Sample Social Media Strategy - Max Life Insurance

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Sample Social Media Strategy - MaxLife Insurance …

Sample Social Media Strategy - MaxLife Insurance
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  • 1. Concept card – thought starters © Ankur Srivastav
  • 2. Forever Young Staying young forever means having a youthful spirit no matter what one's age. As we know, time always passes by, age catches up and we grow old, whereas when the age is just about mere numbers 50,60 etc. staying young is about keeping the same belief, same passion inside oneself even when he grows old. The fitness level might recede but the zeal inside remains the same even as we grow old. People sacrifice their youth to fulfill the needs of their family, working to give them all the comfort, happiness and convenience throughout and once they retire they realize the importance of time that has gone by, there are missed things, unfulfilled dreams etc. After retirement it’s a challenge is to re-live the youth that was sacrificed with the major factor being money and hence retirement planning is very important. As the study reveals that more people are realizing this and have started to plan for retirement early, so that once they retire they have enough money and time to fulfill Ankur Srivastav © the unfulfilled and continue to stay young forever (at heart).
  • 3. Facebook and Twitter in India – a glimpse The largest age group is currently18-24, followed by the users in the age of 25-34. There are 75% male users and 25% female users in India. Twitter Source: Social Bakers, Foxy Moron © Ankur Srivastav
  • 4. Segregating the people seeking retirement Adults Mature adults 35+ 50+ Active social media Active social media © Ankur Srivastav
  • 5. Twitter In order to stir a movement for Forever Young, users can be asked to tweet using #ForeverYoung for things they want to stay young forever for. Celebs can promote it, there can be a mass outreach. For e.g. Various other conversations can be #ForeverYoung at heart #ForeverYoung for facebook/social/twitter #ForeverYoung for my wife/family #ForeverYoung for love Key Metric s • Followers • Mentions • Retweets • Retweet Reach A contest can be crafted for the most passionate forever young stories. • Replies Reach • Posts • Influence of Twitter followers © Ankur Srivastav
  • 6. Twitter As a leader’s stance, one day can be declared as #RetirementDay where people decide to retire in the virtual world. The whole day, users will be asked to tweet a virtual pledge on what does he want to retire from on this retirement day. For e.g. Rupee should retire now. #RetirementDay. I want to retire from corruption. #RetirementDay Key Metric s • Followers • Mentions • Retweets • Retweet Reach • Replies Reach • Posts • Influence of Twitter followers © Ankur Srivastav
  • 7. Facebook Create Forever Young facebook page with engagements of • Create brand advocates/ success stories of people who have retired young or guys who are planning to. Do you plan to be forever young? Tell us how? • Talk about #ForeverYoung celebrities for e.g How do you think that Rahul Dravid is still young even after retirement? Ask people to pledge to dedicate time for their families. Plan their retirement e.g. I pledge to be #foreveryoung for my family. • Forever Young - Silver Jubilees for Max Couples • Do you want to be young forever? Know More. • • Key Metric s Facebook Likes and posts © Ankur Srivastav
  • 8. YouTube Video content on Forever Young • • Forever Young - Silver jubilee celebrations of couples. • Videos of on ground engagements. • Key Metric s Videos of success stories of people both young and elderly. Videos of experiences of couples who are already MLI customers. • Referrals from social video sites • Views of videos on social sites • Pages ranking on key terms from YouTube © Ankur Srivastav
  • 9. LinkedIn • Discussion topics like • Start and participate in group discussions • Encourage employee participation • • • • Key Metric s Create Forever Young group Addressing possible leads • Linkedin Followers • Referring traffic • Linkedin Group members • Linkedin Discussions The perfect age to retire Family or Profession Young to success, young to retirement © Ankur Srivastav
  • 10. Blogs • • Bloggers from various fields such as photography, music, art, consultancy talking about Forever Young and Retirement. • Key Metric s A common platform for several bloggers to share their views on retiring and staying young at their heart, hobbies, happiness. Financial planning blogs • Number of posts • Number of social shares • Audience growth- unique and returns • Subscribers © Ankur Srivastav