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Bari  09 Bari 09 Presentation Transcript

  • PresentationPresentationononBARI ActivitiesBARI Activities Presented in AAS Hub Scoping at Khulna
  • BARIIs The Largest Multicrop Research InstituteConducts Research On More Than 100 CropsExcept Rice, Sugarcane, Jute, Cotton and Tea
  • ORGANOGRAM OFBARIManpowerPost Rev Dev TotalScientists 705 98 803Officers 73 5 78Staff 1,945 142 2,087Total 2,723 245 2,968Director GeneralDirectorSupport ServiceDirectorResearchDirectorTraining &CommunicationCSOPlanning &EvaluationAdministrationFinanceCommon serviceResearch Centres (7)Research Division(14)Regional Stations (6)Sub-stations (30)TrainingCommunicationEditorial andPublicationLibraryFSRD Sites (9)MLT Sites (66)Buildings & Grounds
  • Crop Research CentreWheat Research Tuber Crops ResearchHorticulture ResearchSpices ResearchOilseed ResearchPulses Research Plant Genetic Resource
  • Research DivisionAgronomy Plant Breeding Irrigation andWater ManagementPlant PathologyOn-Farm ResearchFarm DivisionVertebrate PestPost-harvestTechnologyFarm Machinery andPost-harvest Proc. Eng.Seed TechnologyEntomologySoil ScienceAgricultural EconomicsBiotechnology
  • MandateMandate Germplasm collection, evaluation, conservation anddocumentation Development of improved crop varieties Soil, fertilizers and water management research Disease and pest management research and pesticidalresidue analysis Development of production package of crops Development of new cropping patterns to increasecropping intensity Development of appropriate farm machineries Transfer of technologies through training,demonstration and publications.
  • OilseedsSpicesCondimentsFlowersVegetablesFruitsRootsTubersPulsesCerealsCommodityCommodityResearchResearch(103 crops)(103 crops)
  • Crop groups Name of the crops NumberCereals Wheat, Maize, Barley and Millets,etc.8Oilseed Crops Mustard, Groundnut, Sesame,Linseed, Sunflower, Soybean,Niger, etc.8Pulse Crops Lentil, Chickpea, Mungbean,Blackgram, Grasspea, etc.8Tuber & RootCropsPotato, Sweet potato, Aroids andYam, etc.4HorticulturalCropsFruits, Vegetables, Flowers, etc. 60Spices andCondimentsOnions, Garlic, Turmeric,Coriander and other spices15Total 103Commodity ResearchCommodity Research
  •  Basic and Frontier Farm Machinery Irrigation & Water Management Post-harvest Technology Plant Pathology Entomology Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Biotechnology Farming System Socio-economics Hill Agriculture Coastal AgricultureNon-Commodity ResearchNon-Commodity Research
  • BARI H/QCrop Research Centre (7)Regional Station (6)► Sub-station (30)
  • Crop Variety Developed by BARIName of crops Total VarietiesCereal Crops 53Oilseed Crops 36Pulses Crops 27Tuber Crops 54Vegetable Crops 66Fruit Crops 43Flower Crops 9Spices Crops 15Total 305
  • Variety (305) + Other Technology (310) = 615Variety (305) + Other Technology (310) = 615Variety (305) + Other Technology (310) = 615Variety (305) + Other Technology (310) = 615Other Technology Developed by BARIResearch Fields TechnologiesCrop, Soil, Water & Pest Management 125Farm Machinery 19Irrigation and Water Management 33Post-harvest Technology 24Farming Systems Research 97Biotechnology 12Sub-Total 310
  • Glimpses ofSelectedTechnologies
  • Tuber CropsName of crops Total VarietiesPotato 39Potato TPS 2Sweet Potato 9Aroids 4Total 54
