1 | 12                                                           The customer magazine  contact                           ...
Table of contents07                    ABB to power new steel plant                      Facility in Nigeria              ...
From the country manager                                                                                 28               ...
Local NewsDriving new levels of performance atAnglo PlatinumStyldrift: Double Drum Service WinderSole supplier of         ...
Local NewsEnergising Thembelani 2 Shaft atAnglo Platinum                     ABB was awarded an order valued              ...
Local NewsMine hoists to improveefficiency in new mineS           outh Africa currently accounts       million-ton run-of-...
Local NewsABB to power new steel plantfacility in Nigeria                           ABB is to provide a Static Var        ...
Global newsEnhancing industrial productivity at gas plantin Abu DhabiKey technology to                           Dhabi cit...
Global newsElectrical equipment contract awardedby Masan Resources’ Nui Phao mine inVietnamA panoramic view of the Nui Pha...
Global newsAutomation solutions optimizemining project in ChileGearless mill drive        ABB won an order worth $43 milli...
Global newsTurning Lisbon’s waste intoenergyOne-fifth of Portugal’s waste is processed and converted into electricity at t...
Cover featureMinerals RemoteMonitoring CenterHigh-end integral serviceoffering for mineral industry                       ...
Cover featureoffering includes system upgrades and         The benefits of MiRMC include, but        audit trail for compl...
Cover featureMiRMC architecture                                                                                        Cen...
Cover featureEnergy Management Solution (EMS)    EMS is a set of software solutionsfor the cement and minerals Industry,wh...
In focusSystem 800xA is ABB’s flagship automation solutionTourah Portland Cement Company getsa System 800xA upgradeProven ...
In focusUnique mining solution brings out thebest results     ABB has used its global expertise                 The excava...
In focusShah Cement Industries Limited, Dhaka, BangladeshImproving plant uptime andproductivity     ABB has recently provi...
In focusTapping into Oman’s sturdyconstruction sectorKNX system improves comfort, energy efficiency and security in hotels...
In focusEnabling JSW Steel to manufacture steelat competitive priceJSW cold rolling mill facility, Bellary     ABB has equ...
In focusFull Service contract for Oman aluminumrolling millABB will manage, develop, implement and execute the entire main...
In focusBringing increased efficiency to theSouthern Hemisphere’s largest coal projectThrough itselectrificationand automat...
In focusOne of the largest System 800xAinstallations in the world                                                         ...
EventsSolar takes centre stage at WETEX 2012exhibition in Dubai    ABB’s cutting-edge solar power            are delivered...
EventsFlagship technology showcased at majortrade show held in DohaVisitors at ABB stall at World Petroleum Congress ‘Olym...
For a better worldBreakthrough order for DCtechnology                     ABB wins order                              dist...
For a better worldTurning electronic scrapinto goldElectronic scrap. Images courtesy of Boliden     ABB power and automati...
Glimpses of ABBBuilding a nation –ABB congratulatesUAE for 40 years ofsuccessPower and automation solutionsincrease energy...
Glimpses of ABBDay was celebrated on December 2                 “ABB technology is everywhere.        a vital role in driv...
Glimpses of ABBDubai Metro is powered by ABB substationsBehind the scenes of the noble                thanks to ABB’s prod...
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Customer news magazine of ABB for India, Middle East and Africa region. Current issue is a special on solutions for Cement, Minerals and Mining Industries. This file is the S Africa region version.

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  1. 1. 1 | 12 The customer magazine contact of ABB in India, Middle East & AfricaProcess solutions for core industriesCement, Minerals and MiningABB to power new steel plant facility in Nigeria 07Automation solutions optimize mining project in Chile 10Minerals Remote Monitoring Center 12Improving plant uptime and productivity 18Turbocharging solutions for better performance 24Breakthrough order for DC technology 26
  2. 2. Table of contents07 ABB to power new steel plant Facility in Nigeria 12 Minerals Remote Monitoring Center High-end integral service offering for mineral industryLocal News Events05 Energising Thembelani 2 Shaft at Anglo 24 Solar takes centre stage at WETEX 2012 Platinum exhibition in Dubai07 ABB to power new steel plant facility in Nigeria 25 Flagship technology showcased at major trade show held in DohaGlobal news08 Improving productivity process at Podilsky For a better world Cement, Ukraine 26 Breakthrough order for DC technology10 Automation solutions optimize mining project 27 Turning electronic scrap into gold in Chile Glimpses of ABBCover feature 28 Building a nation – ABB congratulates UAE for12 Minerals Remote Monitoring Center 40 years of success14 MiRMC architectureIn focus16 Tourah Portland Cement Company gets a System 800xA upgrade18 Improving plant uptime and productivityContact, customer news magazine from ABB, © 2012, web: www.abb.co.in, email: contactmagazine@in.abb.com, Publisher: ABB Group,Layout: Adsync, Bangalore, India, Cover picture: Overview of Podilsky cement plant, Ukraine.2 contact 1 | 12
  3. 3. From the country manager 28 Building a nation ABB congratulates UAE for 40 years of success25 Flagship technology showcased at major trade show held in Doha Olympian event of the oil and gas Industrycontact 1|12 Dear friends, The World Economic Forum recently turned a deaf ear to the protests of local launched a scenario planning project communities about resource extraction with the objective of answering the activities in the “second scramble for question “How will the environment for “Africa”, with nationalisation and a neo- the global mining and metals sector colonial practices as common cause. look in 2030?” The report produced by A common thread among these more than 200 leaders from business, scenarios is the assumption that government, academia and non- developing countries will be the source governmental organisations – makes for of much of the world’s supply of fascinating reading. minerals. While the reaction of global The three scenarios the group leaders varied, the impact of climate focused on, were selected because, change could not be escaped. based on the critical uncertainties This issue of CONTACT, features identified by the group, they were not glimpses of some the solutions thatCarlos Poñe only very divergent, but all three were have been used across these sectors.Country Manager highly relevant. From optimization solutions in someSouth Africa One scenario, called the Green of the world’s biggest cement plants Trade Alliance, was based on an alliance to enhancing customer experience of countries united by the common through service contracts, ABB is well vision of “environmental sustainability positioned in South Africa to support without compromising competitiveness”. the industry. A second scenario was built on a 2030 We have illustrated some of these where the geo-political and -economic successes and hope that you find this influence of Europe and North America issue of the magazine an interesting read. have shifted towards a global landscape defined by the influences from a wider Best regards, range of political and economic centers of power. The third scenario explored an environment where governments have Carlos Poñe contact 1 | 12 3
