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Poultry times of india april 2013
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Poultry times of india april 2013


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  • 1. REGN. NO. PKL-92/2010-2012, P/KL-1/International /2008-2011 RNI NO. 02957/96 P ULTRY TIMES OF INDIA Volume 34 Issue 5 April - 2013 ARTICLE COVER STORY ›› Reducing Feed Costs by the Use of Phytogenics ›› Physiological Responses to Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning and Implications for Welfare PRESS RELEASE ›› Anmol Feeds Private Limited received Asian Feed Miller Award THE HIMALAYA DRUGS ›› Indian Herbs Participation in VIV-Bangkok-2013 Researching Nature, Enriching Life Researching Nature, Enriching Life From 13 – 15 March, 2013 Since-1930 Since-1930 ›› Hi-power Feeds Pvt. Limited Organized Technical Seminar of Broiler & Layer Farmer at Ladwa, Dt: Kurushhetra (Hry) NEWS ›› Alltech Feed Survey Findings: World Increases Production to 959 Million Tons; Asia grew by 13% within a year ›› Venkys (India) invests in Petersime Incubators NEW APPOINTMENTS ›› Aviagen appoints two new Technical Service Managers ›› New appointment to drive Supply Chain developments for Pas Reform 8th in seriesCOMPLIMENTARY COPY IAI EXPO 2014 20-22 February 2014 IARI Ground, PUSA New Delhi +91 9991705005
  • 2. C CHAUDHARY AGRO INDUSTRIES Heera Feed Contact: Mahabir Singh Antil Balraj Singh Antil Mob: 09215212614, 09416012614 Mob: 09215214520, 09416014520Office/Works: Vill. Kishora, Opp. Devi Lal Park (G.T. Road), Near Govt. Primary School, Teh. & Distt. Sonepat (Hr.)Phone: 0130 2111614 | Telefax: 0130 2111615 | Email: 2
  • 3. From the Pen of Chief EditorEditorial CONTENTS Sustainable Upgradation of Indian Meat and Poultry Sector 4 FSISs Modernisation of Poultry Slaughter Inspection Rule Livestock contributes about 25 per cent of the gross value added in agriculture sector and provides self- 4 Production, Trade in Poultry Meat Heads Upwards employment to about 21 million people. Rapid growth of this sector can be even more egalitarian and 6 Godrej goes back to the core for growth inclusive than the growth of the crop sector because those engaged in this sector are mainly smallholders and landless. With the 8 Reducing Feed Costs by the Use of Phytogenics growth of livestock output that averaged at 4.8 per cent per annum during Physiological Responses to Low Atmospheric Pressure the 11th Five Year Plan, this can provide a major boost to the sector that 10 Stunning and Implications for Welfare caters to value added products. There is a very strong need to improve the skilled manpower base to 12 Anmol Feeds Private Limited received Asian Feed Miller Award achieve sustainable development of the meat and poultry sector. The single New Cobb Europe headquarters at Colchester largest problem is affordability and people prefer unprocessed meat 14 officially opened by Cobb president Jerry Moye who saw the move as showing commitment to further growth throughout the region because it is cheaper. While the industry is able to meet the stringent standards when it comes to export, the same is not maintained in the 16 THE HIMALAYA DRUGS Researching Nature, Enriching domestic market. Ministry of Food Processing in supporting the Life Since-1930 development of infrastructure, scientific abattoirs, cold chains and various Indian Herbs Participation in VIV- Bangkok-2013 18 From 13 – 15 March, 2013 financial assistance schemes through which the Ministry supports both private and public investments in the meat and poultry sector. Hi-power Feeds Pvt. Limited Organized Technical Seminar 19 of Broiler & Layer Farmer at Ladwa, Dt: Kurushhetra (Hry) Livestock is a critical source of income for small and marginal farmers together with crops. While a lot of incentives exist for the dairy sector not 20 Big Dutchman Celebrates 75 Years! much has been made available for the development of the meat sector. While the dairy sector was developed by the pioneering efforts of NDDB 22 New Appointments and the poultry sector was promoted by private sector efforts, similar interventions are needed in developing the small ruminants sector that has 23-28 News a large potential.The existing slaughter houses need to be upgraded and appropriate technology to be brought in to increase the productivity and 31 Egg Rates profitability of both the farmers and the industry. CII can help a significant role to help design an effective mechanism along with the industry partners 33 Events Calender and government as to how to take this agenda forward. Office : Our Team Advertisement 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal 132 001 (Haryana) Tel.: + 91 (184) 4033326/327, 2202174/75 Fax : + 91 (184) 2231050 Vishal Gupta ! Andritz Feed & Biofuel 21 E-mail: | Website Chairman & Editor in Chief ! Avitech 24 ! Chaudhary Agro Industries 02 Vinod Kumar ! DSM 13 General Manager ! IAI Expo 2012 36 ! IMV Technologies 32 Editorial & Advertisements may not be reproduced Jawahar Khurana ! Indian Herbs Overseas 35 Without the written consent of the publishers. Marketing Manager ! ISRMAX Asia 2013 05 Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of Poultry Times of India the ! ISRMAX Horti & Agri Asia 30 publishers do not accept any responsibility or liability for the material. Manish Arora ! Kemin 29 Co-editor ! Logiware Asia 2013 11 Kuldeep Singh ! Natural Remedies 34 Assistant Content Manager ! Novus 15 ! Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd. 09 Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd. Karnal Ashwani Verma ! Venky 26 Printed at : Jaiswal Printing Press, Chaura Bazar, Karnal Published at : 821, Sector-13, Urban Estate, Graphic Designer ! Zeus Biotech 24 Karnal 132 001 (Haryana)c : ! Zydus Animal Health Ltd. 07
  • 4. Press ReleaseFSISs Modernisation of Poultry Slaughter Inspection Rule though that phrase has been used frequently by facility wants to increase line speeds, it may have the proposals critics. to invest millions of dollars to install a faster Under the proposal, a USDA inspector will be evisceration line depending on the capability of Ashley B. Peterson, stationed farther down the evisceration line and its existing equipment. If a poultry company Ph.D., is vice president just before the chiller to ensure that birds have decides to increase line speeds, it may also need to of Science and Technology for been properly processed. The facility will now be add additional lines in second processing. Since the National Chicken Council. in charge of its own quality assurance program by this investment would be substantial, not all training sorters to remove any quality defects chicken processing facilities will elect to from carcasses thereby allowing FSIS inspectors participate in the new inspection system. to focus more on food safety-related parameters The second topic is personnel. With the increase and not visible defects. This is a significant in record keeping, microbiological testing, andThe industry is committed to ensuring a safe, change from the current inspection system. This carcass sorting, more employees may bewholesome, and abundant supply of poultry change, coupled with the various other necessary. New employees may also be necessaryproducts for both domestic and international components of the proposed rule, will require on the evisceration line and in second processingmarkets, and the poultry slaughter inspection significant investments on behalf of the chicken if a facility elects to increase line speeds. Allsystem plays an important role in this process. industry. employees require extensive training and must beThe chicken industry supports a science-based, Once finalized, implementing USDAs proposed kept current on all practices and proceduresstatistically validated, establishment-oriented rule will not be a simple process. In fact, the within the plant.approach to food safety and poultry slaughter implementation process will require extensive Third, and most important, is the questioninspection. time, effort, and investment on behalf of chicken regarding market conditions and the basicIn 1997, the Food Safety and Inspection Service companies. Substantial capital will be required to economic principle of supply and demand.(FSIS) reported that studies by the National make the necessary changes — from equipment Market conditions and consumer demand forAcademy of Sciences, the General Accounting to personnel — within each chicken processing chicken will dictate whether to increase chickenOffice (now, Government Accountability facility that chooses to implement the new system production — not the industrys ability toOffice), and U.S. Department of Agriculture and production adjustments would only be made increase line speeds. Coming off of the worst(USDA) “have established the need for when the market dictates such. financial year in the chicken industrys history,fundamental change in the meat and poultry Specifically, equipment in many chicken USDA forecasts about a two-percent decline ininspection program.” And perhaps one of the processing facilities is already at capacity. If a production for 2012. A company cannot simplymost fundamental and most critiqued facility wants to keep its existing equipment, it flip on a switch to increase production, and ascomponents of the proposed rule is the new still will have to retrofit the existing layout by stated above, even if it could, market conditionsresponsibilities of the online FSIS inspector. The moving lines and installing new inspector stands. would have to be such that increased productionproposed rule is not “privatization of inspection,” All of these changes cost money. If a processing makes sense for that company.Production, Trade in Poultry Meat Heads UpwardsUS exports of poultry meat and eggs broke US turkey exports also broke records, climbing to products worth US$316 million. The largestrecords in 2012 - thanks in large part to the 361,597 tons valued at $678.5 million, up 14 export sector was poultry meat and offal atindustrys ability to adapt to changing global and 13 per cent, respectively. 80,653 tonnes, worth $145.2 million. Changingmarketplace dynamics, according to the Also booming is Venezuelan poultry production, topic, in the UK, diversification into renewableindustrys export body. where there has been a reported 21-per-cent energy can bring good investment returns forCombined export value of US poultry meat and increase in chicken output to a total of 1.11 farmers providing a steady and predictableeggs reached $5.722 billion in 2012, 12 per cent million tons in 2012. This makes the country the income.ahead of 2011, the previous record year, fourth biggest poultry nation in Latin America The income is not related to volatile food pricesaccording to year-end trade data released by the and can be traced forward for between 20 and 25Foreign Agricultural Service. years, according to Steve Edmunds, director of"The global landscape is in a constant state of Mole Valley Renewables. He was addressing thetransition," said Jim Sumner, president of the Energy Now conference in Telford, reportedUSA Poultry & Egg Export Council Editor in Chief, Chris Harris, from the event.(USAPEEC). "While our traditional markets of And finally, turning to news of bird flu. TheMexico and Russia remained at the top of the leading chicken company in Mexico has reportedbroiler markets, there were numerous changes, suspicions of H7N3 at five of its breeder farms insuch as Angola and Taiwan moving into the top the state of Guanajuato. The discovery of low-10 broiler markets and Mexico growth as a pathogenic H5N1 at a duck farm in the Germanmarket for eggs. The greatest benefit for our state of Brandenburg has resulted in the slaughterindustry is a much greater balance than weve ever of the whole flock. The human death toll frombefore realised." H5N1 in Cambodia has risen again and nowTotal US egg exports - table eggs plus processed stands at seven already this year. FAO hasegg products in shell-egg equivalents - were 274.1 behind Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. published a report on lessons learned from frommillion dozen valued at $263.7 million. These Venezuelan egg production is also on the rise. the fight against highly pathogenic avianrepresent increases of 24 and 35 per cent from Last year, Ukraine exported meat and meat influenza in Asia between 2005 and 2011.2011, respectively.04
  • 5. International Sugar, Rice, Maize& Agriculture ExpoHall 5-6, IMPACT Exhibition andConvention Center, Bangkok, Thailand Organizers MUYANG THONG THANI 15/16/17 August 2013 Focused approach on the entire value chain from pre-harvest to post-harvest For Stall Booking +91 9991705003, 9991705002, 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal - 132001 (Haryana) Fax: 0184 2231050 | Email: 5
