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Kardiologia | do -99%

  1. 1. 40 000+ tytułów dostępnych od ręki300+ wydawców w oferciedowolna książka obcojęzyczna dostępna na zamówienie40+ przedstawicieli handlowych7 księgarń w całej Polsce Spis treści: 1. Zapowiedzi ........................................................... 3 2. Nowości ............................................................... 6 3. Polecane .............................................................. 12 4. Niska cena ........................................................... 18 5. Formularz zamówienia .......................................... 34Podane ceny są cenami brutto i zawierają 5% podatek VAT.Oferta jest ważna do 28 lutego 2013 r. www.facebook.com/ABEIPS
  2. 2. ZAPOWIEDZI | -10% Atlas of Clinical Vascular Cardiac Output and Regional Medicine Flow in Health and Disease -1 -1 0 0 % % Michael R. Jaff A-M. Salmasi Wiley Springer ISBN: 9780470658093 ISBN: 9789401048163 Data wydania: 15.03.2013 Data wydania: 30.04.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka Cena: 608,70 zł Po rabacie: 548,00 zł Cena: 1855,05 zł Po rabacie: 1670,00 złClinically focused, case-based guide with self-assessment in each section from the Cardiac output has always been a subject of interest to both clinicians andworlds leading authorities Companion Website featuring downloadable versions of researchers in different branches of medicine and surgery. In the last decade morethe books nearly 200 images for easy integration into your own presentations. attention has also been paid to its application in pediatrics, neonatology, fetal medicine and pregnancy. Better understanding of the peripheral circulation has provided more insight into the patholophysiology of different diseases. Many cardiac and non-cardiac disorders affect cardiac outputs. Monitoring of the changes in cardiac output is also important in the acutely ill patient. There are several methods to measure cardiac output, each with advantages and pitfalls. This book deals with all relevant aspects of cardiac output in eight parts: part one describes the methods of measuring cardiac output and a comparison between the catheterisation based and the noninvasive techniques, while part two describes the changes in cardiac output due to physiological causes. Part three describes cardiac output in cardiac diseases and systemic hypertension. Cardiac output in acutely ill patients is discussed in part four. Effect of cardiac medications, temporary atrial pacing, permanent pacing, pharmacologic stress testing and anesthesia are ... Color Atlas of Vascular Comprehensive Surgical Management of Congenital Heart Diseases -1 -1 Disease 0 0 % % Curt Diehm Richard A Jonas Springer Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9783642082962 ISBN: 9781444112153 Data wydania: 01.03.2013 Data wydania: 15.04.2013 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda Cena: 1157,85 zł Po rabacie: 1043,00 zł Cena: 774,33 zł Po rabacie: 697,00 złThis book provides angiologists and vascular surgeons with a comprehensive survey The management of congenital heart disease has changed dramatically over the lastcovering all aspects of vascular diseases from diagnosis to treatment. All clinical decade and continues to evolve at a rapid pace. More than ever beforepictures are documented with pathological pictures, angiograms or X-rays. Specific contemporary practice requires a collaborative effort by a large healthcare teamcases of differential diagnosis are included as are surgical photographs concerning comprised not only of congenital cardiac surgeons but also pediatric cardiac nurses,the treatment of the diseases. The book describes all vascular diseases from arterial, pediatric cardiologists, perfusion and respiratory technicians, pediatric cardiacvenous to lymphatic lesions. It combines interests of vascular surgeons, intensivists, pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists, ultrasonographers, and MRI andangiologists, radiologists and cardiologists in a unique atlas and text combination of catheter laboratory technicians. All of these individuals need to have a clearvascular medicine. understanding of the morphology and pathophysiology of congenital heart disease as well as the surgical manipulations that take place in the operating room. This new edition of Comprehensive Surgical Management of Congenital Heart Disease has been fully updated to incorporate all the recent developments in the current practice of congenital heart surgery. The book includes numerous anatomical illustrations providing comprehensive and detailed information about intra-operative management of the entire spectrum of congenital heart surgery. As well as providing an operative atlas that illustrates how an operation should be ... Harrisons Cardiovascular Inflammatory Response in Medicine Cardiovascular Surgery -1 -1 0% 0% Joseph Loscalzo Edmo Atique Gabriel McGraw-Hill Springer ISBN: 9780071814980 ISBN: 9781447144281 Data wydania: 01.05.2013 Data wydania: 30.04.2013 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda Cena: 267,80 zł Po rabacie: 242,00 zł Cena: 622,46 zł Po rabacie: 561,00 złCardiovascular Medicine - as only Harrisons can cover it. Featuring a superb Much attention has been drawn to the impact of the inflammatory response incompilation of chapters related to cardiovascular disorders that appear in cardiovascular surgery. Despite that, scientific information on inflammatory response"Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine, Eighteenth Edition", this concise, full- in cardiovascular surgery is still lacking in health science literature, and thereby, thiscolor clinical companion delivers the latest knowledge in the field backed by the book is useful to assemble the most recent and exciting topics regardingscientific rigor and authority that have defined Harrisons. You will find content from inflammation and cardiovascular surgery. Minimizing deleterious effects ofrenowned editors and contributors in a carry-anywhere presentation that is ideal for cardiovascular surgery consists of understanding the