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My 3 Designs for my scratch project. I will only choose one that I will actually make though.

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Scratch project

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION In this unit of technology class we are learning about a simple program called Scratch. This program is used to make simple games and animations.Our goal in this unit is to create a simple game in Scratch.The games that we create must somehow involve informationThe IBMYP learning curriculum.
  2. 2. The game must be able to provide theinformation to Grade 7 students who play it sothat they can have a better understandingabout the IBMYP curriculum.Our recent task was to create 3 Scratch game designs, andto make a mind map of it. This part of the project is to showmy 3 designs that I made and evaluate them. The next fewbe about my 3 designs, enjoy.
  3. 3. GAME DESIGN 1 INTRODUCTION This first game design is by far my most favorite and the one that I am most keen to work on. The gameplay and design is by far the best out of The game is an Arcade type of game.This game requires 2 people to play and there is nosingle player mode. This game focuses on cooperation of you and your partner
  4. 4. GAME DESIGN The game is meant to be played by 2 people and requires cooperation and teamwork.Setting: The game is set on some sort of battle field, but thestage will change as you progress in the game.(War zone type of scenery)Gameplay: The game is viewed from a top view (birds eye vieYou will see your characters and can move around the stage
  5. 5. Objective: The game contains many levels (I am hoping to makearound 15-20)In a level enemy appear from the sides of the screen and you areexpected to beat all of them or to reach a certain score.Bosses appear after every 5 levels How do you play it? In this game there are things you want to remember. Firstly about the characters-there are a variety of characters to choose from, but each character would fall into a certain class There are 3 classes in the whole game (your characters and enemies have 3 same classes) 1.Attacker 2.Defender 3.Trickster
  6. 6. The most important thing to remember is that Attacker beats Trickster, Trickster beats Defender and that Defender beats Attacker (I don’t know how, but it’s the only way that works) In the game since every class has a weakness ag another class it is expected that your partner help you against your weakness.As you might’ve noticed, there are 2 players, but it needs thrclasses in each team; In the game once you choose acharacter one class will be left out, and the class that is leftout will be played by the Computer (it is a bot)
  7. 7. HOW DOES IT INVOLVE THE IB? In the game, throughout the 5 levels before a boss, the game will pause at a specific amount of score that you have obtained and information about the IB will appear You are expected to memorize it, because it be used in the boss fight. In the boss fight to avoid large attacks and at the boss you have to correctly answer questi about the IB. The info used in boss fights are that occur in the last 5 levels.
  8. 8. EVALUATIONGood: I believe that this game design is good, because the game play should be really fun and you get to play with your friends and others. Another good thing is that it provides information on the IB and not only does it provide, the information is also used throughout the game, meaning they will definitely get information about the IB once they beat the game.
  9. 9. Bad: I believe that this game design has afew faults such as: If you and your partner do not cooperate,playing the game would be really frustratingand boring. There is no single player mode sosome people might not consider playing it.
  10. 10. MIND MAPIt might be a little hard to see, but if you can see it you might notice tI made some changes in my presentation from the mind map
  11. 11. GAME DESIGN 2 INTRODUCTION This game is my least favorite, you character is a cat; you’re trying to climb a tree for some reason… The gameplay is quite normal and simp There isn’t much to brag about. The game is a single player game and doesn’t really require much skill to play.
  12. 12. GAME DESIGN The game is played by one person and involves finger work (require no skills).Setting: The game is set in a forest where you can only seeGameplay: In the game, when you are playing you will be loat one tree, which is the tree that the cat will climb.As you progress the stage is pretty much the same.
  13. 13. Objective: The game doesn’t really have and objective. In the game you are just trying the get the highest score as you can.About the game and how to play: To climb the tree you have to press a combination of arrows, at the base of the tree you have to press (spam?) the arrow right, once you score gets to 100 you have to press right-up right -up… and when you get to 300 points you have to press right-up-left, right-up-left….
  14. 14. Obstacles and information on the IB startappearing, the at 100 points to 200 points IBinformation bubbles appear you have toremember it, after the 200 point mark objectsstart falling down and to dodge it you have toanswer questions about the IB.Once you get to 600 points you have to pressright-up-left-down… Once you get to 1200 points you have to pressright-up-left-down-right…
  15. 15. Once you get to 2400 points you get a skill tododge objects manually by pressing a, s, or dwhich means that there is no more informationleft about the IB.There will be some power-ups throughout thegame such as shield, energy drink (speed up),super cat (speed-up and shield).
  16. 16. EVALUATION I think the information that you can get is good and the game is simple but in the end the gameplay is too normal and the setting is only one place also spamming buttons is child’s play. I don’t really think grade 7s would be that interested, because throughout the game nothing much changes.
  17. 17. MIND MAP
  18. 18. GAME DESIGN 3 INTRODUCTIONThis game design, to me isn’t very a special one. I think this game is ok, but I think it’s a bit bland or boring. The character is a flying squirrel. You are jumping from tree branches to tree branches. This game is quite relaxing though if you ask me, since isn’t too demanding
  19. 19. GAME DESIGN Since the game is quite simple, I’ll explain it simply. Setting: Deep dark forestGameplay: I am thinking of making the player play the gaa view mode where you look from behind the squirrel.Objective: You collect nuts on braches to increase you score.You have an IB book in your inventory which contains information andsome missing pages.The missing pages are a bit hidden around the different branches.
  20. 20. How does it involve the IB: You use this information to answer questions asked by the gate keepers to get to the next inner levels of the forest there are around 10 levels of the forest and once you reach the inner level you get to the mother of all nuts and you win.Gaming: In this game you jump from tree to tree on some branches you can stop moving, but some you have to keep on moving. Since you are a flying squirrel, you can also fly.To make this game a bit more difficult there are hunters after you so you can’t slow down too much. You can spot them in your radar.
  21. 21. EVALUATIONThe game is a bit boring, it is just an escaping game; no action no tactics no nothing, it wouldn’t really challenge the grade 7s; I also believe that navigating in the game would be a bit boring.On the other hand the game isn’t too demanding and anyone can play also it would be quite a relaxing game.
  22. 22. MIND MAP Sorry about the picture, I guess it’s really hard to re
  23. 23. CONCLUSIONThe Game that I want to create for this Scratch project is my firstdesign.Why did I choose it?1.It is engaging2.It provides information about the IB in a really fun way.3.It won’t get boring when you play it.4.You play it with other people, so it should be really engaging.5.It should be quite addicting and it would also be challenging for 7graders.6.7 graders would enjoy, because even me an 8 grader woulddefinitely enjoy it.