepresenting an engaging story that involvesAdnan, a Syrian student studying in the UnitedStates, and Michael, an American studentstudying in Cairo. Features of the New Editioninclude: DVD video, filmed in Syria; expandedcommunicative activities; updated audioprogram; and, material designed according toproficiency principles. Components of the NewEdition include: a full-color Student Textbookwith DVD and audio program; AnnotatedInstructors Edition; Sound and ScriptWorkbook; and, Online, interactive exercises. 9780300140484, PB, July 2009 27.9x21.5 cm, 176 pages
  • 36. Ahlan Wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners Alosh Mahdi, Clark Allan The new edition of this widely used text covers the first year of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic. It will teachstudents to read, speak, and write Arabic, while presenting an engaging story thatinvolves Adnan, a Syrian student studying in the United States, and Michael, an American student studying in Cairo. In diaries, letters, and postcards, the two students describe their thoughts and activities, revealing how a non-American views American culture and how the Arabic culture is experienced by an American student. This new edition features a DVD video, filmed in Syria; expanded communicative activities; an updated audio program. 9780300122725, HB, July 2009 27.9x21.5 cm, 396 pages
  • 37. Ahlan Wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Intermediate Learners Alosh MahdiAhlan wa Sahlan: Functional ModernStandard Arabic for Intermediate Learners isan intermediate text designed for studentscontinuing to develop overall proficiency inModern Standard Arabic. A variety of newdrills and exercises for classroom use, anaudio programme that contains listeningcomprehension passages by native speakersand authentic reading passages offeringinsight into the target cultures. 9780300103786, HB, August 2005 28.8x21.5 cm, 432 pages
  • 38. Arabic for Life Frangieh Bassam K. "Arabic for Life" takes an intensive, comprehensive approach to beginning Arabic instruction and is specifically tailored to the needs of talented and dedicated students. Unlike the otherArabic textbooks on the market, Arabic for Life is not specifically focused on eithergrammar or proficiency. Instead, it offers a balanced methodology that combines these goals. Frangieh has created a book that is full of energy and excitement about Arabic language and culture, and it effectively transmits that excitement tostudents. "Arabic for Life" offers a dynamic and multidimensional view of the Arab world that incorporates language with Arabic culture and intellectual thought. 9780300141313, PB, July 2011 25x15 cm, 500 pages, 50 illus.
  • 39. Carbon Crunch: How Were Getting Climate Change Wrong – and How to Fix it Helm DieterDespite commitments to renewable energy and twodecades of international negotiations, globalemissions continue to rise. Coal, the most damagingof all fossil fuels, has actually risen from 25 per cent toalmost 30 per cent of world energy use. And whileEuropean countries have congratulated themselveson reducing emissions, they have increased theircarbon imports from China and other developingnations, who continue to expand their coal use. Asstandards of living increase in developing countries,coal use can only increase as well – and globaltemperatures along with it. In this hard-hitting book,Dieter Helm looks at how and why we have failed totackle the issue of global warming and argues for anew, pragmatic rethinking of energy policy – fromtransitioning from coal to gas and eventually toelectrification of transport, to carbon pricing and afocus on new technologies. 9780300186598, HB, September 2012 23.4x15.6 cm, 304 pages
  • 40. Science of HumanPerfection: Heredity, Health,and Human Improvement in American Biomedicine Comfort Nathaniel C. The "Science of Human Perfection" traces the history of the promises of medical genetics and of the medical dimension of eugenics. The book also considers social and ethical issues that cast troublesome shadows over these fields. Keeping his focus on America, science historian Nathaniel Comfort introduces the community of scientists, physicians, and public health workers who have contributed to the development of medical genetics from the nineteenth century to today. He arguesthat medical genetics is closely related to eugenics, and indeed the two cannot be fully understood separately. History makes clear that as patients and consumers we must take ownership of genetic medicine, using it intelligently, knowledgeably, andsceptically, lest pernicious interests trump our own. 9780300169911, HB, September 2012 23.4x15.6 cm, 320 pages, 25 black&white illus.
  • 41. Poetry of Kabbalah: Mystical Verse from the Jewish Tradition Cole Peter, Dykman AminadavThis groundbreaking collection presents for the firsttime in English a substantial body of poetry from theworld of Jewish mysticism. Taking up GershomScholems call to plumb the "tremendous poeticpotential concealed" in the Kabbalistic tradition,MacArthur-winning poet and translator Peter Coleprovides dazzling English renderings of workscomposed on three continents over a period of somefifteen hundred years. The volume presents the textsin their original languages alongside the Englishtranslations. These prayerful poems representdifferent cultural terrains and take up multiple tacks.The reader will encounter cosmological masterpiecesand occasional poems; erotic charms and epicphantasmagoria; ballad-like lyrics and didacticmottoes; and, simple hymns of pure devotion andgnomic verse of numerical intrigue. 9780300169164, HB, May 2012 21x14 cm, 320 pages
  • 42. Music Libel Against the Jews HaCohen Ruth This deeply imaginative and wide-ranging book shows how, since the first centuries of the Christian era, gentiles have associated Jews with noise. Ruth HaCohen focuses her study on a "musical libel" – a variation on the Passion story that recurs in variousforms and cultures in which an innocent Christian boy is killed by a Jew in order to silence his "harmonious musicality". In paying close attention to how and where this libel surfaces, she covers a wide swathe of western cultural history, showing how entrenched aesthetic-theological assumptions have persistently defined European culture and its internal moral and political orientations. Ruth HaCohen combines in her comprehensive analysis the perspectives ofmusicology, literary criticism, philosophy, psychology, and anthropology, tracing the tensions betweenJewish "noise" and idealized Christian "harmony" and their artistic manifestations from the high Middle Ages through Nazi Germany and beyond. 9780300167788, HB, January 2012 23.5x15.6 cm, 528 pages 9 colour images, 80 black&white illus.
  • 43. Search for Immortality: Tomb Treasures of Han China Lin James C. S.During the last two centuries BC, the Western Handynasty of China forged the first stable empirecovering all of China and presided over a goldenage that shaped much of subsequent Chinese artand culture. From family values to the structure ofthe civil service, Han thinking and philosophycontinue to pervade Chinese society up to thepresent day – indeed, the majority of Chinesepeople consider themselves "Han Chinese". In theirsearch for immortality, the Han imperial family leftan artistic legacy of spectacular beauty and power.The finest of these treasures to have survived –including exquisite jades, silver and goldwork,bronzes and ceramics – have been found in thetombs of the Han imperial family and of a rival"emperor" of Nanyue and are brought together forthe first time in a landmark exhibition at TheFitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. 9780300184341, HB, March 2012 28.5x24.5 cm, 384 pages 350 colour images, 120 black&white illus.
  • 44. Exploring Happiness: From Aristotle to Brain Science Bok Sissela In this smart and timely book, the distinguished moral philosopher Sissela Bok ponders the nature of happiness and its place in philosophical thinking and writing throughout the ages. With nuance and elegance, Bok explores notions of happiness – from Greek philosophers to Desmond Tutu, Charles Darwin, Iris Murdoch, and the Dalai Lama – as well as the latest theories advanced by psychologists, economists, geneticists, andneuroscientists. Eschewing abstract theorizing, Bok weaves in a wealth of firsthand observations about happiness from ordinary people as well as renowned figures. This may well be the most complete picture of happiness yet. This book is also a clarion call to think clearly and sensitively about happiness. Bringing together very different disciplines provides Bok with a unique opportunityto consider the role of happiness in wider questions of how we should lead our lives and treat oneanother – concerns that dont often figure in todays happiness equation. 9780300178104, PB, July 2011 25x15 cm, 224 pages
  • 45. This Will Have Been: Art, Love, and Politics in the 1980s Burton Johanna, Horrigan WilliamArt of the 1980s oscillated between radical andconservative, capricious and political, sociallyengaged and art-historically aware. This fascinatingbook chronicles canonical as well as nearlyforgotten works of the 1980s, arguing that what hasoften been dismissed as cynical or ironic should beviewed as a struggle on the part of artists toarticulate their needs and desires in an increasinglycommodified world. "This Will Have Been" bringsinto focus the full impact of the art, artists, andpolitical and cultural ruptures of this paradigm-shifting decade. More than 200 full-colourreproductions of works in a range of media,including drawing, painting, photography, andsculpture, illustrate this ambitious guide to a periodof artistic transformation. 9780300181104, PB, January 2012 22.9x17.8 cm, 544 pages, 225 colour illus.
  • 46. Genetics of Original Sin: The Impact of Natural Selection on the Future of Humanity Duve Christian Focusing on the process of natural selection, de Duve explores the inordinate and now dangerous rise of humankind. His explanation for this self- defeating success lies in the process of natural selection, which favours traits that are immediatelyuseful, regardless of later consequences. Thus, the human genome determines such properties as tribal and group cohesion and collaboration and often fierce and irrational competition with and hostility toward other groups attributes that were once useful but now often ruinously dysfunctional. In a brilliant and original conclusion, the author argues that, unique in the living world, humankind is endowed with the ability to deliberately oppose natural selection. 9780300182729, PB, March 2012 20.9x14.1 cm, 256 pages, 20 black&white illus.
  • 47. Politics of the Food Supply: U.S. Agricultural Policy in the World Economy Scott James C.,Winders BillThis book deals with an important and timely issue:the political and economic forces that have shapedagricultural policies in the United States during thepast eighty years. It explores the complexinteractions of class, market, and state as theyhave affected the formulation and application ofagricultural policy decisions since the New Deal,showing how divisions and coalitions withinSouthern, Corn Belt, and Wheat Belt agriculturewere central to the ebb and flow of price supportsand production controls. In addition, the bookhighlights the roles played by the world economy,the civil rights movement, and existing nationalpolicy to provide an invaluable analysis of past andrecent trends in supply management policy. 9780300181869, PB, March 2012 23.4x15.6 cm, 304 pages, 18 black&white illus.
  • 48. Sixty to Zero: An Inside Look at the Collapse of General Motors - and the Detroit Auto Industry Taylor Alex Drawing on more than thirty years of experience and insight as an automotive industry reporter, as well as personal relationships with many of the leadingplayers, Taylor reveals the many missteps of GM and its competitors: a refusal to follow market cues and consumer trends; a lack of follow-through on major initiatives; and, a history of hesitance, inaction, and failure to learn from mistakes. In the process, he provides lasting lessons for every executive who confronts the challenges of a changing marketplace and global competition. Yet Taylor resistscondemning GMs leadership from the privileged view of hindsight. Instead, his account enables the reader to see GMs decline through the eyes of an insider, with the understanding that corporate decision- making at a company as large as General Motors isnt as simple as it may seem. 9780300171518, PB, May 2011 23.1x15.5 cm, 254 pages
  • 49. Innovation Economics: The Race for Global Advantage Ezell Stephen J., Atkinson Robert D.This important book delivers a critical wake-up call:a fierce global race for innovation advantage isunder way, and while other nations are makingsupport for technology and innovation a centraltenet of their economic strategies and policies,America has no robust innovation policy at all.What does this portend? Robert Atkinson andStephen Ezell, widely respected economic thinkers,report on profound new forces that are shaping theglobal economy – forces that favour nations withinnovation-based economies. The authors explorehow a weak innovation economy has delayedAmericas recovery from the Great Recession andhow innovation in the U.S. compares with that inother developed and developing nations. Atkinsonand Ezell then lay out a detailed, pragmatic roadmap not only for America to regain its globalinnovation advantage by 2020, but also formaximizing the global supply of innovation andpromoting sustainable globalization. 9780300168990, HB, September 2012 23.5x15.6 cm, 432 pages, 15 black&white illus.
  • 50. Euro: The Battle for the New Global Currency Marsh DavidIn this new, fully revised and updated edition, Marshtells how complacency and recklessness have holedthe Euro below the waterline, with Greece, Irelandand Portugal rescued from ruin via hastily assembledbail-out packages, amid rising resentment amongcountries and electorates bearing the cost. Heexplains how politicians ignored years of financialimbalances heralding growing problems for the Euro,why the Euro has increased rather than loweredGermanys economic dominance and why Greeceand other hard-pressed Euro states will be forced torestructure their debts, Marsh believes the Euro willnot collapse, partly because China and Japansupport it as an alternative to the fading dollar.However he concludes monetary union can surviveonly if it become a less ambitious grouping with fewerand more homogeneous members. "The battle tomaintain the Euro as it was originally conceived hasbeen lost. The new task will be to safeguard what isto come". 9780300176742, PB, July 2011 19.8x12.9 cm, 352 pages, 22 black&white illus.
  • 51. Future of History Lukacs JohnThroughout "The Future of History", Lukacs reflectson his discipline, eloquently arguing that the writingand teaching of history are literary rather thanscientific, comprising knowledge that is neitherwholly objective nor subjective. History at its best,he contends, is personal and participatory. Despitea recently unprecedented appetite for historyamong the general public, as evidenced by historytelevision programme ratings, sales of popularhistory books, and increased participation in localhistorical societies, Lukacs believes that thehistorical profession is in a state of disarray. Hetraces a decline in history teaching throughouthigher education, matched by a correspondingreduction in the number of history students. Hereviews a series of short-lived fads within theprofession that have weakened the fundamentalsof the field. In looking for a way forward, Lukacsexplores the critical relationships between historyand literature, including ways in which novelistshave contributed to historical understanding. 9780300181692, PB, May 2012 21x14 cm, 224 pages
  • 52. Twelve Turning Points of the Second World War Bell P. M. H.The Battle of Britain. Pearl Harbor. Stalingrad.D-Day. These defining events of the Second WorldWar exemplify both the immense heroism and thegrievous costs of global conflict. They are the tense,thrilling moments that had the potential to swing thewar in favour of either side and in turn change thecourse of history. In this gripping new look at thetwentieth centurys most crucial conflict, historianP. M. H. Bell analyzes twelve unique turning pointsthat determined the character and the ultimateoutcome of the Second World War. Be they militarycampaigns, economic actions, or diplomaticsummits, Bells twelve turning points span the fullbreadth of the war, from the home front to the frontline. Many are familiar – Barbarossa and Hiroshimaamong them – while sections on war production, theAtlantic convoy system, and the conferences atTehran and Yalta emphasize the importance of thecombatants actions off the battlefield. 9780300187700, PB, September 2012 23.4x15.6 cm, 288 pages, 5 maps, 20 black&white illus.
  • 53. Hitlers Hangman: The Life of Heydrich Gerwarth RobertReinhard Heydrich is widely recognized as one ofthe great iconic villains of the twentieth century, anappalling figure even within the context of the Nazileadership. Chief of the Nazi Criminal Police, theSS Security Service, and the Gestapo, ruthlessoverlord of Nazi-occupied Bohemia and Moravia,and leading planner of the "Final Solution",Heydrich played a central role in Hitlers Germany.Yet Heydrich has received remarkably modestattention in the extensive literature of the ThirdReich. Robert Gerwarth weaves together little-known stories of Heydrichs private life with hisdeeds as head of the Nazi Reich Security MainOffice. Fully exploring Heydrichs progression froma privileged middle-class youth to a rapaciousmass murderer, Gerwarth sheds new light on thecomplexity of Heydrichs adult character, hismotivations, the incremental steps that led tounimaginable atrocities, and the consequences ofhis murderous efforts toward recreating the entireethnic makeup of Europe. 9780300187724, PB, August 2012 19.8x12.9 cm, 336 pages, 16 black&white illus.