  4. 4. Local NewsDriving new levels of performance atAnglo PlatinumStyldrift: Double Drum Service WinderSole supplier of Anglo American Platinum Limited is a member of the Anglo American plc Group 17-hectare footprint. Styldrift is processing 230,000 tonnes of Merensky reef a month,switchgear to world’s and is the world’s leading primary producer utilising a new twin shaft system, sunk to of platinum group metals. The company a depth of 740m, and a new concentrator.leading producer is listed on the Johannesburg Securities In January this year, ABB was awarded aof platinum group Exchange (JSE). Its mining, smelting and refining operations are based in South 10 million ZAR order for double bus bar Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS) for the Styldriftmetals (PGMs) Africa. Elsewhere in the world, the Group Shaft. “We have been part of the Styldrift owns Unki Platinum Mine in Zimbabwe project since its inception as we tendered and is actively exploring in Brazil. Anglo for and were awarded the contract for the American Platinum has a number of supply of Unigear Switchgear for the first joint ventures with several South African phase of the project in 2009,” said Per consortia as part of its commitment to Wanland, ABB’s Key Account Manager the transformation of the mining industry. for Anglo American. “The new contract for the supply of air insulated switchgear is a Switchgear for Styldrift critical part of a new development at the In September 2008, Anglo American main consumer substation of the Styldrift Platinum established in partnership with shaft. While this will be the first time we community-based investment group Royal supply AIS at this shaft, I am proud of Bafokeng Holdings, a new South African the fact that ABB is the sole supplier of Rand (ZAR) 10 billion mine at Styldrift, in switchgear at this critical Anglo American the North West Province. Bulk earthworks Platinum operation.” started in March 2009 and extended over a For more information: www.abb.com/mining4 contact 1 | 12
  5. 5. Local NewsEnergising Thembelani 2 Shaft atAnglo Platinum ABB was awarded an order valued extension projects to existing shafts.Customer 3 million ZAR for a new 33kV substation Between 2014 and 2020, the productionsatisfaction leads at Anglo American Platinum’s Thembelani 2 shaft project in Rustenburg in South profile will be maintained by using either two or three intermediate vertical shafts.to 33kV substation Africa’s North West province. The Thembelani No 2 shaft is the first of The original substation installation at the these vertical shafts.order Thembelani 2 Shaft was successfully The first blast for construction of the completed by ABB and, based on ventilation shaft took place in September their satisfaction with its performance; 2006, while construction of the men-and- the customers continued the project materials shaft began in September 2007. by extending the substation with ABB The Thembelani 2 project includes a equipment. “We enjoy working with Anglo downcast vertical men-and-materials shaft, American Platinum, their expansion plans and an adjacent matching vertical upcast are visible, enabling us to do forward ventilation shaft, which will intersect the planning to deliver against their project existing horizontal connections. It also timelines” said Per Wanland, ABB’s Key involves the extension of the existing Account Manager for Anglo American.” The declines at the Thembelani 1 shaft project. medium-term mining profile for Rustenburg For more information: www.abb.com/mining is predicated on a series of phased decline contact 1 | 12 5
  6. 6. Local NewsMine hoists to improveefficiency in new mineS outh Africa currently accounts million-ton run-of-mine production target. be the production hoist, used to hoist for about 75% of the world’s ABB has been awarded a 28.4 million ore from underground. The 5m hoist identified manganese ZAR order by Kalagadi manganese mine served in another significant project in resources, mostly found at Hotazel in the Northern Cape province Switzerland, where ABB supplied thein the Northern Cape Province near of South Africa, to supply two double hoisting, electrical and control equipmentHotazel. The country was the world‘s drum hoists and other mechanicals. for the great St Goddard railway tunnel,largest producer of manganese in 2011, “We will supply a new 3.6m double commissioned in 1999.producing 3.4 million tons. drum hoist and refurbish a 5m double “We are proud to be associated with Steelmaking, including its ironmaking drum hoist. Our scope for the new hoist this model project, supporting the minecomponent, has accounted for most entails full mechanical engineering for with our technical expertise in hoistingmanganese demand, presently in the drums, shaft bearings, basplates, solutions. Our contribution will ensurethe range of 85% to 90% of the total brake units and clutches, as well as safe and efficient transportation ofdemand. bearing lubrication and hydraulic braking people and material,” said Carlos Poñe, Kalagadi Manganese (Pty) Ltd, a systems,” said ABB’s Mike Davis, Mining CEO of ABB South Africa.company held by ArcelorMittal (50%), and Minerals Business Development Kalagadi Manganese founder andKalahari Resources (40%) and the Manager. chairperson Daphne Mashile-NkosiIndustrial Development Corporation The refurbishment project will recently emphasised in a public address(10%) is involved in the exploration for involve the upgrade of the mechanical the importance of government supportManganese in the Kalahari Basin, in equipment including re-metalling of the for development projects such as theSouth Africa’s Northern Cape Province. bearing, conversion of the brakes to disc Kalagadi Manganese project, and theThe company holds new order mining brakes and installation of a new bearing need for the internalisation of Southrights on three farms believed to home lubrication system and a new hydraulic Africa’s resource wealth.to some 960 million tons of manganese brake system.The hoist project is “I am glad to see that governmentore and about 100 million tons of mineral planned to commence in the final quarter realises the importance of partnering withresources. of 2012, while the mine itself will begin various stakeholders in the economy to Full commissioning of the mine is commissioning in the third quarter. drive the developmental agenda. This isscheduled for the third quarter of 2012. The 3.6m hoist will serve as a role that government is well positionedIn February this year, the final blast for the mine’s men-and-material hoist, to play to ensure the mobilisation of oura 300m underground mine shaft was which will be used to transport mine resources,” she said.completed, keeping the company on personnel and material underground. For more information: www.abb.com/miningtrack to achieving its mid-2012 three- The larger 5m refurbished hoist willMine hoist to serve as men-and-material hoist6 contact 1 | 12
  7. 7. Local NewsABB to power new steel plantfacility in Nigeria ABB is to provide a Static Var operation. The outcome is an overallStatic Var Compensator (SVC) for Sagamu improvement of the utilization of theCompensator Steel Nigeria Limited, part of the furnace, and hence improved process Sunflag group, an Indian multinational economy.along with the specializing in Automobile grade Steel. ABB has a unique knowledge of The scope of work involves providing Electrical Arc Furnaces compensatedElectric Arc Furnace an SVC along with the Electric Arc by an (SVC). The company has moreto be supplied Furnace (AEF). A steel plant based on than 30 years of satisfactory operation Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) metallurgy of Static Var Compensators. In the earlyfor optimum requires a stable and steady voltage 70’s the first SVC was commissioned for supply for optimum performance. an electric arc furnace, which has beenperformance Simultaneously, an EAF is a heavy load followed by a number of successful on the grid, injecting disturbances back installations. Over the past decades into the grid, unless proper mitigating ABB has supplied more than 400 SVCs measures are taken. By installing an in more than forty countries. The supply SVC, it is possible to instantaneously to Sagamu Steel would be the first in compensate the random load variations Nigeria. characteristic of an arc furnace For more information: www.abb.com/metals contact 1 | 12 7
