Making the Ask- Stephanie Vance2


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This presentation was given at FMCC on April 7, 2014. It focused on "pulling it all together." The presentation served to summarie how to make the key family medicine "asks" and connect them to your story.

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Making the Ask- Stephanie Vance2

  1. 1. Pulling it All Together The Asks – and How to Make Them
  2. 2. Your Checklist The Anatomy of a Successful Meeting The Asks TOPICS
  3. 3. First a Short Quiz
  4. 4. The Asks • Medicaid • Teaching Health Centers • 2015 Spending Priorities
  5. 5. Medicaid • Extend the enhanced Medicaid payment for primary care services beyond December 31, 2014. • Make OB/GYN physicians eligible if at least 60 percent of their Medicaid billing is for primary care services.
  6. 6. Teaching Health Centers • Reauthorize the Teaching Health Center (THC) program this year. • Senators should cosponsor S.1759 • Representatives should consider introducing legislation to reauthorize the teaching health center program. • Provide a sustainable funding stream such as Medicare Graduate Medical Education (GME), modified to fit this vital program
  7. 7. 2015 Spending Priorities • $71 million for Primary Care Training and Enhancement (PCTE). • $375 million for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).
  8. 8. Let’s Practice – Loud and Proud!
  9. 9. Hone the Message with the Message Formula • Hello, my name is [] and I’m from [] (establishes relevancy) • I am here to talk to you about [key issues] • Knowing of your interest in [info about your audience] I think you’ll be interested as well • This is important to the people I represent because [personal story] • That’s why I really hope you’ll [ask] • I’d like to follow-up by [follow-up ideas] • Contact information?
  10. 10. The Main Argument You Might Get (and What to Say)
  11. 11. What You Don’t Need to Stress About
  12. 12. Consider Your Follow-Up Plan
  13. 13. Your Checklist  What are you asking for?  Why might your audience want that?  What compelling story can you share?  How can you best connect with staff?  What can you do to follow-up?  Schedule your site visit  Schedule a local meeting  Attend a townhall  Connect on social media
  14. 14. Year ‘Round: Net-Play Stop stressing about a 27-step process for getting to know people. Go to events, talk to people and focus on those you like. The rest will come.
  15. 15. Go Forth and Advocate! Take the Advocacy Pledge
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