What's Your Purple Goldfish - 12 Ways to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth
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What's Your Purple Goldfish - 12 Ways to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth



WYPG? is about differentiation via added value. How to leverage marketing lagniappe to create differentiation, promote word of mouth and increase customer retention. ...

WYPG? is about differentiation via added value. How to leverage marketing lagniappe to create differentiation, promote word of mouth and increase customer retention.

Praise for WYPG?

"In business you do must do something that's above and beyond what's expected. Phelps shows the ingredients behind creating signature extras that are unconventional and innovative. Every business should be asking themselves, "What's our Purple Goldfish?"

-Tony Hsieh, NY Times bestselling author of "Delivering Happiness" and CEO of Zappos.com, Inc.

"Influence isn't a score, it is the ability to cause, effect or change behavior. Phelps shows marketers how to add that 'little something extra' that influences consumer behavior and drives word of mouth."

- Brian Solis, Author of The End of Business as Usual, Named a Top 2011 Business Book by Publisher's Weekly

"What's Your Purple Goldfish? is the new benchmark for customer service and experience excellence. The single source for numerous concepts and innovations that can help build the foundation for a world class brand! (I just hope my competition doesn't find this book.)"

- Chris Zane, Author of Reinventing the Wheel - The Science of Creating Lifetime Customers

"Stan's approach of delivering the unexpected, lagniappes, is a great way to break from the pack and instill a mindset of customer delight across your company."

- Bruce Temkin, Author of The 6 Laws of Customer Experience

"Your project has been an inspiration. I've talked about it many times, and included links in my articles. CEM can be complicated, but your examples show that with some creativity, companies can stand out by doing a little something extra."

- Bob Thompson
CEO of CustomerThink.com, the world's largest community dedicated to customer-centric business, Author of CrowdService: Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds in Customer Service and Support

"What's Your Purple Goldfish? busts a myth and reveals a simple truth about customer service. Stan uncovers the recipe for creating signature added value that increases customer satisfaction and drives positive word of mouth."

- Barry Moltz, Author of Bounce, Crazy and B-A-M

"What's Your Purple Goldfish? is a great guidebook full of real-world examples business owners can use to increase great experiences to delight and surprise their customers. Two years ago when I first heard of this program, I begged Stan to stop at 100 examples, thinking there was no way he could ever find 1,001 stories. True to the lessons in this book, Stan delivered this and then some, and this book is sure to inspire you to give your customers some lagniappe. Read this book before your competitors do or be left in the dust."

- Phil Gerbyshak, Author / co-author of 10 Ways to Make it Great! and #Twitterworks



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What's Your Purple Goldfish - 12 Ways to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth What's Your Purple Goldfish - 12 Ways to Win Customers and Influence Word of Mouth Presentation Transcript

