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India local

  1. 1. Price : Rs.2 Page : 8RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665INDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPERVol.:2 Issue:42 Monday, 15th to 21stApril 2013Page .......2Keeping tabs on the political grape-vinePage .......3Court intervenes in SNDT University-Gujarat college rowPage .......836 Mumbai cops suspended for ac-cepting bribe to allow illegal construc-tion; probe orderedInsideINDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPERMUMBAI: TheBrihanmumbai Mu-nicipal Corporation(BMC) have receivedover 20,000 com-plaintsregardingillegalconstructions fromJanuary 2012 toBMC RECEIVED OVER 21,000COMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSCOMPLAINTSABOUT ILLEGALCONSTRUCTIONSMarch 2013.According to thedataavailablewiththeBrihanmumbai Mu-nicipal Corporation(BMC), in the last14month period fromJanuary 2012 toMarch 2013, the civicbody receivedas many as21,011 com-plaints aboutunauthorisedconstruc-tions in the city. Ofthem, 15,278 were at-tended and 5,733 arestill pending. Most ofthecomplaintsareaboutillegalstructures are either aboutunauthorised slums or exten-sions and changes carried outintheoriginalbuildings.CivicARINDAM BANERJEE,OWNED, PRINTED & PUBLISHEDARINDAM BANERJEE,OWNED, PRINTED & PUBLISHEDHAPPYBANGLANEW YEARHAPPYBANGLANEW YEARHAPPYBANGLANEW YEAR(Cont... on page no . 2)
  2. 2. PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday,15thto21stApril2013Editorialneed for a secular prime ministerial candidateand the issue of leaders having to do manythings including wearing a skull cap in Biharchief minister Nitish Kumar’s recent, the JD(U), would not acceptNarendra Modi as the prime ministerialcandidate of the NDA in the coming elections.The BJP on its part seems to correctlysuggest that the choice should be left to itwere it to lead an alliance. The JD(U) bringswith it 20 seats to Parliament as of now,propping up the table for the 153-strong NDAgrouping. Nitish Kumar’s aversion to namingModi the leader, indeed he is trying to forcethe NDA’s hand sooner rather than later, couldmean that the BJP will have to chose betweenits trump card Modi and a valuable ally theJD(U). That the BJP is not on a very strongwicket in Bihar is seen from the fact that inthe last general election, it won only 12 seats,all of which were in alliance with the JD(U).However, there is a section in the BJP whichreckons that it would be better to stick withMr Modi who could bring in a greater tally ofvotes for it overall than last time (where it got115 seats) than be held to ransom for apossible 20 seats which the JD(U) could bringwith it. All this is, of course, speculation atthis stage. If the BJP is planning to jettisonallies like the JD(U), then it should look ata considerable increase in its vote share,something which does not look likely at themoment.The Modi factor is also largely anuntried one, it remains to be seen how muchof a pan-India appeal the Gujarat chiefminister will have. The NDA leadership whilemaking it clear that it will not push Mr Modiaside for any ally, seems to be focusing itsenergies on removing the UPA rather thancoming up with an agenda that will catchpeople’s attention. Negative campaigns don’talways work too well as we have seen inthe past. While Nitish Kumar may soundunrelenting now, it is also clear that he issending a message to his Muslim vote-bankwhich is a significant factor in any electionin the state.The BJP Bihar state unit has expressedits unhappiness with the chief minister’sstand, which means that the NDA allianceis now under severe strain. It will requiremore than a bit of effort on BJP presidentRajnath Singh’s part to smooth things over.The only thing that the NDA can feelslightly satisfied about is that the UPA isalso on shaky ground when it comes toallies. But Nitish Kumar’s veiled referenceshave effectively pulled the veil off the manycontradictions that the NDA faces as itbegins the run-up to elections 2014.AbumpyroadaheadforNDAThere were references to Rajdharma, there was mention of theKEEPINGTABSONTHEPOLITICALGRAPEVINEAnxious not to be left behindIn politics there are no permanent friendsor foes, or so it is believed. With electionsdrawing near, the Congress is opening itsdoors to estranged allies. While the CPI(M)politburo member Sitaram Yechury remainsa key interlocutorbetween the Congress and the Left, theruling party is now knocking on the party’sgeneral secretary Prakash Karat’s doors too.Rural development minister JairamRamesh will meet Karat on April 17 to seeksupport for the land acquisition Bill. Rameshhas had a meeting with Yechury, but keepingthe channel open with Karat is crucial.Meanwhile, senior Congress leader AKAntony did not rule out an alliance with theLeft post-2014. A Left turn in Congresspolitics, it would seem.Leaving no one in any doubtThe BJP interlocutors who have been intouch with Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumardid expect some fireworks in his speech onSunday. But even they were shocked by theferocity of his anti-Modi tirade.When Kumar met BJP president RajnathSingh on Saturday evening, the BJP leaderswere under the impression that the JD(U)leader’s assault on the Gujarat chief ministerwould be more in the nature of playing to