  8. 8. Global newsEnhancing industrial productivity at gas plantin Abu DhabiKey technology to Dhabi city, and has a daily production target of one billion cubic feet of sour Low Voltage Products division. “ABB technology for remote controlensure operational gas or high sulfur gas. Abu Dhabi is systems is crucial in order to ensure developing its sour gas reserves as the functionality and the integrationsafety and reliability domestic power consumption soars. of low-voltage switchgear in modern The hydrogen sulfide content of the gas production plants.” must be reduced to acceptable levels The safety of personnel and before it can be used. equipment reliability are key issues ABB has won an order from Saipem ABB in Italy and ABB in South Korea for this plant and played a significantS.p.A. and Samsung Engineering Co. will supply low voltage switchgear, role in the awarding of this contract.Ltd., to provide a range of power and intelligent motor control units and ABB’s MNS low-voltage switchgearautomation equipment for a natural gas variable frequency drives (VFDs). uses remote control systems andprocessing plant in Abu Dhabi, United “This order is the end result of a multifunction protection relays thatArab Emirates. successful ‘One ABB’ collaboration make it the benchmark for operational The plant is located in the Shah between different local teams,” safety, reliability and quality.natural gas field, southwest of Abu said Tarak Mehta, head of ABB’s For more information: www.abb.com/oilandgasImproving productivity process at PodilskyCement, UkraineNew productionline to achieve highenergy efficiency,product quality,while reducingenvironmental impact An overview of Podilsky plant, Ukraine ABB has successfully commissioned largest cement production line in the switchgear, intelligent low-voltageits integrated electrical, control and Ukraine. motor control centers,variable speedautomation systems at the largest The modernization project helped drives, instrumentation, gas analyzers,cement production line in the Ukraine. the plant decrease the emissions from collaborative production management Owned by international building fossil fuel combustion by changing the systems, and a plant-wide 800xAmaterials group CRH, the plant is technology of cement production from automation system to control, connect,located in Kamyanets-Podilsky, a wet production process to a state-of- and optimize the performance of allapproximately 420 kilometers southwest the-art dry production process. The new processes, systems and equipment.of Kiev and started operation in the process uses considerably less fuel, ABB also provided design, engineering1970s. The new production line with lower emissions of particulates and and site services, training, andNo. 7 is part of a plant modernization CO 2. procurement of third-party equipment.that replaces the existing production For this project, ABB delivered For more information: www.abb.com/cementlines while maintaining the plant’s 7,500 integrated electrical and automationtonnes daily capacity, making it the systems that include medium-voltage8 contact 1 | 12
  9. 9. Global newsElectrical equipment contract awardedby Masan Resources’ Nui Phao mine inVietnamA panoramic view of the Nui Phao mining sitePower and ABB has been awarded a contract to supply the majority of the electrical ABB will supply and provide commissioning for a comprehensiveautomation equipment for Masan Resources’ Nui scope of electrical equipment, including Phao mine. The Nui Phao mine is located automation and drives systems for theequipment will approximately 80km northwest of Hanoi mine. The equipment and system designhelp increase mine in the Dai Tu District of Thai Nguyen Province in Northern Vietnam. for the project will minimize impact on the surrounding power network, andefficiency and Masan Resources, a division of the increase both efficiency and productivity. Masan Group, one of the largest private Reliable performance of the systemminimize impact companies in Vietnam, is developing is critical to the safety and financial the Nui Phao mine, which is a unique success of the mine‘s operation. ABB‘son the surrounding polymetallic mine with reserves of proven maintenance, lifecycle supportpower network tungsten, fluorspar, bismuth, copper and service and expertise in delivering gold. The mine is positioned to be one systems were important factors in of the most cost-effective producers of securing this contract. tungsten in the world. For more information: www.abb.com/miningRio Tinto mines in Australia to boostproduction via power infrastructure ABB has won orders worth around and other infrastructure and industries. for the upgrade and installation of$100 million from Rio Tinto for 17 ABB’s scope of supply includes new electrical infrastructure for thedistribution substations to support electrical switch rooms, switchgear, substations. The projects are scheduledincreased production at iron ore mines cables, power transformers and for completion by 2013 and formin Western Australia. ring main units. ABB will also deliver part of the customer’s multi-stage The upgrades and installation of a range of components including Electrical Infrastructure Replacementnew power infrastructure will raise the SCADA (Supervisory Control and (EIR) project. ABB has successfullyvoltage level of the existing distribution Data Acquisition), and protection and completed several similar projects forsubstations and increase the power communication equipment compliant Rio Tinto in the past.supply to support the expansion of with the IEC 61850 global standard. Rio Tinto is a global leader in theexisting iron ore mines in the Pilbara This will enable remote monitoring and exploration, mining and processingregion. control of power assets located at of minerals and metals, including Urbanization and economic multiple sites, from Rio Tinto’s Remote aluminum, copper, diamonds, energydevelopment in emerging markets is Operations Centre situated in Perth, products, gold, industrial minerals andfueling demand for steel, for which more than 1,000 kilometers away. iron ore.iron ore is the main component. Steel As part of the contracts, ABB is For more information: www.abb.com/miningis widely used in the construction of responsible for the design, engineeringbridges, railways, ships, cars, buildings, and supply of equipment needed contact 1 | 12 9
  10. 10. Global newsAutomation solutions optimizemining project in ChileGearless mill drive ABB won an order worth $43 million to deliver three gearless mill drive mill drives are more reliable and energy efficient than traditional millsystems to optimize systems, plus related automation and drive systems, providing increased power infrastructure equipment for a productivity.production at Minera new copper mine to be operated by The scope of supply for the project Minera Quadra Ltd., in Sierra Gorda, consists of three 17 megawatt gearlessQuadra’s new copper Chile. mill drive systems, related automationmine Minera Quadra is a Chilean equipment and systems, as well as subsidiary of Vancouver-based Quadra remote and diagnostic monitoring FNX Mining Ltd. systems that include earthquake Located in the Atacama Desert detection, and related engineering region of northern Chile, the new open- and installation services. ABB will also pit mine will produce 111,000 tonnes provide power infrastructure equipment of copper per day, with significant such as transformers, containerized molybdenum by-products, for the next electrical-rooms to house electrical 20 years. systems, auxiliary distribution, and other ABB’s delivery will help the mine electrical equipment. to optimize its overall efficiency and For more information: www.abb.com/mining productivity. Its gearless ore-crushing10 contact 1 | 12
  11. 11. Global newsTurning Lisbon’s waste intoenergyOne-fifth of Portugal’s waste is processed and converted into electricity at the Valorsul waste-to-energy plant, PortugalL ocated on the outskirts of operating costs. Prior to the installation control was 153.6 megawatt-hours. The Lisbon, the plant recovers the of the ABB solution, the fans were variable speed drives have reduced this solid waste of 19 municipalities controlled by dampers, which is the by 9 MWh to 144 MWh, which equates in the capital and western least energy-efficient control method to €240,000 ($320,000) a year at a tariffPortugal, and turns it into 50 megawatts available. of €0.80 ($1) per kWh.of electricity – enough to meet the By replacing the dampers with an Lower energy consumption meansneeds of a large city. ABB variable speed drive solution, lower carbon dioxide emissions. The Looking for ways to reduce the Valorsul considerably reduced fan drive solution has reduced the plant’senergy consumption and CO2 emissions energy consumption and carbon dioxide CO 2 emissions by about 4.5 tonnesof the plant, Valorsul identified six fans emissions, and gained a number of a day – a significant reduction to thewith a high energy saving potential: other significant benefits as well. plant’s carbon footprint.three induced draft (ID) fans and three The ABB solution comprises three The ABB variable speed drivessecondary air fans. ACS 2000 medium voltage drives, three have also improved process control. In waste-to-energy plants, ID fans ACS800 low voltage drives, and UniMix The air flow can be controlled moreand secondary air fans are an important medium voltage switchgear for line accurately, faster and reliably thanpart of the combustion process. The supply connection and backup bypass with dampers. Other benefits of thelatter supply secondary air to the for the variable speed drives. The ACS drive solution include lower investmentboiler to combust the fuel, and ID 2000 variable speed drives - rated and maintenance costs, reducedfans remove the flue gases as exhaust at 700 kW, 6.4 kV - can be directly footprint in the electrical room, andduring combustion. ID fans in particular connected to the line supply and do not smooth integration with existing plantconsume large amounts of electrical require an input isolation transformer. infrastructure.energy. The method by which the fans Prior to the installation of the ABB For more information: www.abb.com/betterworldare speed-controlled has, therefore, a solution, the average daily energy www.abb.com/drivesmajor effect on energy consumption and consumption of the fans with damper contact 1 | 12 11
