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  • AAJ Technologies has been earned a reputation over the last 15+ years as a results-oriented integrator of technology products from Microsoft and more recently IBM. Recently we re-focused and re-aligned all of our internal practices to better leverage the rapidly maturing technologies of cloud computing and mobile devices. While this transition has altered the mix of many of the products and services we offer, at the heart AAJ is still the same company with a strong culture and consistent set of core values.Great companies know what they do, how they do it, and the best know why they do it. At AAJ we endeavor to act in ways that reflect high standards of quality, respecting and valuing others, and demonstrate our passion with the high energy we apply to every task. We temper our actions with regard to our decision making processes where we show both integrity in selecting the right decision and agility by responding quickly. Ultimately we do all these things because we want to make a real and permanent impact on our world, our community, our customers, with our co-workers and in our work products. We work at AAJ because we care and that shows in everything we do.
  • Our vision at AAJ is focused on becoming the best choice for our customers for both cloud and mobile device integration. The cloud is the new server and back-office infrastructure and mobile devices are rapidly becoming the most popular and efficient way to consume cloud services. At AAJ we bring experts in both together to craft solutions. For many years we have demonstrated that we have strong processes to build solutions, enhance existing systems, and connect custom and off-the-shelf solutions together. We now offer our customers complete end-to-end lifecycle services including support, enhancement, administration, and operations and other managed services.
  • At AAJ we have two key capabilities that drive our core focus: superior talent found in our expert staff supported by strong practice models and solution frameworks, and a culture of innovation based on the latest technologies. We spend the time to understand our customers business models allowing us to craft solutions that span technologies and business areas. AAJ solutions improve the efficiency of our customers and allow them to move faster. We consistently rank highly among our peers on independent measures of customer satisfaction.
  • Cloud and Mobility are at the center of everything we do at AAJ. All of our other practices are aligned to offer their services for both cloud and on-premises as well as mobile and traditional web-based solutions. For many years AAJ has focused on projects where we take the end-to-end responsibility for results. Based on the strength of our practices, we can now offer a full spectrum of service from staffing for teams and individual contributors using our Talent Cloud model as an alternative to traditional staff augmentation. We also can provide lifecycle services to support, manage and operate those systems for our customers including hosting on an AAJ cloud.
  • Our customers have traditionally operated and managed their systems in private data centers or using co-location services at a local service provider. With the advent of strong public cloud services such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon, application deployments can leverage a hybrid set of services. In any case, AAJ architects understand the strengths and weaknesses of each solution and can maximize the returns that cloud technologies offer. In fact we can provide planning services, integration (cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-premises), as well as build, port, migrate or re-architect any existing system for the cloud. We can even help our customers monetize their existing technology assets by turning them into Software-as-a-Service offerings or commercial grade products.
  • AAJ has aligned each and every practice to the cloud, starting first with Microsoft Azure and related Microsoft Office365 and Dynamics clouds. We can provide services from all of our practices on premise or in the cloud. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with proven expertise in .NET custom development, BizTalk systems integration, SharePoint portals and business intelligence solutions as well as Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. We are also an IBM Advanced Partner specializing in WebSphere technologies such as Cast Iron for cloud-to-premise integration, Worklight for secure cross-platform mobile solutions, and iLog for business rules development. We also have key expertise in mobile software development including Android, iOS, and Windows 8.
  • AAJ was selected by Microsoft as one of just over a hundred and twenty integrators to roll out the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. We support all aspects of Azure from infrastructure virtualization to native custom application development using the platform services. We have one of just a few recognized Azure MVPs onstaff, a status granted by Microsoft to those with proven expertise.
  • Our reputation at AAJ is built on our 15+ year track record of success. Our people are recognized as experts in the technology. Over the years we have refined our processes and methods to reduce risk and improve outcomes. Our offshore model is an in-house extension of our local offices providing transparent and cost-effective blended rates. We are flexible and committed to the success of our clients.
  • At AAJ we can match any style or pace of engagement that your organization desires from traditional waterfall, through iterative phased approaches to the high-touch agile and scrum methodologies. We can apply these models to nearly any technology ranging from .NET, to Java, to open source. At AAJ we specialize in projects that include contract product development of commercial grade solutions, custom line of business applications, legacy system modernization, and enabling native and cross-platform mobile solutions.
  • The Talent Cloud model is our alternative to staff augmentation. It is built around a liaison role supported by a minimum of two other team members. Every thirty days we meet with our client to plan the following month’s activities. Just like cloud computing, our talent cloud improves flexibility by allowing the easy swapping of resources with different skills, scale up or down of the team (subject to the minimum of team size of three), and the easy escalation or hand-off of tasks to a project team. We can leverage both local and remote resources, including offshore when appropriate, but still provide a consistent value.
  • The Talent Cloud offering differs from traditional staff augmentation in that it incorporates the burden of management, provides easy scalability of resources by adding, removing, or swapping on demand, as well as providing for a pathway to escalate to a fully managed project team. We can even incorporate offshore to keep the costs low. With a Talent Cloud solution, you are shielded from problems with any given resource or the burden of interviewing candidates when a resource change is necessary. We provide a company at a price competitive with individual resources.
  • The Talent Cloud can be used in nearly any scenario that would be appropriate for a cloud infrastructure. The same patterns can be applied such as deploying new technology, supporting unplanned demand, improving the help desk and clearing backlogs. The key is that the Talent Cloud allows you to optimize the delivery of services without incurring a huge overhead or management burden.
  • AAJ Overview

    1. 1. AAJ Technologies 6301 NW 5th Way, Suite 1700 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 USA 1-954-689-3984
    2. 2. We care about … …our world …our community …our customers and co-workers …our work
    3. 3. Strong Practice Models Full-Service One-Stop Shop Latest Technology Solution Frameworks
    4. 4. Talent Cloud™ Extend your IT workforce with elastic resources AAJ Cloud Holistic management of your commercial cloud assets `
    5. 5. Public Cloud Azure 1 Design Point Private Cloud & On Premise Customer Data Center Service Provider Data Center
    6. 6. Cloud Services Relationship Management Azure Systems Integration
    7. 7. IaaS (Infrastructure) Virtualization PaaS (Platform) Native Cloud Apps SaaS (Software) Operate & Manage Mobility Device Enable
    8. 8. Typical Local Team Project Managers Architects Business Analysts QA Leads 1 Liaison 2 Technical Core Team Mobility SharePoint SharePoint Months 1 2 Typical Remote Team 3 4 Technical Resources Developers Testers CRM .NET Mobility Mobility 5 6 7 8 9 CRM 10 11 .NET 12
    9. 9. Multi-Level Help Desk Support
    10. 10. Relationship Management Systems Integration Cloud Services Every Practice Aligned to Cloud & Mobile