thegalleries and that there would be some roomfor manoeuvre.But Nitish almost exclusively dedicated his40-minute speech to Modi, something thathas made the BJP-JD(U) alliance virtuallyunsustainable. He will not modify his remarksfor now.Full Marx for his political acumenFormer West Bengal chief minister andpolitburo member Buddhadeb Bhattacharjeecontinues to put the CPI(M) centralleadership in a spot. Bhattacharjee chided thecentral leadership over the protest by Delhi-based CPI(M) activists against chief ministerMamata Banerjee and finance minister AmitMitra in Delhi last week.He has told Delhi-based leaders thatsuchhasty political moves could put theparty’s cadres at greater risk at a time whenthe TMC activists and CPI(M) workers areengaged in street fights. Yet another reasonfor Bhattacharjee to ignore the centralleadership of the party, which he considersis not up to the task in any case.Arisk-aversecomrade.From lukewarm to slightly warmThe friction between the Samajwadi Partyand the Congress is playing out in Rae Bareli,UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’sconstituency. Gandhi’s plan to launch aspecial scheme for slum-dwellers has beenhanging fire due to the lukewarm responsefrom the SP-led state government.It took several visits by senior officials inthe Union housing and urban povertyalleviation ministry to Lucknow to persuadethe state government, which has finally giventhe go-ahead for the initiative involvingconstruction of 2,000 houses for slum-dwellers and the upgrade of basic amenitieslike sewerage and sanitation. Sonia Gandhiwill finally inaugurate it sometime in May. Agrudging go-ahead.The urban transformerUrban development minister Ajay Makenbelongs to the Congress that is ruling inMaharashtra in coalition with the NCP. Butparty affiliations did not stop the man incharge of transforming the nation’s urbanlandscape from criticising his colleagues inMumbai.After the recent building collapse that killeddozens in Thane, Maken offered support toNarmada Bachao Andolan leader MedhaPatkar who was fasting on behalf of the slum-dwellers.Maken publicly saluted Patkar for “takingup the just cause of slum-dwellers againstthe building mafia in Mumbai.” For thePrithviraj Chavan government inMaharashtra, that must really have hurt. Notbuilding too many bridges with his partymen.BMC RECEIVEDofficials said, the action against illegalconstructions in the city is an ongoing pro-cess and the ward offices have been in-structed to act strictly against them. As apart of this action, demolition drives arebeing taken across several parts of the citytime and again."However, once the demolitions are car-ried out, people come again and constructstructures. This mostly happens in slumsor on open plots. In case of buildings andhigh-rises, irregularities like extension ofother areas like balcony, terrace or struc-tural changes take place," the official said.The High Court had recently passedstrictures on the civic body for failing totake prompt action against illegal struc-tures in the city. The BMC has also de-manded the state government to provide aspecially designated police force for ef-fective and quick action against illegalstructures.
  3. 3. PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday,15thto21stApril2013GERMAN BAKERYBLAST:MAIN ACCUSED HIMAYAT BAIGCONVICTED BYPUNE COURTJudge N P Dhote heldBaig,aresidentofBeeddis-trict in Maharashtra, guiltyunder sections 302 (mur-der), 307 (attempt to mur-der), 435 (mischief by fireor explosive substances),474 (forgery), 153(A) (pro-motingenmitybetweendif-ferent groups on ground ofreligion,race,placeofbirth,language and doing actsprejudicial to maintenanceof harmony) and 120(B)(criminal conspiracy) ofIPC.He was also convictedunder various sections ofUnlawfulActivitiesPreven-tionActandExplosiveSub-stancesAct. Special JudgeDhote will pronounce thequantum of sentence forBaig April 18. A powerfulbomb had exploded at theGerman Bakery, a populareatery also frequented byforeigners, on February 13,2010, which left 17 deadand 64 injured, in first ter-ror attack in Pune.Amongthedeadwerefiveforeignernational.It was also the first ma-jor terror strike after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in2008.The MaharashtraPolices Anti-TerrorismSquad had arrested Baigfrom a bus stand in Pune inSeptember 2010.The ATS had filed acharge sheet in the case onDecember 4, 2010 againstBaig and six others includ-ing ZabiuddinAnsari aliasAbu Jundal, one of the han-dlers of 26/11 terrorists,Fayyaz Kagzi, YasinBhatkal, Iqbal Bhatkal,Riyaz Bhatkal and MohsinChaudhari.Jundal,however,hasnotbeenshownarrestedin this case, while all othersare absconding. Lashkar-e-Taiba operative DavidHeadley, in his testimonybeforeaUScourtinthetrialof his accompliceTahawwurRana,hadadmit-ted that he had recced andtaken photographs of thepopular hang-out in Pune.Meanwhile,Baigscoun-selAbdul Rahman has saidhe would move the HighCourt against the verdict."Definitely,Iamgoingtoappeal in the High Court. Iam sure I will get justicefromtheHighCourt,"hetoldreporters after the judge-ment. Rahman said justicehad not been done to Baigas he was not present inPune at the time of the blastnor had he gone to GermanBakery to plant the bomb.He said the key conspira-torsinthecasehadnotbeenarrested and Abu Jundal,named in the