  12. 12. Cover featureMinerals RemoteMonitoring CenterHigh-end integral serviceoffering for mineral industry M inerals Remote Monitoring Center (MiRMC) is an offering from ABB for the minerals industry to provide remote monitoring, periodic patch, release updates and modification of the plant operating systems. MiRMC integrates process consultancy service with remote diagnostic services for processes and systems. MiRMC facilitates customers to collaborate with ABB experts to achieve improved quality and cost effectiveness. A step-wise process in which the key data is monitored by ABB experts remotely, thereby predicts potential problems and resolves errors. MiRMC12 contact 1 | 12
  13. 13. Cover featureoffering includes system upgrades and The benefits of MiRMC include, but audit trail for complete traceability andmaintenance, periodic patch and release are not limited to lower operating cost knowledge management for re-use.updates, system status monitoring, enhanced plant availability, maximized Across the globe ABB has ansystem modification and enhancements, production and improved quality. installed base of more than $100loop performance monitoring and ABB experts will have access billion of automation products andtuning, process consultancy (Cement to plant distributed control system systems, hence is constantly workingPerformance FingerPrint), access to (DCS) through a secured network, on achieving flawless product supportglobal knowledge repository, 24x7 this ensures security. The system for ABB customers. Remote serviceservice support and training. will be managed by competent and developments are directly proportional The remote service offering reduces certified resources through a secured to clients’ ever changing demands.redundant maintenance, improves environment with SSL encrypted MiRMC plays a significant role in costproduction efficiency, tracks causes connection to plant system. Actricity saving and offering an exhaustiveof failures, provides fault diagnosis tool based case tracking and unique review of procedures and processand recommends specific actions for service ID generation are some other implementation.smooth work flow. It also notifies about features of MiRMC. MiRMC also has For more information: www.abb.com/mineralsimpending failures which in turn helps well defined automated workflow, plantin initiating proactive corrective actions. access through approved work permit, contact 1 | 12 13
  14. 14. Cover featureMiRMC architecture Centralized server Virtual support engineer (Local application) Internet ABB’s customerABB solutions for the Industry Cement Performance FingerPrint Knowledge Manager Cement basic SpectraFlow Cement Performance FingerPrint report package SpectraFlow is an online bulk is a process optimization and energy The Knowledge Manager cement material analyzer for belt conveyors consulting service designed to capture, basic report package is an entry powered by ABB’s SOLBAS™ analyze and improve operational level production reporting system technology. SOLBAS™ technology is performance and energy efficiency which is cost-efficient and fast to the innovative application of the well of cement making process. This implement. Knowledge Manager known Near Infra Red (NIR) concept process ensures tuning of plant control enables to achieve operational to the analysis of bulk material online. system efficiently, benchmarked to objectives by monitoring and managing Fast and accurate chemical analysis industry best practices. It also offers manufacturing processes. It also using Near Infra Red (NIR) i. e. the a systematic approach in capturing provides analytical insight to identify wavelength range from 700 to 2500 the process sensitivity using plant best practices that will improve overall nanometers is a well established step tests, building a dynamic process operation. method in the petrochemical, food and model, analyzing site constraints and pharmaceutical industry. identifying improvement opportunities. The SpectraFlow analyzer helps Cement Performance FingerPrint plants in better and longer use of the provides plant benchmarking with quarry, less variation in the raw material industry standards, plant variability feed, reduced need for corrective study, control loop performance report, material and smoother mill operation. process performance analysis, energy Its benefits in the analyzer operation efficiency potential and access to best include online analysis of secondary practices. materials, long lifetime of the source because the lamps are operated at 80 % of their rating, high stability of the FTIR, low cost of ownership and low The highlights of this report analyzer maintenance. package are fast implementation and startup, cost-efficient installation, basic calculations that fit the cement industry, standard reports across all plant sections, minimal customization requirements, extendable with more cement report package.14 contact 1 | 12
  15. 15. Cover featureEnergy Management Solution (EMS) EMS is a set of software solutionsfor the cement and minerals Industry,where ABB has extensive experiencein developing and supplying energymanagement solutions. EMS aims toreduce energy use and costs, whileimproving the company’s overallcarbon footprint. Energy Managementsolutions can achieve an overall costreduction of 2 to 5 percent of the totalelectrical energy bill. In EMS customer sites aremodeled as an Economic FlowNetwork with a number of balancingareas interconnected by connectionpoints that model the transfer andconversion of energy and material. Thetotal consumption or outbound flowsof the utility in the balancing area isbalanced with other supply resources,or inbound flows. Depending on theobjectives of a specific case, theresources are selected to minimizethe total energy cost or to maximizethe total profit of the operation EMS Overview screenshotover a specified time range. EnergyManagement Solution helps in lowering accurate consumption plans, avoiding in employing optimal resources in theelectricity purchase prices due to price peaks and penalty charges and supply of electric power.Loop Performance Manager (LPM) cpmPlus Expert Optimizer optimal performance. LPM provides a powerful, yet cpmPlus Expert Optimizer helps The features of cpmPlus Expertextremely easy-to-use, collection of improve productivity, energy efficiency Optimizer include advanced processsoftware tools that control engineers and profitability by stabilizing and optimization techniques, such asand process operators will find optimizing the process involved. Model Predictive Control (MPC), Fuzzyuseful to start-up, diagnose and cpmPlus Expert Optimizer extends Logic and Neural Networks Flexibilitymaintain control loops. LPM supports the capabilities of control system to handle the process requirementsa wide variety of commercial PID by coordinating actions on the of different industries with different(proportional–integral–derivative) process, such as rotational speed, business objectives, user-friendlycontrol block algorithms, as well as fuels, valves or chemical additives. modeling environment in which thevarious configuration options available It maximizes efficiency by looking at process engineer does not have tofor those PID algorithms. By combining the interactions among variables and get in to the mathematical complexitydata collection, model identification, deciding according to the plant goals. of the optimizer along with a modular,feedback tuning, feed forward It collects real-time data, processes reusable and scalable design to reducetuning and controller simulation in a it with mathematical algorithms and deployment time.single user interface, ABB delivers a coordinates the plant actuators forcomplete tool and removes the barrierspreventing optimization of regulatorylayer. The benefits include extendedequipment lifetime, improved energyefficiency, increased process capacity,fewer plant trips and higher as well asmore consistent product quality. contact 1 | 12 15