  • BARI Alu 23; For ExportProduction2007: 5.3 Mt2008: Bumper CropPotato: A quiet revolutionBARI Alu 26; For ProcessingReasons :Enhanced area & yieldHYV Coverage : 90%Yield : 25-30 t/ha (maximum in field)BARI Alu 27; For Saline
  • BARI Alu 28• Suitable for processingSuitable for processing• Medium size, Roundshape• High yield (30-35 t/ha)BARI Alu 29Medium size, round shape,Suitable forprocessing purpose, Yield: 25-30 t/haVarieties releasedVarieties releasedduring 2008-09during 2008-09
  • Jaijaidin:13 MarchProthom Alo: 13 MarchInadequate Cold storage Bumper Production of PotatoProthom Alo: 15 March
  • 15 March ‘o8Farmers pile up sacks of potato in frontof a cold storage at Daniapara in Sirajganj24 March ’08
  • Microtuber Propagation of PotatoShoot Multiplicatiom
  • Breeder seed production of potatoTuberlet Breaking dormancyBreeder’s seed production Seed production
  • Potato TPS(a)(b)(c) BARI TPS-1 & 2 are high yielder withattractive cream and yellow colour Virus free tuberlets seed productionthrough formal and informal systemreduced the dependency on importedseedsPlantFruitSeed
  • BARI Misty Alu-6BARI Misty Alu-7Sweet PotatoBARI Misty Alu contain high amount of vitamin ‘A’
  • Cereal CropsName of crops Total VarietiesWheat 24Maize 19Barley 6Millets 4Total 53
  • Area : 0.48 mil.haProduction : 0.74 mil.tRequirement : 3.6-4.0 mil.tYield : 4.0 t/haNational Yield : 1.54 t/haHYV Coverage: 100%Wheat in Bangladesh’06
  • New VarietiesBARI Gam 24(Prodip)BARI Gam 22(Sufi)BARI Gam 23(Bijoy)BARI Gam 21(Shatabdi)
  • Power Tiller Operated Seeder (PTOS)Advantages Tillage, seeding & laddering -3 operations simultaneously Saves 20% seed and overcome delay planting Seeding cost 35-40% less Wheat, maize, mungbean, rice can be sown
  • Wheat in Coastal AreaFallow landMatured wheat FieldDemonstration of wheat
  • Wheat HarvestingField capacity: 0.27 ha/hrPaddy HarvestingField capacity: 0.18 ha/hrSelf-propelled Reaper(Price: Tk 60,000)
  • Capacity : wheat- 340 kg/hr paddy- 930 kg/hrThresh cost : a) wheat-Tk 210/ton (Tk 500/ton tradi)b) paddy - Tk 77/ton (Tk 250/ton tradi)Annual benefit : Tk 30,000Multicrop Power Thresher [Price: Tk 20,000 (WO/E)]
  • BARI Gam 24 (Prodip)BARI Gam 21 (Shatabdi)Wheat: Complement food securityArea : 0.37 MhaProduction : 0.77 Mt0. (Mha) Production (Mt) Yield (t/ha)HYV Coverage : 100%Yield : 3 - 3.5 t/ha (maximum in field)
  • BARI Hybrid Maize -5 (QPM) BARI Hybrid Maize -3Area : 1,20,000 haProduction : 6,50,000 tonYield : 7.5 t/haRequirement : 12,00,000 tonMaize
  • Area : 0.2 MhaProduction : 0.9 MtMaize: Potential food & feedBARI Hybrid Maize 9; yield 11-12 t/haBARI Hybrid Maize 8; yield 10-11 t/ha0. (Mha) Production (Mt) Yield (t/ha)Yield : 8 - 10 t/ha (maximum in field)
  • Power Maize ShellerCapacity : 2.5-3.0 ton/hrThresh cost : Tk. 25/tonPrice : Tk. 19,250 (WO/E)Annual benefit : Tk. 27,000
  • Pulses CropsName of crops Total VarietiesChickpea 8Lentil 6Mungbean 6Black gram 3Lathyrus 2Cowpea 2Total 27
  • Area : 0.34 MhaProduction : 0.6 MtPulses: A protein sourceBARI Mung 6; yield 1.5-1.8 t/haBARI Masur 6; yield 1.6-2.5 t/haBARI Chhola 7; yield 1.8-2.2 t/haMungbeanHYV Coverage : 56%Yield : 1.0-1.5 t/ha (maximum in field)
  • Mungbean In Farmer’s Field
  • Oilseed CropsName of crops Total VarietiesMustard 15Groundnut 8Soybean 5Sesame 3Sunflower 2Linseed 1Safflower 1Niger 1Total 36
