6 Factors Driving Inside Sales Success


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This presentation provides few pointers on the critical success factors to build a successful inside sales group

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6 Factors Driving Inside Sales Success

  1. 1. AAyuja © 2013 Disclaimer: This presentation and the information provided here is indicative in nature and should not be treated as views of the organization. 6 Factors Driving Inside Sales Success Visit us at www.aayuja.comVisit us at www.aayuja.com Meet Goals, Beat Competition, Exceed Expectations *Via  Blue Wolf*Via  Blue Wolf
  2. 2. AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012 Metrics Management Inside sales is a measurable, predictable discipline. The focus should be on tracking and managing to metrics that are tied directly to your strategic plan and are consistent with the activity levels to reach targets and be successful. 1
  3. 3. Consistent Lead Qualification and Scoring System Marketing and sales need to agree on the potentially complex rating methodology, document it and implement it consistently company wide 2
  4. 4. Easy Access to Pertinent Marketing Data Before making a call or sending an email to a potential customer, inside sales reps should have relevant information about the account. This certainly should include the standard information – names, titles, contact information, but also market intelligence and personal reference information preferably easily accessible through the CRM system. 3
  5. 5. Consistent Sales Message Inside sales reps need current call guides or “sales scripts” that contains the right message for a specific type of prospect, delivered at a specific time in the sales cycle. A script should be included for leaving an effective voice mail, as well as a list of FAQs that is updated on a frequent basis. 4
  6. 6. Customized, Automated Lead Fulfillment Sales collateral fulfillment should be a pre-planned, multi-step, automated process that is integrated within your CRM application. If every inside sales rep has to decide which brochure, white paper, data sheet, case study or letter to send to each prospect at various stages of the sales process, the result will likely be inconsistent and will not have the impact required for success. 5
  7. 7. Common, Consistent CRM Technology Adoption – Company- Wide Inside sales groups must make an entry each and every time a contact with a prospective client occurs. The CRM systems must be utilized for efficient and timely “hand-offs” to/from the outside sales group. When an inside sales rep leaves or is promoted, the CRM system will allow for a quicker, less costly ramp- up of the new inside sales rep. 6 The consistent use of the CRM system is critical to the inside sales group as well as the entire sales and marketing organization is critical to efficiency and effectiveness – and the success of the enterprise.
  8. 8. http://www.aayuja.com/resources/blogs/ We act as growth partner to fast growing technology companies. Our array of inside sales and marketing services help them augment their businesses in the most profitable manner. For Technology Sales And Marketing Resources Visit Our Blog For free eBooks and more visit http://www.aayuja.com/resources/resourceslibrary/