  16. 16. In focusSystem 800xA is ABB’s flagship automation solutionTourah Portland Cement Company getsa System 800xA upgradeProven technology in control systems coupled with training helpcustomer in improved plant continuity and productivityA complete Cement Mill Control Cement Company. Suez Cement owns Padlocks and Bar Code Scanner System modernization was approximately 30% of grey cement System, SMS functionality engineering, commissioned by ABB at market share and 50% of white cement activation and communication modems. the Tourah Portland Cement market share in Egypt making it one The company is familiar with ABBCompany Plant # 2 with high level of of the largest cement producers. The control systems and was pleased withplant modernization solutions like Lock solutions were implemented in its the level of detailing and involvementOut Tag Out System (LOTO System) mill no. 11. Prior to the upgrade, the by ABB engineers including hands-which took the safety to higher level company was using obsolete BBC on training and safety procedures andand SMS functionality which increased control systems. operational training. In addition to theplant availability via keeping the plant ABB provided complete engineering supply and commissioning which wasmanagers updated on time with any solutions on turnkey basis which were implemented on time, the customer willstoppages / alarms for immediate incorporated during the shutdown stand to benefit from long-term technicalcorrective actions. window at the facility. The scope of support for their assets as well as ready The Tourah Portland Cement solutions include System 800xA with availability of spares.Company is Egypt’s first cement AC800M, work stations and screens, For more information: www.abb.com/cementcompany with 66.12% owned by Suez LOTO System, LCD, Padlocks Holder,16 contact 1 | 12
  17. 17. In focusUnique mining solution brings out thebest results ABB has used its global expertise The excavation component itself is automation solution. ABB’s scopein automation solutions for open a large rotating wheel mounted on a included composite solutions spanningpit mining and material handling boom. On the outer edge of the wheel engineering, manufacturing, supply,to provide a unique, custom-built are a series of buckets. As the wheel erection supervision, testing andautomation system for a bucket wheel turns, the buckets remove soil or strata commissioning of machine electrics,excavator (BWE) for Neyveli Lignite from the target area and carry it around drives, motors, automation system andCorporation Limited, in Tamil Nadu. to the rear of the wheel, where it falls field instruments.ABB Cottbus, Germany is the MTC onto a conveyor, which carries it up Electrics comprised HT switchboard,(Main Technology Center) for open pit the arm toward the main body of the transformer, motor control centersmining. ABB Cottbus supported for excavator. (MCC) and cables for the completethis bucket wheel excavator project, by Discharge conveyor carries it further machine.providing the Continuous Mining Motion and discharges it on the overland The automation system includedControl program, which is used in the conveyor. The most favourable soil and AC800M controller, S800 IO’s andVariable Frequency drives. Also ABB strata conditions for BWE operation process panel. Communication with theCottbus has deputed their experts for are soft, unconsolidated overburden remote IO’s, process panels and fieldcommissioning of the various drives. materials without large boulders. devices is through Profibus network. ABB introduced a variable frequency ABB partnered with ThyssenKrupp The solution was designeddrive (VFD) ACS 8004Q for the bucket Industries India Limited, the original after detailed studies, analysis andwheel application, which significantly equipment manufacturer (OEM) for simulations. The objective of thereduced the wear and tear of buckets the project, to develop the unique application software designed toand optimizes energy consumption operate the system was to ensure evenin the operation of the machine. The loading of the conveyor belt, minimizeindigenously developed solution was Key benefits idle operation and form stable slopes.implemented in record time and helped - reduced wear and tear of the ABB’s application engineering teamboost the performance of the bucket buckets developed the application programmewheel. Bucket-wheel excavators are - energy saving including the automation of the entirepieces of heavy equipment used in open - avoidance of overload trippings process of soil excavation. This softwarepit/ surface mining, especially for lignite. - optimum use of the BWE seamlessly directs the bucket wheel toIt is a continuous excavation machine - increase in machine availability follow the optimal track, thereby helpingcapable of removing up to 3430 cubic time the operator to enhance its productivity.meters of soil / strata per hour. For more information: www.abb.com/miningBucket wheel excavator at Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited contact 1 | 12 17
  18. 18. In focusShah Cement Industries Limited, Dhaka, BangladeshImproving plant uptime andproductivity ABB has recently provided Cement Comprehensive design, engineering, will benefit from long-term technicalMill Control System for Shah Cement supply and commissioning solutions support for their assets and readyIndustries Limited, Bangladesh. This on turnkey basis were done by ABB in availability of spare parts.includes high level of plant modernization line with customer requirements. The Shah Cement, located at Dhaka, issolutions like 33kV indoor substation, scope of solutions include 800xA DCS one of the pioneer cement companiesswitch boards, distribution and convertor with AC800M, servers, workstations in Bangladesh. Shah Cement has a totalduty transformers, LT PCC and MCC, and screens along with all electrical plant capacity of 6 MTPA and has aboutvariable frequency drives, LT and VFD duty equipment. ABB has also provided hands- 16% market share.motors, HT capacitor, automatic power on training in safety procedures and For more information: www.abb.com/cementfactor control and 800xA based AC800M operational training. In addition to thedistributed control system. supply and commissioning, the customer18 contact 1 | 12
  19. 19. In focusTapping into Oman’s sturdyconstruction sectorKNX system improves comfort, energy efficiency and security in hotels, public buildings or skyscrapersGulf’s premier event The Annual Oman Construction Technology in Middle East and Africa, Summit held in Muscat saw key players shared insights on the modern greenon construction in the construction sector gather together building technology at a panel discussionand investment to discuss the major construction and infrastructure projects in the Sultanate. on ‘Reviewing Oman’s Regulations, Standards, and Specifications Summit’.opportunities Executives from all over the region were “With greater demand of dependable, able to interact with executives from ABB energy efficient solutions for infrastructure, and understand how the company can green building has become to focus contribute to the sustainable future of globally and also in Oman. ABB systems Oman with leading edge, energy efficient and products are designed to save energy technology solutions. the easy way; for example our intelligent With a strong focus on climate building control system KNX system, is change and relative energy challenges, one of the most energy-efficient building a sustainable and efficient future was automation systems on the market. seen as the need of the hour. For ABB, The ability to control energy-intensive the challenge is to reduce energy functions, such as air conditioning consumption while always maintaining and lighting in each room, is reducing capacity where it’s needed. significantly power consumption and ABB is well-equipped to improve carbon dioxide emissions in buildings “, on tomorrow’s infrastructure. An explained Zakaria. KNX system improves infrastructure that encompasses all the comfort, energy efficiency and security key elements of a dynamic society: for example in hotels, public buildings or airports, ports, roads, water supply and skyscrapers where energy consumption is sewage disposal, track-bound systems, traditionally very high. tunnels and public buildings such as The Construction Summit and joint hospitals, sports arenas, shopping malls exhibition saw over 300 visitors consist of and residential housing. Omani government officials and industry At the summit Tarek Zakaria, ABB professionals across the region. regional manager for KNX Building For more information: www.abb.com/industries contact 1 | 12 19
