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ABB has been in the energy business for 120 years. Using energy more efficiently will not only contribute the lion's share of emissions reductions needed, it is arguably the most sustainable and cheapest way to reduce emissions and address global energy security. Energy- efficient systems can pay for themselves in energy saving, sometimes within months, and further reduce operation and maintenance costs in the long term. Plug in to this issue to understand how we help customers squeeze the most value from each unit of energy they use.

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ABB Contact 3/12 (India) Energy Efficiency Issue

  1. 1. 3 | 12 contact The customer magazine of ABB in India, Middle East & AfricaEnergy efficiency – doing morewith lessWhy energy efficiency? 06Using energy more efficiently is critical to business and national competitivenessABB solves 100-year-old electrical engineering puzzle 16New technology to enable future DC grid
  2. 2. 06 Why energy efficiency? Using energy more efficiently is critical to business and national competitiveness 10 Keeping India on the go State-of-the-art power electronics technologies transform one of the longest rail networks in the worldcontact 3|12 Dear friends, voltage DC transmission and flexible AC India is growing and so are our energy transmission are some examples. needs. Unfortunately, the gap between the electrical energy we produce and Our high-efficiency motors, drives, control our requirements has been steadily systems, energy management systems, increasing, affecting growth and the lighting solutions, turbochargers and stability of our power network. Our charging solutions all make energy attempt to add more generation capacity go further in industry, residential and is at a cost to the environment. And, commercial buildings and transportation. reducing demand at the cost of growth is not a real option. Here we feature glimpses of some solutions we provide as well as global Energy efficiency has the promise of successes through innovations and reducing the gap in the most economical expertise that ABB has pioneered in theBazmi Husain and environmentally friendly manner in field of energy efficiency.Country Manager and the near term. In the longer term, efficientManaging Director use of energy will allow our economic Welcome to the world of energy efficiencyABB Limited, India growth to be sustainable. – the alternative fuel! ABB has invested in technologies to Best regards, improve the efficiency of electricity generation, transmission and distribution, to make more energy available at the point of use. Our optimization solutions, Bazmi Husain network management solutions, highContact 3|  1 2 • Customer news magazine from ABB • copyright 2012 • web: • email: • Publisher: ABB Group• Layout: Shilahar Associates, Bangalore, India2 contact 3 | 12
  3. 3. Contents 19 Another European port goes green Shore-to-ship solution for Ystad port in Sweden16 ABB solves 100-year-old electrical engineering puzzle New technology to enable future DC gridNews For a better world04 Expanding the Saudi power grid 18 Chevrolet Volt battery reuse Center for learning, Faridabad Electric vehicle batteries to power homes for05 Boiler fingerprinting for captive power plant the first time in the world India service tie-up with SAIL Product newsEnergy efficiency 20 Just launched 11 Taking the motor world by storm What’s in the basket of new product offerings? ABB’s synchronous reluctance motor and drive voted Europe’s automation product of the year In focus12 University lighting solution wins 22 Innovative marine propulsion international award Breaking the ice Energy-efficient lighting and heat protection for an eight-square-kilometer campus13 Cutting the cost of wastewater treatment MV drives reduce energy consumption by more than 1 million kilowatt-hours a year14 Towards a sustainable cement industry Significant order to enhance energy efficiency for Holcim in India15 Energy efficiency tops ACC priorities Interview with K N Rao, Director, Energy and Environment, ACC Limited contact 3 | 12 3
  4. 4. NewsExpanding the Saudipower gridOrders, worth around $170 million, were faithful every year. The substation deploys urban areas. Saudi Arabia has among thebooked to execute substation projects for our compact and robust gas-insulated highest residential electricity consumptionthe Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), the switchgear (GIS) technology, and will be in the world. The country is executingcountry’s national power transmission and accommodated in a multi-storied building. an ambitious Ninth Development Plandistribution operator. Its considerably smaller footprint is ideally (2010-2014) aimed at raising its installed The design, supply, installation and suited to tight spaces. power generation capacity by more thancommissioning of a substation will help International Monetary Fund (IMF) 20 gigawatts (GW) to reach around 72meet the increased demand for electricity estimates population increase from 28 GW by and around the central pilgrimage area million to approximately 37 million by For more information: Makkah, which hosts millions of the 2020, with nearly 85 percent living inCenter for learning, FaridabadOn the 18 th anniversary of Low VoltageProducts (LP) operations in India, atraining and demo center, the first of itskind in Northern India, was inaugurated.It will display the full range of productsfrom LP and Discrete Automation andMotion (DM) divisions and be open to andbenefit both customers, as well as internalsales engineers. The training center canaccommodate classroom training for 12participants at a time. It features a liveRobot Demo facility and KNX training forsystem integrators kicked off in November2012. The new center will ideally be used indifferent ways to showcase latest offerings training to engineers, authorized service For more information: prospective customers and to offer dealers, customers and end users. contact 3 | 12
