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  • 1. TEQUILA • Desciption: • Is a distiled made from the blue agave • The blue agave plant grows in Guadalajara, Jalisco • The most traditional way to drink it is straight but it can be drunk also with salt and lemon or with the traditional “sangrita” Cocktails with tequila: 1. Margarita 2. Charro blanco 3. Charro plateado 4. Charro negro 5. Tequila sunrise
  • 2. MEZCAL• Distiled alcoholbeverage made from the maguey• The principal producer of maguey is Oaxaca• In Mexico is generally drunk stright, not in cocktail.• It is drunk also with a worm with chilly and lemon
  • 3. PULQUEIs a fermented beverage made from themagueyIn Mexico are also produced the “curados”;those are made by fruit or vegetablesThe pulque is the most popular beverage inMexico after the tequila
  • 4. WINESMexican wine production has notbeen reconized around the world likethe frenc wine or the italian wine.In Mexico, wines have increasedtheir poduction and popularity in thecountryHere a list with names of winehouses in Mexico:• Freixenet• Casa Madero• Monte Xanic• Chateau Camou
  • 5. CASA MADEROThe most important winery is Casa Madero,the oldest winery in the New World, foundedin 1597 as Hacienda San Lorenzo. This labelincludes a range of varietals, with itschardonnay, chenin blanc and Syrah winningawards. Its brandies are considered among thebest in Mexico.
  • 6. MONTE XANICIn 1987 five partners founded Monte Xanic with theintention of producing the highest quality wines andestablishing a new benchmark for Mexican winemaking.The name and logo of the winery came a visit to the wineryafter a spring rain. After the rain the entire valley wascovered with beautiful desert flowers which led to the nameMonte Xanic which means in Mexican and Indian - the firstflower that blooms on the mountain after the rain. MonteXanic is recognized as Mexicos first boutique winery
  • 7. FREIXENETFreixenet may be thelargest maker oftraditional methodsparkling wine.Thecompany focusessolely on méthodechampenoise wines,and continuallyinnovates and investsin the latestwinemakingtechnology to ensurea consistent, excellentproduct.
  • 8. CHATEAU CAMOU Their wines are born inthe beatiful and tranquilmountains known as theCanada del Trigo, buriedin the heart of the Vallede Guadalupe, the mostimportant wine growingvalley in Mexico. Theirland has ideal conditionsof both climate and soil,just right for ChateauCamous vineywardsoriginating from grafts ofnoble varieties from theOld Continent, todevelop to their utmostunder the Baja Californiasun.