  • 54. December 1941: Twelve Days That Began a World War Mawdsley EvanIn far-flung locations around the globe, anunparalleled sequence of international events tookplace between December 1 and December 12,1941. In this riveting book, historian Evan Mawdsleyexplores how the story unfolded. He demonstrateshow these dramatic events marked a turning pointnot only in the course of World War II but also in thedirection of the entire century. This book, a trulyinternational history, examines the momentoushappenings of December 1941 from a variety ofperspectives. It shows that their significance isclearly understood only when they are viewedtogether. 9780300187878, PB, September 2012 23.4x15.6 cm, 336 pages 6 maps, 16 pages of black&white illus.
  • 55. Harvard University Press zaliczane jest do grona najbardziej znanych wydawnictwakademickich na świecie. Przez prawie 100 lat istnienia wydawnictwa spod jego praswyszły między innymi słynne serie wykładów poświęconych szeroko rozumianej sztuce(tzw. Norton Lectures), kolekcja klasycznych dzieł starożytnej literatury greckieji rzymskiej (Loeb Classical Library) oraz obszerny zbiór dzieł włoskiego renesansuw wersji dwujęzycznej – angielsko-łacińskiej (I Tatti Renaissance Library). Dziś coroku Harvard University Press wydaje ponad 200 nowych tytułów.
  • 56. Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries Vendler HelenSeamus Heaney, Denis Donoghue, WilliamPritchard, Marilyn Butler, Harold Bloom, and manyothers have praised Helen Vendler as one of themost attentive readers of poetry. Here, Vendler turnsher illuminating skills as a critic to 150 selectedpoems of Emily Dickinson. In selecting these poemsfor commentary Vendler chooses to exhibit manyaspects of Dickinsons work as a poet, "from herfirst-person poems to the poems of grandabstraction, from her ecstatic verses to herunparalleled depictions of emotional numbness,from her comic anecdotes to her painful poems ofaftermath". In accompanying commentaries Vendleroffers a deeper acquaintance with Dickinson thewriter, "the inventive conceiver and linguistic shaperof her perennial themes". All of Dickinsonspreoccupations – death, religion, love, the naturalworld, the nature of thought – are explored here indetail, but Vendler always takes care to emphasizethe poets startling imagination and the ingenuity ofher linguistic invention. 9780674066380, PB, October 2012 24.3x16.6 cm, 560 pages
  • 57. Declaring His Genius: Oscar Wilde in North America Morris RoyArriving at the port of New York in 1882, a 27-year-old Oscar Wilde quipped he had "nothing to declarebut my genius". But as Roy Morris, Jr., reveals inthis sparkling narrative, Wilde was, for the first timein his life, underselling himself. A chronicle of thesensation that was Wildes eleven-month speakingtour of America, "Declaring His Genius" offers anindelible portrait of both Oscar Wilde and theGilded Age. Wilde helped alter the way post-CivilWar Americans – still reeling from the mostdestructive conflict in their history – understoodthemselves. In an era that saw rapid technologicalchanges, social upheaval, and an ever-wideninggap between rich and poor, he delivered a powerfulanti-materialistic message about art and the needfor beauty. Yet Wilde too was changed by his tour.Having conquered America, a savvier, more maturewriter was ready to take on the rest of the world.Neither Wilde nor America would ever be the same. 9780674066960, HB, December 2012 20.9x13.9 cm, 264 pages, 27 halftones illus.
  • 58. New Literary History of America Marcus Greil, Sollors WernerAmerica is a nation making itself up as it goes along– a story of discovery and invention unfolding inspeeches and images, letters and poetry,unprecedented feats of scholarship and imagination.In these myriad, multiform, endlessly changingexpressions of the American experience, theauthors and editors of this volume find a newAmerican history. In more than two hundred originalessays,"A New Literary History of America" brings togetherthe nations many voices. From the first conceptionof a New World in the sixteenth century to the latestre-envisioning of that world in cartoons, television,science fiction, and hip hop, the book gives us anew, kaleidoscopic view of what "Made in America"means. Literature, music, film, art, history, science,philosophy, political rhetoric – cultural creations ofevery kind appear in relation to each other, and tothe time and place that give them shape. 9780674064102, PB, May 2012 25.4x16.5 cm, 1128 pages, 27 halftones illus.
  • 59. Cairo: Histories of a City Al-Sayyad NezarIn "Cairo: Histories of a City", Nezar Al-Sayyadnarrates the many Cairos that have existedthroughout time, offering a panoramic view of thecitys history unmatched in temporal andgeographic scope, through an in-depth examinationof its architecture and urban form. In twelvevignettes, accompanied by drawings, photographs,and maps, Al-Sayyad details the shifts in Cairosbuilt environment through stories of importantfigures who marked the cityscape with theirpersonal ambitions and their political ideologies.Each chapter attempts to capture a definingmoment in the life trajectory of a city loved for all ofits evocations and contradictions. He paysparticular attention to how the imperatives ofEgypts various rulers and regimes – from thepharaohs to Sadat and beyond – have inscribedthemselves in the city that residents navigatetoday. 9780674047860, HB, May 2011 23.1x15.7 cm, 352 pages 13 colour maps, 9 halftones, 73 colour illus.
  • 60. Alone in America: The Stories that Matter Ferguson Robert A.Robert A. Ferguson investigates the nature ofloneliness in American fiction, from its mythologicalbeginnings in Rip Van Winkle to the postmodernterrors of 9/11. At issue is the dark side of atrumpeted American individualism. The theme is avital one because a greater percentage of peoplelive alone today than at any other time in U.S.history. "Alone in America" tests the innerconversations that work and sometimes fail. Itexamines the typical elements and moments thatforce us toward a solitary state – failure, betrayal,change, defeat, breakdown, fear, difference, age,and loss – in their ascending power over us. Itunderlines the evolving answers that famous figuresin literature have given in response. Figures likeMark Twains Huck Finn and Toni Morrisons Setheand Paul D., or Louisa May Alcotts Jo March andMarilynne Robinsons John Ames, carve out theirown possibilities against ruthless situations that holdthem in place. 9780674066762, HB, December 2012 19x12.7 cm, 250 pages
  • 61. World of Persian Literary Humanism Dabashi HamidWhat does it mean to be human? Humanism hasmostly considered this question from a Westernperspective. Through a detailed examination of avast literary tradition, Hamid Dabashi asks thatquestion anew, from a non-European point of view.The answers are fresh, provocative, and deeplytransformative. This groundbreaking study ofPersian humanism presents the unfolding of atradition as the creative and subversivesubconscious of Islamic civilization. Exploring how1,400 years of Persian literature have taken up thequestion of what it means to be human, Dabashiproposes that the literary subconscious of acivilization may also be the undoing of itsrepressive measures. This could account for themasculinist hostility of the early Arab conquest thataccused Persian culture of effeminate delicacy andsexual misconduct, and later of scientific andphilosophical inaccuracy. 9780674066717, HB, November 2012 23.4x15.5 cm, 384 pages
  • 62. Florence and Baghdad: Renaissance Art and Arab Science Belting HansThe use of perspective in Renaissance paintingcaused a revolution in the history of seeing, allowingartists to depict the world from a spectators point ofview. But the theory of perspective that changed thecourse of Western art originated elsewhere – it wasformulated in Baghdad by the eleventh-centurymathematician Ibn al Haithan, known in the West asAlhazen. In this lavishly illustrated study, Beltingdeals with the double history of perspective, as avisual theory based on geometrical abstraction (inthe Middle East) and as pictorial theory (in Europe).How could geometrical abstraction be reconceivedas a theory for making pictures? "Florence andBaghdad" addresses a provocative question thatreaches beyond the realm of aesthetics andmathematics: What happens when Muslims andChristians look upon each other and find their way ofviewing the world transformed as a result? 9780674050044, HB, August 2011 23.4x15.5 cm, 312 pages 71 halftones, 40 colour illus.
  • 63. Italy and Hungary: Humanism and Art in the Early Renaissance. Acts of an International Conference, Florence Farbaky Peter, Waldman Louis A.In the later fifteenth century, the Kingdom ofHungary became the first land outside Italy toembrace the Renaissance, thanks to its king,Matthias Corvinus, and his humanist advisors,Janos Vitez and Janus Pannonius. Matthias createdone of the most famous libraries in the WesternWorld, the Bibliotheca Corviniana, rivaled inimportance only by the Vatican. The twenty-oneessays collected in this volume provide a windowonto recent research on the development ofhumanism and art in the Hungary of MatthiasCorvinus and his successors. Richly illustrated withnew photography, this book eloquently documentsand explores the unique role played by theHungarian court in the cultural history ofRenaissance Europe. 9780674063464, HB, September 2011 24x16.5 cm, 728 pages 2 maps, 152 colour illus., 107 black&white illus.
  • 64. Young Professionals Survival Guide: From Cab Fares to Moral Snares Gunsalus C. K.Imagine yourself in your new job, doing your best tomake a good impression – and your boss asks youto do something that doesnt feel right, like fudge asales report, or lie to a customer. You have no ideahow to handle the situation, and your boss ishovering. When youre caught off guard, underpressure from someone more powerful, its easy tomake a mistake. And having made one, its easier torationalize the next one. "The Young ProfessionalsSurvival Guide" shows how to avoid these traps inthe first place, and how to work through them if youcant avoid them. Gunsalus offers questions to askyourself (and others) to help you recognize troubleand temptation, sample scripts to use to avoid beingpressured into doing something youll regret, andguidance in handling disputes fairly anddiplomatically. Most of all, she emphasizes, chooseyour mentors for their characters as well as theirtitles and talents. 9780674049444, HB, November 2012 20.9x13.9 cm, 224 pages
  • 65. Motherland in Danger: Soviet Propaganda during World War II Berkhoff Karel C.Much of the story about the Soviet Unions victoryover Nazi Germany has yet to be told. In"Motherland in Danger", Karel Berkhoff addressesone of the most neglected questions facinghistorians of the Second World War: how did theSoviet leadership sell the campaign against theGermans to the people on the home front?"Motherland in Danger" takes us inside the Staliniststate to witness, from up close, its propagandamachine. Using sources in many languages,including memoirs and documents of the Sovietcensor, Berkhoff explores how the Soviet mediareflected – and distorted – every aspect of the war,from the successes and blunders on the front linesto the institution of forced labor on farm fields andfactory floors. Richly illustrated with newphotography, this book eloquently documents andexplores the unique role played by the Hungariancourt in the cultural history of Renaissance Europe. 9780674049246, HB, April 2012 23.5x15.6 cm, 416 pages
  • 66. Last Tortoise: A Tale of Extinction in Our Lifetime Stanford Craig B.Tortoises may be the first family of higher animals tobecome extinct in the coming decades. They arelosing the survival race because of whatdistinguishes them, in particular their slow, steadypace of life and reproduction. "The Last Tortoise"offers an introduction to these remarkable animalsand the extraordinary adaptations that have allowedthem to successfully populate a diverse range ofhabitats – from deserts to islands to tropical forests.The shields that protect their shoulders and ribs havehelped them evade predators. They are alsosafeguarded by their extreme longevity and longperiod of fertility. Craig Stanford details how humanpredation has overcome these evolutionaryadvantages, extinguishing several species andthreatening the remaining forty-five. Focusing ontortoise nurseries and breeding facilities, thesubstitution of proxy species for extinct tortoises, andthe introduction of species to new environments,Stanfords work makes a persuasive case for thefuture of the tortoise in all its rich diversity. 9780674049925, HB, May 2010 20.8x14.7 cm, 240 pages, 20 colour illus.
  • 67. Science-Mart: Privatizing American Science Mirowski PhilipDuring the Cold War, the U.S. government amplyfunded basic research in science and medicine.Starting in the 1980s, however, this support beganto decline and for-profit corporations became thelargest funders of research. Consequently, patentand intellectual property laws were greatlystrengthened, universities demanded patents on thediscoveries of their faculty, information sharingamong researchers was impeded, and the linebetween universities and corporations began to blur.At the same time, corporations shed their in-houseresearch laboratories, contracting with independentfirms both in the States and abroad to supply newproducts. "Science-Mart" offers a provocative,learned, and timely critique, of interest to anyoneconcerned that American science – once the envy ofthe world – must be more than just another way tomake money. 9780674046467, HB, April 2011 23.6x15.7 cm, 464 pages 15 graphs, 15 tables, 1 illus.
  • 68. Natural Experiments of History Diamond Jared, Robinson James A.In the historical disciplines, a fruitful approach hasbeen to use natural experiments or the comparativemethod. This book consists of eight comparativestudies drawn from history, archeology, economics,economic history, geography, and political science.The studies cover a spectrum of approaches, rangingfrom a non-quantitative narrative style in the earlychapters to quantitative statistical analyses in thelater chapters. The studies range from a simple two-way comparison of Haiti and the Dominican Republic,which share the island of Hispaniola, to comparisonsof 81 Pacific islands and 233 areas of India. Thesocieties discussed are contemporary ones, literatesocieties of recent centuries, and non-literate pastsocieties. Geographically, they include the UnitedStates, Mexico, Brazil, western Europe, tropicalAfrica, India, Siberia, Australia, New Zealand, andother Pacific islands. In an Afterword, the editorsdiscuss how to cope with methodological problemscommon to these and other natural experiments ofhistory. 9780674060197, PB, April 2011 20.6x14 cm, 288 pages, 14 figures, 5 maps, 7 tables
  • 69. Primeval Kinship: How Pair-Bonding Gave Birth to Human Society Chapais BernardChapais contends that only a few evolutionary stepswere required to bridge the gap between the kinshipstructures of our closest relatives – chimpanzeesand bonobos – and the human kinship configuration.The pivotal event, the author proposes, was theevolution of sexual alliances. Pair-bondingtransformed a social organization loosely based onkinship into one exhibiting the strong hold of kinshipand affinity. The implication is that the gap betweenchimpanzee societies and pre-linguistic hominidsocieties is narrower than we might think. Manybooks on kinship have been written by socialanthropologists, but Primeval Kinship is the firstbook dedicated to the evolutionary origins of humankinship. And perhaps equally important, it is the firstbook to suggest that the study of kinship and socialorganization can provide a link between social andbiological anthropology. 9780674046412, PB, March 2010 23.4x15.6 cm, 368 pages, 17 illus.
  • 70. More than Real: A History of the Imagination in South India Shulman David"More than Real" draws our attention to a period inIndian history that signified major civilizationalchange and the emergence of a new, proto-modernvision. In general, India conceived of the imaginationas a causative agent: things we perceive are realbecause we imagine them. David Shulmanilluminates this distinctiveness and shows how itdiffered radically from Western notions of reality andmodels of the mind. At a time when contemporaryideologies and language wars threaten to segregatethe study of pre-modern India into linguistic silos,Shulman demonstrates through his virtuoso readingsof important literary works – works translated lyricallyby the author from Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, andMalayalam – that Sanskrit and the classicallanguages of southern India have been intimatelyinterwoven for centuries. 9780674059917, HB, April 2012 23.5x15.6 cm, 352 pages
  • 71. Under the Drones: Modern Lives in the Afghanistan- Pakistan Borderlands Bashir Shahzad, Crews Robert D.This volume explodes Western misunderstandingsby revealing a land that abounds with humanagency, perpetual innovation, and vibrantcomplexity. Through the work of historians andsocial scientists, the thirteen essays here explorethe real and imagined presence of the Taliban; theanimated sociopolitical identities expressed throughtraditions like Pakistani truck decoration; Sufismsambivalent position as an alternative to militancy;the long and contradictory history of Afghan media;and the simultaneous brutality and potential thatheroin brings to women in the area. Moving pastshifting conceptions of security, the authors exposethe Wests prevailing perspective on the region asstrategic, targeted, and alarmingly dehumanizing."Under the Drones" is an essential antidote tocontemporary media coverage and militaryconcerns. 9780674065611, HB, May 2012 21x14 cm, 336 pages, 2 maps, 9 halftones, 3 line illus.