  • 6. Company ProfileGodrej goes back to the core for growthThe group is selling off unprofitable businesses and narrowing its focus to raise revenue ten fold by 2021 we have a very strong presence in the mass its technology and plans to invest another Rs market, we believe we have a lot of opportunity 200 crore in three years. The turnaround has no in premiumisation of FMCG categories,” says doubt been impressive and the company is now VivekGambhir, chief strategy officer for GIAC. the largest maker of compound feed in the In the last one year, it has launched several country. The animal feed business contributed products in that category: the Aer brand of air Rs 1,600 crore last year, while the oil palm freshners, a premium Cinthol, and crème hair plantation and agri input added Rs 240 crore colour. and Rs 200 crore, respectively. The company “For the last two to three years, GCPLs track expects the animal feed business to grow at 20 record has been really good as they have been per cent annually, while its agri input and oilAdi Godrej, the patriarch of the Godrej group, successfully executing their strategy,” says palm plantation is expected to achieve over 25in his vision for the future in 2011, had laid out SrinivasanViswanathan, an analyst with per cent ambitious target to raise revenue ten fold to Mumbai-based Angel Broking. However, he The new focus on core business while makingnearly Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000 crore by March says it is very difficult to take a call on its future GIAC leaner and more profitable has also made2021. This means the four group companies “as it is too longish a call”. it more attractive to global investors.that together form Godrej Industries and Meanwhile, the same two-pronged strategy — Singapores sovereign fund Temasek bought aAssociated Companies (GIAC) will have to consolidation and widening the market — is 4.9 per cent stake in Godrej Consumer for Rsgrow at 26 per cent annually. being followed at the groups other large 685 crore in 2012, and followed it with a 19.9Even for a conglomerate that sells everything company, Godrej Agrovet. Agrovet was a loss- per cent stake in Godrej Agrovet for Rs 5,72from soaps and pesticides to houses, this is a tall making company until 2005. The misstep of crore the same year.task. The group companies are together chasing too many things—Aadhaar and However, the groups third arm, Godrejgrowing at 30 per cent annually, much above Natures Basket, respectively the rural retail Industries, is the weakest link in the chain. Itsthe required rate, but in the future as the base chain and gourmet food outlets, along with the growth is expected to be the slowest among allincreases, growth will be hard to come by. So in processed chicken business, Real Good Chicken the group companies as its only product whichrecent years, the group has been overhauling its — not only drained the company of its capital is a market leader in its segment is oleo-businesses and plugging lose ends. It is pursuing and resources, also diluted its focus. chemicals. Its revenue is expected to grow to Rsa strategy of selling off unprofitable businesses To stem Agrovets sliding fortunes, Nisaba 10,000 core from Rs 5,804 crore in 2011-12.and focusing on those that offer high-returns to Godrej, the younger daughter of Adi Godrej While GIACs expectations from Godrejensure above average profits. But will the and president human capital and innovation, Industries may be muted, it is betting big onstrategy pay off? roped in Gambhir from Bain & Company as Godrej Properties, which is led by Adi GodrejsThe burden of ambition has fallen squarely on chief strategy officer. She also promoted son, Pirojsha Godrej. From Rs 820 crore inthe groups largest company, Godrej Consumer BalaramYadav, then the head of chicken 2011-12, its revenue is expected to rise to RsProducts. Godrej Consumers will have to raise business, as managing director, Agrovet. 20,000 crore by March21—more than two andrevenue from Rs 4,851 crore in 2011-12 to Rs The company embarked on a series of half times from now.30,000 to Rs 35,000 crore by 2021. The divestments as it realised that its core business “In the 1990s and early 2000, real estate was notcompany hopes to achieve this target by had a lot of juice which was being squeezed out a focused business for us, not one we thoughtfocusing on core business of hair colour, home by its wider focus. Godrej Agrovet, therefore, had the kind of potential, we now believe itcare and personal wash; moving up the value changed its strategy. It began to say “no to lot of has,” says Pirojsha Godrej, managing directorchain by premiumising its products; and very attractive things,” says Yadav. and chief executive officer, Godrej Properties.deepening its market by becoming a key player Until now, the company has followed an asset- Divesting businessin the international arena. In line with its light and capital-efficient model and has keptobjective, the company has in recent years taken The company sold 70 per cent stake in Aadhaar to Kishore Biyani promoted Future Group and away from locking in capital in land purchases.steps to widen its presence in Asia, Africa and However, it is looking at new structures underSouth America. 51 per cent stake of chicken business to the US- based, Tyson Foods. The Natures Basket the current model.It acquired UKs Keyline( the owner of brands “We are looking at redevelopment space in business was also transferred to other grouplike Cuticura, Erasmic and Nulon) in 2005 and Mumbai quite a lot,” he says. The company is company, Godrej Industries.South Africas Rapidol in 2006. In 2010, it also looking at creating co-investmentacquired Megassri in Indonesia, Tura in “With this, the cash burn in these businesses dropped considerably and the money was platforms where its subsidiary together withNigeria, Issue in Latin America, Argencos in their financial partners will invest in land.Argentina, and followed it up with Africas ploughed back into the animal feed, agri input and oil palm plantation business,” says Yadav. “Unlike our other businesses, we do not have toDarling in 2011, and the 51 per cent stake of its By 2008-09, Agrovet had turned operationally be concerned about competition, market sharejoint venture partner Sara Lee in home profitable, and it reported a profit of Rs 80 crore or size in properties, as no company even has a 5insecticides business Godrej Sara Lee. in 2011-12. The company hopes to reach a per cent market share in properties business,”On the right track says Adi Godrej, chairman, Godrej Group, who revenue of Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 crore byThe efforts seem to be paying off. Godrej has now limited himself to giving only strategic March 21 from Rs 2,460 crore last financialConsumers international operations made up advice to his children while they run the show. year.for 40 per cent of its Rs 4,866 crore revenue in With its strategy in place and profits rising, Adi2011-12. In order to maintain its competitive edge, Agrovet spends 10 per cent of its profit on Godrejs group may well be on its way toAfter having secured its place in the achieving its target, but, many say, the real researching products suited for localinternational market, moving up the value challenge will come in the last five years when conditions. In recent years, it has also upgradedchain is next in order for the company. “While the base rises.06
  • 7. 7
  • 8. ArticleReducing Feed Costs by the Use of PhytogenicsDr Ahmed AufyA combination of nutrient-sparing tool with animal health and environmentally friendly and Figure 1 shows that offering the low-density dietphytogenic feed additives is a sustainable and safe has economical value. Focusing on the resulted in about two per cent reduction insolution allowing for reducing feed cost while environmental issue, animal production is bodyweight while the phytogenic product showed amaintaining the desired performance.standard or accused of being a key player in the emissions of clear compensation effect as group 4 had exactly the same bodyweight of the control group. Surprisingly,re-formulated diets, according to Dr Ahmed greenhouse gases (GHGs). Some have called for a feed conversion ratio of Group 4 (re-formulated withAufy, Technical Manager with Biomins limit on animal production, while ignoring the the feed additive) was the lowest among all groupsCompetence Center Phytogenics. growing demand on animal products that is (Figure 2), which proves the efficacy of phytogenics asWith conventional nutrition, producers tend to expected to double by 2050. digestibility enhancers.make use of the least-cost feed formulations, Nutrient sparing could be a powerful solution towhich served for a long time as powerful solution limit the emissions because decreasing oneto mitigate high feed prices. On the other hand, protein unit may decrease greenhouse gases by 10formulating broiler diets by the least-cost tool is per cent. As they are natural compoundsnot that easy as in ruminants because of the extracted from plants, phytogenics are safe fordifferences in the availability of raw materials for animal and human consumption. Phytogenicpoultry and ruminants. Of course there are some feed additives being used for their beneficialprogrammes that can target lower feed cost in an effects in terms of performance improvers whereeffective way but unfortunately, most of these they always allow better conversion for the feed.programmes failed to keep the balance between Furthermore, phytogenic feed additives work tolower feed cost and acceptable performance. decrease ammonia emissions through improvingDown specified diets should be formulated in the protein utilization and hence decreasing the lossway that guarantees the achievement of of nitrogen in manure.acceptable levels of performance and high quality Multiple Actions for Multiple Targets Figure 1. Effect of a commercial phytogenic feedproduct. Due to the high genetic potential of modern additive on live weight of 42-day-old broilers fedDigestibility is the Key Factor for Growth broiler strains, these birds tend to be very standard or re-formulated dietsCompensation susceptible to any decrease in protein and energyThe power of any feed additive is judged through levels. In addition to their efficacy in improvingits potential in improving the utilization of the productive performance, phytogenics can beprotein, amino acids and energy. There is no used to decrease or even diminish the risk in feedlinearity between digestibility and the density of formulation which occurs because of improperthe offered feed, which means that we may offer a mixing, variation in nutrient composition withinvery rich diet but its digestibility may be low. feedstuffs or inadequate ingredients.Nutrient digestibility or utilization depends on Biomin believes that this effect is very significantmany factors. For example, there is wide variation because manufacturing errors are quite difficultin the microbial status of the gastrointestinal tract to detect and can cause severe loss in productivityor existence of bacterial challenge and nutrients and hence profitability. Many studies havesource and their accessibility to the animal for proven that phytogenic feed additives haveabsorption. Through controlling gut microflora, positive impacts on different health parametersphytogenic feed additives have a great potential where feeding birds these compounds has led to Figure 2. Effect of a commercial phytogenic feedto improve nutrients digestibility. With the lower microbial content in the digestive tract, additive on feed conversion ratio of broilers at 42 daysaddition of the phytogenics, essential oils take a lower toxins and ammonia production, improved of ageplace in the gut to kill pathogenic bacteria and immunity and lower mortality.hence lowering the competition on the nutrients There is a positive correlation between metabolicbetween bacteria and their host which makes diseases and high-density feed. It was shown thatmore nutrients available for absorption. sudden death syndrome and ascites can beNutrient-sparing and Environment controlled via feed optimisation. Furthermore,It is a challenge to supply the market with safe chronic stress can be induced by high nutrientsproduct - natural or antibiotic-free product - that feed through increasing birds metabolic ratemeets customer satisfaction, is beneficial for which can be avoided by offering low-density Figure 3. The concept of nutrient-sparing, including three different scenarios diets. The target behind the combination of nutrient- sparing and phytogenic feed additives is to pool their advantages to end up with a modern feeding program that can meet the modern broiler performance and in the same time to avoid as much as possible the consequences of high feed prices. To investigate the growth compensating effect of phytogenics and also the impact of diet downTable 1. ** Metabolizable energy and amino acids08