pathogenesis of thethe classroom, clinic, ward, or exam/certification preparation. Features; current, inflammatory response in cardiovascular surgery and how to modulate it usingcomplete coverage of essential cardiovascular medicine topics, including Diagnosis medical strategies and especially operative approaches. This book providesof Cardiovascular Disorders, Heart Rhythm Disturbances, Disorders of the Heart, consistent information to help surgeons and other medical professionals understandand Disorders of the Vasculature; an important opening section "Introduction to the inflammatory mechanisms associated with cardiovascular surgery.Cardiovascular Disorders" that provides a systems overview, beginning with thebasic biology of the cardiovascular system, followed by epidemiology ofcardiovascular diseases, and approach to the patient; integration of pathophysiologywith clinical management; 108 high-yield questions and answers drawn from"Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine Self-Assessment and Board Review, ... 4 www.abe.pl
  3. 3. ZAPOWIEDZI | -10% Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiac Recent Advances and Surgery and Intensive Care Techniques in Cardiac -1 -1 0 0 % % Eduardo da Cruz Narain Moorjani Springer Taylor & Francis ISBN: 9781447146186 ISBN: 9781444137569 Data wydania: 31.07.2013 Data wydania: 15.07.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 4145,85 zł Po rabacie: 3732,00 zł Cena: 413,95 zł Po rabacie: 373,00 złThis book provides a consistent and comprehensive approach to multiple congenital Cardiac Surgery: Recent Advances and Techniques is a concise but invaluableand acquired cardiac pathologies pre, peri and postoperatively, with the use of textbook for those involved in the practice of cardiac surgery, both trainees andalgorhythms, guidelines and current research issues. This title also includes established cardiac surgeons. Cardiac disease is currently the number one cause ofinteractive videos with the most common interventions, online access to practical mortality in the Western world. The field of cardiac surgery continues to expand withlearning activities, and to the comprehensive Aristotle score and database. This the development of new techniques and operations as well as the refinement of wellbook satisfies the need for a universal and practical review of management of -established surgical procedures. In parallel with this, the demand for knowledgecritically ill children and adults with congenital heart disease, based upon taskforce regarding how these new procedures are performed is also increasing. Cardiacdecisions and the cumulative experience of the world leaders in the field. Surgery: Recent Advances and Techniques describes in detail all of the new developments in this expanding speciality of cardiac surgery. With chapters authored by the worlds leading experts, Cardiac Surgery provides a concise yet encompassing surgical text, which allows the reader to discover the new developments in the field of adult cardiac surgery. Each chapter includes a key point summary, the latest and most important key references and up-to-date information regarding the latest current trials. The chapters are accompanied by full colour illustrations to aid the learning process. Textbook of Cardiovascular Textbook of Clinical Intervention Echocardiography -1 -1 0 0 % % Craig Thompson Catherine M. Otto Springer Elsevier ISBN: 9781447145271 ISBN: 9781455728572 Data wydania: 24.04.2013 Data wydania: 12.06.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 829,79 zł Po rabacie: 747,00 zł Cena: 564,92 zł Po rabacie: 509,00 złaiThe field of interventional cardiology and interventional vascular medicine nowcomprises the dominant diagnostic and therapeutic field within cardiovascularmedicine, and continues to grow in terms of patients managed and physicianstrained. The Textbook of Cardiovascular Intervention is intended to provide amodern, comprehensive and practical text on interventional cardiology for thecurrent, rapidly evolving practice environment. It is lead by an editorial board andgroup of worldwide experts in the field. The textbook will emphasize: (1) the historyof interventional cardiovascular medicine, technology and disease subsets, (2)evidence and guideline based medicine and expert derived best practice for patientand device selection for procedures, (3) practical tips to optimally utilize techniqueand technology, supported with images and illustrations, and (4) dedicated sectionsto prevention and management of complications. Vascular Emergencies: Expert Management for the -1 0% Robert L. Rogers Cambridge University Press ISBN: 9781107035027 Data wydania: 31.03.2013 Oprawa: twarda Cena: 292,20 zł Po rabacie: 263,00 złOf all of the clinical entities within the discipline of medicine, vascular emergenciesare the most time sensitive, and the patients with these conditions are amongst themost severely ill. Emergency care providers encounter these entities on a day-to-daybasis in the emergency department. Vascular emergencies by their very nature arelimb and life threatening, and emergency physicians and other providers have to beexpert in the care and disposition of this group of patients. Vascular Emergenciesfocuses on the acute presentation in the emergency department. Each chapterincludes a discussion on diagnosis and treatment when resources are limited, a listof critical actions, pearls and pitfalls, and definitive care. Written by emergencyphysicians with unique understanding of the pertinent issues in the emergencydepartment, this book provides practical advice for all acute care providers caringfor patients with vascular emergencies. www.abe.pl 5
