Employee job Satisfaction PPT On Honda


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This presentation on "Employee Job Satisfaction" which is very useful to new trainee, How an employee or student analyses the satisfaction between management and employee

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Employee job Satisfaction PPT On Honda

  1. 1. A PRESENTATION ON “ EMPLOYEE JOB SATISFACTION” Presented By: VINOD KUMAR MBA 3rd Sem. Roll No. 1153370054
  2. 2. Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.
  3. 3. The Power of Dream Soichiro Honda (Founder)
  4. 4. COMPANY PROFILE   Honda siel Cars India Ltd. Is joint venture company with Honda Motors (Japan) and Siel Ltd. (India). Honda siel Cars India Ltd. Relation began 1984 in India.  HSCI was set up in Dec. 1995 in India (Greater Noida).  HSCI basically famous for manufacturing the luxury passenger cars.  HSCI started the comercial production in 1997 with simple city.  HSCI total investment was Rs. 850 crore in 1995.  HSCI invest Rs.400 crore while company constuction and Rs.450 crore invest while production in 1997.
  5. 5.  HSCI is spread in 150 Acre (6 lakh sqm.)  HSCI was produceded 30,000 units per annum in 1997.  HSCI is procucing 1,70,400 units P/A including two shifts 220 units per shift in 2012.  HSCI total worker capacity is 3500 including 2500 Employee’s and 1000 Officers.
  6. 6. HONDA PRODUCT Honda siel Cars India Ltd. Is producing six luxury cars model in 2012.  HONDA C-RV  HONDA ACCORD  HONDA NEW CITY  HONDA CIVIC  HONDA JAZZ  HONDA BRIO
  8. 8. OBJECTIVE OF THE RESEARCH  To assess the importance of effective job satisfaction.  To discuss various methods to improve job satisfaction.  To analyze various problems inhibiting effective job satisfaction.  To find out the whether the employee are satisfied of not for their job.  To analysis the company working environment.  To check the degree of satisfaction of employee.  To find that employees are working with their full capabilities or not.
  9. 9. FINDINGS Job satisfaction of employees of HONDA SIEL CARS INDIA LTD. Was measured in theresearch.  Relation between managemnet and workers is good but bhey have some misunderstanding.  Mentality behavior of employee about the company is depends on the working condition and senior behavior.  Working condition of the company is satisfactory for employee.  Many employees have good thinking about his supervisors.  Many employees aare happily with tools and equipment provided by the company.  Many employees take not attention on the union meeting.  Employees are not completely satisfied with their hob although their salary is good for enough.
  10. 10. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH: “Research is the systematized effort to gain new knowledge”  “Research is essentially an investigation. A recording and analysis of evidence for the purpose of gainging knowledge”  METHODOLOGY:  Which tool and technique, procedure and policy is involved while research is called the methodology RESEARCH MOTHODOLOGY: A systematic me thod of exploring actual persons and groups, focused primaliry on their experience within their social worlds, inclusive of social values, the mode of analysis of these experiences wichpermit stating proposition in the
  11. 11. RESEARCH METHOD In this research report it include both data, Primary data and Secondary data. Primary data:   “ Primary data are those data that have been observed and recoreded by the researchers for the first time to their knowledge” “Which data is using first hand is called the primary data”. Methods of Primary data: Observation method  Questionnaires method  Schedule method 
  12. 12. Secondary data:  “ secondary data are statistics not gatheed for the immediate study at hand but for some other purposes”  “Secondary data are those data which have been already collected and analyzed by some earlier agency for its own use and later the same data are used by a different agency” Such as: Libraries Literature Magazine Media Census of Population Census of Agriculture Trade Transportation Industry
  13. 13. LIMITATIONS However I try my best collecting the relevant information. For my research report, I faced some problem. The some difficulties which I faced collecting the data of information are discussed……  Short time period:The time period for the carrying out the researcher was short as a result of which many fact have been felt unexplained.  Lack of responses:Lack of time and other recourses as it was not possible to conduct survey at large area. Small no of response only 30-40 employees have been choosing which is a small, no to represent whole the population.
  14. 14.  Unwillingness of respondent:- While collecting the data many customers unwillingly to fill the questionnaire. Respondent were having a feeling of wastage of time for them.  Small area of research:The area for the study was very small which is quite a small area to judge the job satisfaction.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION On the basis of personal opinion survey with the employees of HONDA SIEL CARS INDIA LTD. And graphical representation I analyzed that employees are some satisfied with the company that is they have Job satisfaction.  Most of the respondents worked their 1 to 6 month, they are temporary employees.  Most of the employee accept their salary between 10,000 to 20,000 according to their eligibility.  Most of the employees are satisfied with their designation.  A big percentage of employees are satisfied with the responsibilities.
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATION  To increase the job satisfaction level of the employee the company should concentrate mainly. On the incentive and reward structure rather then that motivational session.  Ideal employees should concentrate on their job.  Company should give promotional to these employees who deserve it.  Ideal employees are never being waste of our time and other documentation information.  It is the most important think that the successful employees are has change according with the timeand situation.  Open communication with Top management should be there so that if employees are having any grievances so those could.
  17. 17. BIBLIOGRAPHY    Class notes. Research Methodology, Managing Human Resources   New papers Magazines Websites: www.hondasielcarsindia.com  www.cardekho.com  www.cityhr.com  www.sgcarsmart.com C.R. Kothari Dr. S. Khanka Dr. Ashwthapa
  18. 18. ANNEXURE  Do you feel that your job suits with your educational qualification.  Are you satisfied with your salary pakage.  What is your level of satisfaction regarding superior subordinate relatinship  Do you face any stress in your job.  What is your level of satisfaction regarding the work environment.  Does the company provide your flexible working hour.
  19. 19. THANK YOU