charge sheet,was not even brought to thecourt. "Police has shownJundal as one of the con-spirators in this case but hewas not brought to is unfortunate," hesaid,adding,"morethanonepersonisrequiredforacon-spiracy.""Itistheallegationofthepolice that conspiracy tookplace in (Sri) Lanka be-tween Fayyaz Kagzi andMohsinChaudhari.It is unfortunate thatnone of the police officersor investigating officer vis-ited Lanka to find out atwhich place the conspiracyhad taken place. That partremainstobeprovedbythepolice," he said.HC BACKS FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRA-TION OVER DRUG THAT MAKES TALL CLAIMMUMBAI:Televisionisapowerfulmediumandmanygullible people will believe advertisements to be true, saidthe Bombay high court while rejecting a petition that chal-lenged the Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) circularto various channels to stop telecast of a drug that promisedto increase a persons height. OnApril 12, a division benchof JusticeAbhay Oka and Justice Mridula Bhatkar gavetheir verdict on a petition by GMTTeleshopping Pvt Ltd,which is marketing "StepUp Body Growth Formula". TheFDA said the advertisement is prohibited under Section 3of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (ObjectionableAdver-tisements)Act 1954. GMTs counselAspi Chinoy arguedthattheprohibitionextendsonlytoharmfulandprohibiteddrugs and that the product is not a harmful drug. He said itis being manufactured under a licence granted by theMadhya Pradesh government under the Drugs and Cos-meticsAct, 1940 and hence it cannot be termed as a pro-hibiteddrug.FDAsadvocatesAshutoshKumbhakoniandShardulSinghsubmittedthattheDMRActisnotconfinedonly to the prohibited drugs but even to those which arelicensed. They also said the prohibition under Section 3 oftheAct pertains to the publication of any advertisementirrespective of whether the drug that is advertised is pro-hibited or not. The judges said the content of StepUpadvertisements shows that they present the drug to thepublic as a product which will enhance the overall per-sonality of an individual. "The petition shows that it isprojected that the use of medicine will increase apersons height," they added. The judges said the re-striction under Section 3 of the DMR Act prohibitspublication of advertisements that claim to cure or treatany disease or condition mentioned in the schedule. "Aperusal of the schedule shows that item no.47 is stat-ure of persons. The advertisements profess that thedrug will help in treatment of the condition of statureof persons," they wrote.
  4. 4. PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday,15thto21stApril2013SHAH RUKH KHANSETS UP SHOP IN WAIEversincethescheduleofChennaiExpresscommencedinWai,sourcessay Shah Rukh Khan had almost set up his home and office in the quaintvillage. The actor had moved bag and baggage to Wai, just outsidePanchgani to concentrate on his film that clashes on Eid with AkshayKumar’supcominggangsterfilm.Andnotjustthefilm,SRKhadalsobeenshooting for all his upcoming brand endorsements inWai.Asource says,“SRK stayed put in Wai to leave no stone unturned in making ChennaiExpress as big as it gets. He was also getting his other work done sittingthere. In the past one month, he had shot for five ads there, including a teaand automobile brand. The people behind the brands had to fly down toWai to get their work done.” A source close to the star says that SRK’sfocusrightnowissolelyrestingonhisupcomingfilmhelmedbyRohitShetty.“Heisaperfectionistandconsideringit’sanEidrelease,heisjugglingtimebetween the film, his commercials and his other work commitments.”Sources add that while 80 per cent of the shoot is complete, the last sched-ule of the film has just moved to Kerala.JACQUELINEFERNANDEZTO RETURNTOHER ROOTSThe film apparently is basedon a real-life incident that tookplace in Colombo in 1980.A source says, “Jacky is in anexciting stage of her career. Af-terRace2,shehascaughttheeyeof many filmmakers. She hasnow been approached to featurein an English film that is basedon a true story. She has a hugefan base overseas and Koch hasalready been signed for theproject. The makers are keen tohave her on board.”A source close to the actresshowever says that Jacqueline istaking her time to make a deci-sion. “The subject of the film isquite controversial and Jacky isthinking things through. She isexcited to get an offer from a SriLankan filmmaker.” The plotdeals with the story of FatherMatthew Pieris, a priest whoplanned the chilling murders ofhis wife and the husband of hismistress. The incident is also fa-mously known as the VicarageMurders.SALMANKHANTURNEDDOWNMOM SALMAS REQUESTSalman Khan and his family are known to celebratemost of the Indian festivals. In fact some of his festivecelebrations are attended by several Bollywoodbiggies. However at Gudi Padwa this time, Salludecided to skip the celebrations and instead preferredto spend the day working on his next film.A source says, “This Gudi Padwa, Sallu’s momSalma had asked the actor to be home to spend theday with his family. However due to his recent ill health,work on brother Sohail Khan’s film is already runninglate. He decided to stay back at Lavasa to continueshooting.” Apparently, Salman requested Salma tolet him go this time. Well, there is always a nexttime.