  • 9. 9
  • 10. Article specification with or without a commercial programme resulting in standard performance. Conclusion phytogenic product, an experiment in Novi Sad In the second scenario, the same level of The fundamental question is "Do conventional University was performed where birds were performance is achieved by reformulating the feeding programmes serve for the modern broiler assigned into four treatment groups as shown in diet using phytogenic feed additives. The third production?" It appears that the combination of conversion ratio. and final scenario is the re-formulation of the diet nutrient-sparing tool with phytogenic feed Now one must go beyond the traditional with phytogenic feed additives for an increased additives is a sustainable and safe solution thinking to new horizons in animal nutrition level of performance while maintaining feed cost allowing for reducing feed cost while maintaining where we will find different scenarios. The first (Figure 3). Choosing the right scenario depends the desired performance standard or re- scenario represents the standard feeding on the actual targets of the producers. formulated diets. Physiological Responses to Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning and Implications for Welfare Low atmospheric pressure stunning is a humane Increased delta wave activity was seen within 10 The mode of action of the LAPS process is approach that has the potential to improve seconds of LAPS onset and consistently hypoxia leading to anoxia, and the physiological welfare of poultry at slaughter. thereafter, peaking at 30 seconds into LAPS at and behavioural responses reported previously According to University of Glasgow and which point the EEG signal shared characteristics (Vizzier-Thaxton et al., 2010) are consistent with Wageningen University in the Netherlands. with that of birds in a surgical plane of anesthesia. this. In response to LAPS, birds showed a The research by Dorothy McKeegan from The researchers say that during LAPS, heart rate p ro n o u n c e d re d u c t i o n i n h e a r t r a t e Glasgow University together with D.A. consistently decreased, with more pronounced (bradyarrthythmia) and vigorous wing-flapping Sandercock and M.A. Gerritzen that low- bradycardia and arrhythmia observed after 30 (clonic convulsions) as would be expected with atmospheric pressure stunning - LAPS - seconds. No heart rate increases were observed in loss of brain function due to anoxic death. gradually induces unconsciousness without the period when the birds were potentially The research adds that it would appear that LAPS distress. conscious. induces hypoxia more slowly than other anoxia- After an initial quiescent period, brief body based stunning approaches, which is not The research team says the method eliminates the movements - presumed to be ataxia/loss of necessarily unacceptable providing the need for live shackling and ensures that every bird posture - were seen on average at 39 seconds into lengthened induction to unconsciousness is not is adequately stunned before slaughter and the LAPS process. Later (after 120 seconds on accompanied by distress. The results of the study bleeding. In LAPS, poultry are rendered average), artifacts related to clonic (wing would suggest that this is not the case for LAPS. unconscious before slaughter by gradually flapping) and tonic (muscle spasms) convulsions The lack of behavioural responses indicating reducing oxygen tension in the atmosphere to were observed in the EKG recordings. Based on aversion or escape and absence of heart rate achieve a progressive anoxia. The effects of LAPS EEG analysis and body movement responses, a elevation in the conscious period strongly suggest are not instantaneous, so the research team says conservative estimate of time to loss of that birds do not find LAPS induction distressing. there are legitimate welfare concerns around the experience of birds before loss of consciousness. consciousness is approximately 40 seconds. From "The lack of even transient heart rate elevations in Using self-contained telemetry logging units, the point of view of welfare, the report says that any of the birds during the conscious period high-quality continuous electroencephalogram what matters is what the birds experience before strongly suggests that the birds did not find LAPS (EEG) and electrocardiogram (EKG) recordings loss of consciousness. Behavioural responses to induction to an unconscious state distressing," the were obtained from 28 broiler chickens during LAPS have been reported previously (Vizzier- report says. exposure to LAPS in a commercial poultry Thaxton et al., 2010) and consisted of minimal The study concludes that collectively, the results processing plant. response until the birds became ataxic, lost suggest that LAPS is a humane approach that has posture and began wing-flapping. the potential to improve the welfare of poultry at Application of LAPS was associated with changes in the EEG pattern in the form of increases in This is similar to observations of anoxia-induced slaughter by gradually inducing unconsciousness total power, decreases in mean frequency, and in gas stunning where no negative behavioural without distress, eliminating live shackling and particular, increases in slow-wave (delta) activity, responses were seen before ataxia (Woolley and ensuring every bird is adequately stunned before indicating a gradual loss ofconsciousness. Gentle, 1988; McKeegan et al., 2007). exsanguination. EFSA to set slaughterhouse welfare indicators The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is stunning methods such as penetrative captive Spoolder said at a meeting on the issue organised set to deliver animal welfare guidance by bolts for bovines, head-only electrical stunning by EFSA in Parma on January 30. Indicators ofNews November to help European Union (EU) for pigs, sheep and goats, and electrical water- unconsciousness in stunned animals can be for member states assess the compliance of their baths for chicken and turkeys. Brussels has also example the animals immediate collapse, fixed slaughterhouses with EU animal welfare rules in requested that EFSA to deliver detailed guidance eyes and dilated pupils and loss of muscle tone in effect since the be on indicators showing animals do not suffer ears and jaws. This will include the awareness of indicators during slaughter without stunning. To establish the indicators, EFSA will send designed to prove whether an animal is According to Hans Spoolder, leader of the questionnaires to stunning and killing operators, unconscious or dead: a faulty assessment could research group on animal welfare and behaviour welfare officer operators and official veterinarians bring intense suffering to an animal in the at the Wageningen UR Livestock Research in the at slaughterhouses. They will be asked to assess slaughterhouse, if it was aware of its Netherlands, the indicators would have to be the effectiveness of a number of unconsciousness surroundings. sensitive enough to ensure that the animal is and death indicators that could then be applied at This follows a request by the European indeed unconscious after having been stunned. European level in ensuring the stunning methods Commission for indicators of death or “If the animal is conscious but the indicator says do work and animals are not exposed to unconsciousness brought by the most common its unconscious, we have a welfare problem,” unnecessary suffering. 10
  • 11. Logiware Asia 2013 Logiware Asia 15-17 August 2013 Hall 5-6, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand “The most preferred exhibition on warehousing, logistics and cold chain industry” Organized by MUYANG THONG THANI Logistics Cold ChainWarehousingFor Stall Booking Automation+91 9991705007+91 15/16/17 August 2013 11
  • 12. Press ReleaseAnmol Feeds Private Limited received Asian Feed Miller Award indeed a historic moment for the organization as Anmol Feeds Private well as the country since Anmol Feeds Private Limited recently Limited is the first Indian Company to receive launched Anmol this award surpassing more than 100 applicants Premium Floating Fish from most of the feed milling units throughout Feed, an exclusive gift Asia. The programme was attended by for the farmers which agribusiness people from Japan, China, Thailand, would not only South Korea and all other Asian countries. The augment higher growth of the fish but ensure award presented to Group Managing Director, Mr remunerative prices for farmers. Anmol Feeds Amit Saraogi who is also the Vice Chairman, also launched extruded shrimp feed in addition Confederation of Indian Industry and Deputy to the existing poultry feed and cattlefeed. The Chairman, CLFMA of India by a panel of judges group has seven feed mills in different parts of the marked the recognition in Asia since Anmol Feeds country and is planning to start a rice mill to Private Limited has been a leader in feed milling produce good quality rice for export. The business because of its innovation and quality. The organization is on a higher growth trajectory and jury comprised feed association members from is making its foray into milk and milk products in Asian countries. the eastern region as a stepping stone from feed toAnother feather to the cap was added to Anmol Since its inception in the year 2000, Anmol Feeds food.Feeds Private Limited when the organization Private Limited made an indelible mark amongst A multi hundred crore company with the aimreceived Asian Feed Miller Award at the august animal feed industries catering to almost all the “Safe Food, Recreating Nation” in mind is willinggathering of all corporate magnets in feed milling Eastern and North Eastern parts of India. Our to invest multi million dollar in milk and milkbusiness on the occasion of VIV Asia 2013 in group has now been recognized by Asian farming products, rice milling, dairy and aqua feed in theBangkok, Thailand on 14th March. This is community of poultry, dairy and aqua feed sector. next 5 years.BIOMIN unveils Mycotoxin Risk Management Appfor iOS and AndroidApril 02, 2013 – In time for the upcoming 2012 in the iOS App Store and on Google Play.Global Mycotoxin Survey Report, BIOMIN Features include:launches the Mycotoxin Risk Management app, • Mycotoxin occurrence data by regionthe first application to allow instant access to and/or subregionworldwide data on mycotoxin occurrence and • Mycotoxin Risk Level indicator for poultry,information on the possible risks resulting from pigs and ruminantsmycotoxins. • Easy-to-use mycotoxicoses guideWith more than 4,000 samples collectedworldwide and almost 14,500 analyses • Mycotoxin-related news from BIOMINconducted in the last year alone, the BIOMIN • Mycotoxin occurrence data are alsoMycotoxin Survey is the most complete and available offlinecomprehensive mycotoxin report on the market. • Regular updates and moreThe app is optimized for all iOS (Apple) andAndroid smartphones and tablets and is available12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. Press ReleaseNew Cobb Europe headquarters at Colchesterofficially opened by Cobb president Jerry Moye who saw the move as showingcommitment to further growth throughout the region "Weve already made substantial investment in developing and expanding Cobb great- grandparent production facilities in the UK and were now doubling the scale of our pedigree breeding operation in the Netherlands," said Mr Moye. "This is an exciting time for the Cobb Europe Team. The investments that Cobb has and will continue to make in the region demonstrate our commitment to further contribute to the success of the industry in Europe, Middle East and Africa." The new headquarters are the base for Cobb activities throughout this region. The distinctively designed premises, a short distance from the previous offices, are well situated for communication with London and within easy reach of Londons City and Stansted airports as Jerry Moye [right], Cobb president, cuts the ribbon at the opening of the new offices, with Roy Mutimer well as the Harwich — Hook of Holland ferry general manager for Cobb Europe and staff link. Kemin introduces first-ever palatant with antioxidant protection for low-fat petfood diets in North America PALFRESH™ is a patent-pending