  4. 4. NOWOŚCI | -10% A Practical Approach to Atlas of 3D Cardiac Anesthesia Echocardiography -1 -1 0 0 % % Frederick A. Hensley Edward A. Gill Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Elsevier ISBN: 9781451137446 ISBN: 9781437726992 Data wydania: 01.10.2012 Data wydania: 22.10.2012 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda Cena: 319,20 zł Po rabacie: 288,00 zł Cena: 615,30 zł Po rabacie: 554,00 zł"A Practical Approach To Cardiac Anesthesia" is the most widely used clinical Accurately identify complex geometrical distortions of cardiac anatomy and makereference in cardiac anesthesia. Drawing on the experience of 55 authors from 29 more informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment with "Atlas of 3Ddifferent institutions, this 5th edition provides complete information on drugs, Echocardiography". This new cardiology reference presents the authoritative, case-monitoring, cardiopulmonary bypass, circulatory support, and anesthetic based, expert guidance you need to enhance your utilization and interpretation ofmanagement of specific cardiac disorders. Combining clinically relevant basic this cutting-edge, dimensional diagnostic tool.science with a practical "what-to-do" approach, this text is written in an easy-to-read outline format. Information is presented in a logical structure that makesessential facts easy to find and apply. And step-by-step coverage guides readersfrom cardiac physiology to anesthetic management of specific cardiac surgicalprocedures to management of cardiac disorders to circulatory support and organpreservation. Whether youre a practicing anesthesiologist, anesthesia resident,fellow in cardiothoracic anesthesia, perfusionist, or any other anesthesia practitioner,this is one book you should definitely keep close by. Features: insightfulperspectives from acknowledged authorities address thoracic anesthesia andpain management in cardiac and thoracic procedures; new chapters covering ... Braunwalds Heart Disease Cardiac Surgery: Operative Review and Assessment Technique -1 -1 0 0 % % Leonard S. Lilly Donald B. Doty Elsevier Elsevier ISBN: 9781455711475 ISBN: 9781416036531 Data wydania: 29.03.2012 Data wydania: 24.05.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 299,25 zł Po rabacie: 270,00 zł Cena: 932,40 zł Po rabacie: 840,00 złThe new edition of this popular study guide provides a current, clear, Cardiac Surgery: Operative Technique, by Drs. Donald B. Doty and John R. Doty, iscomprehensive, and concise overview of all aspects of cardiovascular medicine your essential source on how to perform todays full range of cardiac surgicalthrough an easy-to-use, question and answer format. All information is cross- techniques. Over 1,000 crisp illustrations and expert, evidence-based discussionsreferenced to pertinent sections from the new 8th Edition of "Braunwalds Heart guide you step by step, equipping you to perform all of the latest procedures andDisease", and, in most cases, additional journal articles. More than 800 questions - get the best outcomes.all accompanied by detailed answers - offer a thorough review of the parent text,while revised images and illustrations-also from the 8th Edition-aid incomprehension. Case problems further enhance your study for the SubspecialtyExamination in Cardiovascular Disease, and offer a greater understanding of moderncardiovascular medicine. Cardiovascular and Cardiovascular Physiology Pulmonary Physical Therapy -1 -1 0% 0% Donna L. Frownfelter Achilles J. Pappano Elsevier Elsevier ISBN: 9780323059138 ISBN: 9780323086974 Data wydania: 08.05.2012 Data wydania: 28.01.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 360,15 zł Po rabacie: 325,00 zł Cena: 141,18 zł Po rabacie: 128,00 złProviding a solid foundation in cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology and Cardiovascular Physiology gives you a solid understanding of how therehabilitation, "Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy: Evidence and cardiovascular system functions in both health and disease. Ideal for your systems-Practice, 5th Edition" uses the latest scientific literature and research in covering based curriculum, this title in the "Mosby Physiology Monograph Series" explainsanatomy and physiology, assessment, and interventions. A holistic approach how the latest concepts apply to real-life clinical situations.addresses the full spectrum of cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy fromacute to chronic conditions, starting with care of the stable patient and progressingto management of the more complex, unstable patient. Both primary and secondarycardiovascular and pulmonary disorders are covered. In this edition, updates includenew, full-color clinical photographs and the most current coverage of techniquesand trends in cardiopulmonary physical therapy. It is edited by Donna Frownfelterand Elizabeth Dean, recognized leaders in cardiovascular and pulmonaryrehabilitation, this resource is ideal for clinicals and for practice. 6 www.abe.pl
  5. 5. NOWOŚCI | -10% Cardiovascular Clinical Therapeutics Electrocardiography -1 -1 0 0 % % Elliott M. Antman Ary L. Goldberger Elsevier Elsevier ISBN: 9781455701018 ISBN: 9780323087865 Data wydania: 24.09.2012 Data wydania: 13.09.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 668,85 zł Po rabacie: 602,00 zł Cena: 240,45 zł Po rabacie: 217,00 złThis companion to "Braunwalds Heart Disease" equips you with all of todays most Clinical Electrocardiography: A Simplified Approach, 7th Edition goes beyond theeffective therapeutic guidelines and management solutions for the full range of heart simple waveform analysis to present ECGs as they are used in hospital wards,disease patients. It reflects the most recent standards for drug management as well outpatient clinics, emergency departments, and intensive care units - where theas the latest in new technologies. Reorganized to mirror your changing practice, recognition of normal and abnormal patterns is only the starting point in patient care.each cardiovascular-problem-based section offers a chapter on pharmacologic With Dr. Goldbergers renowned ability to make complex material easy totreatment (with a minimum of pathophysiology). This title includes a chapter on understand, youll quickly grasp the fundamentals of ECG interpretation andcatheter-based or minimally invasive interventions and a discussion of surgical analysis.options. Youll also find a brand-new chapter on gene therapy and stem celltherapy, plus new chapters on many other rapidly developing