  5. 5. PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday,15thto21stApril2013MUMBAI INDIANS ARE THETEAM TO BEAT: RAINASuresh Rainaisonecrick-eterwhoeveryfranchisewouldlovetohaveinitsranks.Atruematchwinner,whohasnotonlyhelped Chennai Super KingswintheIndianPremierLeaguetwice but also helped TeamIndiawinonseveraloccasionsin shorter formats.Last season, Raina scored441 runs at an average of ashade below 26 in 18 innings.The piece of statistic may notsound great, but the fact is, hefinishedseveralmatches.Thistime too, Raina is one ofChennai Super Kings’ battingmainstays. Though he hasn’tdoneanythingofnoteasyetinIPL-VI, Raina’s cameos willprovecrucialforMSDhoni&Co during the latter stages ofthetournament.RainaspoketoILattheTagHeuerAquaracerevent yesterday.Can you describe the feel-ing in the camp after the dra-matic last-ball win over theRCB on Saturday?Itwasawonderfulwinforus.Itisalwaysgoodtogetoverthelineinsuchclosematches.Themoraleoftheteamisveryhigh and everybody is enjoy-ing the game. The playershavebeenverysupportiveandwe are enjoying each other’ssuccess.DidyouthinkthatChennaiwould win anyway — with-outRPSingh’snoball?WehavewontheIPLtwiceso we always back ourselvestodowellandchasedownhugetotals. We have a formidablebattingline-upandthepartner-ship between MS andRavindra Jadeja was simplyamazing. Till the time MSwas there, I was very surehe would pull this off for us,but I think Jadeja played re-ally well. He has proved thathe is a match-winner and atrue performer with the bat.How difficult was it tobounce back after the lossto Mumbai in Chennai’sopening match?We would have loved tostart the tournament with awin, but unfortunately thatdid not happen. It was aclose game but there is along way to go in this com-petition. It is just the open-ing phase of the tournamentand we are looking forwardto learning from our mis-takes and continue our win-ning ways.You will back Chennai towin the title obviously, butwhich team seems most im-pressive to you?I think all teams are do-ing very well. One team thatI feel is on a roll is theMumbai Indians. They havea new captain in RickyPonting. Also their battingunit is clicking with DineshKarthik and Rohit Sharmascoring heavily. They reallyseem to be the team towatch out for.Chennai appear verycool when faced with bigtargets. Is it because of thekind of confidence you guyshave or would you put itdown to thorough mentaltraining? We always backourselves to perform well.We have lot of depth in ourbatting and experiencedplayers around. Chasinghuge totals is all about han-dling pressure and with MSas captain, there is alwaysa sense of calmness in thedugout. He gives everybodya lot of freedom and confi-dence which helps theteam.