palatant that delivers improved shelf-life stability and palatability all in one productDES MOINES, Iowa – To conquer the unique PALFRESH is a breakthrough line of palatability PALFRESH at Petfood Forum in Schaumburg,palatability and stability challenges associated with enhancers that deliver targeted antioxidant dosage Illinois during her presentation entitled,low-fat petfood diets, Kemin launches through liquid application, ensuring that petfood “Stabilization Technology to Deliver and MaintainPALFRESH™, a patent-pending portfolio of kibble is evenly coated and protected from Palatability throughout Pet Food Shelf Life”,palatability enhancers with additional antioxidant oxidation. PALFRESH also improves shelf-life by which will take place on Wednesday, April 17 atprotection. utilizing palatants that do not have a pro-oxidant 10:30 a.m. In addition to DeffenbaughsLow-fat petfood diets have a unique stability effect – an effect that rapidly sacrifices antioxidants presentation, Kemin representatives will bechallenge because they include less topical fat, and contributes to stability issues. available at booth 223.which is where antioxidants are typically added to In addition to stabilizing low-fat diets, PALFRESH Kemin – Inspired Molecular Solutions™stabilize the kibble. With less topical fat, kibbles maintains better palatability through shelf-life. Trials Kemin ( provides “inspiredfrom low-fat diets are unevenly coated—leaving have shown that while initial palatability between a molecular solutions” specifically developed tokibbles susceptible to rapid oxidation. In addition, PALFRESH treated diet and a control diet are similar, provide nutrition and health benefits for humanslow-fat diets may have reduced pet acceptance, diets treated with PALFRESH can preserve and animals. Committed to feed and food safety,which can be further compromised by stability palatability better over time. Kemin maintains top-of-the-line manufacturingchallenges. “We recognized an industry challenge, coupled facilities where approximately 500 specialty“Low-fat petfood diets have historically been the with the growing consumer demand for weight ingredients are made for the global feed and foodmost difficult diets to stabilize,” says Lynn management diets,” says Giuseppe Abrate, industries as well as the health, nutrition andDeffenbaugh, global product manager for president of the nutrisurance division of Kemin. beauty markets. A privately held, family-ownedpalatants at Kemin. “The one-size-fits-all “So we put our scientists to work using their and operated company, Kemin has more thanantioxidant dosage in topical fats works for knowledge and expertise in both ingredient 1,600 employees and operates in 90 countries withstandard diets, but low-fat diets are under-dosed stability and palatability to provide a solution that manufacturing facilities in Belgium, Brazil, China,because the stability program depends on the would meet our customers needs.” India, Italy, Singapore, South Africa and theantioxidant to be carried by the topical fat.” Deffenbaugh will share additional research on United states. 8thin Series IAI Expo 2014 20-22 February, IARI Ground, PUSA Road, New Delhi For Animal Health Queries: +91 9991705005 For Poultry Equipment Queries: +91 9991705006 | www.iaiexpo.com14
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  • 16. Cover Story THE HIMALAYA DRUGS Researching Nature, Enriching Life Researching Nature, Enriching Life Since-1930 Since-1930Making of a global herbal healthcare brandThe Himalaya Drug Company was founded in 1930 by Mr M. Manal with a vision to bring aspiration of mans quest to unlock NaturesAyurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind the 5,000-year-old secrets. They represent purity and lofty ideals.system of medicine. This included referring to ancient ayurvedic texts, selecting indigenous herbs The fact that the Himalayas are the source ofand subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create many of the herbs that are used in ournew drugs and therapies. products makes our brand name all the moreEighty one years ago, on a visit to Burma, Mr. Manal saw a villager pacify a restless elephant by appropriate.feeding it the root of the plant, Rauwolfia serpentina. Fascinated by the plants effect on the The Himalaya logo is a visual definition of itselephants, he had it scientifically evaluated. After extensive research, Serpina®, the worlds first brand identity. The leaf that forms thenatural antihypertensive drug was launched in 1934. crossbar of the letter H evokes the companysThe legacy of researching nature forms the foundation of Himalayas operations. Himalaya has focus on herbal healthcare. The teal greenpioneered the use of modern science to rediscover and validate ayurvedas secrets. Cutting-edge represents proximity to nature, while thetechnology is employed to create pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic products. orange is evocative of warmth, vibrancy andSince inception, Himalaya has focused on developing safe, natural and innovative remedies that commitment to caring. The Himalaya brandhelp people lead healthier lives. Today, over 400,000 doctors worldwide endorse our products and carries with it the promise of good health andconsumers in over 80 countries rely on Himalaya for their health and personal care needs. well-being. RESEARCH &OUR MISSION rigorously adopt eco-friendly practices to DEVELOPMENT support the environment we inhabit.Establish Himalaya as a science-based, Each Himalaya product undergoes years of Ensure that each Himalaya employee stronglyproblem-solving, head-to-heel brand, primary research and clinical trials before it backs the Himalaya promise to exceed theharnessed from natures wealth and reaches the market… expectations of the consumer, each time andcharacterized by trust and healthy lives. every time. Nothing less is acceptable. Himalaya Science is at the root of each andDevelop markets worldwide with an in-depth every Himalaya product and our Research &and long-term approach, maintaining at each BRAND IDENTITY Development policy clearly outlines thisstep the highest ethical standards. The promise of health, well-being and a commitment to science.Respect, collaborate with and utilize the prescription for good living… ! Our products are derived throughtalents of each member of the Himalaya family The Himalaya brand has much in common rigorous research.and the local communities where Himalaya with the mountain range from which it draws ! The Himalaya R&D Center is focused onproducts are developed and/or consumed, to its name. The Himalayas have been an icon of product development, quality controldrive our seed-to-shelf policy and to16
  • 17. Cover Story and standardization. Each raw material is screened using HPTLC The product range of Himalaya includes! There is continuous investment in the finger printing before clearing for production. therapeutics as well as feed best people, practices and technology. The finished products are also standardized s u p p l e m e n t s / a d d i t i ve s . Hi m a l a y a h a s using HPTLC, each and every batch is specialized products like Liver stimulants,! Himalaya R&D employs more than 150 growth promoters, Immunomodulators and scientists in various disciplines analyzed for complying with the standards. fertility enhancers. Liv.52 PROTEC is our! Himalaya R&D is GLP certified GLOBAL PRESENCE flagship brand available in all the segments. Three new products were launched in the yearPRODUCTS Popularizing contemporary Ayurveda across 2012 one in each segment. the worldHimalayas products can broadly be Animal Health has a pan India operation withcategorized into Himalaya has offices in India, USA, Middle 180 sales people across the country and still East, South Africa, Latvia and Singapore. continues to expand rapidly.! Pharmaceuticals These are full-fledged offices that are! Personal Care Himalaya animal Health has a strong presence responsible for building the brand locally. in poultry sector spreading across the states of! Babycare Himalayas products are now available in more Haryana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh,! Animal Health than 80 countries and more than 40% of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. 50% of the! Nutrition companys revenue comes from exports. revenues come from poultry sector. Some of the major brands in poultry segment areQUALITY CORPORATE SOCIAL Liv.52 PROTEC, Speman forte, Nefrotec andThe products undergo rigorous testing, RESPONSIBILITY Geriforte Vet. Liv.52 PROTEC PFS is a newsimilar to that of an allopathic drug, including product being added to the portfolio this year. Caring for the planet and peoplePhase I to Phase IV clinical trials, toxicity and Apart from catering to domestic market Himalaya has received the ISO-14001:2004stability studies. In March 2001, Himalaya Himalaya Animal Health products are also certification - the most recognized standard,was granted a "Good Manufacturing Practices exported to countries like Russia, Japan, globally, for environment management.(GMP)" Certificate. Himalaya received the Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka, Costa We are working with a network of over 3,000 Rica, Malaysia etc.ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality, farmers across India to cultivate herbs usingmanufacturing and marketing of herbal Himalaya Animal Health products are good agriculture practices.products in 2003. welcomed in many of the developed countriesHimalayas products are manufactured at state ANIMAL HEALTH because they are safe and dont leave any harmful residue on the produce that goes intoof the art facilities that are WHO GMP, Animal Health Division was incorporated in human consumption.USFDA, Australian TGA, and EU GMP the year 1999 with 5 products, Today the division markets 26 products with 64 SKUs. With the current Global inclination towardscompliant. Each and every product undergoes natural and safe products, Himalaya eyes astricter quality checks right from the sourcing Animal Health Division operates in four huge opportunity lying ahead in herbal animalof raw material to the final stage. segments - Livestock, Poultry, Companion health care segment. animal care and Aqua.17
  • 18. Press ReleaseIndian Herbs Participation in VIV- Bangkok-2013From 13 – 15 March, 2013INDIAN HERBS, Saharanpur, the pioneer team of INDIAN HERBS to their best T H I N L AY E R C H RO M ATO G R A PHand market leader in the Herbal Animal satisfaction. (HPTLC), HIGH PRESSURE LIQUIDHealth Care Products Industry since 1951 At INDIAN HERBS, research and C H RO M ATO G R A P H ( H P L C ) , G A Sparticipated in the international exhibition development is a unique blend of traditional CHROMATOGRAPH–MASSVIV–BANGKOK-2013 from 13 – 15 March, glory with modern science. INDIAN HERBS SPECTROMETER(GC-MS), ATOMIC2013 with its strong marketing and technical is the first company to harness the rich A B S O R P T I O Nteam of 15 persons including its Director treasure of herbs for developing and SPECTROPHOTOMETER, GASMarketing, Sri Gaurav Agrawal, Sales producing Herbal Animal Health Care C H RO M ATO G R A PH , U V- V I SManagers, Zonal Managers, Regional Products based on the knowledge of 5000 year SCANNING SPECTROPHOTOMETER &Managers and Technical Managers. The aim of old Indian System of Medicine called SPECTROFLUROMETER etc. is approvedthe participation was to share the technical “Ayurveda”. Since inception INDIAN HERBS by the Ministry of Science and Technology,and other information on the cost effective has searched, researched, scientifically Govt. of India since concepts of herbal specialities of developed, pharmacologically tested and The products of INDIAN HERBS haveINDIAN HERBS which are the best clinically evaluated the herbal products on undergone extensive pharmacological,alternatives of synthetic products with better modern scientific lines using the latest toxicological and clinical investigations atefficacy. technology for Ruminants, Poultry, Swine, premier research institutes at India andHeavy rush of visitors was seen on the stand Equine, Canine and Aqua and other animal abroad. The result of these thorough indepthof INDIAN HERBS. The stand of INDIAN species. Based on extensive research on and intensive research studies have beenHERBS was visited by the visitors from medicinal herbs on modern scientific lines published in the form of more than 750Malaysia, Philippines, Iran, Taiwan, Vietnam, backed with high technology and strict quality research papers in the eminent national andSouth Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Africa , control, the products of INDIAN HERBS are international scientific journals. More thanEurope, USA, and Latin America. The unique recognized for their efficacy and high safety 190 scientists have been awarded Masters andherbal concepts and research work done by profile. Doctorate degree for their research work atINDIAN HERBS to reduce the production The R&D Centre of INDIAN HERBS which INDIAN HERBS products covering variouscost for better profitability were well is equipped with the state of the art modern aspects of animal nutrition and health care.appreciated by the visitors. All the queries of facilities such as HIGH PERFORMANCE INDIAN HERBS has the distinction ofthe visitors were answered by the technical18
