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  • 1. An Organizational Profile of Sanford-Brown Institute Sanford-Brown Institute
    • EDUC 6105 Organizations, Innovation & Change
    • Professor Dr. Sunil Hazari
    • Presentation by: Ama A. Armah
  • 2. Agenda
    • History
    • Structure
    • Culture
    • Subculture
    • Recent Changes
    • Actions taken by Leadership
    • Resistance
    • Sustaining Change
    • Effectiveness
    • Reflection
  • 3. Sanford-Brown Institute, formerly UDS was established in 2004
    • This name change was a result of mismanagement and ultimately a corporate merger with CEC
  • 4. structure
    • The layout is a building that is shaped on one side like a three layered square box & on the opposite side its shaped like a Z. Only twelve of the rooms have windows.
    • Offices are defined by privacy for team members and semi private for team players. Private offices have solid doors and semi private offices have doors with a window.
    Behavioral and Artifacts
  • 5. Culture
    • SBI values its customer because it values its profits.
    • It is the assumption amongst instructors that if you pursue any method of discipline in attempt to effectively manage your classroom you could end up in trouble
    • Emails are sent out but are rarely responded to.
    Values, Assumptions and Beliefs Values, Assumptions and Beliefs
  • 6. The Subculture
    • One coworker describes the subculture as “the administration, admissions department and faculty”. (Lowery, 2009)
    • While another defines it as “very devisive”. (Stephens, 2009)
  • 7. Recent changes
    • The placement of Compliance Officers at every school
    • Student & Staff Code of conduct
    • Crusade to end negative conversation
  • 8. actions taken by leadership
    • Faculty & Staff training, training and more training
    • Seminars
    • Faculty information website
    • Anonymous “Speak Up Hotline”
  • 9. Coming soon
    Resistance Management
  • 10. Sustaining Change
    • So far changes have been 70% unsustained
  • 11. overall effectiveness
    • Until leaders make hard choices and set better examples we are going to have a tougher time improving our services and implementing change.
    • “ Skipping steps only creates the illusion of speed and never produces a satisfying result” (Kotter, 2006)
  • 12. reflection
    • Change at Sanford-Brown is only successful when all departments are on board
    • Resistance is a consequence of change that can be used to identify risks (good) associated with change or a manifestation induced or imagined by management (bad).
    • In order to sustain changes administration has to anchor these changes in daily operations, making them traditional....
  • 13. References
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