David stern’s legacy


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  • Hello I did my Junior Essay on the impact David Stern has left on the NBA during his career as NBA Commissioner. I will review some accomplishments and failures he has encountered and also some information about my thesis, that he brought a racial-centered league to a almost racist free game and also made companies pay to have their name connected with the NBA’s.
  • David Joel Stern was introduced as the Commissioner of the NBA in 1984, succeeding Larry O’Brien.
  • Like I said before, he made the NBA global. He brought in players from around the world
  • He made the NBA global. He brought offices to over 15 countries, made games televised in over 215 countries. He also brought 2 teams to Canada, the Toronto Raptors and the Vancouver Grizzlies. Almost unbelievably, NBA revenue has increased by 3000% since 1984, he would do anything that would bring in more $. If he thought a new logo would increase apparel and ticket sales, he’d do it. As you can see he did to the Raptors and Grizzlies.
  • And you can also see almost every team has gone through logo changes since the 80’s. Even some teams have had 3 different main logos
  • Stern would do anything that could potentially bring in more money. Most teams have a home/away jersey, and maybe an alternate jersey. But he knew jersey sales are going through the roof, so why not make more. A blacked out and white out jersey, and even bringing back retro uniforms.
  • He created a viable women’s league that has had increased popularity since its existence
  • And lastly he created NBA Cares in 2005, in over 7 years NBA Cares has donated more than $210, 2.3 million hours of volunteer service, and have built more than 760 places for kids to live, learn, and enjoy sports
  • Yet it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Stern. His idea for a draft lottery has received a lot of scrutiny throughout the league.
  • He tried to create parity in the league, but since he took over only 8 different teams have won a championship while 15 have won in the NHL and NFL and 18 have won in the MLB.
  • There have been 4 lockouts, and 2 have caused him to cancel games
  • Early 1980’s were subject to Dr. J throwing down slam dunks. Major target market was African American teenagers
  • He used Larry Bird and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson’s rivalry as his major marketing plan
  • He marketed Bird as a hard working white male from the heart of the country in Indiana
  • He marketed Magic as a flashy black male from the heart of Lansing
  • The NBA was viewed as a racism-full game but reporters now shut that opinion down because there are minorities making millions of dollars. KG has received over $250 M in only salary and Kobe and Carmelo make over $20 M a season
  • When Stern first took over, the NBA couldn’t afford to promote their Saturday games on ABC. Now the NBA is a multi-billion dollar organization and their games are played on TNT, ABC, and ESPN.
  • The NBA has also signed massively expensive deals with Adidas, McDonalds, Nike, and Coca-Cola
  • Stern has been referred as the NBA’s greatest figure not names Bird, Magic, Jordan, Bryant, or James
  • Without Stern, the NBA would not be where it is today. His marketing genius has made the NBA a must watch and he has made it an almost racist free game, without him, we wouldn’t be blessed with the great game we know now.
  • David stern’s legacy

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