areas of practice. Theresult is an outstanding single-volume source for state-of-the-art, clinically orientedguidance on both common and unusual areas of cardiovascular treatment. Crash Course Echocardiography Cardiovascular System -1 -1 0 0 % % Jonathan Evans Paul Leeson Elsevier Oxford University Press ISBN: 9780723436287 ISBN: 9780199591794 Data wydania: 15.05.2012 Data wydania: 11.10.2012 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: miękka Cena: 143,85 zł Po rabacie: 130,00 zł Cena: 238,35 zł Po rabacie: 215,00 złThe new series of "Crash Course" continues to provide readers with complete Released in 2007 and the first handbook-sized practical training guide to providecoverage of the MBBS curriculum in an easy-to-read, user-friendly manner. Building easily accessible, detailed information on how to get good images, make keyon the success of previous editions, the new "Crash Courses" retain the popular measurements and report findings, the first edition of Echocardiography rapidlyand unique features that so characterised the earlier volumes. All "Crash Courses" become a bestselling echocardiography manual. Now in its second edition, andhave been fully updated throughout. reflecting the most recent international cardiology and echocaridography society guidelines, the handbook has been extensively updated throughout and features new sections covering 3D echocardiography, intracardiac echocardiography, contrast echocardiography, speckle tracking echocardiography and emergency echocardiography. In full colour throughout, the text is illustrated with over 300 images and comes with a DVD resource of over 175 image loops. Also including reference ranges to help with reporting and accreditation exam preparation, Echocardiography remains the essential reference for trainees undergoing accreditation and a daily source of information for those who perform clinical echocardiography. Echocardiography: A Case- Electrocardiography of based Review Arrhythmias -1 -1 0% 0% Garvan C. Kane Mithilesh Kumar Das Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Elsevier ISBN: 9781451109610 ISBN: 9781437720297 Data wydania: 01.07.2012 Data wydania: 10.04.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 559,65 zł Po rabacie: 504,00 zł Cena: 305,55 zł Po rabacie: 275,00 złEchocardiography: A Case-Based Review complements "The Echo Manual, 3/e", Electrocardiography of Arrhythmias: A Comprehensive Review equips you with thewith real time echocardiographic examples that illustrate best practices in technique core knowledge and clinical competencies you need to accurately interpretand interpretation. The authors present 100 cases, each designed to bring out electrocardiograms (ECG) and ace the ECG part of cardiology boards or the ABIMsalient features of echocardiographic performance, interpretation, and clinical ICE ECG certifying exam. Co-written by world-renowned cardiologists Mithilesh K.applications. The casebook cross-references the Manual for further information. The Das and Douglas P. Zipes, this companion study guide to "Cardiacbook presents a brief case history with initial findings and still images of the echo. Electrophysiology: From Cell to Bedside" offers a concise yet definitive review ofAccompanying the book is an online companion website that offers over 500 electrocardiography, complete with online access to the complete text and imageinteractive questions and answers that follow the patients echo clips for proper collection at our associated website, making this the perfect review and exam preppatient management. Using actual cases, concise answers to the review questions tool.explain key findings in the actual test(s). Plus, the online companion website alsooffers over 950 echo clips. The authors lead the trainee through key points indiagnosis or technique, differential diagnoses, caveats, and an online library of theecho for evaluation. Of primary interest to echo trainees and experts are casesdealing with Doppler hemodynamics, chamber quantification, evaluation ofspecific cardiovascular symptoms, strain, 3D echo, diastology, and patient ... www.abe.pl 7
  6. 6. NOWOŚCI | -10% Electrocardiography Exercise and Fitness Review Training After Stroke -1 -1 0 0 % % Curtis M. Rimmerman Gillian E. Mead Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Elsevier ISBN: 9781451149470 ISBN: 9780702043383 Data wydania: 01.04.2012 Data wydania: 21.11.2012 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: miękka Cena: 283,50 zł Po rabacie: 256,00 zł Cena: 189,00 zł Po rabacie: 171,00 złIn "Electrocardiography Review", Dr. Rimmerman provides 150 carefully selected This brand new book is the first of its kind dedicated to exercise and fitness trainingelectrocardiogram case studies derived from his files at the Cleveland Clinic. The after stroke. It aims to provide health and exercise professionals, and other suitablyelectrocardiograms have been chosen to help maximize learning and ABIM qualified individuals, with the necessary information to design and evaluate exerciseCertifying Exam preparation, emphasizing concepts that are not traditionally taught and fitness programmes for stroke survivors that are safe and effective. The contentin electrocardiogram courses or on the hospital wards. Each case appears on a is based on current evidence and aligned with national clinical guidelines and servicelandscaped spread with the ECG on the left and a clinical history below it and frameworks, highlighting the importance of physical activity in self-management afterincludes electrocardiogram interpretation, key teaching points with clinically relevant stroke. The book has also been written for stroke survivors and carers who may becommentary plus key clinical electrocardiogram diagnoses. There is also a section interested in physical activity after stroke. "Exercise and Fitness Training Aftertitled, Key Board Examination Coding Tips, with specific board exam diagnostic Stroke" comprehensively discusses the manifestations of stroke and how stroke iscodes provided for each tracing as well as special chapters dedicated to Certifying managed, the