Five tips for effective sales messages

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This presentation provides sales reps with five tips on how to make their sales messages more effective.

This presentation provides sales reps with five tips on how to make their sales messages more effective.

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  • 1. AAyuja © 2013 Disclaimer: This presentation and the information provided here is indicative in nature and should not be treated as views of the organization. 5 tips for crafting effective sales messages Meet Goals, Beat Competition, Exceed Expectations Visit us at
  • 2. AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012 1 Craft different sales messages to suit different buying motivations It is not enough to focus on a target audience, you need to understand the different buying motivations and craft different sales messages for each. Most small businesses looking to get established should only really be focusing on one primary buying motivation. It makes sales and marketing so much more powerful and reduces marketing costs significantly.
  • 3. AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012 Craft different sales messages for different stages of the sales process Many sales messages we see are trying to sell the product or service when their audience do not even know they need it. Once we are clear about the stages of our sales process then we need to craft what sales messages we use at each stage from generating interest to closing the sale. 2
  • 4. AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012 Focus your sale message on the outcome and not your services For most businesses, especially those selling business-to-business, we need to bear in mind that our clients and prospects are seeking solutions to problems, even if it is a supply problem or a reliability problem. To use storytelling terminology, we need to sell the happy ending and not the story. Our sales messages may refer to the drama but we need to show them that we have what they want – a solution to their problem. 3
  • 5. AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012 Appeal to emotion and not logic Motivation is driven by emotion and not logic. If you do not believe us try rationalizing yourself into getting excited about taking an bath filled with ice cold water and ice cubes in the middle of winter. We need our sales messages to appeal to our prospect’s specific buying motivation and that requires us to know what it is! 4
  • 6. AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012 Be consistent and make changes If something is not working then we need to try something different – but not necessarily massively different. Sometimes just one word can make a big difference to results. Change one thing and then measure the results. If there is no difference then change it back and try something else. Do not change too much at one time as it will be hard to tell what made the difference. 5