Art of user engagement
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Art of user engagement






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  • Successful cases of crowdsourcing/user participation
  • Reduce friction Capture the moment – Netflix / Amazon star rating, Yelp useful yes / no buttons Lower the barrier to entry.
  • What’s In It For Me? People make actions for self interest that results in a common good
  • Ebay and Yelp – people are publicly rated
  • first / leader - Yelp - first to review Elite status
  • Fans, Followers Stumbleupon, Yelp, Digg, Twitter
  • Amazon Reviewer Rank
  • Show me Metrics that I care about + relevant to me
  • People don’t participate because of the high labor cost. The amount of work involved. Make it so that the social cost of not participating is greater
  • LinkedIn eHarmony
  • Social Pressure - my friends have posted # articles or their profile is x% complete Conformity
  • Social Pressure - my friends have posted # articles or their profile is x% complete Conformity
  • Popularity lists reduce cognitive load
  • Facebook Werewolf App – you bite me, I’m more likely to bite you back LinkedIn endorsement / recommendation – you’re more likely to recommend a person if they’ve recommended you Prof. Dennis Regan, Cornell University experiment. Raffle tickets favor. Free Coke vs no free coke prior. Twice as many tickets with Coke.
  • Other examples include Super Poke, and X-me Facebook apps
  • Social Psychologists Morton Deutsch and Harold Gerard. Experiment: Estimate length of lines Group A: Commit themselves publicly by writing down and signing names Group B: Commit themselves privately by writing down and erase before anyone saw Group C: No commitment, kept private Chance to change their estimates with new knowledge Group B Significatly less willing to change their minds. By far most committed and stubborn was Group A. More effort involved. You convince yourself with the extra effort.
  • Facebook: People you may know Changing world keeps you coming back – World of Warcraft, Second Life Moments of serendipity

Art of user engagement Art of user engagement Presentation Transcript

  • The Art of User Engagement
  • Examples of Great Participation
  • How To Get Participation?
  • Reduce Cost of Participation vs Free, but not so easy This is easy
  • Design For Ego It’s not about you, it’s about the u ser
  • Reputation ebay yelp
  • Recognition yelp
  • Popularity
  • Ranking
  • Relevant Metrics
    • Page Views
    • Visitors
    • Time On Site
    • Conversion Rates
    • Who’s Viewing
    • Fans / Followers
    • Comments
    • Compliments
  • Labor Cost of Effort vs Social Cost of Not Participating
  • Completeness
  • Social Pressure
  • Herd Mentality
  • It’s easier to just follow the crowd
  • Reciprocity
  • You bite me, I’m gonna bite you back
  • Commitment
  • People are more obliged to uphold publicly made commitments
  • Discovery
  • The Author – Pek Pongpaet
    • User Experience, Designer / Developer
    • Human Computer Interaction
    • Entrepreneur
  • Sources
    • “ Science of Designing Interactions” – Andreas Weigand & Ming Yeow Ng
    • “ Crowdsourcing for Creatives” – Derek Powazek
    • “ Influence – Psychology of Persuasion” – Robert B. Cialdini
    • Photos - Flickr