Hypnotherapy for pain relief2012


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Pain should never be treated for its own sake, but if the underlying cause is known and your doctor gives permission, hypnosis can be very effective in relieving pain.

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Hypnotherapy for pain relief2012

  1. 1. Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief
  2. 2. IntroductionHypnosis is a mental state or a set of attitudes ofbeliefs usually induced by a procedure known ashypnotic induction, which is commonly composeof a long series of preliminary instructions andsuggestions.
  3. 3. The use of hypnotism for therapeutic purposeis referred to as hypnotherapy
  4. 4. The word hypnosis and hypnotism both derivefrom the term “Neuro-Hypnotism” (nervous sleep)by the Scottish surgeon James Braid around 1841.
  5. 5. Contrary to popular misconception that hypnosis is a formof unconsciousness resembling sleep -contemporaryresearch suggests that is an actual wakeful state of focusedattention and heightened suggestibility with diminishedperipheral awareness.
  6. 6. Braid described hypnotism as a state ofphysical relaxation accompanied andinduced by mental concentration(abstraction).
  7. 7. Hypnosis is a relaxing, naturally,occurring state of mind whichhappens to us everyday. Each timewe read a captivating novel, float offin a daydream or become engrossedIn a movie, we are in a natural stateof hypnosis.
  8. 8. Hypnosis is a heightened sense of suggestibility, such asthe suggestions given are accepted as being true andeffects the beliefs, habits, perceptions and behaviors ofan individual in various degrees according to the depth ofthe hypnosis established.
  9. 9. The deeper level of hypnosis, the moresusceptible your subconscious mind is tosuggestion.
  10. 10. In the mid 1900s hypnosis popularity soared due to Milton H.Erickson(1901-1980) successful psychiatrist that used hypnosis in hispractice.In 1958 the American Medical Association & American PsychologicalAssociation recognized hypnotherapy as valid medical procedure.
  11. 11. What is hypnotherapy for pain?
  12. 12. Hypnosis used to promote healing or a positivedevelopment in any way is known as hypnotherapy. It isvery effective at relieving, controlling and managingpain. Hypnotherapy is largely in use today as aneffective pain management tool.
  13. 13. Is it really therapeutic?• Yes and NoHypnosis and positive suggestions can change apersons pain belief.Hypnosis cannot treat will power issues.
  14. 14. Can it alleviate my pain?Yes it canNearly 10% of people become so hypnotized as toundergo surgery without anesthesia.50% can experience post hypnotic pain decrease.Once the root cause has been determinedhypnotherapy can provide the pain relief you sodesperately seek.
  15. 15. In GeneralHypnotherapy for acute/chronic pain may bedirected to many levels of its symptoms.There is an ongoing body of research thatpositive benefits from hypnotherapy inacute/chronic pain treatment.
  16. 16. CancerHypnosis finds applications at several levels when itcomes to cancer care. Pain is the most commonsymptom aside from fatigue. Pain can be dull,constant, wide spread and related to motion or itmay be sharp, localized or sharp. Anxiety is treatedas well since one feeds into the other, which makesboth worse. Hypnotherapy may be able to changethe quality of pain to associate it to coolness orwarmth or numb to make it less intense.
  17. 17. FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia has no cure and only symptoms canbe treated. Treatment is difficult and drug therapyis not totally effective. Fibromyalgia sufferers seekout alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy.Hypnotherapy has been found to be more effectivethan physical therapy and delivers better outcomeswhen it comes to pain, fatigue and sleep.
  18. 18. ArthritisHypnotherapy is a popular treatment to helpthose who suffer degenerative problems such asarthritis (osteo and rheumatoid, et). A suitablehypnosis treatment plan is devised for eachindividual to help with symptoms and alleviatesuffering. Hypnotherapy works on physical &psychological levels to give you the tools neededto manage your condition
  19. 19. NeuropathyConventional treatment such as medication andnerve blocks only partially significantly decreasepain leading to a negative impact on life.Hypnotherapy enables you to alter the mentalexperience of pain resulting in significantdecreases of pain and the need for painmedications.
  20. 20. Non-cardiac chest painWhen no obvious coronary artery disease of theheart can be found to explain frequent chestpain. Non-cardiac chest pain is poorlyunderstood and treated.In 2006, hypnotherapy patients had reports ofbeing less bothered by the pain and had asense of overall well being.
  21. 21. Acute vs. Chronic painAcute pain may be mild and last for a momentor severe and last for weeks or months. Itusually does not last past six months.Chronic pain remains despite the injury healing.Pain remains active for weeks, months and evenyears. Its effects are both physical andemotional.
  22. 22. HypnotherapyMany physicians, oncologists, nurses and otherhealth professionals recommend hypnotherapyas a recommended treatment for acute andchronic pain.
  23. 23. Hypnotherapy can help you manage yourpain. It can help motivate you to do exercisesneeded for flexibility and movement. It willhelp you function for longer time periodswithout the discomfort you had experiencedin the past.Pain does not have to control your life.
  24. 24. SessionsDepending on the type of pain and source ofpain hypnotherapy can help to relieve pain in aslittle as two to four sessions or sometimes moredepending upon the person and level of painand discomfort.You will also be taught how at home aslong as the instructions are followed you shouldnot require further sessions.
  25. 25. Please be advisedHypnotherapy does not replace qualifiedmedical care but it is a valuable addedtreatment. Hypnotherapy can alleviate painfulsymptoms allowing your body to work to workat its best, allowing you to be more relaxedduring the day which in turn improvesconcentration and focus.
  26. 26. Practice PolicyI am a certified hypnotherapist here to help youmanage your pain. However, any pain you haveshould be evaluated first from your medicaldoctor or doctor of chiropractic first to rule outany underlying causes in which medicaltreatment is required.
  27. 27. Contact DetailsIf you are interested in finding out furtherinformation on hypnotherapy and pain carethen please Debbie Nicholson through clinic .Phone: 248-477-3977Or web site at:http://www.docalandc.com