  5. 5. News In brief Boiler fingerprinting forMaking a mark captive power plantThe Golden Peacock GlobalSustainability Award 2012 waspresented to ABB in India on 11October 2012 at Nursery PavilionHall of Lord’s Ground, MaryleboneCricket Club (MCC) in London.In Nashik, the vacuum interrupter(VI) team won the 13th Annual Rising fuel costs and tightening emission and dynamic performance analysis wasGreentech Environment Excellence norms are forcing captive and utility power carried out. Both, control loop designsAward 2012 in the Silver category plants to be more energy-efficient and and tuning were investigated and thefor outstanding contributions to reliable. Recently, we were invited by a reasons for under-performance of someenergy conservation. captive power plant customer to conduct an of the key control loops were identified. energy audit of an under-performing boiler All the key findings were presented, along and recommend the means to improve with recommendations for improving theRiding the metro performance in terms of efficiency and performance of the boiler, and are to be reduced fuel bills. This included the issue implemented shortly. The typical investment of steam balance mismatch between steam towards implementing the solution is in the generation and steam utilization. range of 60-70 lakhs INR, while typical The ABB team visited the plant, benefits range from 30-70 lakhs INR per interacted with plant management, annum. engineers and operators to understand For more information: the key concerns. Based on the plant energyefficiency data collected, a detailed, steady stateOn his visit to India, our GroupCEO, Joe Hogan caught a ride inthe pride of Bangalore, the newly India service tie-up with SAILstarted metro service from MGRoad to Byapanahalli. Earlier this SAIL, one of India’s largest steelyear, the Bangalore Metro project manufacturers, operates 10 steel plants,team from ABB received an award five of which are Integrated Steel Producers.from BMRCL for successfully It is currently in the process of modernizingcompleting one million safe and expanding its plants, extensivelyman-hours. adopting state-of-the-art technologies, and requiring re-deployment of a large part of its workforce.Investing in India Over a period of two years, we will train about 4,000 employees across the various critical applications.To help customers access plants of SAIL. The training will be conducted mostly attechnology at more competitive This will facilitate SAIL in developing SAIL plants, as well as ABB locations, andprices, ABB is investing in local and enhancing technical competency, to will cover a wide portfolio. For improvedproduction of gas-insulated (GIS) adapt and maximize returns on deployed training effectiveness, the modules areand hybrid switchgear (PASS), and technologies. ABB has a huge installed developed to include theoretical and hands-distribution transformers in Gujarat. base of products, systems and solutions on exercises using specially designedThe facility will be operational in across all SAIL plants, measuring, training kits/simulators.2013. controlling and optimizing many process- For more information: contact 3 | 12 5
  6. 6. Energy efficiencyWhy energyefficiency?Using energy more efficiently is critical tobusiness and national competitiveness.It’s also the fastest, most effective way toprotect our environment by breaking thelink between economic development andclimate change.W e have been in the energy Nine percent of all the electricity business for over 120 years generated worldwide is lost in transmission and ABB technologies are and distribution. Flexible AC transmission used along the entire energy systems (FACTS) enable more power tovalue chain, from the extraction of resources travel over existing networks, which isand their transformation into electricity, critical in dense urban areas.liquefied natural gas or refined petroleum And, ABB high voltage direct currentproducts, to their efficient end use in (HVDC) electrical transmission and Mechanical hoist drum at Totten mine, Sudbury,industry, transportation and buildings. high-efficiency power and distribution Ontario, Canada – equipped with energy- efficient drives from ABB transformers reduce power losses overUtilities great distances. This can help integrate Power generation is by far the largest renewable energy from remote locationsenergy consuming industry. The efficiency into the grid, or to bring reliable electricityvaries widely with the fuel and technology to remote mines or offshore platforms.used: in traditional coal-fired plants, onlyabout 35 percent of fuel consumed is Industryconverted into electricity. Just six process industries account In addition to high conversion losses, for two-thirds of the global final energypower plants consume on average, 5 consumption: iron and steel, oil and gas,percent of the electricity they generate. chemical and petrochemicals, non-metallicUsing sophisticated control systems and minerals, pulp and paper, and non-ferrousenergy-efficient equipment can reduce metals. Despite significant improvementsenergy consumption by 10 to 30 percent. through energy efficiency, there is still room We also address thermal energy for ways, which complement rather thanefficiency of boilers – by automating their change production processes in energy-future efficiency, one chemical plant was intensive to realize $300,000 in energy savings We help customers improve efficiencyacross four boilers, as well as improved in two ways:performance, from a $75,000 investment. 1) Through leading technologies: In6 contact 3 | 12
  7. 7. Energy efficiencyImproving energy efficiency has the we have learned that energy savings of 5 to 35 percent can often be created.clearest impact on saving money,improving business results, and Transportationdelivering more services for consumers. Innovations for shipping Around 90 percent of world trade isThe UN global initiative on Sustainable carried by some 70,000 vessels that makeEnergy for All up the international shipping industry. Fuel accounts for 30-40 percent of the cost of running a cruise ship and between 50-60 2011, the global installed base of ABB percent for most merchant vessels. ABB’s variable speed drives saved some 310 Azipod®, the world’s first rotating propulsion million megawatt-hours of electricity, the device, fitted to the outside of a ship’s hull, equivalent of the annual power consumption is now installed on half of all cruise liners of 75 million EU households. built over the past two decades, reducing 2) Through our experts, who help energy consumption of open-water vessels customers understand where and how they by 5 to 15 percent. use energy, and then identify and implement ABB’s experts have worked on some opportunities for improvement. Over ten 3,000 marine automation and control years of experience in many industries, systems around the world, which are contact 3 | 12 7
