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  1. 1. •HEWLWETT-PACKARD or HP is an American multinational information technology corporation. •The company was founded in a one-car garage in Palo Alto by Hewlett and Dave Packard on January 1, 1939. •Its headquartered in Palo Alto,Califonia,United States. A car garage in Palo alto where HP began.
  2. 2. Founders of HP •Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett formalize their partnership on January 1,1939. •Hewlett and Packard graduated with degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford university in 1935. •Their first financial successful product was a precision audio oscillator, HP200A.
  3. 3. •Hewlett – Packard started with an initial capital investment of us$538. •Hp incorporated on august 18,1947 and went to public on November 6,1957. •From 1940s until well into the 1990s the company concentrated on making electronic test equipment. •In 1970s the HP 3000 was an advanced stack-based design for a business computing server, later redesigned with RISC technology . •In 1980s HP introduced both inkjet and laser printers for the desktops. •In 1990s,HP expanded their computer product line which initially has been targeted at university,research,and business users to reach consumers. •In 2000s HP released the DV 1000 series including the HP Pavilion dv 1658 and 1040 two years later in may .
  4. 4. Headquarter s of HP Address: Hewlett-Packard Company 3000 Hanover Street Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185 USA Phone: (+1) 650-857-1501Fax: (+1) 650-857-5518
  5. 5.  Hewlett-Packard Vision Statement: "To view change in the market as an opportunity to grow; to use our profits and our ability to develop and produce innovative products, services and solutions that satisfy emerging customer needs."  Hewlett-Packard Mission Statement: "To provide products, services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty."
  6. 6. •Hp strives to be an economic, intellectual and social asset. •Earning customer loyalty and respect by providing the highest quality and value. •Market leader ship by developing useful and innovative products services and solutions. •Uncompromising integrity by being open honest and direct in our dealings. •Innovation •Growth •Global citizenship
  7. 7. •Hp is slimming down to flex its muscle in big data, cloud computing and security. •Hp provides one of the tech worlds most comprehensive portfolios of hardware, software and services. •Its worlds largest provider of PCs. •Hp generates software sales through enterprise IT managament,data management, business intelligence, and carrier communications. •The 75-years-old company which serves customers worldwide as part of its turnaround strategy.
  8. 8. Meg Whitman President and CEO Mohamad Ali MD&CSO Ray Lane chairman Cathie Lesjak Executive VP&CFO Martin Fink Executive VP& CTO Henry Gomez Executive VP&CMCO Tracy Keogh Executive VP,Human Resources John Hinshaw Executive VP, Technology and
  9. 9. George Kadifa Executive Vice President, HP Software Bill Veghte Executive Vice President and General Manager, Enterpri se Group John Schultz Executive Vice President and General Counsel Dion Weisler Executive Vice President, Printing and Personal Systems Mike Nefkens Executive Vice President, Enterprise Services
  10. 10. Products of HP
  11. 11. • Hp manages over 200 data centres ,380,000 services,5.4 million desktops, and 17 millions IP addresses. •It handles over 68 million credit card accounts and process 3.5 billion transactions annually. •Hp supports the top 200 banks and more than 130 of the worlds major stock exchanges. •Hp ships more than 1 million printers per week and 48 million pc units annually.
  12. 12. •Product Strategy:-HP’s strategy is to focus around solving problems, from consumers to enterprises. Through their products they help customers complete tasks, and they make their lives easier. •Pricing Strategy:- HP’s goal is to provide costumers with high end merchandise at a reasonable price. They have a variety of products at different prices to benefit their customers needs.
  13. 13. •Promotion:- HP uses their website and commercials to communicate with their customers in order to let them know about the products that they have including special offers which they have often. •Place :-HP sells their product just about anywhere where electronics are sold like best buy,walmart etc.
  14. 14. Human resource •one of the toughest recruitment process in the IT industry. •The major recruitment process is outstanding to Merit Trac Assessment . •There are nearly 3,25,000 employees presently working in this MNC. •First company to introduce work from home concept.
  15. 15. Hp is a sustaining company that has a very strong financial background.  revenue :us$126.0333 billion
  16. 16. Hp is listed in Greenpeace's guide to greener electronic that ranks electronics manufactures according to their policies . •Hong Kong – HP caring for the community. •India – HP helps remote villagers in southern India access IT.
  17. 17. Political • Hewlett-Packard operate in more than 170 countries. • multinational firms can be majorly impacted by governments, who impose regulations.  Economic • within the mobile technology industry economic factors to be considered are the rate of inflation, the disposable income consumers ,as well as levels of unemployment.
  18. 18.  socio-cultural • Consumer attitudes changing can influence firm strategies with some products becoming less fashionable, the mobile technology industry must become sensitive to changing trends.  Technological • the mobile techology industry is a fast moving with the pace increasing . •This is true in this industry with new technology software being real
  19. 19. Strengths  Strong presence  Brand reputation  Diversified product portfolio. Weakness  poor competency in acquisition  Poor presence in tablet market
  20. 20.  Opportunities • Expand services and enterprise solutions divisions • Increasing demand of cloud based services • Acquisition of more technology related patents.  Threats  Slowing growth rate of the pc market services  Rapid technology change
  21. 21. • Integrates security solutions that address your business and compliance needs allows the right people to access appropriate information and services. • Create the opportunity for rapid growth and enable organization to compete more successfully in the marketplace.