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We have broadband mickey slimp-2012



AATYC conference keynote presentation by Dr. Mickey Slimp. October 15, 2012

AATYC conference keynote presentation by Dr. Mickey Slimp. October 15, 2012



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We have broadband mickey slimp-2012 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Now that We Have Broadband . . .Mickey SlimpExecutive Director, Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges andUniversitiesmickey.slimp@netnet.org903-571-0892Access to the world at large is the dream of everyeducator. With the expansion of ARE-ON, the ArkansasResearch and Education Optical Network to includenearly all of the state’s two-year colleges, we now haveit! Let’s explore together what we can do.
  • 2. What are we going to do?• Identify what broadband is.• Learn about YOUR broadband –details• Find ways to use broadband• Guidelines for putting it in place• What’s next?
  • 3. The Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges & Universities – NETnet• Sixteen college and universities sites with over 60,000 students• Enabled over 22,000 college enrollments per semester
  • 4. The Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges & Universities – NETnet• Trains over 450 college faculty and staff per year• Manages a regional ISD collaborative SUPERnet, serving 64,000 students.
  • 5. Broadband DensityWiredConnectivity inArkanasas www.connect-arkansas.org
  • 6. Minimum Connection 100 mbpsMaximum Connection 10 gbps
  • 7. www.itcnetwork.orgAn American Association of Community Colleges council supporting the growth of distance learning.
  • 8. www.onlinestudentsupport.org/Monograph/
  • 9. Time-to-Adoption: One Year or Less 1. Cloud Computing 2. Mobile Apps 3. Social Reading(http://horizon. 4. Tablet Computing Time-to-Adoption: Two to Three Years wiki.nmc.org/ 1. Adaptive Learning Environments 2. Augmented Reality 3. Game-Based Learning 4. Learning Analytics Time-to-Adoption: Four to Five Years 1. Digital Identity 2. Gesture-Based Computing 3. Haptic Interfaces 4. Internet of Things
  • 10. Broadband Impact
  • 11. Broadband ImpactTablet PC’s and Readers
  • 12. Broadband Impact
  • 13. Broadband ImpactUse of Evidence to ImprovePrograms and ServicesThe college establishesprocesses for using data aboutstudent progression and out-comes to identify achievementgaps among student groups,formulates strategies foraddressing the gaps identifiedand improving student successoverall, and evaluates theeffectiveness of thosestrategies. Learning “Analytics”
  • 14. Broadband ImpactGaming, Simulation, and Scenarios
  • 15. Shared Advanced Teaching Resources Med Education Simulation Technology www.breakawayltd.com/serious-games/overview/
  • 16. Professional Resources The Texas Network for Teaching Excellence www.theTexasNetwork.org
  • 17. Access to Primary Sources National Poet Laureate Phillip Levine Internet2 K-20 Initiative 2012 For more information, contact JamesAWerle@gmail.com Also see: http://www.loc.gov/rr/program/bib/levine/
  • 18. Performance Opportunities Internet2 LOLA Performance Demonstration Internet2 Fall Meeting 2012 http://www.internet2.edu/arts/LOLA.html
  • 19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVCmcMZS3uA
  • 20. Now that We Have Broadband: Mickey Slimp Executive Director, Northeast Texas Consortium 903-571-0892 Mickeyslimp@netnet.org