  8. 8. Energy efficiency operated by Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national rail operator, cutting energy by at least 12 percent. This is the first project worldwide involving the exchange of high- speed train converters while leaving all other components of the traction chain and all interfaces unchanged. Buildings By 2050 there will be 4.5 billion people in cities around the world, creating an urgent need for infrastructure. Old buildings offer room for improvement, while modern buildings house energy-intensive data centers and sophisticated air conditioning systems. ABB’s intelligent building control system, based on the KNX global open standard, is increasing efficiency in thousands of new and existing buildings in more than 60 countries, enabling customers to reduce energy consumption by about 50 percent, with a payback period of between one and five years. Three ABB i-bus® KNX- equipped buildings in Singapore, including the region headquarters of Xilinx, AppliedDual hoist ship-to-shore cranes – Busan, South Materials Inc, and the Singapore NationalKorea Library, have won prestigious BCA Green supported and maintained by experts at Mark Platinum awards from the Building 22 marine service centers. and Construction Authority for their energy We are also developing a complete suite efficiency. of software products, known as Smart Annual consumption for heating and Marine Integration (SMI), to monitor, control ventilation can be cut by as much as 45 and optimize every energy consumption percent using very simple methods, such process during vessel operation. Some as individual room temperature control, components of it are already available and combined with moderately reducing the Finland-based Viking Line, has selected room temperature, or heating control based ABB’s energy management system for a on the outdoor temperature. new ultra-energy-efficient passenger vessel High-efficiency motors and the that will have almost zero GHG emissions. alternating current (AC) drives used to control them offer further efficiencies as Keeping rail energy usage on track motors consume about 40 percent of a Rail is seeing renewed interest as a building’s electricity, and AC drives can sustainable and energy-efficient form of reduce energy consumption in these transport, capable of reducing congestion, applications by as much as 80 percent. emissions and noise. We supply components for both rail Putting it all together infrastructure and rolling stock, and are Many technologies that improve one of very few independent suppliers to energy efficiency are readily available. offer a complete traction package to rolling However, often, the greatest potential for stock manufacturers. We have solutions savings often lies in the gaps between to transfer power efficiently from grids production processes and functional silos to railways. Our regenerative braking – manufacturing, facilities management, systems capture and store energy that maintenance and support processes such would otherwise be lost, and high-efficiency as electrification, compressed air, steam turbochargers boost the performance of and water. diesel engines. For this reason, ABB advocates In just 13 months we developed a new a holistic approach – understanding traction converter to refurbish the first where and how energy is used so you fleet of high-speed InterCityExpress trains can prioritize projects which will bring8 contact 3 | 12
  9. 9. Energy efficiency Interview Energy efficiency as a sustainable, competitive advantage Why is energy efficiency such a hot operational benefits. For example, Jim Kelly, head of ABBs global topic today? improperly tuned boilers not only waste energy efficiency initiative, discusses the potential and the challenges of energy It’s high on the radar of countries energy, but they are often unable to efficiency. and industries alike because energy respond quickly to changes in steam is increasingly one of our greatest demand – this can hurt product quality challenges. Security of energy supply and reduce plant throughput. investment, and for management to is a very real problem, from generation have confidence that they will reap the shortfalls to unreliable power So are a lot of companies intended savings. quality. Businesses in locations with embracing these technologies? comparatively high energy prices are We see a big disconnect between How can companies overcome finding it more and more difficult to recognition and action. In an ABB- these obstacles? compete in a global marketplace. commissioned global survey of top More and more we see operating At the same time, the world has industrial executives, while about 90 companies turning to partners become intensely aware that we percent acknowledged that energy like ABB who are equally fluent in can’t continue meeting the challenge efficiency will be a critical success technology on the plant floor and cash of secure, affordable energy only by factor for their business in the flows in the board room. For example, adding new carbon-based thermal coming decades, only 40 percent financing is often a critical hurdle and generation capacity. Industrial energy had invested in energy efficiency in requires new approaches such as efficiency doesn’t command the the past three years and only a performance-based contracts that will media attention of solar power or third had undertaken a plant-wide pay for improvements out of operating electric cars, but it is a workhorse for energy audit. expenses instead of CAPEX. tackling climate change. These contracts can include How do you account for this gap? guaranteed savings metrics to Are the technologies to create this It really comes down to a lack reduce performance risk. In today’s savings already available? of facts and resources. Many lean operating environment, many Yes. There are a slew of manufacturers simply don’t have manufacturers of course know their automation and power solutions transparency as to where and how processes well, but in many cases that are well proven. It’s not just the their energy is used, preventing dont have the experts to identify technical features – there is ample optimization. In addition, other and implement energy efficiency evidence of the business benefits. priorities such as quality, productivity improvements themselves. Therefore, Naturally there are cost savings, but and safety improvements also place to have a partner who can take you in addition, companies who learn to demands on both human and capital through the full cycle of identification, do more while using less energy are resources resulting in energy efficiency evaluation and implementation can more competitive overall and enjoy improvements being relegated down often be the difference between a enhanced reputation. the priority list. worthy project sitting dusty on a shelf, We’ve also found that, improving This lack of information makes it or realizing meaningful, sustainable energy efficiency often provides difficult to build the business case for savings.the greatest business benefits, and then For more information:ensuring their successful implementation. improved ‘energy transparency’ alsohelps build the business case for futureefficiency investments, creating a processfor continuous improvement much likethose for quality and operational excellence. contact 3 | 12 9