  • Area : 0.58 MhaProduction: 0.20 Mt (Oil)Oilseeds: For import reductionBARI Chinabadam 7; yield 2.2-2.5 t/haBARI Sarisa 14; yield 1.4-1.6 t/haBARI Soybean 5; yield 2.0 - 2.25 t/haHYV Coverage : 30% (Mustard)
  • MustardBARI Sarisa 11High yielder 2-2.5 t/haBARI Sarisa 11BARI Sarisa 11BARI Sarisa 6
  • SesameBARI Til 3• Contains more calcium• Grow in calcium deficit soilSoybeanBARI Soybean 5• High nutritive value• Demand is increasing
  • Vegetable CropsName of crops Total VarietiesBrinjal 8 (2 hyb)Tomato 18 (8 hyb)Cabbage 2Cauliflower 2Radish 4Chinese cabbage 1Hyacinth Bean 4Bottle gourd 2Lady’s finger 1Ash gourd & Jhinga 2Bitter gourd 1Watermelon 1Pumpkin 2Vegetable CropsName of crops Total VarietiesGarden Pea 3Bush Bean 2Red Amaranth 1Stem Amaranth 2Green Amaranth 1Indian Spinach 2Kangkong 1Bati Sak 1China Sak 1Yard long bean 1Pointed gourd 2Lettuce 2Total (25 crops) 66
  • BARI Tomato-8 (Shila)• Suitable for transportation• Yield is about 100-115 t/ha.VegetablesArea : 2,78,000 haProduction: 20,20,000 tRequirement: 1,12,40,000 t(@220g/head/day)
  • Vegetables: High nutrition & food valueArea : 0.3 MhaProduction : 2 MtBARI Hybrid Tomato 4 (Summer);yield 40-45 t/haBARI Jhar Seem 1; yield 13-14 t/ha
  • Summer Tomato in Farmer’s Conditions
  • Area : 65,000 haProduction : 3,80,000 tonFarmers’ Yield : 5.85t/haHYV Coverage : 20%BrinjalBARI Begun-1 (Uttara)Yield is about 60 t/ha.
  • Achievable YieldYield (winter) : >65t/haYield (summer): 30-50t/haBrinjalBARI Begun-4 (Kazla)Fruit yield is 65 t/ha.
  • Bitter Gourd (BARI Karola-1)Fruit size 19 x 4.5 cm2; Yield 25 t/ha
  • Bottle Gourd (BARI Lau-2)Fruit size 19 x 15 cm2; Yield 60 t/ha
  • Lady’s Finger (BARI Dheros 1) Kangkong (BARI Gimakalmi-1Cabbage (Provati) Bush Bean (BARI Jharshim 1)
  • BARI Seem 1; yield 20-22 t/haBARI Lau 2; yield 55-60 t/haDwarf SeemBARI Lau 1; yield 40-45 t/ha
  • BARI Jhinga 1BARI Mula 4• High yielding (25-30 t/ha)• Virus resistant• High yielding (65-70 t/ha)• Locally seed producingcapability• Delayed flowering
  • Hydroponic (Lettuce & Capsicum)Capsicum (Advanced lines) BARI Begun 8 (Summer); yield 40-45 t/haDr. C. S. Karim, Hon’ble AdviserVisits Hydroponic (Capsicum)
  • Spices & condiments CropsName of crops Total VarietiesOnion 3Garlic 2Turmeric 3Coriander 1Black Pepper 1Methi 2Chilli 1Betel Leaf 2Total (8 crops) 15
  • Area : 0.12 MhaProduction : 1.3 MtSummer Onion; yield 15-20 t/haSpices: Breaking seasonal boundaryDr. C. S. Karim, Hon’ble AdviserVisits BARI Summer Onion Field
  • BARI Morich-1BARI Morich-1• Year round cultivation• Commercial cultivation-throughout BangladeshYield: 2.5 t/ha(Dry)10-12 t/ha (Green)(3.5 times more yield than local variety)
  • Fruit CropsName of crops Total VarietiesMango 4Banana 4Litchi 4Guava 3Papaya 1Coconut 2Pummelo 4Lemon 3Wax Jambu 1Satkara 1Strawberry 1Fruit CropsName of crops Total VarietiesSapota 2Longan & Lotkon 3Taikar 1Orange 1Ber & Jack fruit 3Pear 1Golden Apple 2Passion Fruit 1Malta 1Carambola 1Total (24 crops) 43
  • Fruits:Fruits: Nutrition and food valueNutrition and food valueBARI Aam 3Area : 0.22 MhaProduction : 2.0 MtBARI Lichu 4 BARI Aam 4 (Hybrid)
  • BARI Amra 1 (year round)BARI Strawberry 1BARI Peyara 2 BARI Amloki 2
  • Papaya (Shahi Papaya) Banana (BARI Kola-1)
  • Fruit wt. 34gJujube(BARI Kul-2)Wax Jumbo(BARI Zamrul-1)
  • Pear(BARI Naspati 1)Sweet Orange(BARI Malta 1)