  • 19. Press Releasegetting more than 22 Patents in USA, Europe, significantly to the Companys turnover. septic (Animunin), anti-stress & adaptogenIndia etc and many Patents are pending in INDIAN HERBS has successfully developed (StressCheck) etc. and are brandUSA and other countries for innovative and introduced a range of new concepts and leaders.INDIAN HERBS products have beenresearch on herbs and herbal products. products. The unique concepts of INDIAN registered or authorized for marketing inINDIAN HERBS has also developed and HERBS in the field of poultry feed supplements around 40 countries of the world and thepatented a unique drug delivery system for brought conceptual changes in least cost feed company is marketing its products to thesemedicines and nutritional supplements. formulations. It is the first herbal company countries across four contents including Asia,The result of extensive research is that today which has introduced the research oriented Europe, Latin America and Africa successfully.most of the products of INDIAN HERBS are herbal products in important segments such as Looking to the harmful after-effects of syntheticmarket leaders in total Indian AHP market, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Choline, Methionine, medicines, the veterinarians, consultants andahead of the allopathic products of MNCs. Lysin, Anti-microbial products. Some of its farmers all over the world are taking keenINDIAN HERBS is successfully competing innovative concepts include natural form of interest in the use of herbal feed supplementswith MNCs and ranks amongst 5 top Vitamin C (Herbal C), Vitamin E (E-Sel and health care products. The R&D Centre ofcompanies in total Animal Health Product Power), Choline (BioCholine), methionine INDIAN HERBS is continuously workingMarket (including synthetic chemical product (HerboMethione Plus), lysine (HerboLysin), hard for developing new formulations ofmarket) in India. AGP (Herbiotic FS), immune potentiator original research and the Group is committed toPoultry Division is one of the key business areas (ImmuPlus / ImmuGreen), metabolic provide quality products for better animalof INDIAN HERBS and contributes stimulant (Livol / LivoLiv), respiratory anti- health and production performance. Hi-power Feeds Pvt. Limited Organized Technical Seminar of Broiler & Layer Farmer at Ladwa, Dt: Kurushhetra (Hry)HI-POWER FEEDS PVT. LIMITED Brand to increase Production & Profitability. He hasName POWER FEEDS Manufacturer & emphasized on Feed Quality and FeedSupplier of Poultry Feed & Cattle Feed. They are Management Practice need as per Daily Routine.recently Organised a PoultryTechnology Seminar The Other Expert Speakers Of 1. Mr. Ashokin HOTEL SUNSHINE, LADWA , DT: Sharma & Jitender Sharma, Director of Hi-KURUSHHETRA (HRY). Power Feeds, 2. Mr. Narender Sharma, C.E.O ofThe Technical Seminar is the Series of Quality Hi-Power Feeds 3. Mr. Vineet Dhiman, BusinessManagement Improvement and Maximum Devlopment Manager of Hi-Power Feeds gave anProfiting to the Farmer. The Seminar was Up-Date about HI-POWER FEEDS.Presentation By Dr. Hari Krihan Rohila, (Expert The Seminar was Participated by more than 100Consultant o Poultry Feed) Presented at Farmers & recknowed Dealer of BROILER &Technical Standard-Basic Management Practice LAYER Mr. Kamal Saini of M/s.Kamal Poultry, & Mr. Anil Mehala of M/s.Swami Traders. All Farmers have active Participation was evident from their flurry of questions to the speakers. They have appreciated of Hi-Power Feeds very good efforts & given to many thanks to HI- POWER Teams. They also expressed that its very much required to such type Seminars regularly to know new Devlopments in Industry. After Technical Session all Participate joined together for Refreshment. After Refreshment again they are very good discussion about Poultry Industry Devlopment. With this Seminar, HI-POWER FEEDS accomplished its Commitment, Once again, to Improve Technical knowledge of Customers, Besides Assisting them to get excellent results using our Product, Quality and Services.19
  • 20. Press ReleaseBig Dutchman Celebrates 75 Years! finding better ways of increasing productivity. Seventy five years later, it is that same pioneering spirit that drives the company every day to develop products that perform for farmers around the world. Providing a complete line of poultry and swine production equipment around the world, Big Dutchman leads the industry in the design and production of products geared towards fulfilling both current, and future needs. Big Dutchman stands for long-lasting quality, service and unsurpassed know-how and as the Bernd Meerphol, Big Dutchman CEO (l) and industry leader, its innovations will continue to automatic controls, the company continues to set Clovis Rayzel, President of Big Dutchman, positively impact the industries it serves. standards for efficiency, productivity and Inc (r), cut the anniversary cake during the 2013 Everyday farmers the world over realise the reliability. IPPE show in Atlanta benefits of Big Dutchmans dedication to It is its innovations that help our customersUS - In 1938, Big Dutchman was established innovation. From its poultry, pig and egg succeed, says Big Dutchman, Because as theywith the idea of changing the poultry industry by production systems, to its tightly integrated invent, you thrive.VIV ASIA: Bayer Animal Health Presents Species Health SolutionsTHAILAND - Bayer Animal Health presented well as improving performance management. In Salmonella infections. This advancedSpecies Health Solutions for pigs, poultry and 2013, Bayer Animal Health launched two nutraceutical is a solution that is far superior inaquaculture at VIV Asia 2013 in Bangkok. The vaccines in Asia: CSF-E2 marker (prevention of technology apart from being economically was also celebrating 150 years of success classic swine fever) and AR+rsPMT (prevention All these products are complemented by athrough innovation and change. of swine progressive Atrophic Rhinitis) in Taiwan comprehensive biosecurity portfolioBayer Animal Health presented its species and Korea. encompassing a broad range of insecticidesportfolio of products and services at VIV Asia Baycox® for the control of coccidiosis and the ( Qu i c k Ba y t ® , So l f a c ® , St a r yc i d e ® ) ,2013 from 13 to 15 March 2013. As a pioneer of anti-infective Baytril® are two essential pillars to disinfectants (Remedor®) and rodenticidesinnovation, Bayers expertise in the animal health Bayers swine health portfolio. Around these key (Racumin®, Rodilon®) that offer a remarkablemarket allows the company to truly understand products available in most countries of the region tool to prevent the spread of disease in andand meet customers needs. The innovative, Bayer built up local portfolios to best support around farms.technologically superior portfolio of Bayer producers with solutions along the entire Aquaculture – comprehensive applications forexemplifies its commitment to providing species production cycle. fish and water qualityhealth solutions to its clients. In order to improve health and hygiene Bayer Animal Health is the only globalAttendees of the trade show discovered these management on swine farms, Bayer presented at pharmaceutical company that provides a broadproducts at an informative and interactive booth. VIV Asia a special toolbox called Lab-on- aquaculture portfolio covering the entireVisitors also celebrated with Bayer its 150th Wheels. The unique box offers different tests and production cycle in the main producinganniversary of success through innovation and diagnosis tools that can easily be used on the countries in Asia Pacific, China and Latinchange. For over 90 years, Bayer has been a farm. This service is being used by Bayer America. Bayer and its licensed partners startedtrusted partner in animal health, delivering representatives to detect the needs of the over the last decade to offer a growing number ofsolutions that meet the highest standards and respective farm and to offer tailor-made solutions cutting edge technology including water qualityclients evolving needs. At the forefront of animal to the producer. and fish farming. Besides the Bayer brandsproduction, Bayer Animal Health constantly Poultry health – improving performance Hadaclean® A, and Coforta® A the companystrives to enhance its products and services for management with viable solutions offers also several products from licensingswine, poultry and aquaculture production. Bayer Animal Health strengthens its presence in partners such as PondDtox® PondSafe® fromBayer applies global experience to local concerns Asia with its solutions for poultry health. Adding Novozymes Biologicals and Virasure® Aquaticto bring species health solutions to its customers. to its already extensive list of advanced from Fish Vet Group Ltd to complete the range.Swine health – Focus on prevention and nutraceuticals, Bayer enhances poultry health To highlight their commitment to share andinfectious diseases and performance with Baymix® Grobig BS, improve the aquaculture activities in the region,Recent developments in the swine health market Latibon® Plus ME and Toxisorb® to name a few. Bayer and its partners hosted in the context of theare met by Bayer Animal Healths vast portfolio Baymix Grobig BS is a patented, non-antibiotic trade show a discussion forum of appliedof swine medications. Its products focus on growth promoter that helps maintain gut health technology for Asian aquaculture environmentprevention and treatment of infectious diseases as and integrity while controlling Clostridia and for fish and shrimp aquaculture. IPPE - Award for Marel Food processing equipment manufacturer Marel has been named the American eat Institutes supplier of the year. The company was presented with the award during the International Production and Poultry Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia. The Icelandic based company was also recently ranked as the number one company globally in advanced equipment and systems for the poultry, fish, and further20
  • 21. 21
  • 22. New AppointmentsAviagen appoints two new Technical New appointment toService Managers drive Supply Chain Glenn has now relocated from South Africa and developments for both he and Stuart started their new roles February 1, 2013. Pas Reform Commenting on his appointment, Stuart Thomson said: “I am relishing my new role and the chance to share the knowledge I have built up over the last 14 years with the industry.” Glenn added: “I am delighted to be joining Aviagen and look forward to using my expertise, skills and experience in this innovative and exciting business.”Aviagen has announced the appointments of Reporting directly to Aviagen RegionalStuart Thomson and Glenn Bushell(picutred left Commercial & Technical Manager Europe Alanto right) as technical service managers. They will Thomson, Glenn and Stuart will join Lindsaywork closely with UK customersm providing Broadbent in the existing team and will provideadvice and support as well as service accounts in Pas Reform has set the tone for further expansion on-the-ground technical support to customersother European markets. They will cooperate and supply chain development with the and coordinate technical specialist inputs. Theywith technical teams in Spain, France and Italy, as appointment of Jacques le Comte to the new role also will focus on data-analysing andwell as being an integral part of the wider Aviagen of Procurement and Supply Chain Manager. benchmarking, providing feedback on productEuropean technical team. performance to customers and into the Aviagen An experienced, international procurementStuart Thomson has been with Aviagen since R&D programme. professional, Jacques holds a B.Ec. in Logistics1998, with his previous experience covering Alan Thomson said: “I am delighted to welcome and Economics from HEAO-Arnhem, and hasPedigree and GP Production Management as Stuart and Glenn to the team. They bring a worked in senior purchasing, procurement andwell as support to Aviagen European businesses. supply chain management roles for more than a combined experience of over 30 years to theirGlenn Bushell has more than 20 years experience decade. roles and their appointments will help us supportof the global poultry industry and has worked in In his new role with Pas Reform, Jacques is our UK customer base in particular, but also ourvarious production management and technical customers and Aviagen colleagues in Europe. responsible for strategic procurement and thesupport positions with major poultry businesses Our team continues to strengthen and it remains day-to-day management of an internationalin Africa. As a former Aviagen customer, he has a my objective that this translates into more team.comprehensive insight into what is required,both from the customer and supplier side, which visibility, quality and availability of technical “The true power of Pas Reforms Supply Chainwill be essential for his new role. support to our customers.