  6. 6. PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday,15thto21stApril2013(SP)councilorAshrafAzmibookedfor Murder by V. B Nagar PoliceAZMI IS STILLON THE RUN...Hanuman Jayanti Celebrated to be celebratedAnti Narcotics drive was organized by Kurla Police Station and Vinobha Bhave Nagar Policestation, Dhanajaya Kulkarni ( Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone 5 ) graced the program asChief guest along with Prabhakar Satam (Assistant Commisioner of Police kurla Division), LaxmanBhalerao( Senior Inspector of Police Kurla Police station), Subhash Raut (Senior Inspector ofPolice Vinobha Bhave Nagar Police station ), reputed members of kurla Noor Md Hassan(NooraBhai), L. K Shinde, Surya Narayan gauda, DrAnil Salunkhe,Pamilla Dutta also gave her views intheir speech, other members present there was Hussain Baksh( President Janjagruti Pratisthan)Shanata Sheety, Banwasi Panigrahi,Alexzeder Dsouza, Jaitun Shaikh, Ashraf Shaikh.Odia Kabi Sameelan at Odisha BhawanMumbai Odia Samaj, Bombay Odia Womens association andMumbai Odia Mahasangh has organized an Odia Kabi Sammelan atOdishaBhawan(Vashi),NaviMumbaion14thApril2013,at3;30pmand Kabi from Odisha and other states of India has been invited forthis event on Panasankranti, said Bipin Mishra (President MumbaiOdia Mahasangh) , womens of Bombay Odia Womens associationwill also have an Initiative in role the Kabi Samellan said KananikaTripathi(President BOWA),along with Pushpa Das (Vice President),SukantiMishra(PublicRelationSecretary)andPratibhaBir,NiharJenaand kali Mishra of Mumabi Odia Newspaper were also present.Prabhakar KoibalGouda(42), Shyam SayabaPradhan ( 29) , was trapped byGhatkopar Narcotics Cell thismonth while smuggling GanjaMarijuana, As per sources theNarcotics cell had got an tipfrom informers that some DrugsPeddlers will be coming atVikroli Railway Station, ViaTrain no 11019 Konark Expressfrom Behrampur to Mumbai,Immediately on the direction ofSatya pal Singh (MumbaiCommissioner of Police) andHimansu Rai ( Jt Commissionerof police Crime) the team underthe leadership of Vilas Bhole(Police Inspector GhatkoparNarcotics cell) , Chougule(Assistant Police Inspector)and Mahale rushed to the spotfor an Manhunt both accusedwerestandingatVikroliRailwaystation with other 3 morepeople, They were detainedwith 42 kg Ganja (Marijuana)by GhatkoparAnti NarcoticsCell in the morning at 4 am , theNarcotics team had an toughtime to trace the culprits with42 Kg Ganja worth 10 lakhrupees an case was registeredunder section 8(K), 20 NDPSact 1985, both belongs todistrict Ganjam Regutipulli ,Odisha ,Investigation is on saidVilas Bhole (In charge andPolice InspectorAnti NarcoticsCell Ghatkopar East)What is Ganja?Ganja especially a highlyresinous form of marijuanaprepared from the floweringtops and leaves of selectedplants and usually ingested forsmokingSamajwadi Party corporator Ashraf Azmi (extreme left).Vinoba Bhave Nagar policehave booked Samajwadi Party(SP) councilor Ashraf Azmi inconnection with a case ofmurder. Cops have arrested fourpersons so far, but Azmi is stillon the run.According to police, onFebruary 13 Azmi, whorepresents ward no 158,informed police that Sana Khan(24) a housewife, who residedin the area had committedsuicide by hanging herself inher MIG colony house at Kurla(West). Police rushed to thespot and found Sanas bodysuspended from a ceiling fan.Acase of accidental death wasregistered and investigationsbegan. The same day, thedeceaseds motherAnjum Khan(65) was informed by Sanas in-laws about the tragedy.Anjum,a resident of Hamidpur in UttarPradesh, rushed to Mumbai.But she and her associatesrefused to perform the last rites,claiming that Sana did notcommit suicide, and she was, infact, murdered. In hersupplementary statementAnjum told police that onFebruary 12 Sana was torturedby her in-laws. The victim hadalso phoned her brother inSouth Africa, saying that shewas being tormented for Rs 10lakh as dowry.During a detailed probepolice found that on the day ofthe death, the deceasedshusband Gayasuddin (31) hadthrashed Sana in the bathroomwhere she fell and eventuallysuccumbed to injuries. Scared,the family contactedAzmi, whoallegedly went to the spot,fabricated the suicide, and thencalled the police. Azmis wifeDilshad is also a councilor, fromward no 159. Smellingsomething fishy, BJP leaderAnil Upadhyay contactedseveral top cops and narratedthe entire story. He also warnedthat if the police fail to givejustice to Sanas family, hewould organize a morcha. "Theinvestigation officer wasfavoring Azmi. Following ourdemand, he was replaced. Later,police registered a murdercase," said Upadhayay.Azmi is absconding. "Wehave registered an FIR undersections 302, 498 (a), 304 (b),306, 201, 506, 34b of IPC andsections 3, 4, of DowryProhibition Act. We aresearching for Azmi. He isabsconding," said an officerfrom