evidence for exercise and fitness training after stroke, how to design,Exam preparation and coding emphasizing keys to a passing score. Lastly, for those deliver, adapt and evaluate exercise, as well as how to set up exercise services andneeding concept reinforcement, there is a chapter outlining a recommended specialist fitness training programmes for stroke survivors.approach to electrocardiogram interpretation. Heart Failure Hypertension -1 -1 0 0 % % Miriam Johnson Henry R. Black Oxford University Press Elsevier ISBN: 9780199299300 ISBN: 9781437727661 Data wydania: 05.04.2012 Data wydania: 30.07.2012 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda Cena: 161,70 zł Po rabacie: 146,00 zł Cena: 610,05 zł Po rabacie: 550,00 złExcellent end of life care for people with heart failure is challenging but possible. Clinical hypertension is one of the most serious long-term problems associated withFailure to address this aspect of care has serious consequences for patients, their heart disease. This companion to "Braunwalds Heart Disease" focuses in depth onfamilies, clinicians and the use of health resources. Heart Failure: From Advanced this key area of cardiovascular medicine. Complete with practical clinical tools forDisease to Bereavement illustrates the complexity and importance of end of life care management, it helps you manage the chronic problems of your hypertensivefor patients with advanced heart failure. This book is a pocket reference for everyday patients. It covers everything from epidemiology and pathophysiology throughuse in the clinic, ward or home visit for all doctors, nurses and AHPs caring for diagnosis, risk stratification, treatment, outcome studies, concomitant diseases,people with advanced heart failure. It outlines the underlying pathophysiology of special populations and special situations, and future treatments.heart failure, summarises standard pharmacological and device therapy, and setsthe context of the challenges resulting from an unpredictable course of disease. Ineasily digestible summaries, this book presents practical advice about how andwhen to integrate a palliative care approach alongside standard heart failuremanagement, how to communicate honestly in the face of uncertainty, therationalisation of medication and device therapies at the end of life, symptomcontrol, care for the dying, and care after death. Kirklin/Barratt-Boyes Manual of Cardiovascular Cardiac Surgery Medicine -1 -1 0% 0% Nicholas T. Kouchoukos Brian P. Griffin, MD, FACC Elsevier Lippincott Williams and Wilkins ISBN: 9781416063919 ISBN: 9781451131604 Data wydania: 29.10.2012 Data wydania: 01.10.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka Cena: 1539,30 zł Po rabacie: 1386,00 zł Cena: 266,70 zł Po rabacie: 241,00 złNow in its 4th edition, "Kirklin/Barratt-Boyes Cardiac Surgery" remains your Inside the Fourth Edition of the "Manual of Cardiovascular Medicine", youll findindispensable source for definitive, state-of-the-art answers on every aspect of adult practical and effective approaches to common clinical syndromes-including clearand pediatric cardiac surgery. This dynamic medical reference thoroughly and guidance on administration of commonly prescribed medications and descriptionssystematically covers the full range of new and classic surgical procedures - of proven therapeutic procedures. This best selling manuals concise outline formatincluding the latest alternate and minimally invasive surgical techniques - and and colorful design make essential facts easy to find. An ideal reference for thepresents the up-to-date clinical evidence you need to make effective management resident, fellow, practicing cardiologist, or nurse-practitioner treating patients withdecisions. cardiovascular disease. Skill-building features include: authoritative perspectives let you benefit from the experienced staff and fellows at the Cleveland Clinic; concise overview of cardiology helps build a firm grasp of fundamental cardiovascular anatomy, physiology, and pathology; comprehensive section on cardiovascular procedures includes expert tips for improving performance and outcomes; evidence -based approach to diagnosis and management explains the how and why behind critical decisions; suggested reading at the end of each chapter provides guideposts for further investigation. NEW to the 4th Edition: examples added of key electrocardiographic tracings for quick reference; new chapters cover ... 8 www.abe.pl
  7. 7. NOWOŚCI | -10% Moss & Adams Heart Disease in Nuclear Cardiology Review Infants, Children, and Adolescents -1 -1 0 0 % % Hugh D. Allen Wael A. Jaber, MD, FACC, FAHA Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Lippincott Williams and Wilkins ISBN: 9781451118933 ISBN: 9781608319152 Data wydania: 01.10.2012 Data wydania: 01.08.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka Cena: 1298,85 zł Po rabacie: 1169,00 zł Cena: 284,55 zł Po rabacie: 257,00 złThis 8th Edition of "Moss and Adams Heart Disease in Infants, Children, and Employing a question and answer style format, "Nuclear Cardiology Review"Adolescents: Including the Fetus and Young Adult", provides updated and useful prepares you for the certification exam of Nuclear Cardiology. "Nuclear Cardiologyinformation from leading experts in pediatric cardiology. Added chapters and a Review" has over 200 questions covering nuclear imaging basic sciences,companion web site that includes the full text with bonus question and answer maintenance of safety and quality, study interpretation and appropriately applyingsections make this Moss and Adams edition a valuable resource for those who care test results for accurately diagnosing and managing patients. Other sections includefor infants, children, adolescents, young adults, and fetuses with heart disease. physics, artifacts, prognostic data, anomalies, and non-coronary testing. TestFeatures: access to online questions similar to those on the pediatric cardiology questions are annotated with discussion on image interpretation and technicalboard examination to prepare you for certification or recertification; leading