  • 72. Convicting the Innocent: Where Criminal Prosecutions Go Wrong Garrett Brandon L.On January 20, 1984, Earl Washington – defendedfor all of forty minutes by a lawyer who had nevertried a death penalty case – was found guilty of rapeand murder in the state of Virginia and sentenced todeath. After nine years on death row, DNA testingcast doubt on his conviction and saved his life.However, he spent another eight years in prisonbefore more sophisticated DNA technology provedhis innocence and convicted the guilty man. DNAexonerations have shattered confidence in thecriminal justice system by exposing how often wehave convicted the innocent and let the guilty walkfree. In this unsettling in-depth analysis, BrandonGarrett examines what went wrong in the cases ofthe first 250 wrongfully convicted people to beexonerated by DNA testing. Based on trialtranscripts, Garretts investigation into the causes ofwrongful convictions reveals larger patterns ofincompetence, abuse, and error. 9780674066113, PB, September 2012 23.6x15.7 cm, 376 pages, 18 graphs, 1 illus.
  • 73. Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China Vogel Ezra F.Perhaps no one in the twentieth century had agreater long-term impact on world history than DengXiaoping. And no scholar of contemporary EastAsian history and culture is better qualified thanEzra Vogel to disentangle the many contradictionsembodied in the life and legacy of Chinas boldeststrategist. Once described by Mao Zedong as a"needle inside a ball of cotton", Deng was thepragmatic yet disciplined driving force behindChinas radical transformation in the late twentiethcentury. He confronted the damage wrought by theCultural Revolution, dissolved Maos cult ofpersonality, and loosened the economic and socialpolicies that had stunted Chinas growth. Obsessedwith modernization and technology, Deng openedtrade relations with the West that lifted hundreds ofmillions of his countrymen out of poverty. Yet at thesame time he answered to his authoritarian roots,most notably when he ordered the crackdown inJune 1989 at Tiananmen Square. 9780674055445, HB, September 2011 23.4x16 cm, 928 pages, 40 halftones illus.
  • 74. Russia and the Russians: A History (Second Edition) Hosking GeoffreyIn a sweeping narrative, one of the English-speakingworlds leading historians of Russia follows thecountrys history from the first emergence of theSlavs in the historical record in the sixth century C. E.to the Russians persistent appearances in todaysheadlines. The second edition covers thepresidencies of Vladimir Putin and Dmitrii Medvedevand the struggle to make Russia a viable functioningstate for all its citizens. "For the general reader, this book is the King Jamesversion of Russian history" – Robert Legvold, Foreign Affairs 9780674061958, PB, September 2011 23.4x16 cm, 752 pages 14 maps, 38 halftones illus.
  • 75. Rise of Nuclear Fear Weart Spencer R.After a tsunami destroyed the cooling system atJapans Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, triggeringa meltdown, protesters around the world challengedthe use of nuclear power. Germany announced itwould close its plants by 2022. Although the ills offossil fuels are better understood than ever, thethreat of climate change has never aroused thesame visceral dread or swift action. Spencer Weartdissects this paradox, demonstrating that a powerfulweb of images surrounding nuclear energy holds uscaptive, allowing fear, rather than facts, to drive ourthinking and public policy. Building on his classic,"Nuclear Fear", Weart follows nuclear imagery fromits origins in the symbolism of medieval alchemy toits appearance in film and fiction. Recognizing howmuch we remain in thrall to these setpieces of theimagination, Weart hopes, will help us resistmanipulation from both sides of the nuclear debate. 9780674052338, PB, March 2012 23.4x15.2 cm, 384 pages
  • 76. Picturing Heaven in Early China Lan-ying Tseng Lillian"Tian", or Heaven, had multiple meanings in earlyChina. It had been used since the Western Zhou toindicate both the sky and the highest god, and latercame to be regarded as a force driving the movementof the cosmos and as a home to deities andimaginary animals. By the Han dynasty, which sawan outpouring of visual materials depicting Heaven,the concept of Heaven encompassed an immortalrealm to which humans could ascend after death.Using excavated materials, Lillian Tseng shows howHan artisans transformed various notions of Heaven– as the mandate, the fantasy, and the sky – intopictorial entities. The Han Heaven was not indicatedby what the artisans looked at, but rather wassuggested by what they looked into. Artisans attainedthe visibility of Heaven by appropriating andmodifying related knowledge of cosmology,mythology, astronomy. Thus the depiction of Heavenin Han China reflected an interface of image andknowledge. 9780674060692, HB, July 2011 22.8x15.2 cm, 500 pages4 tables, 131 line drawings, 161 halftones, 123 colour illus.
  • 77. Chinese History: A New Manual Wilkinson EndymionEndymion Wilkinsons bestselling manual ofChinese history has long been an indispensableguide to all those interested in the civilization andhistory of China. In this latest edition, now in abigger format, its scope has been dramaticallyenlarged by the addition of one million words of newtext. Twelve years in the making, the new manualintroduces students to different types of transmitted,excavated, and artifactual sources from prehistory tothe twentieth century. It also examines the context inwhich the sources were produced, preserved, andreceived, the problems of research andinterpretation associated with them, and the best,most up-to-date secondary works. Because thewriting of history has always played a central role inChinese politics and culture, special attention isdevoted to the strengths and weaknesses ofChinese historiography. 9780674067158, PB, December 2012 27.9x22.8 cm, 1100 pages, 275 tables
  • 78. History of Imperial China 6: Chinas Last Empire. The Great Qing Brook Timothy, Rowe William T.In a brisk revisionist history, William T. Rowechallenges the standard narrative of Qing China as adecadent, inward-looking state that failed to keep pacewith the modern West. Despite this geographic rangeand the accompanying social and economiccomplexity, the Qing ideal of "small government"worked well when outside threats were minimal. Butthe nineteenth-century Opium Wars forced China tobecome a player in a predatory international contestinvolving Western powers, while the devastatinguprisings of the Taiping and Boxer rebellions signaledan urgent need for internal reform. Comprehensivestate-mandated changes during the early twentiethcentury were not enough to hold back the nationalisttide of 1911, but they provided a new foundation for theRepublican and Communist states that would follow.This original, thought-provoking history of Chinas lastempire is a must-read for understanding the challengesfacing China today. 9780674066243, PB, Semptember 2012 23.4x15.5 cm, 368 pages, 5 maps, 17 halftones illus.
  • 79. Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origins of Islam Donner Fred M.In "Muhammad and the Believers", the eminenthistorian Fred Donner offers a lucid and original visionof how Islam first evolved. He argues that the originsof Islam lie in what we may call the "Believersmovement" begun by the prophet Muhammad – amovement of religious reform emphasizing strictmonotheism and righteous behavior in conformity withGods revealed law. The Believers movement thusincluded righteous Christians and Jews in its earlyyears, because like the Quranic Believers, Christiansand Jews were monotheists and agreed to liverighteously in obedience to their revealed law. Theconviction that Muslims constituted a separatereligious community, utterly distinct from Christiansand Jews, emerged a century later, when the leadersof the Believers movement decided that only thosewho saw the Quran as the final revelation of the OneGod and Muhammad as the final prophet, qualified asBelievers. 9780674064140, PB, May 2012 21.1x15 cm, 304 pages, 6 maps, 21 halftones illus.
  • 80. Shiism: A Religion of Protest Dabashi HamidFor a Western world anxious to understand Islam and,in particular, Shiism, this book arrives with urgentlyneeded information and critical analysis. HamidDabashi exposes the soul of Shiism as a religion ofprotest – successful only when in a warring position,and losing its legitimacy when in power. Dabashimakes his case through a detailed discussion of theShii doctrinal foundations, a panoramic view of itshistorical unfolding, a varied investigation into its visualand performing arts, and finally a focus on the threemajor sites of its contemporary contestations: Iran,Iraq, and Lebanon. In these states, Shiism seems tohave ceased to be a sect within the larger context ofIslam and has instead emerged to claim global politicalattention. "Shism: A Religion of Protest" attends to theexplosive conflicts in the Middle East with an abidingattention to historical facts, cultural forces, religiousconvictions, literary and artistic nuances, andmetaphysical details. This timely book offers readers abravely intelligent history of a world religion. 9780674064287, PB, May 2012 23.6x15.7 cm, 448 pages, 1 map, 13 halftones illus.
  • 81. New Religious Intolerance: Overcoming the Politics of Fear in an Anxious Age Nussbaum Martha C.What impulse prompted some newspapers toattribute the murder of 77 Norwegians to Islamicextremists, until it became evident that a right-wingNorwegian terrorist was the perpetrator? Why didSwitzerland, a country of four minarets, vote to banthose structures? In "The New ReligiousIntolerance", Martha C. Nussbaum surveys suchdevelopments and identifies the fear behind thesereactions. Fear, Nussbaum writes, is "morenarcissistic than other emotions". Legitimateanxieties become distorted and displaced, drivinglaws and policies biased against those differentfrom us. Overcoming intolerance requiresconsistent application of universal principles ofrespect for conscience.. With this greaterunderstanding and respect, Nussbaum argues, wecan rise above the politics of fear and toward amore open and inclusive future. 9780674065901, PB, April 2012 21x14 cm, 304 pages
  • 82. Framing Muslims: Stereotyping and Representation after 9/11 Morey Peter, Yaqin AminaCan Muslims ever fully be citizens of the West? Can thevalues of Islam ever be brought into accord with theindividual freedoms central to the civic identity ofWestern nations? Not if you believe what you see onTV. Whether the bearded fanatic, the veiled, oppressedfemale, or the shadowy terrorist plotting our destruction,crude stereotypes permeate public representations ofMuslims in the United States and western Europe. Butthese "Muslims" are caricatures – distorted abstractions,wrought in the most garish colors, that serve to reducethe diversity and complexity of the Muslim world to a setof fixed objects suitable for sound bites and not muchelse. In "Framing Muslims: Stereotyping andRepresentation after 9/11", Peter Morey and AminaYaqin dissect the ways in which stereotypes depictingMuslims as an inherently problematic presence in theWest are constructed, deployed, and circulated in thepublic imagination, producing an immense gulf betweenrepresentation and a considerably more complex reality. 9780674048522, HB, June 2011 21x14 cm, 256 pages
  • 83. Wheel of Fortune: The Battle for Oil and Power in Russia Gustafson ThaneThe Russian oil industry – the worlds largestproducer and exporter, providing nearly 12 percentof the global supply – is facing mounting problemsthat could send shock waves through the Russianeconomy and worldwide. "Wheel of Fortune"provides an authoritative account of this vitalindustry from the last years of communism to itsuncertain future. Tracking the interdependenceamong Russias oil industry, politics, and economy,Thane Gustafson shows how the stakes extendbeyond international energy security to include thepotential threat of a destabilized Russia.Gustafson, a leading consultant and analyst of thepolitics of energy in the former Soviet Union, drawson interviews with key players over the course oftwo decades to provide a detailed history of the oilindustrys evolution since the breakup of the SovietUnion. 9780674066472, HB, November 2012 23.4x15.5 cm, 672 pages 3 maps, 7 charts, 2 tables, 1 illus.
  • 84. Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order Harcourt Bernard E."The Illusion of Free Markets" argues that our faith in"free markets" has severely distorted Americanpolitics and punishment practices. Bernard Harcourttraces the birth of the idea of natural order toeighteenth-century economic thought and reveals itsgradual evolution through the Chicago School ofeconomics and ultimately into todays myth of thefree market. The modern category of "liberty"emerged in reaction to an earlier, integrated vision ofpunishment and public economy, known in theeighteenth century as "police". This developmentshaped the dominant belief today that competitivemarkets are inherently efficient and should be sharplydemarcated from a government-run penal sphere.This modern vision rests on a simple but devastatingillusion. 9780674066168, PB, November 2012 23.6x15.7 cm, 336 pages, 7 tables, 12 graphs
  • 85. Great Persuasion: Reinventing Free Markets since the Depression Burgin AngusJust as todays observers struggle to justify theworkings of the free market in the wake of a globaleconomic crisis, an earlier generation ofeconomists revisited their worldviews following theGreat Depression. "The Great Persuasion" is anintellectual history of that project. Angus Burgintraces the evolution of postwar economic thought inorder to reconsider many of the most basicassumptions of our market-centered world. It wasonly in the 1960s and 70s that Friedman and hiscontemporaries developed a more strident defenseof the unfettered market. Their arguments provideda rhetorical foundation for the resurgentconservatism of Barry Goldwater and RonaldReagan and inspired much of the political andeconomic agenda of the United States in theensuing decades. Burgins brilliant inquiry uncoversboth the origins of the contemporary enthusiasm forthe free market and the moral quandaries it has leftbehind. 9780674058132, HB, October 2012 23.4x15.5 cm, 320 pages
  • 86. Creation and Destruction of Value: The Globalization Cycle James HaroldHarold James examines the vulnerability and fragilityof processes of globalization, both historically and inthe present. This book applies lessons from pastbreakdowns of globalization to show how financialcrises provoke backlashes against global integration:against the mobility of capital or goods, but alsoagainst flows of migration. By a parallel examinationof the financial panics of 1929 and 1931 as well asthat of 2008, he shows how banking and monetarycollapses suddenly and radically alter the rules ofengagement for every other type of economic activity.In the open economy of the twenty-first century, suchcalls are only viable in very large states – probablyonly in the United States and China. By contrast, insmaller countries demand trickles out of the nationalcontainer, creating jobs in other countries. Theinternational community is thus paralyzed, andinternational institutions are challenged by conflicts ofinterest. 9780674066182, PB, October 2012 18x11 cm, 336 pages, 7 figures
  • 87. Cost of Inaction:Case Studies from Rwanda and Angola Anand Sudhir, Desmond Chris, Fuje Habtamu, Marques NadejdaThis book is motivated by the idea that the cost ofinaction can be much greater than the cost ofaction. Inaction can lead to serious negativeconsequences – for individuals, the economy, andsociety. The consequences of a failure to reduceextreme poverty, for example, typically includemalnutrition, preventable morbidity, prematuremortality, incomplete basic education, and otherhuman and social development costs. In thisvolume, the authors seek to clarify exactly what ismeant by "cost of inaction". They develop amethodology to account for the consequences andestimate the costs of a failure to respond to theneeds of children and their families. Theirconceptual framework emphasizes the need toselect appropriate actions against which inaction isevaluated. 9780674065581, PB, April 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 300 pages, 90 tables
  • 88. How Economics Shapes Science Stephan PaulaAt a time when science is seen as an engine ofeconomic growth, Paula Stephan brings a keenunderstanding of the ongoing cost-benefitcalculations made by individuals and institutions asthey compete for resources and reputation. Sheshows how universities offload risks by increasing thepercentage of non-tenure-track faculty, requiringtenured faculty to pay salaries from outside grants,and staffing labs with foreign workers on temporaryvisas. Career prospects in science are increasinglydismal for the young because of ever-lengtheningapprenticeships, scarcity of permanent academicpositions, and the difficulty of getting funded. Vivid,thorough, and bold, "How Economics ShapesScience" highlights the growing gap between thehaves and have-nots – especially the vast imbalancebetween the biomedical sciences andphysics/engineering – and offers a persuasive visionof a more productive, more creative research systemthat would lead and benefit the world. 9780674049710, HB, January 2012 23.4x15.4 cm, 384 pages, 7 tables, 13 line illus.