  20. 20. In focusEnabling JSW Steel to manufacture steelat competitive priceJSW cold rolling mill facility, Bellary ABB has equipped the JSW cold the most modern, eco-friendly steel integration of automation functionsrolling mill, the most modern CRM plants with the latest technologies based on ABB 800xA control system.plant in the world at Bellary, with its for both upstream and downstream ABB has also provided the Level 1 andlatest technology. The CRM plant is processes. It is also one of the lowest Level 2 automation system to integrateequipped with modern automation, cost steel producers in the world. ABB the plant. Level 1 control system fordrives and control systems. ABB in India has prepared the CRM with advanced mills is based on 800xA which is highlywas the sole supplier for automation drive and automation technology. The flexible and scalable ABB DCS solutionand drives for this green-field project drives control is based on the patented and level 2 consists of productionwhich consists of continuous pickling Direct Torque Control or DTC concept, management and process control.line (CPL), compact cold mill (CCM), providing dynamic performance in terms In close collaboration with JSWelectrolytic cleaning line (ECL), skin pass of torque and speed accuracy. The Steel Ltd. and other suppliers, ABBmill (SPM) and two recoiling lines cum high torque accuracy and dynamics in India ensured a rapid plant start-tension leveling lines (RCL). of the drives used in combination with up by supporting it with the advanced ABB solutions helped the CRM mass flow control leads to extremely automation systems. Ensuring that theplant to improve yield and productivity fast correction times of process CRM plant was commissioned withinof processing lines, improved surface disturbances and exceptional thickness a record period of 24 months, it hasquality and finishing, better roughness quality. ABB power system and presently a capacity of producing 10transfer reducing turnaround time, drives consist of ACS 6000 family of MT per year cold rolled coils. On anaccurate tension control, enhanced medium voltage drives based on IGCT average 350 coils are manufactured perstrip defect inspection to log surface technology, coupled with synchronous day. The consistent cold rolled qualitydefects and production planning and machines for accurate torque control for has enabled JSW to produce steel at amanagement through modern MES the compact cold mill. Medium Voltage very competitive price catering to thesystem. switchgear system, LV distribution, and automotive and process industries. JSW Steel Ltd., with a capacity UPS system were also supplied in this Visit ABB YouTube channel to watchof 10 million tonnes per annum is project. the videoa major player. It is India’s second ABB has standard software modules www.youtube.com/abblargest steelmaker and boasts of for rolling mills, consisting of total For more information: www.abb.com/metals20 contact 1 | 12
  21. 21. In focusFull Service contract for Oman aluminumrolling millABB will manage, develop, implement and execute the entire maintenance function at the plant ABB won a contract worth $9 million of our shareholders,” says BuddyAgreement from Oman Aluminum Rolling Company Stemple, chief executive officer of Omanwill ensure (OARC) to develop, implement and execute all maintenance activities at the Aluminum Rolling Company. Through the ABB Full Servicebest practice company’s rolling mill plant in Sohar, concept, ABB will manage, develop, Oman. implement and execute the entiremaintenance and The greenfield aluminum rolling mill maintenance function at the plant will produce flat sheet and aluminum including all mechanical and electricalincrease plant foil with a capacity of 140,000 tonnes maintenance regimes, shutdownreliability per annum and will primarily serve the management, planning and scheduling Middle East and European markets. and reliability maintenance. The projected completion of the plant “Our innovative approach to is expected during Q3 2013 when the performance-based services ensures plant will commence operations. improved production and equipment “We look forward to having ABB performance, energy efficiency and as a partner in the new rolling facility. reliability for the entire facility,” says ABB brings experience in Oman and Saeed Fahim, country manager for ABB gives us access to their global rolling in Oman. capabilities of ABB for maintenance ABB’s renowned global expertise, services and rolling technology support. tools and methodologies will assist The agreement is performance based OARC in allowing a successful start up and provides both parties incentives of the plant. The agreement involves 55 for success. OARC and ABB will ABB employees directly and will start in work jointly to provide a high rate of June 2012 and continue for a minimum Omanization within the maintenance 5 year period. work force which is in the interest For more information: www.abb.com/service contact 1 | 12 21
  22. 22. In focusBringing increased efficiency to theSouthern Hemisphere’s largest coal projectThrough itselectrificationand automationcontract, ABB ismaking a hugecontribution towardscoal projectscommissioned byVale, the world’slargest iron-oreproducer Industrial IT System 800xA Extended Operator WorkplaceV ale - the world’s largest iron In 2008 Vale awarded ABB the ore producer - significantly contract for Moatize’s electrification ABB scope of works at Moatize raised its initial production and automation. ABB collaborated includes target for its Moatize coal mine internally with members of the Centre - Extending the existing substationin Mozambique, expecting to quadruple for Excellence for Mineral Processing at Matambo with a new 220/66 kVinitial targets by the end of this year. in Switzerland, and formed an external bay including a 45 MVA 220/66 kVShips emptied of iron ore in Asia are consortium with B&W Electrical and transformer and extension to thenow filled with coal in Mozambique Instrumentation. existing double busbar systemfor return journeys to Brazil and other ABB has made a huge contribution - Installing a 44km, 66 kV overheadsteelmaking markets. towards the cost-efficiency of the line from the Matambo substation It is believed that some of the project through its multi-drive solution to the Moatize siteworld’s richest coal deposits are located in variable speed drives. Compact and - Building a new switchyardin Moatize in the Tete Province of movable substations known as Mini equipped with SCADA system atMozambique – 2000 kilometers (1,250 subs have been designed for a part of the proposed Moatize site with amiles) north of the capital Maputo. With the 22kV distribution in the plant. These 45 MVA 66/22 kV transformera targeted production volume of 12 are built on steel baseframes with a - 22 kV GIS switchgear and DCMTPA of hard export coking coal and 2 distribution transformer up to 800 kVA power supply units, plus 22 kVMTPA of export thermal coal, the mine and an LV distribution board. Ring main power factor and harmonic filterbrings much needed economic growth units (RMUs) used in the distribution systemto the region, as does the upgrade of system are SF6 insulated compact - Control system equipment,rail and port facilities. Moatize, which switchgear units with a short circuit complete with workstations andemploys 7,500 workers, transports current of 25 kA. furniture. DCS equipment andits coal along a 600-kilometer railway For more information: www.abb.com/mining software packagesline to the port of Beira in central - Plant lighting and earthingMozambique. protection system. Plant lighting and small power system within substation area22 contact 1 | 12