aspects that may lead to image artifacts. Features Plus, you have access to a freeinternational experts provide state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional companion website with questions and answers so you have access anytime,techniques to keep you abreast of the latest advances in treatment of young anywhere.patients; and, chapters on quality of life, quality and safety, pharmacology, andresearch design add to this well-respected text. Oxford Handbook of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Cardiology -1 -1 0 0 % % Punit Ramrakha Constantine Mavroudis Oxford University Press Wiley ISBN: 9780199643219 ISBN: 9781405196529 Data wydania: 23.10.2012 Data wydania: 11.01.2013 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda Cena: 204,75 zł Po rabacie: 185,00 zł Cena: 730,45 zł Po rabacie: 658,00 złCardiovascular disease remains the major cause of morbidity and mortality Pediatric cardiac surgery is a dynamic, fast-moving field. Busy practitioners, like you,throughout developed countries and is also rapidly increasing in developing need clear and comprehensive guidance you can relay on to ensure optimal patientcountries. Cardiovascular medicine and the specialty of cardiology continue to care. For over 25 years Pediatric Cardiac Surgery has been the gold-standardexpand, and the remit of the cardiologist is forever broader with the development of reference for pediatric and adult cardiac surgeons, pediatric and adult cardiologists,new sub-specialties. The Oxford Handbook of Cardiology provides a intensivists, anesthesiologists, residents and nurses. Now, in this thoroughly revisedcomprehensive but concise guide to all modern cardiological practice with an 4th edition, you again get trusted, complete coverage of the field with timely newemphasis on practical clinical management in many different contexts. This second features and expert reviews of critical topics including heart transplantation,edition addresses all the key advances made in the field since the previous edition, emerging modalities for diagnosing congenital heart and tracheal defects, theincluding interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and pharmacology. It expands surgical technique of Fontan conversion with arrhythmia surgery, the medicalthe remit to medical students and the more junior doctor while retaining the level of challenges of managing adult CHD patients, and more. This new edition includes: *detail required by more senior practitioners within the field. Cardiac surgery and pediatric cardiology in one premier textbook * Contributions from over 65 world-renowned experts * More illustrations, by renowned medical illustrator Rachid Idriss, which have brought acclaim to previous editions * Reviews of the embryology, physical findings, diagnostic criteria, and therapeutic choices for each disease entity and describes the latest in surgical techniques in each ... Pediatric Cardiology Board Pediatric Practice Review Cardiology -1 -1 0% 0% Benjamin W. Eidem Marie Murphy Gleason Lippincott Williams and Wilkins McGraw-Hill ISBN: 9781451183771 ISBN: 9780071763202 Data wydania: 01.08.2012 Data wydania: 01.07.2012 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda Cena: 489,30 zł Po rabacie: 441,00 zł Cena: 354,90 zł Po rabacie: 320,00 złPediatric Cardiology Board Review is an academic dividend of the popular Pediatric Hands-on guidance for managing pediatric patients with congenital and acquiredCardiology Review biannual course that was started by Dr. Chang and Dr. Eidem. heart disease FULL-COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS Part of the Pediatric Practice series,The book contains over 875 questions & answers and is geared toward pediatric Pediatric Practice: Cardiology is filled with practical, clinically relevant guidance forcardiologists taking the boards or maintenance of certification, pediatricians, and the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac conditions in children. The care of the patientcardiologists interested in freshening their skills. It provides hundreds of questions forms the core of this text, which provides perspectives on epidemiology,relating to the diagnosis and treatment of the fetus, infant, child, and adult with pathophysiology, and diagnosis that every pediatrician, cardiologist, familycongenital heart diseases. The answers provide full explanations to the questions so physician, and pediatric nurse needs to know. Pediatric Practice: Cardiologyyou know where to best focus your area of study. Plus, with this edition you have includes concise yet detailed overviews of pediatric cardiac conditions, along withaccess to an online companion website that has the fully searchable text and over proven diagnostic and management strategies you can incorporate into your875 questions online so you can test your knowledge anytime, anywhere. practice immediately. It familiarizes primary care providers with the tools used in the care of pediatric cardiology patients and explains the different types of congenital heart defects. Additional coverage includes the risk factors for acquired adult heart disease and the different forms of inflammatory heart disease. Features of the Pediatric Practice Series The Pediatric Practice series simplifies the care of pediatric patients by delivering: Tips that tell you what you must know--and what ... www.abe.pl 9