  10. 10. Energy efficiency Auxiliary converters and battery chargers for WAG 9 locomotivesKeeping India on the goPower electronics transform heavy-haul freight locomotives of the Indian Railways,one of the top five, longest rail networks in the world.M ain-line locomotives are the The WAG 9 weighs in at 135 tons is its per-axle isolation. Earlier, the GTO workhorses of the railways, compared to the 127 tons of conventional converter per bogie forced three axles out hauling thousands of tons of engines, giving it better traction on steep of service in case of traction motor failure, freight across long distances. inclines and increasing haulage capacity now if one wheel develops a problem; theMore than 60 percent of freight haulage from 5050 metric tons to 5500 metric tons. engine continues to run on five wheels.takes place on the electrified section of the The IGBT technology has been successfully The ultra-modern technology brings easegolden quadrilateral (rail tracks connecting used in high-speed trains in Europe and of use, especially as the microprocessor-Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata) that Japan. based step-less control incorporates ancovers the busiest routes. Ajni Loco Shed in Central Railway’s effective slip/slide control system – for Recently, Central Railways received six Nagpur Division will receive 15 engines the first time allowing the loco operator toof the WAG 9 series of locomotives from in all, through the year. Explaining the maintain speed in bad terrain or weather.Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, equipped significance of adding the new WAG 9 Technological R&D in this field continueswith the very latest insulated gate bipolar to its stable, Divisional Railway Manager, to raise blocking voltages, increasetransistor (IGBT) converters supplied by Brijesh Dikshit said, “Sandwiched as it switching frequency and reduce losses,ABB. The youngest member of the high is between the Deccan Plateau and the and holds out even more potential forvoltage switch family, IGBT controls the Sahyadri Range, the Nagpur Division optimization in the future.flow of high currents through a 15 volt has some of the most treacherous track For more information: voltage source, using within the subcontinent. Hauling 5000-very low control power to do so. Simply plus tons up steep gradients and throughput, IGBTs are used for the delivery and torrential monsoons has been a tremendouscontrol of power to the motor in the traction challenge. The fast switching that the IGBTsystem of electric engines. power device allows, requires a smaller It replaces the previous inverter braking distance and allows quick brakegeneration represented by gate turn-off release when needed.”(GTO) thyristors, offering as much as about The introduction of the IGBT-basedfour times higher switching frequency. converter has improved the input powerThis reduces the current requirement factor so the loco can build up power in aand consequently the heat generated, it shorter time and maintain it for a longer timealso provides smoother acceleration and than its predecessor. However, the three-reduces traction noise. phase WAG 9’s single, greatest advantage10 contact 3 | 12
  11. 11. Energy efficiencyTaking the motor worldby stormABB’s synchronous reluctance motor and drive packages continue to raise interesteleven months after being voted Europe’s automation product of the year.H igh output SynRM motors (the motor on the right in the image Temperature scans from a thermal imaging camera above) provide the same output as traditional induction motors(the motor on the left in the image above)that are up to two frame sizes larger –thus, enabling smaller, lighter and morecost-efficient pump and fan installations. And, as they provide double the powerof an induction motor of the same size,this enables increased flow without theneed to mechanically modify the system Induction rotor Synchronous reluctance rotorto accept a larger motor. High output SynRM motors are also moreenergy-efficient, with 10-20 percent lower an innovative rotor design that has neither “The first SynRM high output motorenergy losses than those of IE2 induction magnets nor cage, thus virtually eliminating and drive packages are now available formotors, thus, providing a commercially rotor losses and giving the motor a uniquely pump and fan applications,” says Lindacompetitive alternative to traditional and cool operating temperature. Stenman, ABB product manager for drives.other new motor technologies. This in turn reduces the temperature Later we will see the launch of SynRM of the bearings and extends their service packages designed for IE4 super-premiumHow is all this possible? life and maintenance intervals. As about efficiency levels that offer even more choice “The SynRM integrates the best of two 70 percent of motor failures are related to to variable speed motor users.”worlds,” says Ari Tammi, ABB product bearings, the lower bearing temperature For more information: for motors. “It combines the can prevent unplanned motor stoppages,performance and efficiency of permanent thereby increasing motor availability andmagnet technology with the simplicity, reliability.cost-efficiency and service-friendliness of Not surprisingly, the new SynRM hasinduction motors.” generated major market interest, winning From the outside, the SynRM looks like Europe’s foremost automation award ata conventional induction motor. But on the the SPS IPC Drives Fair in Germany ininside, it is nothing like it, instead it uses November 2011. contact 3 | 12 11
  12. 12. Energy efficiency Lighting the largest women’s university in the worldUniversity lighting solutionwins international awardA winning ABB solution for the new Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University inRiyadh, Saudi Arabia, provides energy-efficient lighting and heat protection acrossan eight-square-kilo meter campus.T he solution was named winner With strong sunlight and temperatures helping to make Princess Nora University of the KNX Award 2012 in the of up to 50 degrees Celsius to contend a landmark in energy-efficient building international category for Asia with, sun and heat protection are key control. earlier this year. It is thought to features of our solution. Thousands of Not only does the i-bus reduce buildingbe the largest solution ever to use devices blinds provide protection from the sun’s energy consumption by around 40 percentthat comply with the global KNX standard glare and prevent high levels of solar heat compared to technologies that do not usefor energy-efficient home and building from entering the buildings. The blinds shift the KNX open standard, it has openedautomation control. automatically according to the position and the possibility for many of the university Princess Nora University is the largest strength of the sun, or can be adjusted buildings to apply for green or gold ratingswomen’s university in the world. The new manually, resuming their automatic settings within the LEED standards (Leadership inpurpose-built campus opened in January via presence detectors when people leave Energy and Environmental Design) of the2011 and accommodates 40,000 students the room. US Green Building Council.and 12,000 staff. It covers an area of 8 Each building is divided into zones with ABB was