  • • High yielding, early and regular bearing• Very sweet (TSS 22%)• Less fibre, juicy and edible portion-55%BARI Lotkan-1BARI Kanthal-1• High yielding, fruitsare medium (13.47g)• Juicy, very sweet(TSS 15.6%),• Small seed
  •  Hormone use at 9-13 month plant age Ethrel (500ppm) or Calcium carbide (1000ppm) Apply @ 50 ml per plant monthlyBaby Pineapple Production
  • Flower CropsName of crops Total VarietiesGladiolus 3Orchid & others 6Total 9
  • BARI Orchid 1BARI Gladiolus 2BARI Gladiolus 1Flower
  • BARI Gladiolus 3BARI Chrysanthemum -1BARI Chrysanthemum -2
  • BARI Anthurium-1BARI Gerbera-1
  • Non-CommodityNon-CommodityAchievementsAchievements
  • IPM Bittergourd field in JessoreIPM: For safe food and environmentProthom-Alo:17-6-06Inkilab: 04-08-07Daily Star:16-06-06Amar Desh: 16-09-06Pheromone Trap
  • Minimum spray+Removal of infestedRemoval of infestedshoot & fruitshoot & fruitMass trapping withMass trapping withsex pheromonesex pheromone+Predator/Predator/ParasitoidParasitoid+Crop ManagementIntegrated pest management (IPM) of brinjal shoot & fruitborer= Control of BSFB undereconomic level
  • Crop ManagementIntegrated pest management (IPM) cucurbit fruit flyMashed sweet gourd + sex pheromone trapcan control 85-90% fruit fly infestation
  • Integrated management of Bacterial Wilt of BrinjalPlantsGrafting with indigenousbrinjal plants protectswiltingSeverely wilted brinjal plantsGrafting PracticeCrop Management
  • Micropropagation protocol of PineappleBiotechnologyNew science, new opportunityShooting Rooting Plantlet Pineapple  
  • Micropropagation protocol of BananaBIOTECHNOLOGY 
  • Shoot and Fruit Borer ResistantTrangenic Brinjal(Bt gene)Late Blight ResistantTrangenic Potato(RB gene)
  • Drip irrigation in saline soilFertigation to brinjalDrip irrigation layoutFertigation in action
  • Fertigation to Brinjal• Yield increase 27-29%• Saves 35-37% Urea and also48-49% MP• Saves 49-50% of irrigationwater• Benefit cost ratio 2.4 to 2.6
  • Multi-crop Power ThresherPotato GraderBed FormerPedal/power WinnowerFarm Machinery: Save time and cost
  • Value Addition: Women participation as entrepreneurs
  • LAKKHALac insectsProcessed LacProcessing LacUsing Lac
  • Traditional Jhum cultivationImproved method of cultivationHill Agriculture• Multi-strata fruit orchard savessoil erosion• Fruit orchard within 8-10 years• Improve Farmers’ livelihood
  • Plant Genetic Resource Centre Germplasm Preserved: 12,000 accessions On-going:Long-term preservation: 1,00,000 accessions(20-40 years; at -20 0C)Medium-term preservation: 1,00,000 accessions(5-10 years; at +4 to +6 0C)
  • Modern Laboratory Facility Arsenic laboratory Toxicology laboratory Molecular Biology laboratory Biotechnology laboratory Plant Pathology laboratory Tuber Crop Research laboratory Plant Breeding laboratory Horticultural laboratory Central laboratory
  • BARI Technology village [21 villages]Collaboration with DAE, BADC, NGOsWorkshopTrainingField DaysVisitorsRadio, TV and NewspaperElectronic media (www.bari.gov.bd)
  •  Genetic Resource Management Development of HYV/Hybrids Postharvest Handling and Processing Biotechnological Intervention for Crop Improvement Soil Health Management Quality Seed Production Integrated Disease Management (IDM) Pesticide Residue Analysis and IPM Market Oriented Research Organic Farming for Exportable Items Hill Farming and Coastal Agriculture Restore Friendly Environment