  • 89. Capitalizing on Crisis:The Political Origins of the Rise of Finance Krippner Greta R.Krippner argues that state policies that createdconditions conducive to financialization allowed thestate to avoid a series of economic, social, andpolitical dilemmas that confronted policymakers aspostwar prosperity stalled beginning in the late1960s and 1970s. The book focuses onderegulation of financial markets during the 1970sand 1980s, encouragement of foreign capital intothe U.S. economy in the context of large fiscalimbalances in the early 1980s, and changes inmonetary policy following the shift to high interestrates in 1979. Exhaustively researched, the bookbrings extensive new empirical evidence to bear ondebates regarding recent developments in financialmarkets and the broader turn to the market thathas characterized U.S. society over the last severaldecades. 9780674066199, PB, September 2012 23.6x15.7 cm, 240 pages, 14 graphs
  • 90. Capitalism from Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China Nee Victor, Opper SonjaStudying over 700 manufacturing firms in the Yangziregion, Victor Nee and Sonja Opper argue thatChinas private enterprise economy bubbled up frombelow. Through trial and error, entrepreneurs devisedinstitutional innovations that enabled them todecouple from the established economic order tostart up and grow small, private manufacturing firms.Barriers to entry motivated them to build their ownnetworks of suppliers and distributors, and to developcompetitive advantage in self-organized industrialclusters. This rapidly growing private enterpriseeconomy diffused throughout the coastal regions ofChina and, passing through a series of tipping points,eroded the market share of state-owned firms.Today, this private enterprise economy is one of thegreatest success stories in the history of capitalism. 9780674050204, HB, June 2012 23.5x15.6 cm, 424 pages 2 maps, 15 graphs, 29 tables, 5 line illus.
  • 91. Collected Papers on Monetary Theory Gillman Max, Lucas Robert E.Robert Lucas incorporated the quantity theory ofmoney into these models and derived itsimplications for money growth, inflation, andinterest rates in the long run. He also showed thedifferent effects of anticipated and unanticipatedchanges in the stock of money on economicfluctuations, and helped to demonstrate that therewas not a long-run trade-off betweenunemployment and inflation(the Phillips curve) that policy-makers could exploit.The twenty-one papers collected in this volume fallprimarily into three categories: core monetarytheory and public finance, asset pricing, and thereal effects of monetary instability. Publishedbetween 1972 and 2007, they will inspire studentsand researchers who want to study the work of amaster of economic modeling and to advanceeconomics as a pure and applied science. 9780674066878, HB, December 2012 23.4x15.5 cm, 568 pages 53 graphs, 11 tables
  • 92. Cuban Economic and Social Development: Policy Reforms and Challenges in the 21st Century Barberia Lorena, Dominguez Jorge I., Espina Prieto Mayra, Perez Villanueva, Omar EverlenyThe Cuban economy has been transformed over thecourse of the last decade, and these changes arenow likely to accelerate. In this edited volume,prominent Cuban economists and sociologistspresent a clear analysis of Cubas economic andsocial circumstances and suggest steps for Cuba toreactivate economic growth and improve the welfareof its citizens. These authors focus first on trade,capital inflows, exchange rates, monetary and fiscalpolicy, and the agricultural sector. In a secondsection, a multidisciplinary team of sociologists andan economist map how reforms in economic andsocial policies have produced declines in the socialstanding of some specific groups and economicmobility for others. 9780674062436, PB, March 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 430 pages 45 tables, 25 black&white illus.
  • 93. Macroeconomics Beyond the NAIRU Naastepad C. W. M., Storm ServaasEconomists and the governments they advise havebased their macroeconomic policies on the idea of anatural rate of unemployment. Government policy thatpushes the rate below this point – about 6 percent – isapt to trigger an accelerating rate of inflation that ishard to reverse, or so the argument goes. In this book,Servaas Storm and C. W. M. Naastepad make astrong case that this concept is flawed: that a stableNon-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment(NAIRU), independent of macroeconomic policy, doesnot exist. Consequently, government decisions basedon the NAIRU are not only misguided but have hugeand avoidable social costs, namely, highunemployment and sustained inequality. Skillfullymerging theoretical and empirical analysis, Storm andNaastepad show how the NAIRUs neglect of laborsimpact on technological change and productivitygrowth eclipses the many positive contributions thatlabor and its regulation make to economicperformance. 9780674062276, HB, January 2012 23.6x16.5 cm, 304 pages, 27 graphs, 27 tables
  • 94. Assumptions Economists Make Schlefer JonathanEconomists make confident assertions in op-edcolumns and on cable news – so why are theirexplanations often at odds with equally confidentassertions from other economists? And why are alleconomic predictions so rarely borne out? Harnessinghis frustration with these contradictions, JonathanSchlefer set out to investigate how economists arriveat their opinions. Schlefer takes up currentcontroversies such as income inequality and thefinancial crisis, for which he holds economists in largepart accountable. Although theorists won internationalacclaim for creating models that demonstrated theinherent instability of markets, ostensibly practicaleconomists ignored those accepted theories andinstead relied on their blind faith in the invisible handof unregulated enterprise. Schlefer explains how thepolitics of economics allowed them to do so. "TheAssumptions Economists Make" renders the behaviorof economists much more comprehensible, if not lessirrational. 9780674052260, HB, March 2012 21x14 cm, 384 pages
  • 95. Making the European Monetary Union James HaroldEuropes financial crisis cannot be blamed on theEuro, Harold James contends in this probingexploration of the whys, whens, whos, and what-ifsof European monetary union. The current crisis goesdeeper, to a series of problems that were debatedbut not resolved at the time of the Euros invention.Here is an account that helps readers understandthe European monetary crisis in depth, by tracingbehind-the-scenes negotiations using an array ofsources unavailable until now, notably from theEuropean Communitys Committee of Central BankGovernors and the Delors Committee of 1988-1989,which set out the plan for how Europe could reachits goal of monetary union. As this foundationalstudy makes clear, it was the constant frictionbetween politicians and technocrats that shaped theEuro. And, Euro or no Euro, this clash will continueinto the future. 9780674066830, HB, November 2012 23.4x15.5 cm, 592 pages, 17 graphs, 1 chart
  • 96. Powstałe w roku 1891 University of Chicago Press jest największym wydawnictwemuniwersyteckim w Stanach Zjednoczonych. W swojej ofercie ma pozycje książkowe zszeregu dziedzin, a ponadto wydaje obecnie około 50 czasopism naukowych.Chicagowskie wydawnictwo szczyci się faktem, iż w gronie swoich autorów ma 20laureatów literackiej Nagrody Nobla. Wśród nich znajdują się takie postacie jak MiltonFriedman – światowej sławy ekonomista, Willard Frank Libby – wynalazca metodydatowania radiowęglowego, J. M. Coetzee – autor takich książek jak Hańba czyCzekając na Barbarzyńców oraz Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, francuskipowieściopisarz, którego książki cenione są za aurę „poetyckiej przygody i zmysłowejekstazy”. Od swojego powstania w 1891 roku jako jeden z trzech wydziałów Unviersityof Chicago, wydawnictwo objęło misję upowszechniania i popularyzowania nauki nanajwyższym poziomie oraz publikowania rzetelnych prac, które mają za zadaniepromować edukację i wzbogacać życie kulturowe społeczeństwa.
  • 97. Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist Bearzi MaddalenaWho hasnt fantasized about the unique thrill ofworking among charismatic and clever dolphins inthe wild? We need not live this solely in ourimaginations anymore. With "Dolphin Confidential"Maddalena Bearzi invites all of us shore-bounddreamers to join her and travel alongside thedolphins. In this fascinating account, she takes usinside the world of a marine scientist and offers afirsthand understanding of marine mammalbehavior, as well as the frustrations, delights, andcreativity that make up dolphin research. In thisintimate narrative, Bearzi recounts her experiencesat sea, tracing her own evolution as a woman and ascientist from her earliest travails to hertransformation into an advocate for conservationand dolphin protection. These compelling, in-depthdescriptions of her fieldwork also present acaptivating look into dolphin social behavior andintelligence. 9780226040158, HB, April 2012 23x15 cm, 216 pages, 71 line illus.
  • 98. Extreme Measures: The Ecological Energetics of Birds and Mammals McNab Brian K.Here Brian K. McNab draws on his over sixty yearsin the field to provide a comprehensive account ofthe energetics of birds and mammals, one fullyintegrated with their natural history. McNab beginswith an overview of thermal rates – much of our ownenergy is spent maintaining our 98.6 F temperature– and explains how the basal rate of metabolismdrives energy use, especially in extremeenvironments. He then explores those variables thatinteract with the basal rate of metabolism, like bodysize and scale and environments, highlighting theirinfluence on behavior, distribution, and evenreproductive output. Successive chapters take upenergy and population dynamics and evolution.A critical central theme that runs through the book ishow the energetic needs of birds and mammalscome up against rapid environmental change andhow this is hastening the pace of extinction. 9780226561233, PB, June 201223x15 cm, 336 pages, 4 tables, 7 halftones, 97 line illus.
  • 99. Nature All Around Us: A Guide to Urban Ecology Beisner Beatrix, Messier Christian, Giraldeau Luc-Alain„Nature All Around Us” uses the familiar – such assummer Sundays humming with lawn mowers, graysquirrels foraging in planters, and flocks of pigeons -in order to introduce basic ecological concepts. Intwenty-five short chapters organized by scale, fromthe home to the neighborhood to the city at large, itoffers a subtle and entertaining education in ecologysure to inspire appreciation and ultimatelystewardship of the environment. Various ecologicalconcepts that any urban dweller might encounter areapproachably examined, from understanding why asquirrel might act aggressively towards its neighborto how nutrients and energy contained within adiscarded apple core are recycled back into the foodchain. Taken as a whole, „Nature All Around Us” isan unprecedented field guide to the ecology of theurban environment that invites us to look at ourtowns, cities, and even our backyards through theeyes of an ecologist. 9780226922751, PB, September 2012 21.6x14 cm, 160 pages, 78 line drawings
  • 100. British Weather and the Climate of Enlightenment Golinski JanEnlightenment inquiries into the weather sought toimpose order on a force that had the power to alterhuman life and social conditions. "British Weatherand the Climate of Enlightenment" reveals how anew sense of the national climate emerged in theeighteenth century from the systematic recording ofthe weather, and how it was deployed in discussionsof the health and welfare of the population. Readingthe Enlightenment through the ideas, beliefs, andpractices concerning the weather, Jan Golinski aimsto reshape our understanding of the movement andits legacy for modern environmental thinking. Withits combination of cultural history and the history ofscience, "British Weather and the Climate ofEnlightenment" counters the claim thatEnlightenment progress set humans against nature,instead revealing that intellectuals of the age drewcharacteristically modern conclusions about theinextricability of nature and culture. 9780226302034, PB, November 2011 23x15 cm, 272 pages, 20 halftones illus.
  • 101. Plant Physics Spatz Hanns-Christof, Niklas Karl J.A symbiotic relationship between botany and thefields of physics, mathematics, engineering, andchemistry continues today, as is revealed in "PlantPhysics". The result of a long-term collaborationbetween plant evolutionary biologist Karl J. Niklasand physicist Hanns-Christof Spatz, "Plant Physics"presents a detailed account of the principles ofclassical physics, evolutionary theory, and plantbiology in order to explain the complexinterrelationships among plant form, function,environment, and evolutionary history. Covering awide range of topics – from the development andevolution of the basic plant body and the ecology ofaquatic unicellular plants to mathematicaltreatments of light attenuation through tree canopiesand the movement of water through plants roots,stems, and leaves – "Plant Physics" is destined toinspire students and professionals alike to traversedisciplinary membranes. 9780226586328, HB, March 2012 23x15 cm, 448 pages 9 tables, 44 halftones, 40 line illus.
  • 102. Picturing the Book of Nature: Image, Text,and Argument in Sixteenth- Century Human Anatomy and Medical Botany Kusukawa SachikoSachiko Kusukawa examines these texts, as well asConrad Gessners unpublished "Historia plantarum",and demonstrates how their illustrations wereintegral to the emergence of a new type of argumentduring this period – a visual argument for thescientific study of nature. He investigates the worksof Fuchs, Gessner, and Vesalius in light of thesedebates, scrutinizing the scientists treatment ofillustrations and tracing their motivation for includingthem in their works. What results is a fascinatingand original study of the visual dimension ofscientific knowledge in the sixteenth century. 9780226465296, HB, May 2012 25.4x17.8 cm, 352 pages 2 tables, 16 halftones, 121 colour illus.
  • 103. Fear of Food: A History of Why We Worry about What We Eat Levenstein Harvey Are eggs the perfect protein, or are they cholesterol bombs? Is red wine good for my heart or bad for my liver? Will pesticides, additives, and processed foods kill me? Here with some very rare and verywelcome advice is food historian Harvey Levenstein: Stop worrying! In "Fear of Food" Levenstein reveals the people and interests who have created and exploited these worries, causing an extraordinarynumber of Americans to allow fear to trump pleasure in dictating their food choices. He tells of the prominent scientists who first warned about deadly germs and poisons in foods, and their successorswho charged that processing foods robs them of life- giving vitamins and minerals. In "Fear of Food", Levenstein offers a much-needed voice of reason; he expertly questions these stories of constantly changing advice to reveal that there are no hard- and-fast facts when it comes to eating.9780226473741, HB, March 201223x15 cm, 232 pages, 15 halftones, 2 line illus.
  • 104. Wasted World: How Our Consumption Challenges the Planet Hengeveld RobAll systems produce waste as part of a cycle –bacteria, humans, combustion engines, even one aslarge and complex as a city. To some extent, thiswaste can be absorbed, processed, or recycled –though never completely. In "Wasted World", RobHengeveld reveals how a long history of humanconsumption has left our world drowning in thiswaste. This is a compelling and urgent work thattraces the related histories of population growth andresource consumption. A practical look at thesustainability of our planet from the perspective of abiologist whose expertise is in the abundances anddistributions of species, "Wasted World" presents afascinating picture of the whole process of using,wasting, and exhausting energy and materialresources. And by elucidating the complexity of thecauses of our current global state, Hengeveld offersus a way forward. 9780226326993, HB, April 2012 23x15 cm, 360 pages, 9 line illus.
  • 105. Structure of Scientific Revolutions: 50th Anniversary Edition Kuhn Thomas S.A good book may have the power to change the waywe see the world, but a great book actually becomespart of our daily consciousness, pervading ourthinking to the point that we take it for granted, andwe forget how provocative and challenging its ideasonce were – and still are. "The Structure of ScientificRevolutions" is that kind of book. When it was firstpublished in 1962, it was a landmark event in thehistory and philosophy of science. Fifty years later, itstill has many lessons to teach. This new edition ofKuhns essential work in the history of scienceincludes an insightful introduction by Ian Hacking,which clarifies terms popularized by Kuhn, includingparadigm and incommensurability, and appliesKuhns ideas to the science of today. Usefully keyedto the separate sections of the book, Hackingsintroduction provides important backgroundinformation as well as a contemporary context. 9780226458120, PB, May 2012 21.8x14.2 cm, 264 pages
  • 106. Cybernetic Brain: Sketches of Another Future Pickering Andrew"The Cybernetic Brain" explores a largely forgottengroup of British thinkers, including Grey Walter,Ross Ashby, Gregory Bateson, R. D. Laing, StaffordBeer, and Gordon Pask, and their singular work in adazzling array of fields. Psychiatry, engineering,management, politics, music, architecture,education, tantric yoga, the Beats, and the sixtiescounterculture all come into play as Pickeringfollows the history of cybernetics impact on theworld, from contemporary robotics and complexitytheory to the Chilean economy under SalvadorAllende. What underpins this fascinating history,Pickering contends, is a shared but unconventionalvision of the world as ultimately unknowable, a placewhere genuine novelty is always emerging. Andthus, Pickering avers, the history of cyberneticsprovides us with an imaginative model of open-ended experimentation in stark opposition to themodern urge to achieve domination over nature andeach other. 9780226667904, PB, October 2011 23x15 cm, 536 pages, 60 halftones, 28 line illus.
