How Art Is Relevant: An Introduction to the Online Exhibition


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Dr. Cheng-hua Wang

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How Art Is Relevant: An Introduction to the Online Exhibition

  1. 1. How Art Is Relevant: An Introduction to the Online Exhibition Time and Culture Dr. Cheng-hua Wang
  2. 2. Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project u se r us e r us Institutional Sub-projects e user us e er r r us user user Open Request-for-proposal use r us e user r projects user uss Knowledge Web of u us err e er Taiwan’s Diversity us e r Integration us er Biological, Cultural, and Social Diversity user us Personal Collections r use user us e e r r r se u us use u se r er r user Other Web resources user use u se r us e r r r e us
  3. 3. Academia Sinica National Museum of Natural Science National Palace Museum National Taiwan University Ancient books and Academia Historica literature Historical and Taiwan Historica cultural relics National Central Library Chinese Taipei Film Archive National Archives Administration Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan Archive and Council for Hakka Affairs the Executive Yuan Nature and ecology Source
  4. 4. College and University Institutions of public and private archive Foundation Aboriginal culture Religion Music Folk custom Drama Architecture Ethic Group Performing arts Craft
  5. 5. Fast Growing Open Request-for-Proposal Projects 12 24 29 42 51 6 8
  6. 6. Cyber Island, a photo sharing platform If you love photography, or collect/create precious images which is valuable and collectable, you are welcomed to join us on “Cyberisland”, and sharing these beautiful knowledge and images with all the people!
  7. 7. What’s our next step ?
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  22. 22. µu¤ùÆ[½à Video Thank you for your attention!