VB Nagar police station.The Kannada AndhraDirector Mandal running aHanuman temple situated atVidyaViharRoad,RajuBedekarMarg,Naupada,Kurla isc e l e b r a t i n gH a n u m a nJayanti Utsav attheir Mandirpremises. Anmeeting wasalso called todiscuss thepooja matter inwhich variousmandal throughout Naupada,Sunderbaug ,Sakinaka andKurla hasmarked their presence at theirmandir premises, The three daythe program will start withAbhishek and Hawan, MangalAarti, Darshan, Mahaprasad,Arch and Bhajan followed withMahaprasad said Narsinghrao(President of the organization),Ramesh Talasi (Secretary),Ve n k a t e s hD h a n g a r(Treasurer),N a r a y a nSindhamol,N a r a y a nChineti (VicePresident),Umesh Sidhi,S u d e r s h a nC h i n t i ,Jagsidh Comi( D y .Treasurer),Vikram Joga,NagbhusanSidhi (Dy.Secretary) along with BabuAligappa Bateli and BabuPedamaliarethe chief advisor ofthe organization.Goudas gathered at Manika Trust meetA Grand gathering of Goudacommunity was witness atGhatkopar under the Banner ofManikaTrust,atBuildingNo25/279Ghatkopar(w) Manikatrustwas registered last 14 year backin 1999,fromChatrapurGanjamhaving a Bank account at StateBankofIndia vikrolibranch,thetrust is having several branchesaround Odisha and Mumbaileading the organizations areBipraCharanGouda(President),Abhimanyu Gouda( VicePresident),LaxmanGouda(Gensecretary) , Sudershan Gouda(Treasurer) , Niranjan Gouda,Driaber Gouda, Charan Gouda,Nilanchal Gouda, BhagwanGouda , Raghunath Gouda,TrinathGouda,PrabhakarGouda,RamnathGouda,KishoreGouda,EshwarGouda,UpenderGouda,Bijoy Gouda, Prabhakar Gouda,KalucharanGouda,Uday,CharanGouda,Panchanan Gouda,SaibaGouda,RanjanGouda,SubhashGouda had gather from cornersof Mumbai , Navimumbai andThane to discuss the forthcoming strategy of the mandalandGoudaSamaj.Two Odia youth from GanjamheldwithGanjabyMumbaipolice
  7. 7. PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday,15thto21stApril2013CROSSWORDARIES: The starsrecommend that youshould take proper careof your health andtemperament during thisweek. Some of you might be undermental stress during first half of theweek and vague feeling of depressionmay engulf you.TAURUS : You will be in a relaxedand a happy state of mindmost of the time duringthis week. Be prepared toshoulder responsibilitiesthat come your wayregarding family matters. There isstrong possibility that you wouldrepent later to wonder how you couldhave done this.GEMINI : Your healthwill be fine and you willfeel energetic and able toundertake tasks that youhad postponed earlier. Howeversenior citizens might suffer fromjoint pains or chest congestion. Longawaited promotions, elevations insocial status or rise in salary are onthe cards for the most of you.CANCER : Theplanetary configurationindicates that you arerequired to observenecessary precautions inyour eating habits and take properrest coupled with sleep to maintainyour physical and mental health. Youwill receive lot of respect fromothers.LEO : The period underconsideration isfavourable for enjoyinggood health most of thetime. The favourable daysduring this week are likely to beMonday, Tuesday and Thursday. Youare advised to try to make theoptimum use of opportunities whenthey come along.VIRGO : Health anddomestic affairs would needyour attention this week. Donot neglect an ailment that,though not serious, maybecome a nagging problem. However,your expertise in preparing meticulousand detailed project reports will stand youin good stead later.LIBRA : Those of you,who had been sufferingfrom general weakness andheadaches, would feelrelieved during this week. Youngstersmight decide to go on a health binge.Regular exercise schedule and properdiet will make them more relaxed andactive. If connected with computerrelated work, you will receive an offerto set up your own enterprise.SCORPIO : Your healthwill be fine and you willfeel energetic throughoutthis week. However youmight be required to look after thehealth of the elderly in your familywho may require medical attention.There may be some changes in thehousehold for those living in a jointfamily.SAGITTARIUS : It isa busy period for workand career, but at thesame time you shouldnot neglect your regularexercise schedule. It is necessary topay necessary attention towardsyour health also. The work assignedto you during this week might be atest of your expertise andknowledge.CAPRICORN : Yourhealth might experienceups and downs. Henceyou are required toobserve slightprecautions regarding your healthduring this week. A desire to advanceyour career will inspire you to worksincerely towards achieving yourobjectives and goals.AQUARIUS : Thosewho have justrecovered from a spellof illness should becareful regarding theirhealth. A relapse at this stagemight prove to be troublesome foryou. If you have been thinking ofstarting an independententerprise, make a