Top B2B Purple Goldfish Examples


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Top B2B examples from the Purple Goldfish Project including FedEx, Disney and Wufoo. B2B examples are much more infrequent than B2C, but I scanned the 1,001 + purple goldfish to find some noteworthy examples.

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Top B2B Purple Goldfish Examples

  2. 2. THE GOLFISH PRINCIPLE -ADDED VALUEDIFFERENTIATE THROUGH12 Ways to Win Customers& Influence Word of Mouth1.Throw-ins2. In the Bag / Out of the Box3. Sampling4. First / Last Impressions5. Guarantees6. Pay it Forward1. Follow-ups2.Added Service3. Waiting4. Convenience5. Special Needs6. Handling MistakesValue Maintenance
  3. 3. CATEGORY 1 - Throw In’sHow many licks?Cartridge World provides freedelivery service to businesscustomers, complimentarytoner vacuum cleaning of theirlaser printer before a newcartridge is inserted and everybusiness delivery comes with aTootsie Pop for lagniappe.
  4. 4. They remember the mints“When customers unpack theirorders, they are struck by threethings: The quality of whatthey’ve ordered; each itemcomes out of the box in theorder it’s listed on the packingsheet; and, mints are includedfor the pleasure of it.”- Charlotte ObserverCATEGORY 2 -In the Bag / Out of the Box
  5. 5. CATEGORY 3 - SamplingConference Call Unlimited“The company went above andbeyond by they gave a donationto a school who was affected byKatrina in my name. One yearduring Thanksgiving thecompany gave everyone(customers and non customers)one hour of free conference callwith up to 50 family members.”- Paul Chaney
  6. 6. Mixing video with BeerImage Brew already has prettygood identity design—letterpress business cards andpromotional packs, brandedFlash drives with clips from itsvideo reel, etc. But now theyretaking it one step further bybrewing their own beer to giveto clients.- AdWeekTwikiesTwikies are custom-madechocolate-dipped fortunecookies that contain marketingmessages. They are fun, tasty,and informative.- Mana IonescuCATEGORY 4 - First / Last Impressions
  7. 7. FedEx’s Purple PromiseFedEx believes that getting itright in the small, day-to-dayways is just as important asthe heroic and dramatic“saves.” They believe theirability to build customerloyalty is the measure thatdrives both employee prideand competitive advantage.CATEGORY 5 - Guarantees
  8. 8. MicrofinanceInsighting Ideas has a policy ofmaking a $100 donation to amicro-finance group for eachproject they complete in thename of the client. But ratherthan allocate the fundsthemselves, they involve theclient in the process. Lettingthem choose the recipient.CATEGORY 6 -Pay it Forward
  9. 9. Wufoo Thank You’sThe online HTML formdeveloper sendshandwritten thank younotes, sometimes craftedout of constructionpaper and decoratedwith stickersCATEGORY 7 - Follow Up / Thank You’s
  10. 10. Disney goes the Extra Mile“The Disney Imagineers madethis bouquet for the Hanesevent. They’re made out ofsocks. First, it’s cool becausethey look like flowers...Third,it’s something that didn’t haveto be there. And yet, because itwas, the dinner looked custom.Disney SAW us. They knew wewere there.”- Chris BroganCATEGORY 8 -Added Service
  11. 11. NYC’s Salute“Had lunch at Salute in New YorkCity (270 Madison Ave). Niceupscale restaurant that caters to abusiness crowd. Upon sitting at thetable I noticed a purple goldfish.Each table came with a tinynotepad similar to those youwould get at a conference or hotel.It was for notes if needed duringlunch. A nice little keepsakecompliments of the restaurant.”- Peter H.CATEGORY 9 -Convenience
  12. 12. SNY Delivers Above the Call“While working with one of our signaturepartners, we went above and beyond to aidthem in delivering their targeted, timesensitive brand message to our viewers.We produced weekly billboards, that includeda live read by our on-air talent, drivingviewers to the clients designated website.Was this in their deal points or their contract?No. We provided this strictly as added valueand as a good way to show our partner thatwe cared as much about their initiatives andgoals as they did by using some of our mostvaluable inventory as bonus to aid in theircause. We went above and beyond.”- Mark W.CATEGORY 11 - Special Needs
  13. 13. Literally Humble Pie“When this Canadian home health careservice provider stumbles . . . theydeliver a fresh baked apple pie and anote apologizing for poor customerservice. Each year they spend about$1,500 on pies, but they estimate itsaves about $100,000 in business goingelsewhere. That sounds like prettystrong ROI as 65% of customers thattake their business elsewhere do sobecause of poor customer service.”- From the book “Customer Love”CATEGORY 12 -Handling Mistakes
  14. 14. ARE YOU STANDING OUTIN A SEA OF SAMENESS?-Tony HsiehThe NewYork Times bestsellingauthor of Delivering Happinessand CEO of"In business you do must dosomething thats above andbeyond whats expected.Phelps shows the ingredientsbehind signature extras thatare unconventional andinnovative. Every businessshould be asking themselves,"Whats our Purple Goldfish?"
  15. 15. available on
  16. 16. About Stan Phelpsphone: +1.919.360.4702Stan Phelps is the founder of 9 INCH marketing -- aconsultancy that helps clients win customers that arefour times as valuable as those acquired throughtraditional marketing.His 20 year marketing background includes leadershiproles with adidas, International Management Group, thePGA of America and Synergy Events.Stan has created award-winning campaigns and largerthan life events. Those programs, although successful,weren’t scalable or sustainable.He now focuses on how brands can create meaningfuldifferentiation and advocacy with customers andemployees through small ongoing pieces of added value(which Stan terms "The Goldfish Principle").e-mail: url: find out more about Stan’s strategy sessions, keynotes and workshops,visit him at
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