  8. 8. NOWOŚCI | -10% Perloffs Clinical Recognition of Pocket Guide to Congenital Heart Disease Echocardiography -1 -1 0 0 % % Joseph K. Perloff Andro G. Kacharava Elsevier Wiley ISBN: 9781437716184 ISBN: 9780470674444 Data wydania: 13.02.2012 Data wydania: 28.09.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka Cena: 677,25 zł Po rabacie: 610,00 zł Cena: 135,45 zł Po rabacie: 122,00 złDr. Joseph Perloff is joined by Dr. Ariane Marelli to bring you a new edition of This pocket guide presents echocardiographic information in a quick-reference"Clinical Recognition of Congenital Heart Disease". This medical reference book format ideal for use at point of care. It covers normal values, measurements, usefulcovers the full spectrum of CHD, from infants through adults, allowing you to formulae, guidelines, indications, protocols and other essential data related to theeffectively detect these conditions as early as possible. Be at the forefront of the field performance and interpretation of echocardiographic studies.with extensive coverage of the latest innovations in clinical diagnostic methods. Practice of Clinical Principles of Echocardiography Echocardiography and Intracardiac -1 -1 0 0 % % Catherine M. Otto Stuart J. Hutchison Elsevier Elsevier ISBN: 9781437727654 ISBN: 9781437704037 Data wydania: 15.05.2012 Data wydania: 25.06.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka Cena: 912,45 zł Po rabacie: 822,00 zł Cena: 354,90 zł Po rabacie: 320,00 złIn "Practice of Clinical Echocardiography", world-renowned authority Dr. Catherine Principles of Echocardiography and Intracardiac Echocardiography has everythingM. Otto offers expert guidance on interpreting echocardiographic images and you need to successfully obtain and interpret cardiac echo images. Stuart J.Doppler flow data and applying your findings to your daily clinical decision making. Hutchison - a premier cardiac diagnostic specialist - explains the dos and donts ofThis medical reference book keeps you current on the latest advances and echocardiography so that you get the best images and avoid artifacts. Get only thetechniques, so you can implement the best possible approaches with your patients. coverage you need with clinically-oriented, practical information presented in a consistent format that makes finding everything quick and easy. High-quality images, tables of useful values and settings, and access to the full text and more, make this the one echo handbook that has it all. Pulmonary Hypertension, an Sports Cardiology Issue of Heart Failure Clinics -1 -1 0% 0% Srinivas Murali Massimo Fioranelli Elsevier Springer ISBN: 9781455738731 ISBN: 9788847027749 Data wydania: 08.09.2012 Data wydania: 30.08.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 498,75 zł Po rabacie: 449,00 zł Cena: 642,60 zł Po rabacie: 579,00 złPulmonary hypertension (PH) is increased pressure in the pulmonary arteries, which This specialized reference textbook presents the physiological andcarry blood from the heart to the lungs to pick up oxygen. The changes resulting pathophysiological aspects of cardiovascular diseases affecting the athletefrom PH make it difficult for the heart to push blood through the pulmonary arteries, population. The first part is a systematic explanation of the non-invasive and invasivecausing the heart to become weak and possibly to develop failure. Understanding diagnostic techniques used in cardiology. The second part examines the clinicalthe causes and treatment of PH can help heart failure specialists prevent heart approach to a great majority of the cardiological problems that involve the athletefailure due to PH. population. All of the fields discussed in this textbook are treated from physiological and pathophysiological viewpoints, including the clinical and legal implications of athletes affected by diagnosed or unsuspected cardiovascular diseases. As such, this book is a particularly useful contribution to the literature for health care professionals, especially cardiologists (also fellows) and sports medicine physicians, providing them with the knowledge to make critical decisions regarding eligibility, thus preventing tragic events, and especially sudden death the most crucial event in sport. 10 www.abe.pl
  9. 9. NOWOŚCI | -10% The Only EKG Book Youll The Washington Manual of Ever Need Echocardiography -1 -1 0 0 % % Malcolm S. Thaler Ravi Rasalingam Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Lippincott Williams and Wilkins ISBN: 9781451119053 ISBN: 9781451113402 Data wydania: 01.05.2012 Data wydania: 01.08.2012 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: miękka Cena: 139,65 zł Po rabacie: 126,00 zł Cena: 263,55 zł Po rabacie: 238,00 złThis popular and practical text presents all the information clinicians need to use the Supervised and edited by faculty from the Washington University School ofEKG in everyday practice and interpret hypertrophy and enlargement, arrhythmias, Medicine, "The Washington Manual of Echocardiography" provides quick insight intoconduction blocks, pre-excitation syndromes, and myocardial infarction. It is an the successful performance and interpretation of echocardiographic images. Idealideal reference for medical students in ICM courses, house officers, or anyone for todays cardiology fellow, this outstanding reference is both sufficientlydirectly involved in patient care, whether student, teacher, or practitioner. This title comprehensive to guide users through training, and accessible enough as a quickfeatures: four-color design to make models, illustrations and tracings clearer; more consult for general physicians who are interested in echocardiography. Your keys toquestions for faculty test generator; numerous new tracings; expanded sections on excellence in cardiac echo...Tips and pearls from cardiologists and sonographerssubjects where new developments have made deeper understanding possible offer guidance on proper set-up, correct transduction technique, and imageincluding atrial fibrillation, long QT syndrome, apical ballooning syndrome and more optimization. Easy-to-navigate sections address diagnostic markers of valvular heart200 facsimiles of EKG strips; clinical examples to help students get a sense of the disease, cardiomyopathies, and congenital anomalies, as well as applications ofclinical use of EKG; numerous case studies; and, online companion site with fully trans-esophageal echocardiography. Abundant high-quality images enhance visualsearchable text and image bank; plus, an interactive question bank for students, learning and improve diagnostic accuracy. Succinct yet comprehensive descriptionsEKG Image with explanation test bank and test generator for faculty. present critical pieces of information on key areas of echocardiography and Doppler techniques. Free online companion website with hundreds of echo clips in addition to the full text for you to access anytime, anywhere. Vascular Medicine -1 0 % Mark Creager Elsevier ISBN: 9781437729306 Data wydania: 29.08.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: 677,25 zł Po rabacie: 610,00 złHere is todays most in-depth single source on vascular diseases. It integrates thevery latest understanding of vascular biology with detailed, state-of-the-art reviewsof pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management. The comprehensive and clinicallyoriented coverage equips you to effectively evaluate patients with a broad range ofvascular diseases, and to implement the most appropriate diagnostic andtherapeutic strategies available today. www.abe.pl 11