  23. 23. In focusOne of the largest System 800xAinstallations in the world Vale Nouvelle Calédonie, part of the Vale group has ABB installations as well as has a long-term service contractClockwise, from back row: Robert Markic (ABB), Murray Aird (ABB), Tony Antonecchia (ABB), Glen Evans(Vale), Mark Fletcher (ABB), Arun Duraisamy (ABB), John Leger (ABB), Mats Pahls (Vale), Anthony Klip(Vale) and Rejish Kandy (ABB) ABB’s solutions for Vale in Based on customer feedback andMozambique is not a standalone ABB solutions for the System 800xA continued collaboration, Vale awardedproject. Vale Nouvelle Calédonie, part open pit mine’s refinery comprised of ABB a three-year service contract toof the Vale group, has a plant in the the following: provide onsite process control systemsFrench-territory South Pacific island of - 48 operator workplaces service and maintenance of the processNew Caledonia. This site ranks as one - 15 Quad screen and 20 Dual screen plants installed System 800xA processof the richest undeveloped laterite ore Rich clients automation system in 2009. The servicebodies in the world, with an estimated - 10 engineering workstations and 10 contract formed part of an overall55 million tonnes of measured and temporary engineering workstations solution package offered to Vale.indicated mineral reserves. - Integration of approximately 8,000 “Good planning and preparation In 2005 Vale Nouvelle Calédonie HART-capable instruments resulted in a successful executionawarded ABB the electrification and - Approximately 1,100 DOL and 450 (of the upgrade).” shared Ghislainautomation of this new nickel refinery. VSD Profibus devices Belmonte, Technical Services ManagerVale Nouvelle Calédonie selected ABB’s - 2 OPC clients (connecting to at Vale.flagship automation solution, System OSI PI) ABB leverages its more than 20800xA, for the facility’s automation - 2 IM servers years’ knowledge of mineral processing.system – making it one of the largest - 33,000 History logs As the original equipment manufacturerSystem 800xA installations in the world. - 23,000 (redundant) 800xA tags of the control system, ABB had the Beyond the breadth and scope of - 56,000 (non-HI) CLPs added capacity to provide expertise tothe mining site and plant, as well as - 15,000 (HI) CLPs support, maintain and train the localthe client expectation of continuous - 1 PC network monitoring system Vale New Caledonie teams.installation and commissioning support, - 50 AC800M (redundant, PM 864) For more information: www.abb.com/miningthere was a unique challenge posed: controllersfor the first time, ABB needed to abide - 4 AC800M (redundant, PM 866)by French standards. All drawings controllersand documents produced had to be - 8 AC800M (redundant, PM 865)submitted in both French and English. controllers contact 1 | 12 23
  24. 24. EventsSolar takes centre stage at WETEX 2012exhibition in Dubai ABB’s cutting-edge solar power are delivered in pre-tested 1 MW company, introduced FocalPointgeneration systems were showcased modules for scalability, cost efficiency solution suite that offers advancedat the WETEX 2012 (Water, Energy, and rapid installation. business analytics solutions. TheTechnology and Environment) exhibition The scope of supply covers business intelligence captures andin Dubai, UAE. The show provided the entire project from site and aggregates rich data in a plant heldan opportunity for professionals in project assessment to plant design, across disparate software systems.the energy, water and environment engineering, installation, commissioning, The solution can be easily tailored formanagement industries to exchange service and maintenance. In partnership individual users or user groups.ideas with the potential to transform the with contracted manufacturers, ABB Asset management tools such asfuture of communities, economies and also supplies a complete range of solar Symphony Plus software compile thenations. trackers. industry’s best business practices For the first time, customers The show came hot on the heels into pre-packaged solutions to enableand visitors were able to try ABB’s of an announcement to build the companies to more effectively monitorinteractive augmented reality demo pod. Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and manage their distributed assetsThe hands on tool allowed visitors to Solar Park which will be operated by on a real-time, near real-time andbe given an interactive virtual tour of a Dubai Electricity and Water Authority event driven basis. The software leadssolar plant via a large screen. The 3D with the first phase of the project, operators to greater awareness, fastervisualization of a photovoltaic (PV) plant 10MW of solar power, slated to be response and better decisions.on the screen explained ABB’s turnkey completed by 2013. The exhibition provided visitors ansolution for a power plant, touching Other key ABB technology and excellent platform for a discussion onon product details like the megawatt features highlighted included energy how ABB can help improve productivitystation. efficiency, solutions for the water in various processes while saving ABB’s solar solutions maximize industry and the Smart Home and energy and lowering environmentalplant performance and provide owners Intelligent Building Control (KNX) that impact.with a rapid return on investment and a meets the highest requirements for For more information: www.abb.com/solarlong plant operating life. The solutions applications in modern home and www.abb.com/waterinclude trackers, inverters, transformers, building control.electrical and control equipment which At the exhibition Ventyx, an ABBTurbocharging solutions for betteroperational and environmental performance The turbocharging business of with outputs ranging from 2,500 KWABB in India showcased its products to the highest in the industry. The TPLand solutions in the 7th International series have features designed to satisfyMaritime Exhibition and Conference strict environmental requirements and(INMEX 2011) held at Mumbai. typically need overhauls after long time Advanced turbocharging solutions durations.and service, resulting in maximized fuel Visitors to the ABB stall includedefficiency and reduced emissions, were officials from Wartsila India Ltd.,displayed at ABB’s stall. The business Chidambaram Shipcare Pvt. Ltd.,showcased its expertise as a solution GMMCO Ltd, Pipavav Shipyardprovider through Power2 Technology Ltd,Kirloskar Oil engines Ltd, Shippingalong with latest A series Turbochargers. Corporation of India, Great Eastern The highlight of the stall was the cut Shipping, Indian Navy and Indian Coastsection of the TPL series turbocharger. Guard.This turbocharger provides a robust and For more information: www.abb.com/turbochargingreliable platform for engine applications www.abb.com/marine ABB stall at INMEX 201124 contact 1 | 12
  25. 25. EventsFlagship technology showcased at majortrade show held in DohaVisitors at ABB stall at World Petroleum Congress ‘Olympian event ABB’s pioneering technology in the oil and gas industry drew major attention at is necessary. Integration of systems and applications where all actionable information of the oil and gas the 20th World Petroleum Congress (WPC) is available for use in the system can be held in Qatar. provided to users in a variety of roles. industry’, the WPC The power of the integrated solutions and System 800xA – the company’s Robots increase productivity was attended by flagship distributed control system, the A special feature at the ABB stand was a global oil and IRB 120 robot and asset management the IRB 120 multi-purpose industrial robot solutions from Ventyx, an ABB company, that visitors were able to try operating. gas audience took center stage at the event. The robot consumes 50 per cent less power compared to even the lowest and outside Focus on energy efficiency power consuming robot and allows easy stakeholders System 800xA extends the reach of traditional automation systems - beyond transportation and hassle-free installation. The robot is capable of handling a payload control of the process - to increase energy of three kilos (four kilos for vertical wrist) efficiency, asset utilization, energy savings with a reach of 580mm. and operator effectiveness. Visitors to the exhibition were given an At a plant, in order to be competitive, interactive and hands on demonstration of various plant entities, departments and ABB’s flagship technology which improves personnel have to work as one flexible, productivity and energy efficiency across integrated, collaborative team. For this to a number of different industries. be accomplished, an automation platform For more information: www.abb.com/oilandgas with incredible connectivity capabilities contact 1 | 12 25
