Valencia – Office Exchange<br />Itinerary:<br />July 18th – September 5th <br />Overview:<br />For a period of 6 weeks I w...
SwapYourShop - Company Pitch Document
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SwapYourShop - Company Pitch Document


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This is a document I prepared in order to pitch and "sell" my company on the idea of allowing me to do an office/apartment swap through

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SwapYourShop - Company Pitch Document

  1. 1. Valencia – Office Exchange<br />Itinerary:<br />July 18th – September 5th <br />Overview:<br />For a period of 6 weeks I will be in Valencia, Spain working from a boutique design shop called Comuniqualis. Comuniqualis does both on and offline design as well as multimedia production work for a variety of clients. During the same period of time, Comuniqualis partner Jose Luis Poyatos will be working from The JAR Group NY Offices. <br />Goals:<br />While in Valencia I have several goals that I hope will directly benefit The JAR Group as well as my professional development.<br />Learn Spanish<br />Although in school I spent several years studying Spanish, I have never been immersed in an environment that allowed for me to become conversational in the language. While in Valencia, I hope to take an immersive language class. I have already identified someone willing to give me lessons for several hours a day for the first week or two of my visit.<br />Business Development<br />I will be spending the majority of my work hours in the Comuniqualis offices. Although I won’t be working directly with the Comuniqualis team, I do suspect that there will be an opportunity to discuss how we could potentially work together. They don’t currently offer marketing services of any kind. <br />Networking<br />I was also recently invited to an exclusive social networking site called A Small World ( Members of the site regularly host events in their respective cities around the world. I’ve exchanged emails and have befriended, via Skype, the organizer of the Valencia event. The events are hosted once a month and professionals from various industries gather to network. I’ve already begun exchanging emails with several of the group members. <br />Share My Experience<br />I hope to share my experiences on both The JAR Group blog and possibly other publications. Jose mentioned that a newspaper in Valencia might be interested in hearing about the office swap concept. <br />Have Fun<br />Hey, we only live once! I hope to have a few days of downtime to explore and maybe take a long weekend or two to Madrid or Ibiza.<br />Logistics:<br />Although the difference in time zones may prove to be challenging, I plan to arrange my schedule as follows to accommodate necessary client and internal calls as well as managerial communication:<br />Time Difference: GMT +1 (6hours ahead of EST)<br />NY Office Availability:<br />Monday – Thursday: 9am to 1pm EST (Valencia: 3pm to 7pm)<br />NY Office Extended Hours:<br />Wednesday: 9am to 4pm EST (Valencia: 3pm to 10pm)<br />The above only indicates my likely availability for calls. Sufficient hours will be allocated towards executing current responsibilities and deliverables. I’ll be in the Comuniqualis offices for their standard work hours.<br />Modes of Communication:<br />With VoIP, I will have a soft phone on my laptop that allows anyone to call me at anytime. Calls can also be forwarded to me directly at my current extension. <br />I will also be accessible via video chat on Skype. It might be interesting to adjust the time of our weekly team calls to an earlier time so that the Valencia and JARNY offices could do video chat.<br />