  • 107. Designing Human Practices: An Experiment with Synthetic Biology Bennett Gaymon, Rabinow PaulIn 2006 anthropologists Paul Rabinow and GaymonBennett set out to rethink the role that humansciences play in biological research, creating theHuman Practices division of the Synthetic BiologyEngineering Research Center – a facility establishedto create design standards for the engineering of newenzymes, genetic circuits, cells, and other biologicalentities – to formulate a new approach to the ethical,security, and philosophical considerations ofcontroversial biological work. "Designing HumanPractices" is a detailed account of this anthropologicalexperiment and, ultimately, its rejection. It providesnew insights into the possibilities and limitations ofcollaboration, and diagnoses the micro-politics whicheffectively constrained the potential for mutualscientific flourishing. Synthesizing multiple disciplines,including biology, genetics, anthropology, andphilosophy, alongside a thorough examination offunding entities such as the National ScienceFoundation. 9780226703145, PB, July 2012 23x15 cm, 200 pages, 10 tables, 1 illus.
  • 108. Cancer on Trial: Oncology as a New Style of Practice Cambrosio Alberto, Keating Peter Until the early 1960s, cancer treatment consisted primarily of surgery and radiation therapy. Most practitioners then viewed the treatment of terminally ill cancer patients with heroic courses of chemotherapy as highly questionable. The randomized clinical trials that today sustain modern oncology were relatively rare and prompted stiff opposition from physicians loath to assign patients randomly to competing treatments. And yet today these trials form the basis of medical oncology. How did such a spectacular change occur? How did medical oncology pivot from a nonentity and, in some regards, a reviled practice to the central position it now occupies in modern medicine? In "Cancer on Trial" Peter Keating and Alberto Cambrosio explore how practitioners established a new style of practice, at the center of which lies the cancer clinical trial.9780226428918, HB, January 201223x15 cm, 424 pages, 24 halftones, 28 line illus.
  • 109. Cutting the Fuse: The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop It Feldman James K., Pape Robert A."Cutting the Fuse" offers a wealth of new knowledgeabout the origins of suicide terrorism and strategiesto stop it. Robert A. Pape and James K. Feldmanhave examined every suicide terrorist attackworldwide from 1980 to 2009. Their workfundamentally changes how we understand the rootcauses of the most important terrorist campaignstoday and reveals why the War on Terror has beenultimately counterproductive. "Cutting the Fuse"calls for new, effective solutions that America and itsallies can sustain for decades, relying less onground troops in Muslim countries and more on off-shore, over-the-horizon military forces along withpolitical and economic strategies to empower localcommunities to stop terrorists in their midst. 9780226645650, PB, April 2012 23x15 cm, 360 pages, 11 tables, 34 line illus.
  • 110. American Diplomacy: Fiftieth-Anniversary Expanded Edition Kennan George F.For more than sixty years, George F. Kennans"American Diplomacy" has been a standard work onAmerican foreign policy. Drawing on hisconsiderable diplomatic experience and expertise,Kennan offers an overview and critique of theforeign policy of an emerging great power whoseclaims to rightness often spill over into self-righteousness, whose ambitions conflict with powerrealities, whose judgmentalism precludes theinterests of other states, and whose domesticpolitics frequently prevent prudent policies and resultin overstretch. In this expanded sixtieth-anniversaryedition, a substantial new introduction by John J.Mearsheimer, one of Americas leading politicalrealists, provides new understandings of Kennanswork and explores its continued resonance. 9780226431482, PB, June 2012 20.3x13.2 cm, 224 pages
  • 111. Difference and Democracy: Exploring Potentials in Europe and Beyond Raube Kolja, Sattler AnnikaAs Europe becomes increasingly diverse,understanding the effects of differences amongcitizens within European democracy crucial. Thecontributors to "Difference and Democracy" take anovel interdisciplinary approach to this importantdimension of social interaction, drawing onpolitical science, sociology, communicationsstudies, legal studies, and art history. Contrary toalarmist accounts of difference in Europe, theseessays explore its potentially positive impact,outlining the conditions under which differencescould lead to effective and legitimate politicalaction. 9783593395029, PB, February 2012 22x14 cm, 380 pages, 5 halftones, 5 colour illus.
  • 112. Uncivil Rights: Teachers, Unions, and Race in the Battle for School Equity Perrillo JonnaAlmost fifty years after "Brown v. Board ofEducation", a wealth of research shows that minoritystudents continue to receive an unequal education.At the heart of this inequality is a complex and oftenconflicted relationship between teachers and civilrights activists, examined fully for the first time inJonna Perrillos "Uncivil Rights", which traces thetensions between the two groups in New York Cityfrom the Great Depression to the present. Whilemovements for teachers rights and civil rights werenot always in conflict, Perrillo uncovers the waysthey have become so, brought about both byteachers who have come to see civil rights efforts asdetracting from or competing with their own goalsand by civil rights activists whose aims have de-professionalized the role of the educator. 9780226660721, PB, June 2012 23x15 cm, 264 pages
  • 113. Korea: A Cartographic History Short John RennieJohn Rennie Short, encapsulates six hundred years ofmaps made by Koreans and non-Koreans alike.Largely chronological in its organization, Korea beginsby examining the differing cartographic traditionsprevalent in the early Joseon period in Korea – roughly1400 to 1600 – and its temporal equivalent in earlymodern Europe. As one of the longest continuousdynasties, Joseon rule encompassed an enormousrange and depth of cartographic production. Short thensurveys the cartographic encounters from 1600 to1900, distinguishing between the early and late Joseonperiods and highlighting the influences of China, Japan,and the rest of the world on Korean cartography. In hisfinal section, Short covers the period from Japanesecolonial control of Korea to the present day anddemonstrates how some of the tumultuous events ofthe past hundred years are recorded and contested inmaps. He also explores recent cartographiccontroversies, including the naming of the EastSea/Sea of Japan and claims of ownership of theisland of Dokdo. 9780226753645, HB, May 2012 25.4x17.8 cm, 160 pages, 71 colour illus.
  • 114. Mosaic Constitution: Political Theology and Imagination from Machiavelli to Milton Hammill GrahamHammill shows how political writers from Machiavellito Spinoza drew on Mosaic narrative to imagineconstitutional forms of government. At the sametime, literary writers like Christopher Marlowe,Michael Drayton, and John Milton turned to Hebrewscripture to probe such fundamental divisions asthose between populace and multitude, citizenshipand race, and obedience and individual choice. Asthese writers used biblical narrative to fuse politicswith the creative resources of language, Mosaicnarrative also gave them a means for exploringdivine authority as a product of literary imagination."The Mosaic Constitution" offers a fresh perspectiveon political theology and the relations betweenliterary representation and the founding of politicalcommunities. 9780226315423, HB, May 2012 23x15 cm, 344 pages, 3 halftones illus.
  • 115. Gods and Demons, Priests andScholars: Critical Explorations in the History of Religions Lincoln BruceIn "Gods and Demons, Priests and Scholars", Lincolnassembles a collection of essays that both illustratesand reveals the benefits of his methodology, making acase for a critical religious studies that starts withskepticism but is neither cynical nor crude. Whilebringing to light important features of the formation ofpantheons and the constructions of demons, chaos,and the dead, Lincoln demonstrates that historians ofreligions should take religious things – inspiredscriptures, sacred centers, salvific rites, communitiesgraced by divine favor – as the theories of interestedhumans that shape perception, community, andexperiences. As he shows, it is for their terrestrialinfluence, and not their sacred origins, that religiousphenomena merit consideration by the historian.Tackling many questions central to religious study,"Gods and Demons, Priests and Scholars" will be atouchstone for the history of religions in the twenty-firstcentury. 9780226481876, PB, April 2012 23x15 cm, 320 pages, 16 colour plates, 10 line illus.
  • 116. Sundays at Sinai: A Jewish Congregation in Chicago Brinkmann TobiasChicago Sinai is one of Americas oldest ReformJewish congregations. Its founders were upwardlymobile and civically committed men and women,founders and partners of banks and landmarkbusinesses like Hart Schaffner & Marx, Sears &Roebuck, and the giant meatpacking firm Morris & Co.As explicitly modern Jews, Sinais members supportedand led civic institutions and participated actively inChicago politics. Perhaps most radically, their Sundayservices, introduced in 1874 and still celebrated today,became a hallmark of the congregation. In "Sundaysat Sinai", Tobias Brinkmann brings modern Jewishhistory, immigration, urban history, and religioushistory together to trace the roots of radical ReformJudaism from across the Atlantic to this rapidlygrowing American metropolis. Brinkmann shines alight on the development of an urban reformcongregation, illuminating Chicago Sinais practicesand history, and its contribution to Christian-Jewishdialogue in the US. 9780226074542, HB, June 2012 23x15 cm, 368 pages, 2 tables, 16 halftones illus.
  • 117. Leo Strauss on Moses Mendelssohn Strauss LeoLeo Strauss on Moses Mendelssohn is a superblyannotated translation of ten introductions written byStrauss to a multi-volume critical edition ofMendelssohn’s work. Commissioned in WeimarGermany in the 1920s, the project was suppressed andnearly destroyed during Nazi rule and was not reviveduntil the 1960s. In addition to Strauss’s introductions,Martin D. Yaffe has translated Strauss’s editorialremarks on each of the passages he annotates inMendelssohn’s texts and brings those together with theintroductions themselves. Yaffe has also contributed anextensive interpretive essay that both analyzes theintroductions on their own terms and discusses whatStrauss writes elsewhere about the broader themesbroached in his Mendelssohn studies. Strauss’scritique of Mendelssohn represents one of the largestbodies of work by the young Strauss on a single thinkerto be made available in English. It illuminates not only aformerly obscure phase in the emergence of histhought but also a critical moment in the history of theGerman Enlightenment. 9780226922782, HB, December 2012 23x15 cm, 360 pages
  • 118. Socrates and the Jews: Hellenism and Hebraism from Moses Mendelssohn to Sigmund Freud Leonard Miriam"What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?" Asked by theearly Christian Tertullian, the question was vigorouslydebated in the nineteenth century. Taking on the questionof how the glories of the classical world could bereconciled with the Bible, "Socrates and the Jews"explains how Judaism played a vital role in definingmodern philhellenism. Exploring the tension betweenHebraism and Hellenism, Miriam Leonard gracefullyprobes the philosophical tradition behind the developmentof classical philology and considers how the conflictbecame a preoccupation for the leading thinkers ofmodernity. For each, she shows how the contrast betweenclassical and biblical traditions is central to writings aboutrationalism, political subjectivity, and progress. Illustratinghow the encounter between Athens and Jerusalembecame a lightning rod for intellectual concerns, this bookis a sophisticated addition to the history of ideas. 9780226472478, HB, June 2012 23x15 cm, 248 pages, 6 halftones illus.
  • 119. Socrates and the Fat Rabbis Boyarin DanielIn "Socrates and the Fat Rabbis", Boyarin suggeststhat both the Platonic and the talmudic dialogues arenot dialogic at all. Using Michael Bakhtins notion ofrepresented dialogue and real dialogism, Boyarindemonstrates, through multiple close readings, thatthe give-and-take in these texts is actually muchcloser to a monologue in spirit. At the same time, heshows that there is a dialogism in both texts on adeeper structural level between a voice ofphilosophical or religious dead seriousness and avoice from within that mocks that very high solemnityat the same time. Boyarin ultimately singles outMenippean satire as the most important genrethrough which to understand both the Talmud andPlato, emphasizing their seriocomic peculiarity. Aninnovative advancement in rabbinic studies, as wellas a bold and controversial new way of reading Plato,"Socrates and the Fat Rabbis" makes a majorcontribution to scholarship on thought and culture ofthe ancient Mediterranean. 9780226069173, PB, June 2012 23x15 cm, 408 pages
  • 120. Platos Philosophers: The Coherence of the Dialogues Zuckert Catherine H.Faced with the difficult task of discerning Plato’s trueideas from the contradictory voices he used toexpress them, scholars have never fully made senseof the many incompatibilities within and between thedialogues. In the magisterial „Plato’s Philosophers”,Catherine Zuckert explains for the first time how theseprose dramas cohere to reveal a comprehensivePlatonic understanding of philosophy. To expose thiscoherence, Zuckert examines the dialogues not intheir supposed order of composition but according tothe dramatic order in which Plato indicates they tookplace. Plato’s dramatization of Socratic imperfectionssuggests, moreover, that he recognized theapparently unbridgeable gap between ourunderstandings of human life and the nonhumanworld. At a time when this gap continues to raisequestions, Zuckert’s brilliant interpretation of the entirePlatonic corpus offers genuinely new insights intoworlds past and present. 9780226007748, PB, October 2012 23x15 cm, 896 pages
  • 121. Beast and the Sovereign, Volume I Derrida Jacques"The Beast and the Sovereign, Volume 1" launches theseries with Derridas exploration of the persistentassociation of bestiality or animality with sovereignty. Inthis seminar from 2001-2002, Derrida continues hisdeconstruction of the traditional determinations of thehuman. The beast and the sovereign are connected, hecontends, because neither animals nor kings aresubject to the law – the sovereign stands above it,while the beast falls outside the law from below. Hethen traces this association through an astonishingarray of texts, including La Fontaines fable "The Wolfand the Lamb", Hobbess biblical sea monster in"Leviathan", D. H. Lawrences poem "Snake",Machiavellis Prince with its elaborate comparison ofprinces and foxes, a historical account of Louis XIVattending an elephant autopsy, and Rousseausevocation of werewolves in "The Social Contract". 9780226144290, PB, November 2011 23x15 cm, 368 pages
  • 122. Nietzsches Enlightenment: The Free-Spirit Trilogy of the Middle Period Franco PaulIt is Nietzsche himself who suggests that these worksare connected, saying that their "common goal is toerect a new image and ideal of the free spirit". Francoargues that in their more favorable attitude towardreason, science, and the Enlightenment, these worksmark a sharp departure from Nietzsches earlier, moreromantic writings and differ in important ways from hislater, more prophetic writings, beginning with "ThusSpoke Zarathustra". The Nietzsche these works revealis radically different from the popular image of him andeven from the Nietzsche depicted in much of thesecondary literature; they reveal a rational Nietzsche,one who preaches moderation instead of passionateexcess and Dionysian frenzy. Franco concludes witha wide-ranging examination of Nietzsches later works,tracking not only how his outlook changes from themiddle period to the later but also how hiscommitment to reason and intellectual honesty in hismiddle works continues to inform his final writings. 9780226259819, HB, October 2011 23x15 cm, 280 pages
  • 123. After Freud Left: A Centuryof Psychoanalysis in America Burnham John C.This volume brings together a stunning gallery ofleading historians of psychoanalysis and of Americanculture to consider the broad history of psychoanalysisin America and to reflect on what has happened toFreuds legacy in the United States in the century sincehis visit. There has been a flood of recent scholarshipon Freuds life and on the European and world historyof psychoanalysis, but historians have producedrelatively little on the proliferation of psychoanalyticthinking in the United States, where Freuds work hadmonumental intellectual and social impact. The essaysin "After Freud Left" provide readers with insights andperspectives to help them understand the uniquenessof Americans psychoanalytic thinking, as well as theforms in which the legacy of Freud remains active inthe United States in the twenty-first century. "AfterFreud Left" will be essential reading for anyoneinterested in twentieth-century American history,general intellectual and cultural history, and psychologyand psychiatry. 9780226081373, HB, June 2012 23x15 cm, 288 pages, 1 table, 12 halftones illus.