“ lies in its flexibility,” he says, “and the added value that comes from a coordinated, highly motivated international team on all sides of the supplyProduct News chain.” Director of Operations Wouter Heideman says Jacques appointment is central to Pas ReformsTechnology reduces water-related operating costs strategy for further expansion in new and current markets, as the Dutch company gears up for increasing demands on its supply chain globally. The new Waterless Skinner models eliminate the need for water during the skinning process, “Pas Reform achieved its highest ever supply of reducing water-related operating costs, units in a single month last year”, he says, “which preserving the quality of skin pieces commonly really tested – and proved - communications, used in secondary processes. flexibility and dependability within our supply Offered in 12-, 18- and 24-inch belt widths, these chain. new machines feature an air system for debris With Value Engineering at the core of its strategy ejection and an improved upper belt assembly in 2013, Pas Reform will also introduce a new design with reduced friction bearings for barcode system and an international code of extended parts life. practice this year. “We recognize the need to evolve our designs to “Jacques role is to coordinate, manage and meet the changing needs of our customers,” said optimize contributions to these goals from the Michael Gasbarro, Chief Executive Officer of entire supply chain. His substantial OEM Prime Equipment Group. “Product quality and experience and collaborative, highly motivationalPrime Equipment Group has introduced a new yield are important attributes in the industry. approach will be important drivers forline of waterless skinning equipment. Our goal is to deliver the best skinning results maintaining this robust performance withPrime Equipment Group, Inc. announces the while keeping operating costs to a minimum.” increased demand.”launch of their new line of Waterless Skinning Prime machines currently in operation can be Jacques le Comte will be based at Pas Reformequipment for chicken products such as boneless upgraded to the Waterless configuration and the headquarters in Zeddam, The Netherlandsbreast butterflies, bone-in thighs and whole legs. upgrade can be performed at any facility.22
  • 23. NewsAlltech Feed Survey Findings: World Increases Production to 959Million Tons; Asia grew by 13% within a year[BANGALORE, India] – The world is 13% increase compared to the figures 12 months is also more dynamic in the Asian continentproducing 959 million tons of feed and has ago. Over 43% of the total pig feed production (15%; 94,1 million tones).increased its production by at least four percent in comes from this region and more than half (56%) ! Equine feed tonnage increased almost 17the last year, according to the 2013 Global Feed of the global aqua feed is produced in Asia. percent to 10.8 million tons.Tonnage Survey released today by Alltech. However, Africa exceeded Asia in percent growth ! Aquaculture is the fastest growing speciesAlltech assessed the compound feed production over 2011 results, increasing its tonnage nearly 15 sector by tonnage with growth greater thanof 134 countries in December 2012, through percent from 47 million in 2011 to 54 million in 55 percent since 2011. Out it this, Asia wasinformation obtained in partnership with local 2012. responsible for 25,6million tones.feed associations and Alltechs sales team, who Globally, the survey identified 26,240 feed mills, ! Pet food represents 20.5 million tons, 40visit more than 26,000 feed mills annually. with China serving as home to 10,000 of them. percent of which is produced in the United“The 2013 publication of the annual year-end Together with the other Asian countries this States, but Brazil continues to makeassessment by Alltech is being released as an number reaches 12,149. The Middle East was considerable advances in this sector.industry outlook resource for the new calendar estimated to have the largest feed mills, with an “As we look to the demands of the future, chieflyyear and will hopefully allow governments, non- average of more than 63,000 tons produced per the feeding of 9 billion people by 2050, thesegovernmental organisations and the greater mill which is significantly higher to the Asian survey results should stir optimism and resolvepublic to appreciate the value that the feed figures of 28,818 tons. Sixty percent of feed within our feed and food industries,” said Dr.industry is generating globally,” said Aidan produced globally is pelleted, with percentages Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech. “Our globalConnolly, vice president of Alltech and director particularly high in Europe. feed industry is rising to the challenge, and wereof Alltechs annual Global Feed Tonnage Survey. When analysed by species: seeing growth across the board. Moreover, wereAmong the 134 countries assessed in Alltechs ! Poultry continues to dominate with a 43 seeing it in some particularly key areas– BRIC,survey, China was reaffirmed as the chief percent share of the feed market at 411 Africa and aquaculture.”producer of feed at 191 million tons and an million tons, likely due to religious and taste Global feed production has traditionally beenestimated 10,000 feed mills. Consistent with late preferences as well as cost. It grew by difficult to quantify because many countries lack2011 assessments, the United States and Brazil approximately 8 percent over 2011 a national feed association. For this reason,followed with 179 million tons produced by estimates globally which is lower than the Alltech began in late 2011 to leverage its global5,251 feed mills and 66 million tons produced by growth of over 13% inAsia . Sixty percent of presence to obtain a finer estimate of the worlds1,237 feed mills respectively. Overall, a 26 all poultry feed tonnage is dedicated to feed tonnage. The results of the annual year-endmillion ton increase was observed in BRIC broilers, with the rest fed to egg layers, assessment are announced in January as ancountries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) year turkeys, duck and other fowl. industry outlook resource for the new calendarto date. ! The pig feed sector matched poultrys 8 year.Globally India continues to be in the 6th place percent growth, moving to 218 million tons Connolly presented the 2012 Alltech Globalwith 26.837 million tons produced by 862 feed globally. Asias share is 94,5 million tons of Feed Tonnage Survey findings at a joint meetingmills in 2012 when compared to 23.4 million it which is more than 13% incease as of last of the International Feed Industry Federationtons in 2011. In which aquaculture accounted as years figures. and the Food and Agriculture Organizationthe most grown from 1.4 million tons in 2011 to ! The ruminant feed market, comprising (FAO) in Oct. 2012. The meeting identified the3.5 million tons in 2012. Pet and equine feed dairy, beef and small ruminants, grew more need to collect more detailed information, aeach constitutes 0.002 million tons. than 13 percent between late 2011 and request to which Alltech responded, engenderingAsia continues to be the worlds number one December 2012, and now requires 254 a deep appreciation for what the feed industry isproducing region at 350 million tons and this is a million tons. The annual growth in this area delivering worldwide. Venkys (India) invests in Petersime incubators The Indian poultry producing company Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd (better known as Venkys) has invested in Petersime equipment for its new hatchery in Tamil Nadu, India. The company has ordered 18 BioStreamer™ 24S setters and 12 BioStreamer™ 8H hatchers, all equipped with Embryo-Response Incubation™ technology, as well as HVAC equipment. The installation of the first batch of 9setters for the broiler hatchery will commence in January 2013 at Nilakottai in Tamil Nadu, India. The plant is expected to be operational by March 2013. The purchase of Petersime S-line incubators is in line withVenkysmission statement of Quality through Technology.Including Petersime Embryo-Response Incubation™ for superior hatch and post-hatch performances ensuresthat using high-end technology delivers enhanced value to customers. About Venkys Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt. Ltd. in Pune (India), established in1971, is popularly known all over the world as Venkys. With a unique combination of expertise and experience supported by strategic collaborations, the companys diversified activities include all aspects of poultry: from SPF eggsto genetic research,chicken and egg processing,etc. About Petersime Petersime is the worlds leading supplier of incubators and hatcheries. Headquartered in Belgium, Petersime has a worldwide network of agents and distributors in over 60 countries.23
  • 24. News6,000 birds culled in Bihar after bird flu threatThe Bihar government has asked the officials of medical officers of the primary health centres and happens, the person can succumb to avian flu,”the Animal Husbandry Department (AHD) to veterinarians to keep a close watch on poultry said an expert medical practitioner.take all preventive measures and keep a close tab farms in their area and report to him if any bird Meanwhile, the zoo officials at the Sanjay Gandhion chickens in those areas where bird flu H5N1 flu case is detected. Biological Park in Patna have intensified thetype virus had been detected. Experts argue that although the incidents of the sanitation work on the premises.In the last few days, around 6,000 chickens have H5N1 virus strain spreading from one bird to “As of now, there is no immediate threat to thebeen culled and hundreds of eggs destroyed in the another are common, the infection can rarely zoo animals and birds as they are not in directSeemanchal area comprising Purnia, Katihar and spread to human beings. “But the transition of contact with outside animals and visitors. ,” saidKishanganj. H5N1 virus strain from bird to human being the director of the zoo, Abhay Kumar.The civil surgeon in Patna too has asked all cannot be ruled out completely. And if that Industry First for Moy Park UK - Poultry processor, Moy Park is the first performance, shape how they integrate and ranking on the CR Index is the latest accolade to company in the poultry industry to be improve corporate responsibility throughout acknowledge Moy Parks responsible approach recognised in the UKs Corporate their business operations and benchmark to business. Responsibility Index (CR Index), the UKs themselves against competitors. “It is not only a first for a Northern Irish leading and most in-depth voluntary Moy Park was announced as a Bronze company, business but also a first for the UKs poultry benchmark of corporate responsibility assessed which means the business was able to show industry. by Business in the Community. effective stakeholder engagement, effective “I am really proud of everyone in the Moy Park The ranking is a milestone for the business, only processes and reliable data - demonstrating both team for their dedication, hard work and for granted to select companies who demonstrate responsible business management and maintaining such high standards to ensure we exceptional achievement in corporate performance improvement. continue to lead the way in the industry. responsibility. Mike Mullan, Moy Park Human Resources and “We look forward to building on this The UK CR Index is recognised worldwide and Business Improvement Director said: “We are achievement as we continue to implement and helps companies measure and manage all really delighted to have been recognised for our invest in sustainable business practises.” aspects of their social and environmental achievements in corporate responsibility. Our24