selected for the project by thesquare kilometers and comprises 800 presence- and daylight-dependent lighting two main construction companies that builtbuildings; including classrooms, halls of control. Classrooms and lecture halls are the university, Saudi Oger and SBG, andresidence, research centers, recreational equipped with dimming and darkness the two system integrators subcontractedand sports facilities, a library, a 700-bed control to facilitate presentations, and large to install the solution on the constructionhospital, as well as kindergartens, schools, rooms and halls are divided into smaller companies’ behalf: MTTS and Honeywellmosques and its own 10-station, driverless, lighting areas to create ambience and save HBS respectively. The KNX award wasoverhead metro system. energy. When no one is present in a room, made to MTTS. The ABB i-bus ® KNX solution enables the climate control system automatically Our i-bus KNX solution for the newthe university to automatically and remotely adjusts to eliminate waste of energy, by Terminal 3 building at Delhi Airport wascontrol lighting and sun protection systems shutting down air conditioning. the previous winner of the biennial KNXin each of the 800 buildings using one By using lighting control efficiently and Award for ‘International Category – Asia’single interface. A similar i-bus KNX solution by reducing the need for air conditioning in 2010.controls the lighting in each of the 10 with presence detection and effective For more information: metro stations. sun and heat protection, our solution is12 contact 3 | 12
  13. 13. Energy efficiencyCutting the cost ofwastewater treatmentAn award-winning ABB MV drive has reduced energy consumption at aUS wastewater treatment plant by more than 1 million kilowatt-hours a year.T he ACS 2000 medium voltage time monitoring and diagnostics of the variable speed drive was drive via a wall-mounted PC connected installed in July 2011 and has to the telephone line. achieved some remarkable Once the ACS 2000 was installed,results within its first year of operation at the power consumption of the aerationthe City of Beloit Water Pollution Control blower system dropped by more thanFacility (WPCF) in Wisconsin, United 30 percent and total plant energyStates. consumption by 15 percent, which is The facility treats an average of 5.5million gallons (20.8 million liters) ofwastewater a day from the city’s 37,000inhabitants, as well as industrial wastefrom local businesses and biologicalwaste from food processing plants. Like many wastewater treatmentplants, Beloit uses a conventionalactivated sludge process for treatingthe wastewater. At the heart of thisprocess are the aeration basins in whichmicroorganisms break down the organicmatter in the wastewater. These bacteriarequire oxygen to survive, which isprovided by huge aeration blowers thatblow air through diffusers at the bottomof the basin. Aeration blowers typically accountfor 50 percent or more of the electricityconsumed by a wastewater treatmentplant, and Beloit is no exception. Priorto the installation of the ACS 2000, theaeration blower system at Beloit WPCFwas controlled by an inlet throttling valve– a common solution for blower control,that operates at fixed speed and does Sewage water purification tank – Beloit, Wisconsin, USAnot offer the same operating and costbenefits as variable speed drives. more than 1 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) For Beloit WPCF these benefits a year. At an average composite rate ofare wide-ranging and include soft start $0.62/kWh, the annual savings for thecapability, ease of installation, direct-to- city of Beloit amount to $75,000.line (transformer-less) connection to the For more information: supply network, minimal harmonicdistortion, non-requirement of medium How does ACS 2000 help save more?voltage power factor correction, compact Scan to watch the videoand lightweight footprint, short paybacktime and low total cost of ownership. These benefits are enhanced by anABB DriveMonitor™ intelligent diagnosticsystem that performs remote and real- contact 3 | 12 13
  14. 14. Energy efficiencyTowards a sustainablecement industryMajor players are prioritizing energy-efficient ways of improving specificenergy consumption. ABB is the leading supplier of medium voltage drives forcement plants in India, which help users to enhance plant efficiency and overallproductivity. ACC cement plant - Thondebhavi, KarnatakaT he cement industry is among fans in cement production area and also cement and captive power generation the biggest consumers of extend it to captive power plants to cover processes for assessing the current level electrical energy. A vast amount boiler feed pump (BFP), primary air and of performance and identifying bottlenecks. of energy is used at every stage secondary air (PA/SA) fans and induced Preventive maintenance solutions also haveof the process, accounting for more draft (ID) fans. a greater role, as does the implementation ofthan 50 percent of total production Fans in the cement industry are solutions based on high-efficiency motors,costs. India ranks as the second largest usually large and consume a major part drives, process analyzers, process controlcement producing country in the world. of electrical energy. Traditionally, Indian systems, optimization solutions, energyThis means that efficient processes cement producers use cascade converters management solutions and productionand technologies will not just lower – also called Slip Power Recovery Systems scheduling.the nation’s consumption of a critical (SPRS) – to control the speed of process For more information: – they will effectively reduce the fans. However, due to inherent limitations footprint of the industry. of SPRS, such as operation in weak networks and higher harmonics, they areHolcim now considering the variable speed drive We received the first major order in (VSD) solution. With the use of VSDs, the Winner of the Nationalthe energy efficiency domain from Holcim energy consumption can be reduced fromin India, to improve specific power 90 kWHs/ton to about 70 kWHs/ton of Energy Conservationconsumption of their cement plants. The cement produced. Award, 2012ACS 5000 and ACS 2000 range of 6.6kilovolt (kV) medium voltage (MV) drives will In the future The Grinding Unit of theenhance energy efficiency at three plants, With the demand for cement increasing Thondebhavi ACC cement plant inreplacing existing damper controls. There by eight percent annually, Holcim has long Karnataka secured second placeis a huge potential to further enhance the term plans to increase capacity as well as for outstanding energy-efficientefficiency by providing the MV drives for improve efficiency. What we can offer is practices in the cement industry.other process critical applications like pre- an overall efficiency improvement throughheater fans, mill separator fans, cooler assessment services, fingerprinting of14 contact 3 | 12