  • 124. Voting for Hitler and Stalin: Elections under 20th Century Dictatorships Jessen Ralph, Richter HedwigDictatorships throughout the twentieth century –including Mussolinis Italy, the Third Reich, the SovietUnion, Poland, and East Germany – held elections.But were they more than rituals of participation withoutthe slightest effect on the distribution of power? Whydid political regimes radically opposed to liberaldemocracy feel the need to imitate their enemies?Offering significant insights into absolutist stategovernance, "Voting for Hitler" and Stalin thoroughlyinvestigates the remarkable, paradoxical phenomenonof dictatorial elections, revealing the many ways theytranscended mere propaganda. 9783593394893, PB, February 2012 22x14 cm, 349 pages, 7 tables, 3 halftones illus.
  • 125. Images in Spite of All: FourPhotographs from Auschwitz Didi-Huberman GeorgesOf one and a half million surviving photographs relatedto Nazi concentration camps, only four depict theactual process of mass killing perpetrated at the gaschambers. "Images in Spite of All" reveals that theserare photos of Auschwitz, taken clandestinely by one ofthe Jewish prisoners forced to help carry out theatrocities there, were made as a potent act ofresistance. Available today because they weresmuggled out of the camp and into the hands of Polishresistance fighters, the photographs show a group ofnaked women being herded into the gas chambers andthe cremation of corpses that have just been pulledout. Georges Didi-Hubermans relentless considerationof these harrowing scenes demonstrates howHolocaust testimony can shift from texts andimaginations to irrefutable images that attempt tospeak the unspeakable. 9780226148175, PB, May 2012 21.8x14.2 cm, 248 pages, 30 halftones illus.
  • 126. Rising Up from Indian Country: The Battle of Fort Dearborn and the Birth of Chicago Durkin Keating AnnIn August 1812, under threat from the Potawatomi,Captain Nathan Heald began the evacuation of ninety-four people from the isolated outpost of Fort Dearbornto Fort Wayne, hundreds of miles away. The groupincluded several dozen soldiers, as well as ninewomen and eighteen children. After traveling only amile and a half, they were attacked by five hundredPotawatomi warriors. In under an hour, fifty-twomembers of Heald’s party were killed, and the restwere taken prisoner; the Potawatomi then burned FortDearborn before returning to their villages.In the firstbook devoted entirely to this crucial period, Keatingtells a story not only of military conquest but of thelives of people on all sides of the conflict. Shehighlights such figures as Jean Baptiste Point deSable and John Kinzie and demonstrates that earlyChicago was a place of cross-cultural reliance amongthe French, the Americans, and the Native Americans. 9780226428963, HB, August 2012 23x15 cm, 320 pages, 35 halftones, 14 maps
  • 127. Birth of Hegemony: Crisis, Financial Revolution,and Emerging Global Networks Sobel Andrew C.In Birth of Hegemony, Andrew C. Sobel draws attentionto the critical role played by finance in the emergenceof these liberal hegemons. He argues that a hegemonmust have both the capacity and the willingness to beara disproportionate share of the cost of providing keycollective goods that are the basis of internationalcooperation and exchange. Through this, the hegemonhelps maintain stability and limits the risk to productiveinternational interactions. However, prudent planningcan account for only part of a hegemon’s ability toprovide public goods, while some of the necessaryconditions must be developed simply through theprocesses of economic growth and politicaldevelopment. Sobel supports these claims byexamining the economic trajectories that led to thesuccessive leadership of the Netherlands, Britain, andthe United States. 9780226767604, PB, August 2012 23x15 cm, 296 pages, 1 line drawing, 4 tables
  • 128. Transformative Political Leadership: Making a Difference in the Developing World Rotberg Robert I.In "Transformative Political Leadership", Robert I.Rotberg focuses on the role of leadership in politicsand argues that accomplished leaders demonstrate aparticular set of skills. Through illustrative casestudies of leaders who have performed ably in thedeveloping world – among them Nelson Mandela inSouth Africa, Seretse Khama in Botswana, Lee KuanYew in Singapore, and Kemal Ataturk in Turkey –Rotberg examines how these leaders transformedtheir respective countries. The importance of capableleadership is woefully understudied in politicalscience, and this book will be an important tool inexploring how leaders lead and how nations andinstitutions are built. 9780226728995, PB, April 2012 23x15 cm, 216 pages
  • 129. Follow the Leader? HowVoters Respond to Politicians Policies and Performance Lenz Gabriel S.In a democracy, we generally assume that voters knowthe policies they prefer and elect like-minded officialswho are responsible for carrying them out. We alsoassume that voters consider candidates competence,honesty, and other performance-related traits. But doesthis actually happen? Do voters consider candidates’policy positions when deciding for whom to vote? Andhow do politicians’ performances in office factor intothe voting decision? In „Follow the Leader?”, Gabriel S.Lenz sheds light on these central questions ofdemocratic thought. Based on data drawn from multiplecountries, „Follow the Leader?” is the most definitivetreatment to date of when and why policy andperformance matter at the voting booth, and it willbreak new ground in the debates about democracy. 9780226472140, PB, October 2012 23x15 cm, 344 pages 2 halftones, 64 line drawings, 25 tables
  • 130. This Is Not Civil Rights: Discovering Rights Talk in 1939 America Lovell George I.Drawing on a remarkable cache of Depression-eracomplaint letters written by ordinary Americans to theJustice Department, George I. Lovell challengesthese common claims. Although the letters werewritten prior to the emergence of the modern civilrights movement – which most people assume is theorigin of rights talk – many contain novel legalarguments, including expansive demands for newentitlements that went beyond what authorities hadregarded as legitimate or required by law. Lovelldemonstrates that rights talk is more malleable andless constraining than is generally believed.Americans, he shows, are capable of deployingidealized legal claims as a rhetorical tool forexpressing their aspirations for a more just societywhile retaining a realistic understanding that the lawoften falls short of its own ideals. 9780226494043, PB, October 2012 23x15 cm, 280 pages
  • 131. Corporate Policy and Governance: How Organizations Self-Organize Malik FredmundIn "Corporate Policy and Governance", Fredmund Malikoffers insights into his cybernetic toolkit along withinstructions for its use. He argues that businesses andother societal institutions can function"autodynamically" – in much the same fashion thatmodern technology steers, controls, and regulates itself– by adopting general systems policies. Explaining theway that organizations must be structured so they canorganize themselves, Malik presents his cyberneticgeneral management system for the age of complexityin this compelling book that every corporate executiveshould read. 9783593395456, PB, February 2012 23x15 cm, 356 pages 50 colour illus.
  • 132. Lawyers in Practice: Ethical Decision Making in Context Levin Leslie C., Mather LynnThe first book to present empirical research onethical decision making in a variety of practicecontexts, including corporate litigation, securities,immigration, and divorce law, "Lawyers in Practice"fills a substantial gap in the existing literature.Following an introduction emphasizing theincreasing importance of understanding context inthe legal profession, contributions focus on ethicaldilemmas ranging from relatively narrow ethicalissues to broader problems of professionalism,including the prosecutors obligation to discloseevidence, the management of conflicts of interest,and loyalty to clients and the court. Each chapterdetails the resolution of a dilemma from thepractitioners point of view that is, in turn, set withina particular community of practice. Timely andpractical, this book should be required reading forlaw students as well as students and scholars oflaw and society. 9780226475165, PB, April 2012 23x15 cm, 392 pages, 2 tables, 2 line illus.
  • 133. Hawking Incorporated: Stephen Hawking and the Anthropology of the Knowing Subject Mialet HeleneThese days, the idea of the cyborg is less the stuff ofscience fiction and more a reality, as we are all, in oneway or another, constantly connected, extended, wired,and dispersed in and through technology. One wonderswhere the individual, the person, the human, and thebody are – or, alternatively, where they stop. These arethe kinds of questions Helene Mialet explores in thisfascinating volume, as she focuses on a man who ispermanently attached to assemblages of machines,devices, and collectivities of people: Stephen Hawking.Drawing on an extensive and in-depth series ofinterviews with Hawking, his assistants and colleagues,physicists, engineers, writers, journalists, archivists,and artists, Mialet reconstructs the human, material,and machine-based networks that enable Hawking tolive and work. 9780226522289, PB, July 2012 23x15 cm, 272 pages, 14 halftones illus.
  • 134. University of Chicago Spanish-English Dictionary, Sixth Edition Pharies David A.Completely bilingual, the dictionary focuses on twocontemporary international languages, AmericanEnglish and a worldwide Spanish rooted in both LatinAmerican and Iberian sources. The sixth edition hasbeen updated with six thousand new words andmeanings selected for their frequency of use, risingpopularity, and situational necessity. In order to bestrepresent the dynamic and increasingly connectedcultures of three continents, this edition featuresenhanced coverage of the vocabulary associatedwith four areas of increasing global importance:medicine, business, digital technology, and sports.Clear, precise, and easy to use, „The University ofChicago Spanish-English Dictionary” continues toserve as the essential reference for students,travelers, businesspeople, and everyone interested inbuilding their linguistic proficiency in both Spanishand English. 9780226666969, PB, August 2012 21.3x13.7 cm, 626 pages
  • 135. Chicago Manual of Style: Sixteenth EditionWhile digital technologies have revolutionized thepublishing world in the twenty-first century, one thingstill remains true: "The Chicago Manual of Style" is theauthoritative, trusted source that writers, editors, andpublishers turn to for guidance on style and process.For the sixteenth edition, every aspect of coverage hasbeen reconsidered to reflect how publishingprofessionals work today. Though processes maychange, the "Manual" continues to offer the clear, well-considered style and usage advice it has for more thana century. The sixteenth edition offers expandedinformation on producing electronic publications,including web-based content and e-books. An updatedappendix on production and digital technologydemystifies the process of electronic workflow andoffers a primer on the use of XML markup, and arevised glossary includes a host of terms associatedwith electronic as well as print publishing. 9780226104201, HB, August 2010 22.8x15.2 cm, 1026 pages 54 line drawings, 15 figures, 12 tables, 4 halftones illus.
  • 136. American Palace: ChicagosSamuel M. Nickerson House Bagnall David"An American Palace: Chicagos Samuel M.Nickerson House", explores the rich and variedhistory of one of Chicagos grandest Gilded Ageresidences. Following a long and checkered historyof both private and institutional ownership, theproperty was established as a museum in 2003 byChicago philanthropist Richard H. Driehaus andunderwent a meticulous and extensive renovationbefore opening to the public in 2008. In addition tofeaturing exceptionally restored woodwork, stainedglass, and tiling, the museum also holds a diversecollection of decorative and fine arts from the periodbetween 1880 and 1920, including one of thecountrys leading private collections of works bypreeminent American designer Louis Comfort Tiffany.Beautifully illustrated, this volume provides acomprehensive history and stunning photographictour of the Samuel M. Nickerson house while firmlysituating it within Chicagos rich legacy ofarchitectural and interior design. 9780615478449, HB, February 2012 30x23.9 cm, 120 pages, 86 colour illus.
  • 137. Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America, Third Edition DEmilio John, Freedman Estelle B.As the first full-length study of the history of sexuality inAmerica, „Intimate Matters” offered trenchant insightsinto the sexual behavior of Americans from colonialtimes to the present. Now, twenty-five years after itsfirst publication, this groundbreaking classic is back ina crucial and updated third edition. With new andextended chapters, D’Emilio and Freedman give us aneven deeper understanding of how sexuality hasdramatically influenced politics and culture throughoutour history and into the present. Hailed by critics for itscomprehensive approach and noted by the USSupreme Court in the landmark Laurence v. Texasruling, this expanded new edition of „Intimate Matters”details the changes in sexuality and the ongoing growthof individual freedoms in the United States throughmeticulous research and lucid prose. 9780226923802, PB, December 2012 20x13.2 cm, 536 pages, 55 halftones, 11 line drawings
  • 138. Documenting Intimate Matters: Primary Sources for a History of Sexuality in America Foster Thomas A.Over time, sexuality in America has changeddramatically. Frequently redefined and often subjectto different systems of regulation, it has been used asa means of control; it has been a way to understandourselves and others; and it has been at the center offierce political storms, including some of the mostcrucial changes in civil rights in the last decade.Edited by Thomas A. Foster, „Documenting IntimateMatters” features seventy-two documents thatcollectively highlight the broad diversity inherent inthe history of American sexuality. Complementing thethird edition, John D’Emilio and Estelle B. Freedman– often hailed as the definitive survey of sexualhistory in America – the multiple narratives presentedby these documents reveal the complexity of thissubject in US history. 9780226257471, PB, December 2012 23x15 cm, 256 pages
  • 139. Johns Hopkins University Press jest wydawnictwem Uniwersytetu Johnsa Hopkinsa,prywatnej uczelni, która powstała w 1876 roku w Stanach Zjednoczonych, zaś dziś maswe oddziały również w Chinach i Singapurze oraz we Włoszech. WydawnictwoJohnsa Hopkinsa istnieje od 1878 roku i szczyci się mianem najstarszego,działającego bez przerwy wydawnictwa przyuniwerstyteckiego w StanachZjednoczonych. Za cel stawia sobie przede wszystkim wyszukiwanie i publikację dziełwnoszących coś nowego do nauki i szerzenie tej wiedzy na świecie. Międzynarodoweuznanie i nagrody zdobywały serie poświęcone historii, nauce, literaturoznawstwu,naukom politycznym czy medycynie.Obecnie Johns Hopkins University Press z listą60 czasopism naukowych i prawie 200 nowych pozycji książkowych rocznie jestjednym z największych wydawnictw uniwersyteckich w Stanach Zjednoczonych.
  • 140. Porcupines:The Animal Answer Guide Roze Uldis"Porcupines: The Animal Answer Guide" presentssolid, current science of porcupine biology. UldisRoze compares porcupines in terms of body plan,behavior, ecology, reproduction, and evolutionaryrelationships. He examines the diversity ofporcupines from around the world – from Northand South America to Africa and Asia. This guideexplores the interactions between humans andporcupines, including hunting, use of quills byaboriginal societies, efforts to poison porcupines,and human and pet injuries (and deaths) causedby porcupines. Roze also highlights theconservation issues that surround some porcupinespecies, such as the thin-spine porcupine ofBrazil, which is so rare that it was thought to beextinct until its rediscovery in the 1980s. 9781421407364, PB, Nobember 2012 25.4x17.8 cm, 256 pages 32 colour photos, 60 halftones illus.
  • 141. Polar Bears: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior Derocher Andrew E.The polar bear, king of the Arctic, is one of theworlds most recognizable animals. Images of themajestic beasts roaming across the ice cap, plunginginto frigid waters, and playing with furry cubs havecome to symbolize the beauty and grandeur of theArctic. Andrew E. Derocher and Wayne Lynch havespent decades following the bears, and this bookoffers the most comprehensive and readable reviewof their biology, ecology, behavior, and conservation.With gripping photographs by Lynch, a preeminentwildlife photographer, and the personal stories ofDerocher, this book is as stunning to look at as it isfascinating to read. It weaves together theirremarkable experiences with the latest research totell the amazing story of these Arctic predators,tracing the animals back to their evolutionary rootsand looking ahead to the future of polar bears on awarming planet Earth. 9781421403052, HB, February 2012 27.9x22.9 cm, 264 pages, 4 maps, 153 colour illus.
  • 142. Venomous Reptiles of the United States, Canada, and Northern Mexico: Volume 2, Crotalus Ernst Carl H., Ernst Evelyn M.Mixing their own research with careful datadescription and intriguing stories, Ernst and Ernstpresent the most accurate and interesting view ofNorth Americas rattlesnakes available. Theyprovide general background information on"Crotalus", including venom delivery systems, howrattles function, what rattlesnakes eat, and whateats rattlesnakes. Additionally, they offer specificand fascinating details, such as observations ofrattlesnakes swimming to offshore islands,accounts of male combat bouts, possible "anting"behavior in Crotalus viridis, and the features of theSanta Catalina Island rattleless rattlesnake. Eachspecies account includes vivid photographs, rangemaps, and explanations of the limits to theirrespective distribution. 9780801898761, HB, February 2012 25.4x17.8 cm, 424 pages 22 maps, 46 colour photos, 104 black&white illus.
  • 143. Vertebrate Biology: Second Edition Linzey Donald W.Long recognized as the most readable textbook onvertebrate biology, this comprehensive volumecovers subjects ranging from the biology of thesmallest shrew to the migration of the largest whales.Thoroughly updated with the latest research, this newedition discusses taxa and topics such assystematics and evolution, zoogeography, ecology,morphology, and reproduction, early chordates, fish,amphibians, reptiles (inclusive of birds), andmammals, population dynamics, movement andmigration, behavior, study methods, extinctionprocesses, conservation and management."Vertebrate Biology" is the ideal text for courses inzoology, vertebrate biology, vertebrate naturalhistory, and general biology. Arranged logically tofollow the typical course format, "Vertebrate Biology"leaves students with a full understanding of theunique structure, function, and living patterns of thesubphylum that includes our own species. 9781421400402, HB, February 2012 27.9x21.6 cm, 608 pages33 maps, 27 graphs, 445 black&white illus., 63 line illus.
  • 144. Breast Reconstruction Guidebook: Issues andAnswers from Research to Recovery (Third Edition) Steligo KathyFor a decade "The Breast ReconstructionGuidebook" has been the best resource on thistopic for women who have had a mastectomy.Equal parts science and support, it is filled withstories that illustrate the emotional and physicalcomponents of breast reconstruction. Readerswill find advice about choosing a doctor and aprocedure, insurance and payment issues, howto prepare for surgery, and what to expect duringrecovery. Expert commentary by physicians andinsights from patients inform this book, as doesthe exhaustive research by the author, a two-time breast cancer survivor who has twice hadreconstructive surgery. 9781421407203, PB, November 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 272 pages, 15 halftones, 25 line illus.
  • 145. Understanding Anesthesia: What You Need to Know about Sedation and Pain Control Orebaugh Steven L.Most people choose their surgeon with care, but veryfew think about the anesthesiologist, even thoughthat physicians skills and approach can significantlyinfluence surgical outcomes. Here Dr. Steven L.Orebaugh recommends steps we all can take tosecure safe and effective anesthesia. What type ofanesthesia is used – and how it is applied – directlyaffects postoperative comfort as well as mental clarityand rehabilitation. This book describes the variousoptions for anesthesia and how they can be usedtogether for the best possible outcome and optimalpain management. Dr. Orebaugh offers a brief historyof the subject and a clear and careful overview of thetypes of anesthesia and their associatedcomplications and risks. 9781421403175, PB, January 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 168 pages, 15 black&white illus.
  • 146. Public Health for an Aging SocietyAnderson Lynda A., Binstock Robert H., Prohaska Thomas R.This comprehensive survey discusses research,policy, and practice; managing and preventingdiseases; promoting mental and physical health;and maintaining quality of life for an aging society.The fields of public health and aging have grownincreasingly complex. Given the interdependencyof issues posed by an aging society, the editors tothis volume expand the traditional scope andtreatments of public health and aging by adoptinga social-ecological perspective that incorporatesindividual, family, community, societal, andenvironmental concerns. Chapters address themost critical public health issues facing an agingsociety, including Medicare and family caregiving,and introduce many new and emerging concepts,such as emergency preparedness, technology inaging, translational research, genomics, andenvironmental influences on health and healthpractices. 9781421404356, PB, March 2012 23.5x15.6 cm, 448 pages, 21 black&white illus.
  • 147. Robots in Space: Technology, Evolution, and Interplanetary TravelMcCurdy Howard E., Launius Roger D.In "Robots in Space", Roger Launius and HowardMcCurdy tackle these seemingly fanciful questionswith rigorous scholarship and disciplined imagination,jumping comfortably among the worlds of rocketry,engineering, public policy, and science fantasy toexpound upon the possibilities and improbabilitiesinvolved in trekking across the Milky Way andbeyond. They survey the literature-fictional as well asacademic studies; outline the progress of spaceprograms in the United States and other nations; andassess the current state of affairs to offer aconclusion startling only to those who havent spenttime with Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke: to traversethe cosmos, humans must embrace and entwinethemselves with advanced robotic technologies. 9781421407630, PB, August 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 336 pages
  • 148. Introduction to Differential Equations Using Sage Hampton Marshall, Joyner DavidDavid Joyner and Marshall Hamptons lucidtextbook explains differential equations using thefree and open-source mathematical softwareSage. Since its release in 2005, Sage hasacquired a substantial following amongmathematicians, but its first user was Joyner, whois credited with helping famed mathematicianWilliam Stein turn the program into a usable andpopular choice. "Introduction to DifferentialEquations Using Sage" extends Steins work bycreating a classroom tool that allows bothdifferential equations and Sage to be taughtconcurrently. Its a creative and forward-thinkingapproach to math instruction. Topics include: First-Order Differential Equations, Incorporation ofNewtonian Mechanics, Second-Order DifferentialEquations, The Annihilator Method, Using LinearAlgebra with Differential Equations, NonlinearSystems, Partial Differential Equations, Romeoand Juliet. 9781421406374, HB, August 2012 25.4x17.8 cm, 280 pages, 3 halftones, 80 line illus.
  • 149. Religion and Politics in Europe and the United States: Transnational Historical Approaches Martschukat Jurgen, Depkat Volker"Religion and Politics in Europe and the United States"compares the dynamic relationships between religionand public life in the U.S. and Europe from the earlymodern era to today by examining a series of publicissues for which religious arguments have often beencrucial. Jurgen and Volker explore how discourses onboth side of the Atlantic have diverged due to the varyingroles of religion. The book traces the influences ofreligion and politics from early modern religiously basedlegitimization of European monarchy and Americandemocracy, to todays historical perspectives on theproblem of religion and terrorism. The contributors –political scientists, historians, and sociologists from theUnited States, the United Kingdom, Germany, andAustria – shed a uniquely transnational light on thedebates that have shaped the world we currently live in,from capital punishment to concepts of ethnicity toreligions in conflict. 9781421408101, HB, December 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 320 pages
  • 150. Jewish Movement in the Soviet Union Roi YaacovThe Jewish Movement saw hundreds ofthousands of Soviet Jews leave their nativecountry for Israel. This book grapples with themovements origins, its Soviet and internationalcontexts, and its considerable achievements –prior to the mass Jewish emigration ofGorbachevs last years, about one quarter of amillion Jews left the Soviet Union. Thecontributors, a mix of senior and junior scholars,as well as movement participants, examine theinfluences of a wide range of contemporaryevents, including the victory of Israel in the 1967war, the Soviet dissident and human rightsmovements, and the general malaise of Sovietsociety, its self-contradictory attitude towardnationalism, and its underlying anti-Semitism. Thebook is based on a combination of secondaryresearch, archival work, and interviews. 9781421405643, HB, August 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 472 pages, 9 halftones illus.
  • 151. Selling the Amish: The Tourism of Nostalgia Trollinger Susan L.More than 19 million tourists flock to Amish Countryeach year, drawn by the opportunity to glimpse "abetter time" and the quaint beauty of picturesquefarmland and handcrafted quilts. What they mayfind, however, are elaborately themed towncenters, outlet malls, or even a water park. SusanL. Trollinger explores this puzzling incongruity,showing that Amish tourism is anything but plainand simple. "Selling the Amish" takes readers on avirtual tour of three such tourist destinations inOhios Amish Country, the worlds largest Amishsettlement. Trollinger examines the visual rhetoricof these uniquely themed places – theirarchitecture, interior decor, even their merchandiseand souvenirs – and explains how these featurescreate a setting and a story that brings touristsback year after year. 9781421404196, HB, March 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 224 pages, 4 maps, 16 halftones illus.
  • 152. China Orders the World: Normative Soft Power and Foreign Policy Barabantseva Elena, Callahan William A.This volume examines a series of complexdebates surrounding the role of Chinas historicalideals in shaping its foreign policy. Presenting andanalyzing the works of key Chinese philosophersand prominent international relations theorists, thecontributors – prestigious scholars from China, theUnited States, the United Kingdom, and France –examine how an idealized version of Chinasimperial past now inspires a new generation ofChinese scholars and policymakers and theirplans for Chinas future. Although a growingnumber of books treat Chinas rise and world view,"China Orders the World" brings together Chineseand Western scholars in a uniquely detailed andnuanced exploration of how traditional Chineseculture is being remolded into a "Chinese-style"world order for the twenty-first century. 9781421403830, HB, January 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 256 pages
  • 153. Embracing Democracyin the Western Balkans: From Post-Conflict Struggles toward European Integration Cohen Lenard J., Lampe John R.This book offers a comparative, cross-regional studyof the politics and economics of Serbia, Croatia,Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, andAlbania from 1999 to the present. It is during thisperiod that the first wave of post-communist regimetransition ended and the region became more deeplyinvolved in the challenges of democraticconsolidation. Lenard J. Cohen and John R. Lampeexplore the legacies of communist rule, the impact ofincentives and impediments on reform, and themagnetic pull of European Union accession. Theauthors ask whether the Western Balkans areembracing democracy by creating functional, resilientinstitutions and fostering popular acceptance andtrust in the legitimacy of those institutions. 9781421404332, PB, October 2011 25x15 cm, 480 pages
  • 154. New Geopolitics of Transatlantic Relations:Coordinated Responses to Common Dangers Frohlich StefanWhere the United States may pursueconfrontation, Europe is more likely to operate withconciliation. This book develops a framework forfuture U.S.-Europe relations as the two worldpowers work toward meaningful and logicalsolutions to their shared foreign policy problems.The author identifies commonalities anddifferences in the two regions economic aims,political habits, and cultural history. What Europeand the United States share means that theirfuture relations should and will be more thanoccasional collaborations, even if they no longerpursue a common mission. Ultimately, the booksets forth a new transatlantic agenda bydiscussing principal areas of concern. 9781421403816, HB, March 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 288 pages
  • 155. Leaving without Losing:The War on Terror after Iraq and Afghanistan Katz Mark N.Drawing lessons from the Cold War, Katz makesthe case that rather than signaling the decline ofAmerican power and influence, removing militaryforces from Afghanistan and Iraq puts the U.S. in abetter position to counter the forces of radical Islamand ultimately win the war on terror. He explainsthat since both wars will likely remain intractable,for Washington to remain heavily involved in eitheris counter-productive. Katz argues that looking toits Cold War experience would help the U.S. findbetter strategies for employing Americas scarceresources to deal with its adversaries now. Thismeans that, although leaving Afghanistan and Iraqmay well appear to be a victory for Americasopponents in the short term – as was the casewhen the U.S. withdrew from Indochina – the largerbattle with militant Islam can be won only byrefocusing foreign and military policy away fromthese two quagmires. 9781421405582, HB, March 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 168 pages
  • 156. Cornell University Press powstało w 1869 r., co czyni je najdawniej założonymuniwersyteckim wydawnictwem w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Od samego początkuwydawnictwo wyróżniało się bogatą ofertą tematyczną. Obecnie CUP wydaje około 150książek rocznie z dziedzin takich jak antropologia, historia, historia sztuki,kulturoznawstwo, krytyka literacka i teoria literatury, filozofia, polityka i stosunkimiędzynarodowe czy socjologia, a także studia miejskie, studia azjatyckie, slawistykęi studia eurazjatyckie. W ofercie znajduje się również seria poświęcona miastui stanowi Nowy Jork. W 2010 r. Cornell University Press otrzymało od znaczącąprywatną subwencję, umożliwiającą wydawnictwu publikację niszowych tytułówz dziedzin humanistycznych, co dodatkowo wzbogaciło jego ofertę. Od wczesnych lat90-tych główna siedziba wydawnictwa znajduje się w Sage House – gotyckim budynkuo historii równie długiej jak historia samego wydawnictwa – i na dawnej posesji jednegoz wczesnych darczyńców uczelni Cornella.
  • 157. Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New Media Gershon IlanaIlana Gershon was intrigued by the degree to whichher students used new media to communicateimportant romantic information – such as "its over".She decided to get to the bottom of the matter byinterviewing seventy-two people about how they useSkype, texting, voice mail, instant messaging,Facebook, and cream stationery to endrelationships. She opens up the world of romance asit is conducted in a digital milieu, offering insightsinto the ways in which different media influencebehavior, beliefs, and social mores. Above all, thisfull-fledged ethnography of Facebook and other newtools is about technology and communication, but italso tells the reader a great deal about what collegestudents expect from each other when breaking up –and from their friends who are the spectators orwitnesses to the ebb and flow of their relationships."The Breakup 2.0" is accessible and riveting. 9780801477898, PB, February 2012 22.1x14.8 cm, 232 pages
  • 158. When Small States Make BigLeaps: Institutional Innovation and High-Tech Competition in Western Europe Ornston DariusOrnston draws on interviews with hundreds of politicians,policymakers, and industry representatives to identify twodifferent patterns of institutional innovation and economicrestructuring. Irish policymakers worked with industry andlabor representatives to contain costs and expand marketcompetition. Denmark and Finland adopted a differentstrategy, converting an established tradition of private-public and industry-labor cooperation to invest in high-quality inputs such as human capital and research. Bothstrategies facilitated movement into new high-techindustries but with distinctive political and economicconsequences. In explaining how previously slow-movingstates entered dynamic new industries, Ornston identifiesa broader range of strategies by which countries canrespond to disruptive challenges such as economicinternationalization, rapid technological innovation, andthe shift to services. 9780801450921, HB, August 2012 23.9x16 cm, 240 pages
  • 159. Philosophers in the "Republic": Platos Two Paradigms Weiss RoslynIn Platos „Republic”, Socrates contends thatphilosophers make the best rulers because onlythey behold with their minds eye the eternal andpurely intelligible Forms of the Just, the Noble, andthe Good. When, in addition, these men andwomen are endowed with a vast array of moral,intellectual, and personal virtues and areappropriately educated, surely no one could doubtthe wisdom of entrusting to them the governance ofcities. Although it is widely – and reasonably –assumed that all the Republic’s philosophers arethe same, Roslyn Weiss argues in this boldlyoriginal book that the „Republic” actually containstwo distinct and irreconcilable portrayals of thephilosopher. By shedding light on an aspect of the„Republic” that has escaped notice, Weiss’s newinterpretation will challenge Plato scholars to revisittheir assumptions about Plato’s moral and politicalphilosophy. 9780801449741, HB, September 2012 22.8x15.2 cm, 248 pages
  • 160. Heideggers Roots: Nietzsche, NationalSocialism, and the Greeks Katz Mark N.Bambach depicts the development withinHeideggers work of a philosophy marked by abelief in rootedness in the homeland, the ground ofancestral kinship, and a notion of a privileged,originary connection to the ancient Greeks.Bambach makes clear that Heideggersphilosophical account of the history of the West isstructured by a grand metaphysical vision ofGerman destiny as something rooted in the soil. Allof Heideggers post-1933 works can, Bambachmaintains, be read as arguments for a Germanform of racial-political autochthony. An essentialreference in the debates over one of the twentiethcenturys most influential – and controversial –philosophers, this book demonstrates the profoundinfluence on Heideggers work of both historicalcontext and the other thinkers with whom heengaged in dialogue. 9780801472664, PB, September 2005 23.5x15.6 cm, 384 pages
  • 161. Empire of Humanity:A History of Humanitarianism Barnett Michael"Empire of Humanity" explores humanitarianismsremarkable growth from its humble origins in theearly nineteenth century to its current prominence inglobal life. In contrast to most contemporary accountsof humanitarianism that concentrate on the last twodecades, Michael Barnett ties the past to the present,connecting the antislavery and missionarymovements of the nineteenth century to todayspeacebuilding missions, the Cold War interventionsin places like Biafra and Cambodia to post-Cold Warhumanitarian operations in regions such as the GreatLakes of Africa and the Balkans; and the creation ofthe International Committee of the Red Cross in 1863to the emergence of the major internationalhumanitarian organizations of the twentieth century.Based on extensive archival work, close encounterswith many of todays leading international agencies,and interviews with dozens of aid workers in the fieldand at headquarters, "Empire of Humanity" providesa history that is both global and intimate. 9780801447136, HB, March 2011 23.6x15.5 cm, 312 pages, 1 table, 11 halftones illus.
  • 162. Opening Up Middle English Manuscripts: Literary and Visual Approaches Kerby-Fulton Kathryn, Hilmo Maidie, Olson LindaKathryn Kerby-Fulton, Linda Olson, and Maidie Hilmo– scholars at the forefront of the modern study ofMiddle English manuscripts – focus on the writersmost often taught in Middle English courses,including Geoffrey Chaucer, William Langland, theGawain Poet, Thomas Hoccleve, Julian of Norwich,and Margery Kempe, highlighting the specific issuesthat shaped literary production in late medievalEngland. Among the topics they address are the riseof the English language, literacy, social conditions ofauthorship, early instances of the "AlliterativeRevival", women and book production, nuns libraries,patronage, household books, religious and politicaltrends, and attempts at revisionism and censorship. 9780801478307, PB, September 2012 30.4x22.8 cm, 416 pages, 205 Illustrations
  • 163. Europe Made of Money: The Emergence of the European Monetary System Mourlon-Druol Emmanuel„A Europe Made of Money” is a new history of themaking of the European Monetary System (EMS),based on extensive archive research. EmmanuelMourlon-Druol highlights two long-term processes inthe monetary and economic negotiations in thedecade leading up to the founding of the EMS in1979. The first is a transnational learning processinvolving a powerful, networked European monetaryelite that shaped a habit of cooperation amongtechnocrats. The second stresses the importance ofthe European Council, which held regular meetingsbetween heads of government beginning in 1974,giving EEC legitimacy to monetary initiatives that hadpreviously involved semisecret and bilateralnegotiations. The interaction of these two featureschanged the EMS from a fairly trivial piece ofadministrative business to a tremendously importantpolitical agreement. 9780801450839, HB, July 2012 23.6x15.5 cm, 368 pages
  • 164. Capitalist Diversity on Europes Periphery Bohle Dorothee, Greskovits BelaRather, they each had to decide what sort ofcapitalist nation to become. In Capitalist Diversity onEuropes Periphery, Dorothee Bohle and BélaGeskovits trace the form that capitalism took in eachcountry, the assets and liabilities left behind bysocialism, the transformational strategies embracedby political and technocratic elites, and the influenceof transnational actors and institutions. They alsoevaluate the impact of three regional shocks: therecession of the early 1990s, the rolling globalfinancial crisis that started in July 1997, and thepolitical shocks that attended EU enlargement in2004. Bohle and Greskovits also describe thepolitical contention over such arrangements inRomania, Bulgaria, and Croatia.A highly original and theoretically sophisticatedtypology of capitalism in postsocialist Europe, thisbook is unique in the breadth and depth of itsconceptually coherent and empirically richcomparative analysis. 9780801478154, PB, August 2012 23.1x15.5 cm, 304 pages
  • 165. Prosper or PerishCredit and Fiscal Systems in Rural China Lynette H. OngIn „Prosper or Perish”, Lynette H. Ong examinesthe bias in RCC lending patterns, focusing on whythe mobilization of rural savings has contributed tosuccessful industrial development in some localesbut not in others. Interweaving insightful andtheoreticallyinformed discussions of rural credit,development, governance, and bank bailouts, Ongidentifies various sources for Chinas unevendevelopment. In the highly decentralized fiscalenvironment of the People’s Republic, successfulindustrialization has significant implications for ruralgovernance. In light of the recent liberalization ofthe rural credit sector in China, „Prosper or Perish”makes a significant contribution to debates withinpolitical science, economic development, andinternational banking. 9780801450624, HB, September 2012 23.6x15.5 cm, 232 pages, 76 Illustrations
  • 166. Petroleum Triangle: Oil, Globalization, and Terror Yetiv Steve A.In "The Petroleum Triangle", Steve A. Yetiv tells theinterconnected story of oil, globalization, andterrorism. Yetiv asks how Al-Qaeda, a small band ofterrorists, became such a real and perceived threat toAmerican and global security, a threat viewed asprofound enough to motivate the strongest power inworld history to undertake extraordinary actions,including two very costly wars. A sweeping analysisof contemporary world politics and American foreignand military policy, "The Petroleum Triangle"convincingly argues that it is critical to understand theconnections among oil, globalization, and terrorism ifwe seek to comprehend modern global politics. Whathappens within the Petroleum Triangle will helpdetermine if the death of Osama bin Laden willultimately cripple Al-Qaeda and its affiliates or be yetanother milestone in an ongoing age of terrorism. 9780801450020, HB, October 2011 23.6x15.5 cm, 256 pages, 10 graphs
  • 167. Money Laundry: Regulating Criminal Finance in the Global Economy Sharman J. C.In "The Money Laundry", J. C. Sharmaninvestigates whether AML policy works, and why ithas spread so rapidly to so many states with solittle in common. Sharman asserts that there arefew benefits to such policies but high costs, whichfall especially heavily on poor countries. Sharmantests the effectiveness of AML laws by solicitingoffers for just the kind of untraceable shellcompanies that are expressly forbidden by globalstandards. In practice these are readily available,and the author had no difficulty in buying theservices of such companies. After dealing withproviders in countries ranging from the Seychellesand Somalia to the United States and Britain,Sharman demonstrates that it is easier to formuntraceable companies in large rich states than insmall poor ones; the United States is the worstoffender. 9780801450181, HB, November 2011 23.6x15.5 cm, 224 pages
  • 168. Europe United: Power Politics and the Making of the European Community Sebastian RosatoThe construction of the European Community (EC)has widely been understood as the product of eithereconomic self-interest or dissatisfaction with thenation-state system. In „Europe United”, SebastianRosato challenges these conventional explanations,arguing that the Community came into being becauseof balance of power concerns. France and theFederal Republic of Germany – the two keyprotagonists in the story – established the EC at theheight of the cold war as a means to balance againstthe Soviet Union and one another. More generally,Rosato argues that international institutions, whethermilitary or economic, largely reflect the balance ofpower. In his view, states establish institutions inorder to maintain or increase their share of worldpower, and the shape of those institutions reflects thewishes of their most powerful members. 9780801478499, PB, July 2012 23.1x15.5 cm, 280 pages
  • 169. At Home with the Diplomats: Inside a European Foreign Ministry Neumann Iver B.The 2010 WikiLeaks release of 250,000 U.S.diplomatic cables has made it eminently clear thatthere is a vast gulf between the public face ofdiplomacy and the opinions and actions that takeplace behind embassy doors. In "At Home with theDiplomats", Iver B. Neumann offers unprecedentedaccess to the inner workings of a foreign ministry.In this book he shows us how diplomacy isconducted on a day-to-day basis. Neumann leavesthe reader with a keen sense of the practices ofdiplomacy: relations with foreign ministries,mediating between other peoples positions whileintegrating personal and professional into acohesive whole, adherence to compulsory routinesand agendas, and, above all, the generation ofknowledge. Yet even as they come to master suchquotidian tasks, diplomats are regularly called uponto do exceptional things, such as negotiatingpeace. 9780801477652, PB, February 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 232 pages, 6 black&white illus.
  • 170. Freedom Burning: Anti-Slavery and Empire in Victorian Britain Richard HuzzeyIn a sweeping narrative that spans the globe,„Freedom Burning” explores the intersection ofphilanthropic, imperial, and economic interests thatunderlay Britains anti-slavery zeal – from London toLiberia, the Sudan to South Africa, Canada to theCaribbean, and the British East India Company to theConfederate States of America. Through carefulattention to popular culture, official records, andprivate papers, Huzzey rewrites the history of theBritish Empire and a century-long effort to end theglobal trade in human lives. 9780801451089, HB, August 2012 23.6x15.2 cm, 320 pages, 17 Illustrations
  • 171. Magic Lantern Empire: Colonialism and Society in Germany Short John PhillipMagic Lantern Empire examines Germancolonialism as a mass cultural and politicalphenomenon unfolding at the center of a nascent,conflicted German modernity. John Phillip Shortdraws together strands of propaganda and visualculture, science and fantasy to show howcolonialism developed as a contested form ofknowledge that both reproduced and blurred classdifference in Germany, initiating the masses into amodern market worldview. A nuanced account ofhow ordinary Germans understood and articulatedthe idea of empire, this book draws on a diverserange of sources: police files, spy reports, pulpnovels, popular science writing, daily newspapers,and both official and private archives. 9780801450945, HB, November 2012 23.6x15.5 cm, 248 pages, 31 Illustrations
  • 172. Project Plowshare:The Peaceful Use of Nuclear Explosives in Cold War America Richard HuzzeyScott Kaufman’s extensive research in nearly twodozen archives in three nations shows how science,politics, and environmentalism converged to shapethe lasting conflict over the use of nucleartechnology. Indeed, despite technological andstrategic promise, Plowshare’s early champions soonfound themselves facing a vocal and powerfulcoalition of federal and state officials, scientists,industrialists, environmentalists, and averagecitizens. Skeptical politicians, domestic andinternational pressure to stop nuclear testing, and alack of government funding severely restricted theprogram. By the mid-1970s, Plowshare was, in thewords of one government official, “dead as adoornail”. However, the thought of using the atom forpeaceful purposes remains alive. 9780801451256, HB, November 2012 23.6x15.2 cm, 296 pages, 11 Illustrations
  • 173. Brooking Institution zostało założone w 1916 r. w Waszyngtonie przez filantropaRoberta S. Brookings’a jako Rządowy Instytut Badań, z misją zostania „pierwsząprywatną organizacją zajmującą się analizą spraw polityki państwowej na szczeblukrajowym”.Jako organizacja non-profit, Brookings prowadzi badania naukowe i edukacjęw dziedzinie nauk społecznych, przede wszystkim w sferze ekonomii, zarządzania,polityki zagranicznej, globalnej gospodarki i rozwoju. The Brookings Institution Presswydaje książki i czasopisma własnych zespołów badawczych, a także autorów spozaorganizacji. Najważniejszym celem wydawnictwa jest rozpowszechnianiei propagowanie wiedzy uzyskanej z badań.
  • 174. EU Information Handbook 2011 American Chamber of Commerce to the European UnionThe "EU Information Handbook 2011" is acomprehensive guide to the European Union andits institutions. Packed with facts, figures, andcontact details of thousands of EU officials, thisguide is a must-have for anyone working orinterested in EU affairs.This clearly structured spiral-bound referenceguide is easy to use and includes:In-depth explanations of the role of the Europeaninstitutions, with Lisbon Treaty updates;Facts and figures on EU Member States andcandidate countries;Contact details of over 1,000 key EU officials,including commissioners, their cabinets and alldepartments (Directorates-General) and services,as well as members of the European Parliamentand diplomatic missions. 9782914685597, PB, March 2012 23.8x16.6 cm, 346 pages
  • 175. Saving Europe: How National Politics Nearly Destroyed the Euro Bastasin CarloCarlo Bastasin reveals and analyzes what hasbeen happening behind the scenes in Europeannegotiations since the financial crisis began withthe collapse of major financial institutions in 2008.He argues that the crisis in the euro zone actuallyhas a political origin, having emerged from the self-interested abuses of national politics. Moreover, thecrisis is reinforced even now by the obstinatedefense of national prerogatives in politics andfinance as well as by the lack of commitment forshared or supranational sovereignty. While theprevalent view is that monetary union was a flawedproject from the start and is in need of amending,Bastasin shows that the failures have to do almostentirely with national opportunism – not only inGreece but in most countries, including Germany –and concludes that the crisis will lead to Europespolitical union. 9780815721963, HB, March 2012 22.9x15.2 cm, 404 pages
  • 176. Transatlantic 20/20: The U.S. and Europe in an Interpolar World Hamilton Daniel S.This volume examines fundamental societal,economic, political, and security trends affecting theEU and the U.S. over the next decade. It posits whatsuch trends could mean for the transatlanticpartnership by 2020, and, using policy scenarios,recommends the choices likely to influence thosepatterns. What will the rise of Asia and the BRICs(Brazil, Russia, India, and China) mean for Europeand the United States? How might the consequencesdiffer for the transatlantic partners, and what wouldthat mean for the transatlantic partnership itself? Whatdemographic trends will influence Europe and NorthAmerica, how will the impact differ, and what effectcould this have on the transatlantic partnership? Howwill trends in demographic change, trends in humanmobility, and changes in energy sustainability affecteach side of the Atlantic, how will these effects differfor each partner, and what might be theconsequences for the partnership? These are theissues explored in this important study. 9780984134151, PB, January 2012 23x15 cm, 150 pages
  • 177. Leadership and Web 2.0: The Leadership Implications of the Evolving Web McGonagill Grady, Doerffer TinaThis book analyzes over 300 pioneering web-useexamples from the private, public, and nonprofitsector in Germany, Europe, and the United States.A new leadership paradigm seems to be emergingwith an inexorable shift away from one-way,hierarchical, organization-centric communicationtoward two-way, networkcentric, participatory, andcollaborative leadership styles. What requirements,trends, opportunities, and key challenges areemerging for leadership? The study aims to enablemanagers from all sectors to anticipate changesand proactively take advantage of opportunities thatare emerging. Target groups for this publication arepeople in leadership positions in organizationsacross all sectors – from managers in executiveand supervisory boards, operations, and humanresources to academics and practitioners, advisers,and policymakers. 9783867933247, PB, August 2012 26.6x18.4 cm, 174 pages
  • 178. Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin Hill Fiona, Gaddy Clifford G.Who is Vladimir Putin? As Russias dominant politicalfigure for more than a decade, observers havedescribed him as a "man from nowhere" – a man withno face, substance, or soul. Like the English cartooncharacter Mr. Benn, Mr. Putin constantly assumesnew guises – his public relations team hasorchestrated his images from big-game hunter toscuba diver, from biker to nightclub crooner. But in"Mr. Putin", Russia experts Fiona Hill and CliffordGaddy reveal Putin as a man of many and complexidentities... a man more intricate and multifacetedthan he wants the world to believe he is. Drawing onmany sources, including their own personalencounters, Hill and Gaddy argue that there are, infact, several "real" Putins. Understanding Putinsmultidimensional nature is essential for policymakerstrying to decide how to approach and interact withhim. The effort to grasp such an evasive figuremakes for fascinating reading. 9780815723769, HB, September 2012 21.6x14 cm, 150 pages