  • 25. NewsUS - Novus International Inc., a leading manufacturer of animal nutrition and healthproducts and Verenium Corporation, a leading industrial biotechnology companyfocused on the development and commercialization of high-performance enzymes,has announced significant steps forward in their collaborations progress towardcommercializing its suite of next-generation animal nutrition enzymes.The two companies, which entered into a President and Chief Executive Officer at quality solutions for feed cost optimization andstrategic partnership in 2011, recently selected Ve re n i u m . " T h ro u g h t h i s i m p o r t a n t gut health in the poultry industry to help solvelead enzyme candidates for the development of collaboration, we are able to further diversify issues at the nutrition level, before they reachthe collaborations suite of non-starch our product portfolio and gain access to the production and processing.polysaccharide (NSP) products designed to broader animal health and nutrition market for "We are very pleased with the progress thisenhance the digestibility of feedstuffs in enzymes. Importantly, the market opportunity collaboration has achieved to date," notes Novusmonogastric diets. Additionally, the two for phytase and NSP enzymes is large and International Specialty Business President andcompanies announced that their next- rapidly growing and through Novus extensive Chief Operating Officer Francois Fraudeau.generation phytase remains on track and the industry expertise and global market reach we "Vereniums unique enzyme developmentcommercial launch of the product into select expect to be able to capture a significant share of capabilities are allowing us to create new, versatilegeographies is targeted in 2013. this market with our superior performing solutions for our customers that offer improved"Our collaboration with Novus and the enzyme product offerings." environmental and economic sustainability. Wedevelopment of a suite of next-generation Building on Novuss existing CIBENZA® look forward to continuing to advance this suiteenzyme products for animal nutrition are portfolio these new products hold great promise of high-performance enzyme products towardprogressing very positively," said James Levine, and the collaboration is working to bring commercialization."Medicines Agency Advises Commission on Animal Antibiotic UseEU - The European Medicines Agency will Antimicrobial resistance is now recognised as aprovide advice on the impact on public health major health concern and there is widespreadand animal health of the use of antibiotics in appreciation of the need to tackle the problemanimals. The request was made by the European from a one health perspective.This approachCommission as part of its action plan against the recognises that appropriate use must take place inrising threats from antimicrobial resistance. both human and veterinary healthcare settings toAntibiotics are one of the most important tools in be effective.the therapeutic arsenals of both doctors and vets. The Commission has therefore asked the AgencyThey have dramatically reduced the number of to assess the impact on public health and animaldeaths from infectious diseases during the 70 health of the use of antibiotics in animals and toyears since their introduction. Nowadays they are give advice on measures to manage the possible Party. The advice will have input from thean essential part of modern medicine, allowing risk to humans arising from use of antibiotics in European Centre for Disease Prevention andthe treatment of bacterial diseases in man and animals. Control (ECDC) and the European Food Safetyanimals and to prevent infections. Antibiotics The Agencys Committee for Medicinal Products Authority (EFSA). The group will also call onallow doctors to perform many procedures now for Veterinary Use (CVMP) and Committee for additional expertise as required to address thecommon in human medicine such as Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) range of questions to be answered, underliningtransplantation, chemotherapy for cancer and will work together in providing the Agencys the multisectorial approach to tacklingeven orthopaedic surgery, and any threat to their advice, which is expected to provide a sound antimicrobial resistance.continued effectiveness is a matter of urgent scientific basis to inform decisions on the way in The group will seek the views of stakeholders onconcern. which antibiotics are used in animals. The relevant topics as part of the input to beAll use of antibiotics brings with it the potential Agency will establish a multidisciplinary working considered when formulating its advice. It will befor the development of resistance and this risk is group made up of experts from both committees, delivered in a step-wise approach, with the firstmade greater through overuse and misuse in from the CVMP Antimicrobials Working Party outcome requested by June 2013 and finalisationeither human or veterinar y practice. and the CHMP Infectious Diseases Working expected for the end of 2014.Taiwan impose a ban on slaughtering live poultry at traditional marketsConcerns about the H7N9 bird flu have prompted Taiwan to impose a ban on slaughtering live poultry at traditional markets from 17 June. The move is apreventive effort aimed at limiting contact between human beings and poultry, and live poultry will be sent to designated slaughterhouses, Huang Kwo-ching, an official with the islands agricultural authority, said at a press conference on Tuesday.Mr Kwo-ching said the ban could be imposed earlier than planned, depending on the spread of the H7N9 virus, which has led to the deaths of 14 people onthe mainland as of Tuesday, 16 April. So far, no cases have been confirmed on the island, he said.The islands disease control authorities said Tuesday that Taiwan will soon obtain samples of the H7N9 virus from the mainland that could be used todevelop vaccines.Chang Feng-yee, chief of the islands disease control authority, said the mainland has set the virus delivery date, which he refused to reveal. According to thelatest survey conducted by the islands disease control command center, 71 per cent of the 1,293 Taiwan people surveyed are concerned that the H7N9 birdflu outbreak will hit Taiwan, while more than 30 per cent have reduced their consumption of eggs and poultry products.25
  • 26. 26
  • 27. NewsRice Gains; Egg, Wheat Prices Decline Chinese Poultry SectorINDIA - Some buying support coupled with April contracts ended up with a negative note Hit by 10b Yuan Losslimited arrivals in the market kept rice prices in following lack of buying interest and increased Losses of poultry related enterprisespositive territory while reduced offtake pulled supplies in the physical market. nationwide have exceeded 10 billion yuandara wheat and poultry items down last week. Similarly, spot market remained bearish and went ($1.6 billion) since the first case of H7N9 birdThe Hindu Business Line reports that in the down by Rs 10 last week. flu was discovered, according to the Nationalphysical market, after witnessing some uptrend Poultry Industry Association. With all live Inadequate supplies and rising domestic demand poultry stands shut down in regions within recent past, dara wheat prices fell up to Rs 10 a pushed up aromatic and non basmati rice prices H7N9 cases since early this month, poultryquintal, on account of reduced offtake and better by Rs 50-300 a quintal last week, which were at breeders, suppliers and sellers are facing toughsupplies in the market. Dara wheat ruled at Rs their highest levels of the season. times. Liang Zhong, an officer in charge of the1,545-1,550 a quintal while flour ruled firm at Rs Active participation by bulk buyers to meet the pigeon industry at the association, said: "The1,760-1,770 . ongoing demand and restricted arrivals in the price of Huangyu chicken, a type of high-Wheat prices may rule around current levels for market are giving good support to the market. quality chicken, has dropped from 16 yuanthe next couple of days and then, it may decrease However, traders expect that the market may not ($2.55) per kg to four yuan per kg."further because the new crop is round the corner. sustain the current momentum for long and may Mr Zhong said supplies of pigeons fromOver the last couple of months, FCI has started rule sideways in near future. Market may witness Guangdong province have stopped, with verygiving stocks to BPL families in the first couple of some good buying in April, said market experts. few people daring to buy pigeons, which havedays of every month, earlier stocks used to come been found carrying the H7N9 virus. Poultry Higher supplies in the market and decline inby the end of second week of every month. Early sellers forced to close their stands at agriculture buying support dragged poultry items down lastarrivals of the BPL stocks may also put some product markets are waiting anxiously for an week.pressure on the market. end to cases of the H7N9 virus, but they are Egg prices decreased by 40 paise over the last oneOn the National Commodity and Derivatives spreading slowly. week and settled at Rs 2.53, broiler eased by Rs 5 toExchange, wheat futures and spot market traded Xia Maochun, a poultry seller at an Rs 80 a kg, while chick sold at Rs 17, down Rs 3in a tight range last week. Wheat for March and agricultural market in Gaoling Road, Shanghai, and regular supplier to nearby restaurants and residents, said: "I am makingNovus International Inc., a leading manufacturer of some money from transporting vegetables foranimal nutrition and health products and Verenium other agricultural markets... as we are struggling to make a living at the moment."Corporation, a leading industrial biotechnology Mr Maochun faces a monthly loss of aboutcompany focused on the development and 40,000 yuan after closing his stand at the market and is waiting for further instructionscommercialization of high-performance enzymes, has from the local government.announced significant steps forward in their Poultry breeders are also facing hard times with no buyers for their chickens. "I am losingcollaborations progress toward commercializing its over 100,000 yuan a month by feeding 6,000suite of next-generation animal nutrition enzymes. to 7,000 chickens on three farms," said Yang Sizhong, the owner of a chicken farm in Yuyao,The two companies, which entered into a reach we expect to be able to capture a Zhejiang province, and known for playingstrategic partnership in 2011, recently significant share of this market with our Mozart violin compositions to his chickens in the belief this soothes them and makes forselected lead enzyme candidates for the superior performing enzyme product better eggs and meat. Because of this, Mrdevelopment of the collaborations suite of offerings." Sizhong used to charge 1,088 yuan for eachnon-starch polysaccharide (NSP) products Building on Novuss existing CIBENZA® chicken, more than 10 times the usual price.designed to enhance the digestibility of portfolio these new products hold great The eggs, with pink, blue or green shells, costfeedstuffs in monogastric diets. Additionally, promise and the collaboration is working to 20 yuan each — 20 times the normal rate.the two companies announced that their next- bring quality solutions for feed cost "The only thing I can do is to feed thesegeneration phytase remains on track and the optimization and gut health in the poultry chickens with safe fodder and ensure theircommercial launch of the product into select industry to help solve issues at the nutrition living environment is clean enough until thegeographies is targeted in 2013. level, before they reach production and H7N9 outbreak ends," Mr Sizhong said. To"Our collaboration with Novus and the processing. meet increasing demands for beef and seafood,development of a suite of next-generation "We are very pleased with the progress this restaurants have stopped buying poultry-enzyme products for animal nutrition are collaboration has achieved to date," notes related products and removed some poultryprogressing very positively," said James Novus International Specialty Business dishes from their menus. Liu Yunfeng, President and Chief Operating Officer marketing manager of Shanghai Old-TownLevine, President and Chief Executive Officer Temple Restaurant (Group) Co Ltd, said:at Verenium. "Through this important Francois Fraudeau. "Vereniums unique "Weve removed pigeon, quail and finchcollaboration, we are able to further diversify enzyme development capabilities are allowing dishes... from our menu since April 3 andour product portfolio and gain access to the us to create new, versatile solutions for our carried out examinations to trace the supply ofbroader animal health and nutrition market customers that offer improved environmental other poultry products." "We have created 50for enzymes. Importantly, the market and economic sustainability. We look forward more dishes to replace chicken and duck meatopportunity for phytase and NSP enzymes is to continuing to advance this suite of high- with beef and seafood as well as providinglarge and rapidly growing and through Novus performance enzyme products toward more vegetables and other healthy agriculturalextensive industry expertise and global market commercialization." products to diners," he said.27