concrete movein that direction now by meetingpeople and discussing your ideas.It may take some time.PISCES : It will be agood week to build upyour stamina andreserves to tackle thecoming onslaught ofwork. However some of you mayhave a slight health problem thatwill require you to take rest forfew days. Take care of your dietand focus on your health.Your horoscope for this weekAMOST MEN DIE DURING EXTRA-MARI-TALSEX, PLUS OTHER MALE SEX FACTS1. Death during sex hasa prototypeWhile examining the inci-dence of death during sex, a1975 study discovered aunique pattern in males: the"deceased is usually mar-ried; he is not with a spouseand in unfamiliar surround-ings," and death usually oc-curs after "a big meal withalcohol." Another study in1989 found further evidencesupporting the extramaritalsex bit. Fourteen of the 20cases of "la mort damour,"or coital death, happenedduring an affair.2. You can tell a guyspenis size by his fingersA University of Liverpoolresearch cited that if a mansringfingersarelongerthanhisindex fingers, this meansthere were healthy testoster-one levels in the womb. If thering fingers are the same sizeor smaller than the index fin-gers, then the male receivedlower levels of testosterone,implying that one can esti-mate the length of his organby the length of the ring fin-ger.Sex and relationships,Death during extra-maritalsex3. Can a bowel movementmake for bliss?In a 2002 study, it wasmentioned that a male had ahistory of orgasmic-like feel-ings after going to the bath-room. After he answerednatures call, his body wentthrough the rest of the malesexual response cycle. Hispulse rate increased as hereached climactic state, fol-lowed by relaxation, then ex-treme fatigue.4. Orgasm ... or lack of ...may prevent breast cancer inmalesA study in Greece foundevidencethatthefrequencyofadult orgasms may have animpact on the incidence ofbreast cancer in men. In fact,itwasalsorevealedthatmaleswithbreastcancerhadexperi-encedfewerorgasmsonaver-age than men without the dis-ease.5. Males like unusual sexMen have a 20 to 1likeliness against women topractice an "unusual" and of-ten socially unacceptable orillegal behavior, for exampleexhibitionism.6.TrappedspermNot all sperm go racing forthe egg at once. Once spermhas been deposited into thevaginal canal, some of themaretemporarilytrappedinase-men coagulate or clot. Even-tually, they are decoagulatedby enzymes, which set themfree to swim about a femalesreproductivesystem.Thisclot-ting, according to scientists, ismeant to pace the release ofspermintotheuterus,increas-ing the chance that one ofthese sperms will reach theegg and fertilise it.7. Oxytocin affects malestoo It is believed that oxytocinaffects females during sex(and breast-feeding). But thiscuddle hormone, released byboth sexes during intimacy, isalso found to influence males.Research from Switzerlandfound that oxytocin is associ-atedwithincreasedfeelingsoftrust in males.8. High testosterone =Less sex While higher test-osteronelevelsistypicallycon-Across:1 __ Lanka : our southerlyneighbour (3)4 Detonate or cause to begin orstart (3,3)7 A dividing membrane or parti-tion (6)8 Crave, covet or lust for (4)10 Lower House of Parliament(UK) (3,7)12 Prohibitions by custom or reli-gion (6)14 Accumulates by skimping (6)15 In large amounts of quantity,in a way (4,2)17 Famous hospital on Pedderroad (6)19 Unable to read or write (10)21 Bathroom powder (4)22 ___ ___ nobis : pray for us, inLatin (3,3)23 __ ___ puzzle : fit the pieces –you get the picture (3,3)24 Big name in moulded luggage(3)Down:1 Agroup of six musici (6)2 Understanding term? (1,3)3 Tramples heavily on (6)4 Feeling ones way overseas (6)5 Unwelcome visitor, intruder (10)6 Whimsical; strange (3)9 Sorcery from the West Indies (6)11ChineserestaurantatChurchgate(10)13 Microscopic one-celled animal(6)16 Come as a logical consequence(6)17 Delayed bodily effects due tolong journey by plane (3,3)18 Maintain, prevent from sink-ing, especially tempo, ones spir-its, etc (4,2)20Nameofseaformingnorth-east-ern arm of Black Sea (4)21 __ Mahal : the wonder at Agra(3)sidered a good thing for menwhen it comes to their sexdrive,stillresearcherscontinu-ally found that males withhigher testosterone levelsmarrylessoften,aremoreabu-sive in their marriages and di-vorce more regularly. In fact,married men see more actionthan single men.9. Men fall in love fasterthanwomenIts not the women, butmen, who get out of controlafter a glimpse of the right at-tractivefaceandfallheadoverheels in love immediately,claimed love researcher Dr.Helen Fisher.10. Family affects test-osterone As a man becomesincreasingly attached to hisfamily, his testosterone levelgoes down, according to a2001 Mayo Clinic study. Par-ticularly, fathers experience asignificant decline in levels oftestosterone with the birth ofhis child, especially when heholds the baby.
