10 Lessons on Prospecting from Reality Dating Shows


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This presentation utilizes analogies from reality dating shows to highlight the rights and wrongs associated with opportunity qualification

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10 Lessons on Prospecting from Reality Dating Shows

  1. 1. AAyuja © 2013 Disclaimer: This presentation and the information provided here is indicative in nature and should not be treated as views of the organization. 10 Lessons on Prospecting from Reality Dating Shows Visit us at www.aayuja.comVisit us at www.aayuja.com Meet Goals, Beat Competition, Exceed Expectations *Via  alesforce*Via  alesforce
  2. 2. AAyuja Internal and Confidential © 2012 Be ready for a relationship. In prospecting terms, this means qualify yourself first. Establish a reputation as a thought leader by sharing helpful content with your social audience. You could also write a white paper on how your product or service helps customers, or start a YouTube channel of customer testimonials. 1
  3. 3. Have the producers screen candidates Only target prospects that are willing to buy and that fit your ideal customer profile. Use criteria such as: What industry are they in? Where are they located? What is the title of the decision maker? What can they spend? What challenges or issues are they facing? 2
  4. 4. In the end you can’t pick all 25. Respect the elimination process... Be careful not to cast a very wide net when prospecting. If you market to potential buyers outside your ideal customer profile, you end up spending most of your time responding to questions from unqualified prospects. 3
  5. 5. ...but give every contestant a chance to find love with you Engage with every prospect by making an intellectual and emotional connection. They will end up qualifying themselves by falling into one of five categories: high probability buyers, future buyers, small opportunity buyers, possible opportunities, or no probability. 4
  6. 6. Do not hand out a rose once the signs are there. You don’t have to meet every prospect for coffee. However the sooner you get to know their needs, the sooner you can determine whether they are a viable opportunity or you should move on to a prospect who is. 5
  7. 7. Maximize your one-on-one time. Ask prospects the right questions. Don’t interrogate them, but instead guide them towards the vision they hope to achieve. Ask about desired results, how their organization makes decisions, what their timetable is, and their experience with other vendors, if any. 6
  8. 8. If you've got it, flaunt it. When it comes to prospecting, it’s not about hitting the gym. Remember that your best asset is you. Share your product or service knowledge with prospects. Being a helpful resource, a listening ear, and someone who offers real solutions goes a long way. 7 Hot tub scenes make it easy for reality contestants to show off their chiseled abs.
  9. 9. Make a connection. The goal is to make a real connection with a prospect that leads to them becoming a longtime customer. It is here you need to call on those seemingly antiquated skills of conversation and "real life" person-to-person contact. 8 This word is used too much in reality dating. But it still applies here.
  10. 10. You might be able to tell when they step out of the limo. “The Sales Hunter” Mark Hunter says, “A prospect is a good fit if they have provided you with two-to-three of their critical needs and have shared with you the timeline as to when they will make a decision. Prospects will only share this level of information with you when they have confidence in you.” 9 Look for the early signs they’re the one.
  11. 11. Pick someone and live happily ever after. Your job as a salesperson is ultimately to sell, not just prospect. A customer relationship management system (CRM) can help you manage valuable prospecting info, so your time spent actually selling and closing deals is maximized. 10 Avoid the prospecting black hole.
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