  • 28. NewsNovus Receives 2012 Product Differentiation Excellence AwardUS - Novus International, Inc. has received the Receiving awards for what we truly perceive as Excellence Award in Animal Feed Ingredients. This2012 North American Animal Feed Ingredients doing our job is a wonderful and much product has earned its well-deserved reputation asProduct Differentiation Excellence Award for its appreciated affirmation of our efforts." the industrys best mineral source."trace mineral product MINTREX®. To support its evaluation of best practices across MINTREX is intended to be used as a source ofNovus was selected from an elite group of multiple business performance categories, Frost trace minerals. By definition, the specific metalcompetitor companies by Frost & Sullivan, a 50- & Sullivan employs a Decision Support Matrix chelate must be declared as a metal methionineyear-old global research organization that (DSM) that is customized for each award. hydroxyl analogue chelate. MINTREX chelatedspecializes in helping clients accelerate growth Po t e n t i a l r e c i p i e n t s o f t h e Pr o d u c t trace minerals, including zinc, copper andand achieve best-in-class positions in growth, Differentiation Excellence Award are evaluated manganese, are chelated using HMTBa, creating ainnovation and leadership. This is the second on a scale of 1 to 10 using the following set of strong bond between the ligand and the metal.award Novus has received from Frost & Sullivan criteria: 1) Unique Features/Functionality; 2) This maximizes the use of minerals by the animalin 2012. The company also was the recipient of Quality/Complexity; 3) Customization; 4) through greater bioavailability and digestive tractthe 2012 New Product Innovation Award in Matched to Target Market Needs; and 5) Brand stability. Since 2004, when Novus first introducedPrebiotics for its product PREVIDA® in Perception. MINTREX received an overall rating MINTREX to the market, this product has been aSeptember 2012. of 9.4, outranking the next highest competitor by trusted nutritional solution for multiple species,"We are so proud that Frost & Sullivan is 2.4 points. providing the essential trace minerals needed forrecognizing Novus and MINTREX with this "As a leader in this market space, Novus clearly healthy hooves, immunity, production anddistinguished award," stated Thad Simons, understands its customers needs, which is evident reproduction.president and CEO of Novus. "When we develop in the range of products they offer around the Novus will attend the 2013 Excellence in Bestanimal health and nutrition products, it is always world," noted Anjaneya Reddy, Industry Analyst Practices Awards Ceremony, hosted by Frost &with the goal of fulfilling our mission to make a of Frost & Sullivan. "MINTREX excelled in all five Sullivan, in San Diego, California, on Tuesday, 12clear difference in sustainably meeting the product evaluation areas and we are delighted to March 2013, where it will be presented with thegrowing global need for nutrition and health. present Novus with the Product Differentiation award.Orego-Stim® launch creates media storm in Nigeria formally launched by Meridens distributor, Animal Care Services Konsult, with the help of William Stewart, Regional Sales Manager for Africa. The launch was accompanied by two customer seminars which were well attended by potential customers and the media. The seminars were around 2 hours long and included a question and answer session. Nigerias national radio station recorded an interview about Orego-Stim® with Meriden and Animal Care, which is available on the Meriden website. Adverts also appeared in in order to discuss how Orego-Stim® wouldSince the first delivery arrived in November the national Sunday newspaper, Sunday Punch. maximise performance in their business.2012, Orego-Stim® has been hugely successful As well as the customer seminars, many key For more information about Orego-Stim®in Nigeria. In February 2013, the product was customers and potential customers were visited please e-mail sales@meriden-ah.comTwo die of rare bird flu strain in ChinaBEIJING: Two Shanghai men have died from alittle-known strain of bird flu in the first knownhuman deaths from the strain and a third is undertreatment, Chinese official sources said onSunday. Both the deaths took place in Shanghaiin early March, according to delayed informationreleased by health authorities.It was unclear how the men had been infected,but there was no evidence of human-to-humantransmission. What seems worrying is that the fluis showing signs of spreading to a wide area. Thereis wide divergence in the age of the two deceased,while the third person suffering from the H7N9strain of bird flu is at a distance from Shanghai.The patient is a woman in the nearby province ofAnhui, Chinas National Health and FamilyPlanning Commission said in a report on itswebsite.28
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  • 30. ISRMAX Horti & Agri Asia 2013 15-16-17 August 2013 For Stall Booking: +91 9034005040 +91 9812082121 ISRMAX Asia | 30
  • 31. Egg Rates NATIONAL EGG CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE DAILY/MONTHLY EGG PRICES DECLARED BY NECC AND PREVAILING PRICES AT VARIOUS PRODUCTION CENTRES (PC) AND CONSUMPTION CENTRE (CC)Name Of 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Zone DayNECC PricesAhmedabad 295 295 295 295 297 297 297 297 277 277 277 277 277 277 277 277 277 267 267 255 255 - 265 272 286 286 296 296 296 290 290Ajmer 250 260 260 265 273 260 255 242 242 240 240 232 232 240 240 235 232 232 232 232 232 233 238 238 242 247 255 255 250 238 235Banglore (CC) 280 290 280 280 280 280 280 280 280 270 270 270 250 250 250 250 250 270 250 250 250 250 260 270 275 290 290 295 300 300 300Chennai (CC) 305 305 290 290 290 290 290 290 290 285 285 285 280 280 275 275 270 270 265 265 265 265 265 280 280 300 300 310 310 315 315Chittoor 298 298 283 283 283 283 283 283 283 278 278 278 273 273 268 268 263 263 258 258 258 258 258 273 273 293 293 303 303 308 308Delhi (CC) 280 270 270 280 293 293 283 275 265 265 260 260 255 255 255 255 250 250 250 250 250 250 255 257 258 260 265 272 272 265 255E.Godavari 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 265 255 255 250 250 250 240 240 240 240 240 230 232 237 250 253 260 265 277 287 291 293 293Hyderabad 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 265 255 255 250 250 250 240 240 240 240 240 225 225 227 234 241 248 255 265 274 277 277 265Miraj 307 307 307 307 307 307 307 307 297 287 287 282 282 282 272 272 272 272 272 260 260 262 269 276 276 290 300 309 312 312 298Mumbai (CC) 307 307 307 307 307 307 307 307 297 287 287 282 282 282 272 272 272 272 272 260 260 262 269 276 276 290 300 309 312 312 298Mysore 295 280 280 280 285 285 285 285 275 275 275 275 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 275 275 275 295 295 295 305 305 305Nagapur 275 262 260 260 268 270 265 260 251 240 235 235 232 234 235 235 235 235 225 225 225 230 232 254 257 263 265 267 272 270 260Namakkal 305 290 290 290 290 290 290 290 290 290 290 290 290 290 270 270 270 270 270 270 275 275 285 285 300 300 300 310 310 310 310Pune 307 307 307 307 307 307 307 307 297 287 287 282 282 282 272 272 272 272 272 260 260 262 269 276 276 290 300 309 312 312 312Punjab 264 256 256 264 277 277 267 259 259 249 249 242 242 242 242 242 242 232 232 233 233 233 233 241 242 242 249 256 256 250 240Vijayawada 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 265 255 255 250 250 250 240 240 240 240 240 230 232 237 250 253 260 265 277 287 291 293 293Vizag 293 293 293 293 293 293 293 293 283 273 273 268 268 268 268 268 268 268 268 268 268 270 277 280 285 300 306 310 315 315 315W.Godavari 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 265 255 255 250 250 250 240 240 240 240 240 230 232 237 250 253 260 265 277 287 291 293 293Warangal 279 279 279 279 279 279 279 279 269 259 259 254 254 254 242 242 242 242 242 228 228 230 237 244 251 258 268 277 281 281 269Prevailing PricesAllahabad (CC) 295 286 281 286 290 290 286 276 271 267 262 257 257 257 257 257 257 257 257 257 257 257 265 281 281 281 286 281 281 281 281Barwala 260 248 260 270 283 270 253 251 240 247 246 235 237 237 245 241 231 231 235 239 234 236 245 248 248 250 254 262 258 248 236Bhopal 288 290 292 294 296 296 290 280 270 270 265 260 260 260 260 255 255 230 245 245 245 247 250 255 255 275 275 285 275 270 265Hospet - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Indore 276 275 275 275 280 280 280 270 265 270 260 250 238 245 245 240 240 243 245 245 245 247 250 243 243 270 280 285 280 270 260Jabalpur 288 290 292 294 296 296 290 284 275 270 265 260 260 260 250 250 250 243 240 240 240 240 242 247 256 270 275 278 273 268 262Kanpur (CC) 305 295 295 300 309 309 309 286 286 286 286 286 286 271 276 276 271 271 267 267 267 267 275 286 286 286 286 286 286 286 286Kolkata (CC) 320 305 298 300 300 300 300 295 290 290 290 285 280 280 275 270 270 270 272 275 290 300 305 316 320 335 355 356 356 350 -Luknow (CC) 305 309 295 300 309 305 300 290 290 286 276 276 276 271 276 276 271 271 271 265 265 265 274 274 274 274 283 283 283 283 283Raipur 295 295 295 295 295 295 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 275 255 255 255 245 245 245 240 245 250 270 270 275 285 300 300 285 270Varanasi (CC) 286 286 290 295 309 300 300 290 281 276 271 264 271 271 271 271 271 271 274 276 269 269 276 278 283 285 286 286 286 286 286 Advertise Today In India’s most preferred For further details contact: poultry +91 99917 05005 | magazines31
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  • 33. Events Calandar 2013 CALANDAR OF EVENTS May 2013May 02-04, 2013 6-8 June 2013Paschim Banga Poultry Mela AgrenaVenue: Kolkata (West Bengal) CICC Exhibition halls, Egypt - | 2 02 330 38 99418-20 May, 2013China Animal Husbandry Expo 13Jun-15Jun, 2013(CAHE) 2013China Animal Agriculture VIV TurkeyAssociation "HKF TRADE FAIRS A.ª Barbaros Bulvari 163/2 Besiktas/ Istanbul" www.vivturkey.comMay 20-22, 2014VIV Europe info@hkf-fairs.comJaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands 90 (212) 216 40 August 2013renate.wiendels@vnuexhibitions.com31 (0)30 295 2788 10-13 August, 2013 SPACE 201321-22 May,2013 Rennes, FranceVIV Russia“International crocus Exhibitioncenter Moscow Russia” 23 - 25 August International Poultry & Expo "Gayathri Vihar Palace GroundMay 2013 Bengaluru,India"Cahe - China Animal HusbandryExhibition 2013 October 2013Venue: Beijing Jiuhua ExhibitionCenter 24-26 October, 2013 Livestock Myanmar 2013 Expo &Organizers: CAAA (China Animal ForumAgriculture Association) Tatmadaw Hall, yangon, 10 58677700 November 201315th May 2013 03-06 November, 2013The British Pig and Poultry Fair Process Expo 2013Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire Mccormic Place, North 7 south Hall, Chicago, USA02476 858 298 www.myprocessexpo.com21-23 May, 2013VIV Russia 26-28 November, 2013"International Crocus Exhibition Vetrana Poultry & Livestock ExpoCenter Amman international Motor ShowMoscow, Russia " | Centre Amman, http://vetrana.weebly.com31 (0)30 295 2302 February 2014 June 2013 20-22 February 20145-7 June, 2013 IAI Expo 2014Indo Livestock IARI Ground, PUSA, New DelhiBali, Indonesia +91 9991705005, www.iaiexpo.comAdvertisement Tariffs Advertisement Type Single Issue (cost per issue) Six Issues (cost per issue) Full Page INR 18,000 USD 450 INR 15000x4 = 60,000 USD 340x6 = 2040 Half page INR 10,000 USD375 INR 8,000x4 = 32,000 USD 250x6 = 150033
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  • 35. D PROL IBIThe wer po of 21 in INDIAN HERBS SPECIALITIES Pvt. Ltd. S.C.O. 233, 2nd Floor, Sector - 20, PANCHKULA - 134116 Ph. No. : (+91)9357247217, TeleFax No. : (0172) 5011470, E-mail : 35
  • 36. 8th EXHIBITING in series The Future of Livestock Industry international animal industry expo IAI EXPO 20-22 February 2014 IARI Ground, PUSA Campus, New Delhi om o.c Official Magazine iexp w.ia Organizerww For Stall Booking +91 9991705005/06, 9812082121, FOCUSING ON FARM TO FORK TECHNOLOGY