  26. 26. For a better worldBreakthrough order for DCtechnology ABB wins order distributing power through a single DC circuit providing significant power to install the first savings. Launched in May 2011, ABB’s ever DC-based Onboard DC Grid is part of a revival of power solutions using DC, and electric solution will provide highly efficient power for a vessel. The distribution and electric propulsion for a wide range of vessels. It is designed for Onboard DC ships with low-voltage onboard circuits, such as offshore support vessels, tug Grid will allow boats, ferries and yachts, and can vessels to cut fuel reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 20 percent. consumption and ABB will provide its full onboard DC system, including all power, propulsion emissions by up to and automation systems for the 93 20 percent meter long, 5,000 tonnes multi-purpose oil field supply and construction vessel, ABB has won an order from ship which is scheduled for delivery in the owner Myklebusthaug Management first quarter of 2013. to supply the first ever direct current A key advantage of ABB’s Onboard (DC) power grid on board a ship. The DC Grid is that the ship’s engines equipment will allow a new offshore no longer have to run at a fixed platform support vessel, under speed and engine’s speed can be construction in Norway, to operate at adjusted to optimize fuel consumption. the highest energy efficiency level to By eliminating the need for bulky minimize emissions. transformers and switchboards, the In traditional electrical propulsion footprint and weight of the electrical vessels, multiple DC connections are system can be reduced by up to 30 made to thrusters and propulsion drives percent, leaving more space on the from an alternating current (AC) circuit, vessels for passengers or cargo while accounting for more than 80 percent of also providing greater flexibility in the electrical power consumption. ABB’s positioning of system components in the Onboard DC Grid represents a step vessel. forward in optimized propulsion by For more information: www.abb.com/marine26 contact 1 | 12
  27. 27. For a better worldTurning electronic scrapinto goldElectronic scrap. Images courtesy of Boliden ABB power and automation production lines for processing into high- voltage switchgear to ensure safe andtechnologies are helping metals grade products. reliable power distribution throughoutcompany Boliden create the world’s In 2010, e-scrap accounted for the plant; low-voltage industrial driveslargest electronic scrap recycling facility 6 percent of Rönnskär’s feed, with to speed-control the motor applications– recovering copper and precious metals recyclable materials as a whole and reduce energy consumptionfrom electronic scrap using only a contributing 24 percent. When the new and RESIBLOC dry-type distributionfraction of the energy required to extract plant reaches full capacity in the second transformers, which are explosion-proofmetals from ore. quarter of 2012, these figures will rise and environmentally friendly, and can Boliden is currently ramping up a new to 14 and 31 percent respectively, thus withstand extreme loads and very highplant adjacent to its existing electronic enabling Rönnskär to become less levels of mechanical stress and thermalscrap recycling facility at the Rönnskär dependent on copper concentrates and shock.copper smelter in northern Sweden. The more energy efficient. The entire e-scrap recycling processexpansion will almost triple the recycling Recovering metals from electronic is controlled by ABB’s 800xA Extendedcapacity from 45,000 metric tonnes to scrap requires only 10-15 percent of Automation System, and includes120,000 metric tonnes a year, making the energy required to extract metals customized features such as remoteit the largest e-scrap recycling facility in from ore. The process also supports operation of the process and an exactthe world. the European Union’s Waste Electrical positioning system to prevent spilling of Rönnskär is an integrated and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) molten metal from the furnace.metallurgical complex, which smelts Directive, which requires 4 kg of e-scrap The System 800xA solution for theand refines metals from mined copper to be collected and sorted per head of Kaldo plant expansion is integratedconcentrates and from recyclable population in the EU. This is expected to with Rönnskär’s existing Systemmaterials like metal shred and electronic rise to 13-16 kg per person by 2016. 800xA distributed control system,scrap. E-scrap comes from computers, ABB has played a significant role in which controls the entire site and allmobile phones, circuit boards and other the Kaldo plant expansion and at the its production processes. When ABBelectronic equipment and contains Rönnskär complex as a whole. For the first installed the Rönnskär automationmetals such as copper, gold and silver. new Kaldo plant, ABB has supplied a system in 1999, it was one of the largest The pre-sorted and pre-shredded comprehensive range of process-critical plant control systems of all time, withe-scrap is smelted at Rönnskär using power and automation technologies, more 50,000 input/output (I/O) points.Boliden’s proprietary Kaldo furnace including the process control system. For more information: www.abb.comtechnology. After smelting, the molten On the electrical side, the ABBmetals are transferred to the adjoining solutions include low- and medium- contact 1 | 12 27
  28. 28. Glimpses of ABBBuilding a nation –ABB congratulatesUAE for 40 years ofsuccessPower and automation solutionsincrease energy efficiency and industrialproductivity in UAE A view of Burj Khalifa, Dubai which houses ABB technology ABB has played a pivotal role in the UAE’s development over the past four decades. Since the unification of the seven Emirates in 1971 – celebrated as National Day – the country has transformed into one of the world’s leading regions of which ABB technology has been instrumental. The 40th National28 contact 1 | 12
  29. 29. Glimpses of ABBDay was celebrated on December 2 “ABB technology is everywhere. a vital role in driving the country’s2011. Over the past 40 years, ABB has Our solutions enable reliable power infrastructure, projects and economyhelped increase grid reliability, energy and energy efficient automation from forwards, for many years to come,” saidefficiency and industrial productivity the world’s tallest tower, palm islands Frank Duggan, country manager for ABBacross many elementary sectors such as or driverless metro system right down in the UAE.” We take this opportunity toutilities, transportation and the economy, to utilities and industrial sector; our congratulate the lead of the nation andwhile ensuring sustainable growth for the presence in the UAE has been far- its people for the 40th National Day ofnation. reaching. ABB will continue to play UAE.” contact 1 | 12 29
  30. 30. Glimpses of ABBDubai Metro is powered by ABB substationsBehind the scenes of the noble thanks to ABB’s products, which capacity to become the second biggestlandmarks ensure reliable, high quality power. Two 5-gallon water producer in the world. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest substations supply power to all redtower, houses ABB technology that line stations, while the third substation Powering the nationenables reliable power, water supply supplies power to the entire green Furthermore, ABB has played anand energy efficient cooling throughout line. The metro has transported 100 integral part in helping the UAE to meetthe 5-million square-foot building. The million passengers since it opened in its electricity demand and upgraded andworld’s highest distribution substation September 2009. expanded electric power transmissionand control equipment that ABB and distribution through the country.custom-engineered are on the top Leading edge technology for The contracts, signed with Abu Dhabifloors ensuring power to lighting, complete water cycle Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA),elevators, ventilation, heating and the air To assist the capital’s rising demand helped meet the growing demand forconditioning system. for drinking water, ABB has worked with energy. ABB also worked with DEWA to Additionally, ABB is the driving Abu Dhabi Transmission & Despatch deliver electrical power to Dubai’s twoforce behind the Dubai Fountain, the Company (TRANSCO) on a major palm shaped islands.world’s largest dancing fountain. The expansion of a water transmission In addition, ABB successfullycompany supplied equipment such system. The project increased the strengthened the power andas switchgears, transformers and volume of water supplied by the transmission network in the north of thepower monitoring systems to ensure Shuweihat power and desalination plant country for the Federal Electricity andthe feature receives reliable power. to Abu Dhabi by expanding the capacity Water Authority (FEWA) in Ajman, UAE.The fountain’s energy efficiency and of two pumping stations. The substations were part of a widerpower quality was increased with ABB’s Meanwhile, ABB’s robots, helped project to expand the power supplycapacitor banks and harmonic filters. the Oasis Water Company to automate network in the northern region. The Dubai Metro, a key part of the a once-hazardous operation andcity’s infrastructure, runs smoothly increased its bottled water production30 contact 1 | 12