  15. 15. Energy efficiencyEnergy efficiency topsACC priorities“Not everyone knows that the Indian cement industry is second only to Japan inglobal energy efficiency comparison."What are the opportunities and and captive power generation. Researchchallenges you see, especially on theenergy front? and development in the area of blended cement and other sustainable products is Profile Many challenges lie ahead of us, important to our future. We are also lookingespecially when it comes to energy. at waste recovery power generation andEnergy costs (coal, coke and electricity) the generation of renewable energy.are spiraling along with the currencydepreciation. Quality of coal and limestone What are your expectations from ABBis an issue and availability of coal is a cause as a partner in your energy efficiencyof concern. Power shortages have been journey?driving us to set up captive power plants As a premier electrical product supplier,(CPPs) to fulfill our energy needs. we expect ABB to come out with innovative Then there is the increased pressure solutions to improve the energy efficiencyof complying with mandatory energy of older plants, which will allow the industry, K N Raoregulations such as Perform, Achieve, including ACC, to implement energy Director, Energy and Environment,Trade (PAT), where we must meet energy efficiency across all plants. In many large ACC Limitedreduction targets and Renewable Power energy efficiency improvement projectsObligations (RPO) where we have to either like waste heat recovery systems, high K N Rao is a post-graduate che-buy Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) efficiency motors and medium voltage mical engineer from IIT Madrasor generate renewable energy. In some drives have long payback periods. with more than 30 years of richregions, lower capacity utilization as a We have been working with ABB experience in the fields of energyresult of inadequate demand is pushing up for many years and our relationship is and environment. His currentspecific energy consumption. And finally, measured in decades. We use ABB assignment includes energy con-we must factor in the high cost of financing. products and systems in almost all our servation and associated projects But where there are challenges, there plants with confidence as they consistently implementation; environment com-are opportunities for long term capacity offer the desired performance. pliance and environment projectsgrowth. To make the most of these, our implementation, sustainable devel-focus is on improving efficiencies across opment, CDM projects and renew-the cement plants, captive power plants able energy projects. Prior to thisand power generation from renewable assignment, he headed the pollu-power sources. Other opportunities include tion control systems business ofupgrading old plants, co-processing of ACC. Currently, he is working onindustrial and municipal wastes in cement behalf of ACC as co-chair for thekilns, generating power from waste heat WBCSD – CSI India for the lowin kilns, increased usage of waste from carbon technology roadmap 2050other industries like fly ash and slag to for the Indian cement industry, sec-make blended cements. All these initiatives toral expert for BEE for the cementalso help in minimizing the CO 2 emissions sector for PAT methodologyin the cement manufacturing process. development and implementation, co-chair for CII Green Cement-How is ACC geared to address these; ech, member of CII Green Council,what are the energy efficiency initiatives member of Sustainability Com-being rolled out? mittee of FICCI, IMC and Bombay ACC is taking a holistic approach Chamber of Commerce.towards challenges and opportunities.The focus remains on key areas forsustainable growth: energy performanceimprovement in the manufacturing process contact 3 | 12 15
  16. 16. For a better worldABB solves 100year old electricalengineering puzzleDevelopment of a DC breaker for high voltage transmission willhelp shape the grid of the future.16 contact 3 | 12
  17. 17. For a better worldR ecently, ABB announced a The logical next step is to connect the breakthrough in the ability to lines and optimize the network. We are interrupt direct current, solving already working on the construction of a 1 0 0 - y e a r- o l d e l e c t r i c a l multi-terminal systems and the latest DCengineering puzzle and paving the way breaker innovation is a major step in thefor a more efficient and reliable electricity evolution of HVDC grids. In parallel to thesupply system. new hybrid breaker development, we have After years of research, we have an established HVDC grid simulation centerdeveloped the world’s first circuit breaker developing solutions for future DC overlayfor high voltage direct current (HVDC). grid operations.It combines very fast mechanics with Fast, reliable and nearly zero-loss HVDCpower electronics, and will be capable of breakers and current limiters based on the‘interrupting’ power flows equivalent to hybrid HVDC breaker concept have beenthe output of a large power station within verified at component and system levels at5 milliseconds – that is thirty times faster ABB’s high-power laboratories in Swedenthan the blink of a human eye. and Switzerland, for HVDC voltages up to The breakthrough removes a 100-year- 320 kilovolt (kV) and rated currents of 2.6old barrier to the development of DC kiloampere (kA). Thus, HVDC grids can nowtransmission grids, which will enable be planned. The next step is to deploy thethe efficient integration and exchange breaker in a real HVDC transmission line toof renewable energy. DC grids will also test under continuous full load conditions.improve grid reliability and enhance thecapability of existing alternating current How does hybrid HVDC breaker work?(AC) networks. We are in discussions with Scan herepower utilities to identify pilot projects forthe new development. “ABB has written a new chapter inthe history of electrical engineering,” saidJoe Hogan, CEO of ABB. “This historicalbreakthrough will make it possible to build DC Breaker – why we need itthe grid of the future. Overlay DC gridswill be able to interconnect countries and – Fast and reliablecontinents, balance loads and reinforce – Isolates faultsthe existing AC transmission networks.” – Clears faults in milliseconds The Hybrid HVDC breaker development – Prevents collapse of common HVDC grid voltagehas been a flagship research project for – Minimizes disturbances in converter operationour company, which invests over $1 billionannually in R&D activities. The breadth AC grids vs DC gridsof our portfolio and unique combinationof in-house manufacturing capability for – High active power conduction – Relatively low active powerpower semiconductors, converters and losses conduction losseshigh voltage cables (key components of – Reactive power conduction – Zero reactive powerHVDC systems) were distinct advantages losses conduction lossesin the new development. HVDC technology is needed to facilitatethe long distance transfer of power fromhydropower plants, the integration ofoffshore wind power, the developmentof visionary solar projects, and theinterconnection of different power networks.ABB pioneered HVDC nearly 60 years agoand continues to be a technology driverand market leader with many innovationsand developments. With over 70 HVDCprojects, our company accounts for aroundhalf the global installed base, representingan installed capacity of more than 60,000megawatts (MW). Deployment of HVDC has led to anincreasing number of point-to-pointconnections in different parts of the world. contact 3 | 12 17