  • BOOK PREVIEW WHAT’S YOUR P U R P L E GOLDFISH 12 WAYS TO WIN CUSTOMERS "In business you do must do something thats above  and beyond whats expected. Phelps shows the  ingredients AND INFLUENCE WORD OF MOUTH behind creating signature extras that are unconventional and innovative. Every business  should be asking themselves, "Whats our Purple Goldfish?" - Tony Hsieh NY Times bestselling author of "Delivering Happiness" and CEO of Zappos.com S TA N P H E L P S EXPERIENCE ARCHITECTFriday, April 12, 13
  • Book Summary Purple Goldfish Strategy is about Differentiation via Added Value. Giving Little Unexpected Extras that Improve Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Attrition and Drive Positive Word of MouthFriday, April 12, 13
  • The Challenge: How can you Stimulate Positive Word of Mouth, Promote Customer Retention + Drive Product Differentiation with one Marketing effort?Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 1 The Biggest Myth in Marketing is . . . Meeting The Expectations of Your Customer KEY TAKEAWAY No one ever just meets expectations. You either exceed them or you fall short. In a world where 60-80% of customers describe themselves as satisfied or very satisfied before going on to defect to other brands, merely “meeting expectations” is no longer an option.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Two Paths Diverge In The Corporate Woods Just Meet Expectations or set out To Exceed them . . . KEY TAKEAWAY You can’t be all things to all people. You only have two choices as a marketer: Create to spec and face being a commodity or set out to exceed expectations and become remark-able. Choose wisely...Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 2 Value is the New Black Today’s difficult economy is forcing both brands and consumers towards a “value” model. KEY TAKEAWAY Don’t compete on price. Cater to the 70% that buy based on value. Price is only relative to the value received.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 3 Why Purple and Why a GoldfishFriday, April 12, 13
  • Because the Growth of Your Business is Like the Growth of a GoldfishFriday, April 12, 13
  • Friday, April 12, 13
  • World Record = 20 inchesFriday, April 12, 13
  • Their Growth is Affected by 5 Factors:Friday, April 12, 13
  • 4 You Have No Control over the First 4 Factors . . . Your only Choice is How You Differentiate Yourself How Do You Stand Out in a Sea of Sameness?Friday, April 12, 13
  • Why Purple?" Purple = Differentiation Seth Godin established purple as the color of differentiation in his seminal 2003 Book, Purple Cow Friday, April 12, 13
  • Why Purple?" Purple = NOLA Purple is also a color associated with the birthplace of lagniappe . . . New Orleans. It’s one of the three official colors of Mardi GrasFriday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 4 Definition of Lagniappe ‘The Additional Gift’ lagniappe (lãn-yãp’) Chiefly Southern Louisiana (c.1844) 1. noun. a small gift presented by a storeowner to a customer with the purchase. 2. noun. an extra or unexpected gift or benefit. Also called regionally boot.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Mark Twain and LagniappeFriday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 5 Lagniappe is Powered By Gift Economy PrinciplesFriday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 6 All Impressions are NOT Created Equal Word of Mouth is the Most Effective Form of Marketing. Will your Customers ‘Vouch For’ Your product or Service? KEY TAKEAWAY Business is about creating and keeping customers. Customer experience should be Priority #1 in your marketing. Stop focusing on the “two in the bush” (prospects) and take care of the one in your hand (customers). Are you giving your customers something to talk, tweet, blog and post to Facebook about?Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 7 Lagniappe is like a good Jambalaya The chef takes a look at what’s lying around in the kitchen and throws it all into a pot. Let it stew with some spices and you have yourself a jambalaya. There are five main ingredients or if you are fan of acronyms (like I am) . . . R.U.L.E.S: R elevant U nexpected L imited E xpression S tickyFriday, April 12, 13
  • Lagniappe is like a good Jambalaya Relevant 1. the item or benefit should be of value to the recipient 2. make sure that the item or service is a true benefit 3. it shouldn’t be a one size fits all propositionFriday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 8 Relevant Unexpected 1. the extra benefit or gift should be a surprise 2. it is something thrown in for good measure 3. think ’surprise + delight’ or ‘branded act of kindness’Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 9 Relevant Unexpected Limited 1. if it’s a small token or gift, try to select something that’s rare or hard to find 2. unique to your business, think ‘signature’Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 10 Relevant Unexpected Limited Expression 1. many times it comes down to the gesture 2. ‘how’ it is given, as opposed to ‘what’ is given 3. the small gift or extra is an expression and communicates that you careFriday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 11 Lagniappe is like a good Jambalaya Relevant Unexpected Limited Expression Sticky 1. is it water cooler material? 2. is it memorable enough that the person will want to share their experience by telling a friend or three thousand?Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 12 12 Types of Purple Goldfish Value Maintenance 1. Throw In’s 7. Follow Up 2. In the Bag / Out of Box 8. Added Service 3. Sampling 9. Convenience 4. First / Last Impressions 10. Waiting 5. Guarantees 11. Special Needs 6. Pay it Forward 12. Handling MistakesFriday, April 12, 13
