Trends & Buzzwords from Mozcon 2013


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We tracked the trends and buzzwords of MozCon 2013. Our tool found some interesting data among all of the discussions and tweets happening on Twitter. Let us know in the comments below what trend stood out to you!

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Trends & Buzzwords from Mozcon 2013

  1. Trends & Buzzwords FROM 2013 #Mozcon was mentioned times18,557 97TH FLOOR97TH FLOOR
  2. 176 76 16 32 72 NETWORKS 97TH FLOOR
  3. SURPRISING STATS 50Desktop VS 531Mobile 97TH FLOOR
  4. Surprisingly Low Surprisingly High 241 Ranking 40 Authorship 42 Authority 183 Tools 298 Local 58 Organic E X P E C T A T I O N S 97TH FLOOR SURPRISING STATS
  5. COMPARISON SEO 346 769 Social 862 323 Content Link Building 97TH FLOOR
  6. COMPARISON Relationships 50 Brand 472 862 Video Content 415 97TH FLOOR
  7. 98% of Americans distrust information on the web. Generosity prioritizes long-term serendipity over short term ROI. Why do we act like all we're trying to do is bump rankings to #1? Give me a #5 position with great content and I can guarantee I'll go up in the ranks. Ingredients observed in every great piece of marketing: transparent, authentic, generous, fun, and empathetic. 1004 RAND FISHKIN SPEAKERS 97TH FLOOR
  8. 917 AVINASH KAUSHIK If you've created a good mobile experience, congratulations you've solved a big problem...for 2009. Most peoples' brand experience now will be digital and not walking into their stores. SPEAKERS 97TH FLOOR
  9. SPEAKERS 680 ALEYDA SOLIS International SEO ROI Calculator: Localize everything. It's fundamental. Get a native to help avoid mistakes. 97TH FLOOR
  10. SPEAKERS 628 PETE MEYERS Of 10,000 SERPs, only 15% had 10 blue links, the remaining 85% had some form of rich information. Google's job is not to build the perfect, fair environment, their job is to model the real world. If you're doing RCS without the RC, know what you're left with? Shit. 97TH FLOOR
  11. SPEAKERS 585 PHIL NOTTINGHAM If you're putting your branded videos on Youtube, you could be losing 99% of your potential traffic/clicks/audience. Measure engagement, not views. Do 1 piece of content every 3 months instead of 3 pieces of content every month. 97TH FLOOR
  12. SPEAKERS 521 WIL REYNOLDS Use IFTTT triggers to email you things like new links to an infographic, new questions asked by a competitor on Quora, and journalist requests from Twitter hashtags. Want to know if you're doing RCS? Search for your assets with your brand name. Don't hit enter when searching on Google. You can learn a lot about what people want by looking at those suggestions. 97TH FLOOR
  13. SPEAKERS 474 ANNIE CUSHING Keyword-level data is a thing of the past. Get over it. Any metric you're isolating per keyword is junk data. Going after it is a fool's errand. You have to know how to work pivot tables in order to get any kind of insight. It's one of the most critical skills you have to know as a marketer. 97TH FLOOR
  14. SPEAKERS 474 JOANNA LORD Building a loyal audience is a requirement, it's the new standard. Companies will not succeed without loyalty. There should be a budget, conversations, and quarterly planning for brand loyalty marketing. 97TH FLOOR
  15. 801 Ruth Burr live-tweeted the whole event. Sh*t 159 Obama 46 FUNNY MENTIONS A** 54 HONORABLE MENTION * Problematic wifi on day one of the conference could've had an affect on some of stats listed above. 97TH FLOOR
  16. Source: 97TH FLOOR Click to view the full infographic: