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  1. 1. NOWOŚCI Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Peter-John Wormald Thieme Praise for the second edition: The book anatomy and surgical steps for all is beautifully and clearly illustrated, procedures, is provided via a scratch-off providing a comprehensive and clear page in the book. Features of the third approach of value to both the novice edition: * Three entirely new chapters on and experienced surgeon and would be anatomy of the sphenoid, surgery of the of great interest to anyone working in craniocervical junction, and this area. - Valerie J. Lund, Rhinology, management of carotid artery and other 46, 250, 2008 This updated and major vessel injury* More than 150 new9781604066876 expanded third edition of Endoscopic high-quality dissection photos help Sinus Surgery provides detailed, step- clarify complex techniques throughout26.10.2012 by-step instructions on how to perform the book* Online access to more thanOprawa: twarda state-of-the-art surgical techniques on 40 operative videos demonstrating € 139,99 the paranasal sinuses and skull base. It surgical techniques This operative extensively describes the anatomy of all manual is an essential reference for regions within the sinuses and adjacent otolaryngologists and skull base intracranial cavities and includes unique, surgeons who need a refresher on a practical guidance on using CT scans to surgical procedure as well as residents reconstruct 3D images of surgical and fellows seeking guidance on the anatomy. Access to more than 40 latest endoscopic techniques for the videos, available on Thiemes sinuses and skull base. MediaCenter and illustrating theEssential Padiatric Oral and Maxillofacial Craniofacial, Head andOtolaryngology Head Otorhinolaryngology Trauma Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgeryand Neck SurgeryK.Jane Lee Miland V. Kirtane Raymond J. Fonseca Dr. Eduardo D. RodriguezMcGraw-Hill Thieme Elsevier Elsevier9780071761475 9789382076049 9781455705542 978145571054601.06.2012 | miękka 19.12.2012 | twarda 01.01.2013 | twarda 05.09.2012 | twarda £ 74,99 € 89,99 £ 238,00 £ 174,00The leading guide to otolaryngology Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology: Describing the diagnosis and Fully updated to meet the demands-- invaluable for board review or as a Diagnosis and Treatment addresses management of maxillofacial and of the 21st-century surgeon,clinical refresher For more than four the medical and surgical treatment of associated traumatic injuries step by "Craniofacial, Head and Neckdecades, K.J. Lees Essential the most common and challenging step, Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma, Surgery and Pediatric PlasticOtolaryngology has been the premier clinical conditions in the rapidly 4th Edition takes you beyond the Surgery, Volume 3 of Plasticinternational guide to otolaryngology. growing field of pediatric surgical management of head and Surgery, 3rd Edition", provides youThis classic reference delivers top-to otorhinolaryngology. Clear, concise neck trauma to cover the general with the most current knowledge-bottom coverage that spans the chapters distill a significant amount management of traumatic injuries, and techniques across your entireentire discipline and provides an of information that the pediatric systemic evaluation of the trauma field, allowing you to offer everyeasy, at-a-glance review… subspecialist will find useful... patient, and special considerations... patient the best possible outcome. www.abe.pl
  2. 2. TOP 5Current Diagnosis & Endoscopic SinonasalTreatment Otolaryngology Dissection GuideHead & Neck SurgeryAnil Lalwani Roy R. CasianoMcGraw-Hill Thieme9780071624398 | 01.10.2011 | miękka 9781604065879 | 05.10.2011 | miękka 65,99 € 79,99 Rhinology: Diseases of the Nose, Sinuses, and Skull Base David W. KennedyJatin Shahs Head and Atlas of Regional and Free ThiemeNeck Surgery and Flaps for Head and Neck 9781604060607Oncology Reconstruction 24.05.2012 | twardaJatin P. Shah Mark L. UrkenElsevier Lippincott Williams and Wilkins € 189,999780323055895 | 10.04.2012 | twarda 9781605479729 | 01.12.2011 | twarda £ 258,00 £ 223,00ZAPOWIEDZIHead & Neck Atlas of Operative Atlas of Encyclopedia of Salivary GlandSurgery Otorhinolaryngology Endoscopic Sinus Otolaryngology, Pathologies and Head and Neck and Skull Base Head and Neck Surgery SurgeryGady Har-El Bachi T Hathiram James N. Palmer Stilianos E. Kountakis Nisheet Anant AgniThieme Jaypee Brothers Elsevier Springer Jaypee Brothers9789382076032 9789350901991 9780323044080 9783642234989 978938070472220.02.2013 | twarda 25.03.2013 | twarda 26.03.2013 | twarda 01.04.2013 | twarda 01.07.2013 | miękka € 119,99 £ 211,00 £ 129,00 € 2354,00 £ 50,00Podane ceny są cenami netto i zostaną przeliczone na złotówki wg kursu walut NBP z dnia sprzedaży
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