Obesity in America


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Obesity is a real problem

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Obesity in America

  1. Obesity in America By: Ari Kaufman
  2. obesity ? What is …
  3. Obesity is.. <ul><li>When a person’s weight is 10% higher than the recommended height and body type. </li></ul>
  4. A person isn’t obese if they are carrying a couple of extra pounds
  5. When should a person worry about being obese?
  6. Most obesity occurs between the ages of 5 and 6 and during adolescence And studies show that these children who become obese at an early age have an 80% chance of remaining obese
  7. What causes obesity?
  8. The most basic answer is when a person consumes more calories than they burn
  9. However, most obesity is caused due to heredity .
  10. Children who have 1 obese parent have a 50% chance of becoming obese. … and children with 2 obese parents have an 80% chance
  11. Less than 1% of obesity is caused by physical or medical related problems
  12. Most common causes of adolescent obesity
  13. <ul><li>Overeating or binging </li></ul>
  14. <ul><li>Lack of exercise </li></ul>
  15. <ul><li>Stressful life events or changes </li></ul>
  16. <ul><li>Low self-esteem </li></ul>
  17. <ul><li>Depression </li></ul>“ eating your emotions away” “ stress eating”
  18. <ul><li>Illness (neurological problems) </li></ul>
  19. <ul><li>Medications </li></ul>-Steroids or some psychiatric medications
  20. Obviously, with being obese there are health risks
  21. One who is obese could encounter one or more of these health complications
  22. <ul><li>increased risk of heart disease or other serious cardiac illness </li></ul>
  23. <ul><li>Possible high blood pressure </li></ul>
  24. <ul><li>Diabetes </li></ul>
  25. <ul><li>Breathing problems </li></ul>
  26. <ul><li>Trouble sleeping </li></ul>
  27. <ul><li>Not only are there physical problems , but there are emotional problems as well </li></ul>
  28. <ul><li>Depression </li></ul>Anxiety OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  29. How to deal with obesity
  30. <ul><li>The first step is to get a medical evaluation </li></ul>
  31. <ul><li>Second, if there is no physical cause, one must change their eating habits </li></ul>Consume less calories
  32. <ul><li>Learn to enjoy healthier foods and exercise </li></ul>The most important factor however is self-motivation
  33. <ul><li>Lastly, an obese child who is changing his or her self should see a psychiatrist to deal with the emotional problems they are facing </li></ul>
  34. What is the biggest problem in America? That obesity is so widely accepted
  35. Social characters promoting obesity
  36. 1. Santa Claus
  37. 2. Fat Albert
  38. 3. Offensive Lineman
  39. 4. Sumo Wrestlers
  40. Notorious B.I.G.
  41. Fat Joe
  42. Rikishi
  43. Ronald McDonald
  44. Lastly, that fat adorable little kid that you just want to squeeze
  45. America has began to realize their problems, and is making an effort to fix them
  46. “ Obesity is a condition that proves that the lord doesn’t help those who help themselves and help themselves and help themselves .” Unknown Author
  47. America is the greatest country on the world… Shouldn’t it be the healthiest? America has changed the definition of food Now it needs to fix everything
  48. Thank you for watching…