  18. 18. For a better world Electric vehicles - a source of clean, off-road energyChevrolet Volt battery reuseGM’s partnership with ABB results in a prototype back-up power storage unit thatuses electric vehicle batteries to power homes for the first time in the world. Theenergy storage project is also being readied for testing on the power grid. T ogether, General Motors and ABB or small commercial buildings during a market research and product development. demonstrated the next stage in power outage, allow for storage of power As the world’s largest EV fast-charging battery reuse, the repackaging of during inexpensive periods for use during company and leader in smart grid and five used Chevrolet Volt batteries expensive peak demand, or help make up energy storage, we work with other autointo a modular unit capable of providing for gaps in solar, wind or other renewable companies, battery manufacturers andtwo hours of electricity needed by three power generation. utilities to help make electric power andto five average American homes. The These functions, along with frequency industrial operations more productive andprototype unit provided 25 kilowatts (kW) regulation on electric distribution systems, efficient.of power and 50 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of could someday be used by utilities to reduce GM is focused on ensuring that batteryenergy to power all the support lighting cost to customers and improve the quality systems used in future Chevrolet, Buick,and audiovisual equipment in an off-grid of power delivery. These applications are GMC and Cadillac vehicles providestructure used for the event. referred to as community energy storage environmental and societal benefits beyond "In many cases, when an EV battery has to distinguish them from substation-size their use in the vehicle.reached the end of its life in an automotive energy storage projects. For more information:application, only 30 percent or less of its “We showed today how fast this research has been used,” said Pablo Valencia, concept is turning into reality,”said AllenGM senior manager of battery life cycle Burchett, ABB’s senior vice president for How can ABB help to build anmanagement. Business Development in North America. e-mobility infrastructure? Scan here Last year, GM and ABB demonstrated “We will be installing it on the grid soonhow a Chevrolet Volt battery pack could be to complete the technical evaluation,used to collect energy and feed it back to and this will tell us all what smart gridthe grid and deliver supplemental power applications are possible, like back-upto homes or businesses. power, reducing energy cost, strengthening This time, the energy storage system utilities distribution systems and storingwas run in a ‘remote power back-up’ surplus renewable energy.”mode where 100 percent of the power Our research center in Raleigh, Northfor the facility came from Volt batteries Carolina, conducted the research andthrough ABB’s Energy Storage Inverter development, and the Medium Voltagesystem. A similar application could one business unit in Lake Mary, Florida, isday be used to power a group of homes managing the proof-of-concept testing,18 contact 3 | 12
  19. 19. For a better worldAnother European portgoes greenYstad, one of Sweden’s fastest growing cargo and ferry terminals installs an ABBshore-to-ship power connection that enables it to use shore-side electricity whilein port, thereby reducing noise pollution and cutting CO2 emissions by 98 percent. shore-side power connection for the Swedish port of Gothenburg in 2000. Since then, we have provided ports throughout Asia and Europe with shore- to-ship solutions, the most recent of which – prior to Ystad – was inaugurated in July this year at the Hoek of Holland in the Netherlands. We also supply turnkey shipside solutions for shore-side power connections, and have provided solutions for all types of vessels worldwide, including container ships, bulk carriers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, cruise liners and floating storage and off-loading (FSO) vessels. For more information: Ystad shore-to-shipEliminating CO2 emissions at the Port of Ystad installation wins environmental awardL ocated on the southern tip of designed ABB substation equipped with On September 27, the port of Sweden on the Baltic coast, powerful frequency converters. Ystad was awarded Sweden’s Ystad is Sweden’s fifth largest With a power rating of 6.25 megavolt foremost marine environmental port, handling some 3,500 amperes (MVA), the frequency converters award by Maritime Forum, “forsailings annually, including daily ferry are the most powerful in operation at any investing in a flexible shore-to-services to Poland and Denmark, as well shore-to-ship installation in the world. ship solution for both 50 and 60as cruise ships in the summer and cargo They convert the power from 50 Hz, the Hz. The solution minimizes thevessels all year round. standard grid frequency in Europe, to the shipside investment requirements Thanks to a strong and ambitious 60 Hz load frequency at which most vessels for shipping companies, whileinvestment program, the port has enjoyed operate. From the substation, the power is improving the environment for thedouble-digit growth in tonnage over the transferred via high voltage underground port’s immediate surroundings.”past three years – one of the few ports cables to shore-side cranes that connectto grow in the current economic climate. the cables to the vessels.Part of that forward-looking program is a Our solution has a unique flexibility, inbid to become the region’s greenest port that it adapts both the voltage level and Efficient shore-to-ship solutions – aby equipping all its berths with shore-side frequency to match those of each vessel possibility.power connections. – enabling multiple vessels to be powered Scan here to watch the video. Local partner, Processkontroll Elektriska, simultaneously at the port, regardless ofselected us to provide a turnkey shore-to- any differences in the ships’ voltage levelship solution for all five berths at the port. or system frequency.We designed, engineered, supplied and built ABB pioneered shore-to-ship technologythe entire solution, which feeds electricity at the beginning of the millennium byfrom the local power grid to a specially delivering the world’s first high voltage contact 3 | 12 19