  • The goal is to be seen as high value and low maintenanceFriday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 13 1. Throw-ins (value) Little extras that are included with your product or service. They help you stand out in a ‘sea of sameness’ Southwest Airlines – ‘Bags Fly Free’ and no change fees on Southwest.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 14 2. InFree Peanuts while you Wait and Extra the Bag / Out of the Box (value) LittleFries with Yourthings added Them)surprise unexpected Order (Lots of as a Maggiano’s - order a pasta dish and Maggiano’s will pack an additional one up for you to take home on the house.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 15 3. Sampling (value) Give your customer an ‘additional’ taste by offering a free ‘something extra’ on the house Bigelow Tea – order a box of tea from Bigelow and you’ll be treated to a sample of another flavor on the houseFriday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 16 4. First & Last Impressions (value) You have two chances to make an impression. When your customer comes through the door and right before they walk out, hang up or log off Hard Rock – When you check in the Hard Rock will let you sample a Gibson guitar. Check in, plug-in and rock out.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 17 5. Guarantees (value) Giving your customers that ‘little extra’ pledge that you’ll stand behind your product or service LL Bean – Leon Leonwood stands behind his product . . . for a lifetime.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 18 6. Pay it Forward (value) Give a ‘little extra’ back to the community Plaza Cleaners – if you are out of work and need a suit cleaned for an interview, Plaza will clean it for free.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 19 7. Follow-up (maintenance) Make the ‘little extra’ follow up or Thank You with your customer Rite Aid follows up with a call to check on a patient.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 20 8. Added Service The ‘little extra’ that’s an added unexpected service Safelite repair or replaces your glass, but they also vacuum your car and clean your windowsFriday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 21 9. Convenience (maintenance) What ‘little extra’ can you add to make things easier for your customers Amazon – Frustration free packaging that’s hassle free and good for the environment.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 22 10. Waiting (maintenance) All customers hate to wait. If its inevitable, how can you do a ‘little extra’ to make it more bearable Pacific Cafe - while you wait for your table, enjoy a glass of wine on the house.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 23 11. Special Needs (maintenance) Acknowledging that some customers have needs that require special attention Rainforest Cafe – the restaurant caters to the needs of customer by doing a ‘little extra’ for those with food allergies.Friday, April 12, 13
  • Chapter 24 12. Handling Mistakes (maintenance) Admitting that your wrong and doing the ‘little extra’ above & beyond to make it more than right Nurse Next Door - this nursing agency in Canada takes t.he idea of ‘humble pie’ literallyFriday, April 12, 13
  • Are you ready to . . . ?Friday, April 12, 13
  • Lagniappe 3 Ways to Get The Book for FREE: 1. Chris Anderson Version of FREE. Click Here http://cli.gs/wypg to Access a FREE Executive Summary of WYPG. Download and Share with a friend or a few Hundred 2. Amazon FREE. The e-Book version is Free for Prime Members with a Kindle as Part of the Owners’ Lending Library 3. Book Stan For a Keynote, Seminar or Workshop and Participants will Receive a Complimentary Copy Click here to buy onFriday, April 12, 13
  • About the Author STAN PHELPS Experience Architect Stan Phelps is an “experience architect”, author, professor and popular keynote speaker. He believes that marketing must focus on differentiation to win the hearts of both employees and customers. Stan motivates audiences with his insatiable desire to create meaningful change in marketing. Having collected over 2,000 examples of purple and green goldfish, he’s fluent in illustrating complex business concepts, communicating in ways that resonate, provoking creative thought and innovation. Driven by client objectives and inspired by bold vision, Stan works with clients to create keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops that are memorable and on brand, inspiring businesses to become talkable by design. The result: programs that win BIG. Stan received a BS in marketing from Marist College, a JD/MBA from Villanova University and a Certificate in Achieving Breakthrough Service from Harvard Business School. He lives in Cary, NC with his wife Jennifer, their two boys Thomas & James, a Glen of Imaal Terrier named MacMurphy and rescued black cat named Rudy. speakerfile.com/speakers/stan.phelps twitter.com/9inchmarketing facebook.com/9inchmarketing e-mail: stan@9inchmarketing.com phone: +1.919.360.4702 url: 9inchmarketing.comFriday, April 12, 13