  8. 8. PAGE 8INDIALOCALMonday,15thto21stApril2013If you want to make it BIG inLIFE start readingOWNED,PRINTED&PUBLISHEDBY:ARINDAM BANERJEE,AshiwiniCo.Op.Hsg.Soc. Flat No. B/008, Gr. Flr., First Lane, Lokhandwala Complex,Andheri(W), MUMBAI-400058 Printed at Somani Printing Press, Sharma Ind. Estate, Goregaon(E),Mumbai-400072.EditorialOffice :ShopNo.2,MarbleArch,ShastriNagar,Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053. Mob. :9920205579-022- 26365459 EDITOR:ARINDAM BANERJEE.AllDisputestobesettelledinAndheriCourtonly.36 Mumbai cops suspended foraccepting bribe to allow illegalconstruction; probe orderedThe incident comes days after the collapse of an illegalstructure at Mumbra in adjoining Thane district whichclaimed 74 lives and left scores injured. Thirty-sixpolicemen were suspended after an activist caught themon camera allegedly accepting bribes to turn a blind eyeto an illegal structure, even as an embarrassed MumbaiPolice Commissioner Satyapal Singh on Thursday ordereda departmental inquiry, terming it a "shameful act". Theexposé by activist Kasim Khan took the city police bystorm with junior cops, mostly constables, attached withthe Nehru Nagar police station in suburban Kurla, seen inthe video accepting money from him."As of now, 36policemen are suspended. It is a very shameful act. Wewill not tolerate such acts. Now, we are takingdepartmental action which will be followed by a legal actionsoon," Singh said. The action follows an incriminatingvideo that Khan had recorded at different periods betweenMarch 9 and March 26. Singh, however, observed thatthe cops could have been "induced" to accept money."Going by the video footage and visuals it seems thatpolicemen were induced to accept money," Singh said,adding the Anti-Corruption Bureau will be probing thematter. "Any police officer indulging in such acts will invitea strict action and it will not be tolerated," he said.Most of the suspended cops are constables, besidesthose ranked above from the sub-inspector to insp ectorlevel. Singh said more policemen could also face similaraction. According to Khan, his friend Prakash Nevle wasrenovating his house at Thakkar Bappa colony in Kurlaand policemen of Nehru Nagar wanted money to allowhim to proceed with the work after municipal authoritieshad stopped it for want of necessary clearances. WhenNevle told him about the demand, Khan suggested him todirect those policemen to him. He then installed a spycamera on which he recorded footage of the policepersonnel accepting bribe. The activist handed over thefootage to the Deputy Commissioner of Police of theconcerned zone, who forwarded it to the Commissionerof Police. The incident comes days after the collapse ofan illegal structure at Mumbra in adjoining Thane districtwhich claimed 74 lives and left scores injured.A massivedemolition exercise has been launched in Thane after thecollapse, the worst such incident in Maharashtra.Maharashtra govt to exemptST buses from paying tollMukeshAmbani requests police chowkiat Antilia fearing terror threat from IM"Hence forwardwhenever new tenders wouldbe issued ST would beexempted from paying thetoll. The government wouldmention the clause in thenew tender process toexempt ST buses,"Chief Minister PrithvirajChavan informed in theLegislative Council. Hesaid that the stategovernment will alsotalk to existing tollplazas to exempt statetransport buses from payingtoll. BJP legislatorDhananjay Munde had raisedthe issue through a callingattention motion duringspecial sitting of the House.Mumbai, Fearing terrorattack from IndianMujahideen, Reliance groupChief Mukesh Ambani hasmade a request to the BMCseeking permission for apolice chowki at his plushresidence, Antilia. Thedecision has been madeafterAmbani’s office receiveda letter, allegedly by thebanned terror outfit IndianMujahideen (IM) earlier inFebruray threatening tocause heavy destruction tothe building for supportingGujarat Chief MinisterNarendra Modi. Seekingpermission, Mumbai policecommissioner Satya PalSingh has alreadyapproached the BMC toarrange for a chowki atAntiliaand had also written a letterseeking its approval, saidBMC Commissioner SitaramKunte to reporters. Thecommissioner in his letterhas also declared that theproposed chowki cannot beset up for the sake of anyindividualbutcanbearrangedfor the entire areaencompassing AltamountRoad. However, the officersaid that if the Ambanisprovide a place then atemporary chowki can beimmediately erected. Beforepermitting to build a chowkion the building’s premises,officials claimed that thepolice will have to give properreason first to thegovernment and get anapproval. The BMC also willhave to grant more FSI incase the original FSIbecomes invalid.Meanwhile, security hasbeen tightened atAntilia roadincluding Ambani’s officebuilding, said the Police. Theletter which was believed tobe sent by the IndianMujahideen however did notcarry the group’s originaltrademark signature or logo,but still investigation is underprocess and crime branch istaking all steps to trace outthe culprit Officials alsoclaimed that during monsoonseason,policemenwereputtogreat difficulties due to theabsence of proper roof andtherewasnoproperwashroomas well in the locality. Theseproblems will be solved byarrangingachowkiinthearea,addedtheofficials.