  20. 20. Product newsJust launchedNew technology solutions from India include a family of low voltage products,while a class-leading modular UPS comes to the Middle East market. Low voltage product Low voltage product Formula Earth MCCB leakage Customizable mid-range relays circuit breakers for India IEC 947-compliant protection relays in India Formula MCCB has evolved from the Earth protection relays allow monitoring Tmax range of MCCB. Potential market of the low voltage distribution network segments include critical power market and with this new series we can now (OEs from UPS, Genset market) and the offer a complete solution for earth telecom market that primarily require leakage protection. We can offer B-type lower fault-level circuit breakers. protection feature complying with IEC 947 as well as IEC 61009 (With B-type RCCBs). The complete range is tested Advantages in conjunction with MCCB and MCBs to −− Conforms to IEC 60947-2 comply with IEC 947 stipulations under −− No de-rating up to 50° C Annexure M. −− Compact dimensions −− Common range of accessories Advantages −− Available in 1P, 2P, 3P and − − Adjusts sensitivity and 4 Pole versions tripping times −− Line-load reversibility − − Improved fail-safe function − − Auto resets after fault is rectified − − Frequency filtering for improved effectiveness − − Fault memory LED − − Digital display20 contact 3 | 12
  21. 21. Product newsLow voltage product Power electronics and MV drivesM2M meters DPA systemNew measurement device High-power, modular UPS now available inin India Middle EastThe made-to-measure device provides UPS systems based on decentralized module has its independent:transparency on energy consumption, parallel architecture (DPA) do not share – logic controlbe it single phase or three-phase supply. any common components. Each module – control panelMeant specifically for medium voltage contains all hardware and software – rectifierand low voltage electrical panels, the required for full system operation. What – inverterproduct provides real-time analysis on does this mean for the customer? Very – battery chargerparameters such as voltage, current, high power availability, increased flex- – static switchfrequency, power factor and active and ibility, lower total cost of ownership and Concept power DPA modules canreactive power. One of the outstanding improved energy efficiency. Modular be connected in parallel to providefeatures of this meter is that it provides systems based on DPA are free of single redundancy or capacity, to 1.5 Mva.instant information on CO2 emission- points of failure and maximize the mean The class-leading design provides thebased energy consumption: important time between failure, while minimizing highest power density/m2 available.information for green building solution. mean time between repair. With DPA technology each UPS Advantages Advantages − − Lower cost of ownership −− Multiple integrated − − Simple installation and functions service −− 360° analysis of system − − Optimizes energy performances − − Advanced, scalable −− Anticipates malfunctions architecture −− Easy to install − − True safe-swap modularity −− Intuitive, easy-to-use keypad −− Auto-diagnostic function contact 3 | 12 21
  22. 22. In focus Innovative marine propulsion Breaking the ice Ice-going ships from tankers to container ships with Azipod VI® propulsion can do what was once considered impossible – combine excellent ice-breaking and open water characteristics. In 1990, MV Seili, a buoy tender was the first to be fitted with Azipod, followed by MT Uikku a 16,000 DWT ice- breaking tanker in 1993 and Azipod-equipped icebreaker, IB Rothelstein on the Danube river, which became the first double acting ship in the world in 1995 – running in open water and astern in ice. The Azipod combines the advantage of the diesel-electric powertrain with the manoeuvrability of the azimuth thruster, offering design flexibility and great space saving, as well as 360°steering that provides full torque and thrust in any direction. For more information: contact 3 | 12
  23. 23. Executive editor: Karen WildsEditor-in-chief: Sanaj NatarajanProduction team:Ali Kelani, Anita Ramkumar, Claire Hill,Devaashish S. Savant, Giridhar Sharma,Michael Wachter, Natasha Mathebula,Peter Stierli, Philip Lewin, Rakesh Shastri,Rubi Rakha, Sanaj Natarajan, Tamara Chetty,Tuija Elomaa-Maenpaa, Wendy JosephContact is published in English for circulationamong ABB customers and stakeholders withan interest in ABB offerings, products andtechnologies.Partial reprints or reproductions are permittedsubject to full acknowledgement. Completereprints require the publisher’s written consent.Publisher and copyright ©2012ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.DisclaimerThe information contained herein reflects the Preview 1|13views of the authors and is for informational Revitalizing thepurposes only. Readers should not act upon theinformation contained herein without seekingprofessional advice. We make publicationsavailable with the understanding that the authorsare not rendering technical or other professional power gridadvice or opinions on specific facts or mattersand assume no liability whatsoever in connectionwith their use. With demand for electricity rising yearThe companies of the ABB Group do not make on year and concern for the environmentany warranty or guarantee, or promise, expressedor implied, concerning the content or accuracy of bringing more renewable energy sourcesthe views expressed herein. online, transmission system operators are under increasing pressure to enhance the flexibility of their grids to improve capacity and accommodate the demands of deregulated power markets. ABBs expertise in power transmission systems and electrical optimization, grid reliability and blackout prevention offers sustainable solutions to the challenges of today, and tomorrow. From Flexible Alternating Current Transmission systems that enhance the security, capacity and flexibility of power transmission networks, to High Voltage Direct Current power superhighways, there are comparatively inexpensive and faster ways to provide more power and control in existing networks. Read the next issue of Contact to see how it’s done. contact 3 | 12 23
  24. 24. Cities that consume 30% less energy?As a leading producer of energy-efficient solutions, ABB helpsdeliver major power savings, without compromising performance.Our lighting control systems can deliver power savings of up to50 percent, and our building automation up to 60 percent. Whileeveryone else is talking about energy prices, power shortagesand climate change, ABB is doing something about it, right here,right now. Certainly.