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Encyclopedia nmr 2012-abeips

  1. 1. Encyclopedia of NMR 10 Volume Set AGNETIC ESONANCE MAGNETIC RESONANCE Editors-in-Chief: Robin K. Harris, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of Durham, UK Encycl opedia Roderick E. Wasylishen, Canada Research of Chair in Physical Chemistry, University of Alberta, Canada N M R Encompassing all relevant areas for NMR technologies and applications in physics, chemistry and biology This new 10 volume set is the successor of the highly successive Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, originally published in 1996, and includes many 1 articles from the print edition of Encyclopedia Histori c a l Pe r of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (though spe ctives some have been excluded), together with Editors -in-Ch ief: Ro bin K H numerous updates of the original articles and arris and Ro deri ck Visit t E Wa s y he onl lishen a large number of entirely new articles ine a t w w w. E n c y c l o p e d i wileyo a of M nlineli agnetic b r a r y. c Resona om/ref nce making this an essential reference for the /emr second decade of the twenty-first century. The Encyclopedia also includes articles from EMR Books, special handbooks covering hot topic areas, alongside a large number of NMR focused articles published online in the Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance, which has been updated four times a year since its launch in 2007. Connect with Contains many articles covering key developments such as: Protein structures, dynamics of us: molecular processes, characterization of materials, polymers and nano-materials, NMR crystallography and solid biological samples such as membranes. • Presented in alphabetical order and a wide use of cross references makes it easy to find the appropriate information. At the end of each article the reader will find a short wiley.com/go/win biography of the contributing author(s), showing the link between the career and the expertise of the contributing scientists • Articles cover not only a range of subjects but also address both basics and sophistications so that many people, from novices to experts will find it a valuable source of information and education @wiley_chemistry Prefer to access this content online? Go to wileyonlinelibrary.com/ref/emr to the Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance homepage for more details and sample articles. 10 Volume Set | 6,240 pages | November 2012 | ISBN 978-0-470-05821-3 facebook.com/forchemists Introductory Price: £2500.00 / €3220.00 / $3750.00 Valid until 31st Jan 2013 List Price: £3067.00 / €3940.00 / $4600.00G-46DDB24D D-40D1D9D0
  2. 2. EMR Books RF Coils for MRI NMR of Quadrupolar Nuclei AGNETIC ESONANCE MAGNETIC RESONANCE Thomas Vaughan and John Griffiths in Solid Materials Roderick E. Wasylishen, Stephen Serves as an expository guide for Wimperis, Sharon Ashbrook engineers, scientists, medical physicists, radiographers, Gives an up-to-date account of NMR technologists, hands-on radiologists of quadrupoloar nuclei in the solid and other physicians, and for anyone state. The text is divided into three with interests in building, purchasing or Parts: A) Basic Principles of selecting and using coils to achieve the best clinical or Quadrupolar NMR, B) Advanced Solid-State NMR experimental results. It combines the lifetime Techniques to Investigate Quadrupolar Nuclei and C) understanding and expertise of many of the senior Applications Involving NMR Studies of Quadrupolar designers in the field into a single, practical training Nuclei in Solids. manual on how to design, build, and use their most effective designs. Hardback | 550 pages | June 2012 | ISBN 978-0-470-97398-1 Hardback | 456 pages | Sept 2012 | ISBN 978-0-470-77076-4 USD $195.00 | £120.00 | €155.00 USD $195.00 | £120.00 | €155.00 Solid State NMR Studies of Multidimensional NMR Biopolymers Methods for the Solution Anne E. McDermott, Tatyana Polenova State Gareth Morris, James Emsley The field of solid state NMR of biological samples [ssNMR] has Multidimensional NMR methods have blossomed recently, requiring new transformed the way in which solution practitioners in industry and academia state NMR is used to elucidate the to have fundamental understanding of structures of chemical and biochemical this technology. Discussed are Solid State NMR systems. The first book covering new developments in methods for studying structure dynamics and ligand- nearly a decade, this much-needed resource explains binding in biopolymers as well as RF pulse sequences recent experimental methods for the rapid measurement for various applications, including not only a systematic of multidimensional solution-state NMR spectra. With catalog but also a discussion of theoretical tools for articles written by key developers of the techniques, the analysis of pulse sequences. coverage deals with both the theoretical tools and the latest practical applications, giving an unmatched guide Hardback | 592 pages | Sept 2010 | ISBN 978-0-470-72122-3 USD $165.00 | £105.00 | €135.00 to students, researchers, technicians, and anyone else Connect with working with NMR techniques today. Hardback | 580 pages | April 2010 | ISBN 978-0-470-77075-7 us: USD $155.00 | £95.00 | €122.00 NMR Crystallography About EMR Books Robin K. Harris, Roderick E. Wasylishen, Melinda J. Duer The Encyclopedia of Magnetic wiley.com/go/win Resonance [EMR] publishes a wide The first book on the emerging “hot” range of online articles on all aspects area of nuclear magnetic resonance of MRI and NMR and its applications (NMR) and crystallography, NMR in medicine, life sciences, chemistry Crystallography discusses its and physics. The Editors regularly commission new applications to a wide range of articles and updates of existing articles and so EMR is chemistry, including how NMR crystallography growing year by year. The existence of this growing @wiley_chemistry techniques can complement X-ray techniques. It then number of articles, written by the experts in the field, is goes on to explore how crystal structure affects NMR enabling the publication of a series of EMR Books on and how NMR yields data on crystal structure. This specific areas of MRI or NMR. The EMR Books are monograph will define the field and is a must for anyone intended to be of value and interest to research working in solid-state physics and chemistry, students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers in crystallography, and materials science. hospitals, industry and academia learning about the facebook.com/forchemists scientific area in question. Hardback | 520 pages | Nov 2009 | ISBN 978-0-470-69961-4 USD $165.00 | £110.00 | €142.00G-46DDB24D D-40D1D9D0
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