  10. 10. POLECANE | do –40% Acute Coronary Syndromes -1 Advanced Approaches in -1 0% Echocardiography 0% Pierre Theroux Linda D Gillam Elsevier Elsevier ISBN: 9781416049272 ISBN: 9781437726978 Data wydania: 29.10.2010 Data wydania: 19.12.2011 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 586,95 zł Po rabacie: 529,00 zł Cena: 395,85 zł Po rabacie: 357,00 zł"Acute Coronary Syndromes - a Companion to Braunwalds Heart Disease" - Advanced Approaches in Echocardiography- a volume in the exciting newcovers the state-of-the-art scientific and clinical information you need to rapidly Practical Echocardiography Series edited by Dr. Catherine M. Otto - providesevaluate and manage acute coronary syndromes. Dr. Pierre Theroux and his team practical, how-to guidance on advanced and challenging echocardiographicof expert contributors present advances in diagnostic and imaging techniques techniques such as 3D echo, contrast echo, strain echo, and intracardiac echo.such as biomarkers, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, and multislice CT ... Definitive, expert instruction from Drs. Linda D. Gillam and Catherine M. Otto is ... Antithrombotic Drug Therapy in Atlas of Cardiac Surgical -4 -4 Cardiovascular Disease 0% Techniques 0% Arman T. Askari Frank Sellke Springer Elsevier ISBN: 9781603272346 ISBN: 9781416040651 Data wydania: 01.12.2009 Data wydania: 29.06.2009 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 1010,10 zł Po rabacie: 607,00 zł Cena: 549,15 zł Po rabacie: 330,00 złSubstantial morbidity and mortality remains associated with thrombotic events has Atlas of Cardiac Surgical Techniques, a title in the new "Surgical Techniques Atlas"stimulated the rapid expansion of the available armamentarium to combat series edited by Drs. Townsend and Evers, presents state-of-the-art updates onpathologic thrombosis. Pathologic thrombosis plays an essential role in the all main cardiac surgical techniques performed today. Drs. Sellke and Ruel, alongpathogenesis of acute coronary syndromes (ACS), ischemic complications of with esteemed international contributors, offer you expert advice on a variety ofpercutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), venous thromboembolic disease and ... techniques - open and interventional - to help you expand your surgical ... Atlas of Hypertension -4 Brain Protection in Cardiac -1 0% Surgery 0% Norman K. Hollenberg Robert S. Bonser Springer Springer ISBN: 9781573403085 ISBN: 9781849962926 Data wydania: 28.10.2009 Data wydania: 07.01.2011 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 469,35 zł Po rabacie: 282,00 zł Cena: 865,20 zł Po rabacie: 779,00 złThe sixth edition of the Atlas of Hypertension builds on the tremendous success of This book is part of the "Monographs in Cardiac Surgery Series" - introducingearlier editions, but significant revision has been done since the last edition-a third basic science into the cardiac operating room. It offers fast systematic review ofof the chapters are new, and more than half of the chapters are written by new small areas of cardiac surgery including up-to-date information. This will allowauthors. Expanded topics include home blood pressure; secondary hypertension; more rapid publication than the alternative cardiac surgery tomes. This entry intoinformation on newer agents such as nebivolol, aliskiren, and new ... the series will provide readers with a complete review of the current ... Cardiac Electrophysiology -1 Cardiac Imaging -1 Methods and Models 0% 0% Daniel C. Sigg Carlos S. Restrepo Springer Thieme ISBN: 9781441966575 ISBN: 9781604061857 Data wydania: 12.11.2010 Data wydania: 24.02.2010 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: miękka Cena: 373,80 zł Po rabacie: 337,00 zł Cena: 240,45 zł Po rabacie: 217,00 złCardiovascular disease is the major cause of mortality and morbidity in the RadCases contains cases selected to simulate everything that youll see on yourWestern Hemisphere. While significant progress has been made in treating a rounds, rotations, and exams. RadCases also helps you identify the correctmajor sub-category of cardiac disease, arrhythmias, significant unmet needs differential diagnosis for each case - including the most critical. Visitremain. In particular, every day, thousands of patients die because of arrhythmias RadCases.thieme.com for free sample cases and to experience this dynamicin the US alone, and atrial fibrillation is the most common arrhythmia affecting ... learning tool for yourself! RadCases covers: Cardiac Imaging, Interventional ... Cardiac Intensive Care -1 Cardiac Mechano-electric -1 0% Coupling and Arrhythmias 0% Allen Jeremias Peter Kohl Elsevier Oxford University Press ISBN: 9781416037736 ISBN: 9780199570164 Data wydania: 03.04.2010 Data wydania: 25.08.2011 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda Cena: 369,60 zł Po rabacie: 333,00 zł Cena: 720,30 zł Po rabacie: 649,00 złThe new edition of "Cardiac Intensive Care" - the only textbook dedicated to Cardiac Mechano-Electric Coupling and Arrhythmias offers a thoroughly reviewedcardiac intensive care medicine - chronicles the progress made in the diagnosis, compendium written by leading experts in the field on the mechanism andassessment, and treatment of patients with critical cardiac illness. Editors Allen ... consequences of cardiac mechano-electrical coupling. Its coverage ranges ... 12