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Getting Started with Google+
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Getting Started with Google+


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Brandon Hassler's slides from Kim Flynn's Internet Bootcamp. Brandon explains the Why's and How's to getting started with Google+ for your business.

Brandon Hassler's slides from Kim Flynn's Internet Bootcamp. Brandon explains the Why's and How's to getting started with Google+ for your business.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Brandon Hassler @BrandonHassler @97thfloor
  • 2. @BrandonHassler ● Founded in 2004 ● Located in Lehi, UT ● Currently have 27 employees ● Work w/ medium to enterprise clients About 97th Floor
  • 3. @BrandonHassler We Elevate These Guys
  • 4. @BrandonHassler
  • 5. @BrandonHassler
  • 6. @BrandonHassler Google+ is set to have more sharing activity than Facebook by Feb 2016
  • 7. @BrandonHassler 72 of the worlds largest 100 brands are on Google+
  • 8. @BrandonHassler 40% of them haven't posted any content!
  • 9. @BrandonHassler Are your competitors on Google+?
  • 10. @BrandonHassler Can You Be Found?
  • 11. @BrandonHassler
  • 12. @BrandonHassler
  • 13. @BrandonHassler "If you build it, they will come." BULL CRAP.
  • 14. @BrandonHassler Del Taco is evidence that just because you build it, they still won't come.
  • 15. @BrandonHassler Google+ is not just another independent social network like Facebook or Twitter. It's a social layer that is integrated with several other brilliant Google products.
  • 16. @BrandonHassler Billions of dollars are spent every year to market in Google search. Google+ is a free way to help optimize your efforts.
  • 17. @BrandonHassler
  • 18. @BrandonHassler Even though I don't rank #1, because of Google Authorship, I'm stealing traffic from the first two results because my Authorship photo is draws more eyeballs.
  • 19. @BrandonHassler How It Works
  • 20. @BrandonHassler Article contains a "rel=author" code pointing to your Google+ profile. Be sure your Google+ profile links back to your website.
  • 21. @BrandonHassler TO THIS TURNS THIS Learn more at
  • 22. @BrandonHassler Personalized Results
  • 23. @BrandonHassler I did a search for "Google Authorship Tips". Because I follow these two guys on Google+, Google knew I would appreciate these custom search results. The more people you get following you, the more people will stumble upon your posts when they search for related terms.
  • 24. @BrandonHassler Quality Real Estate
  • 25. @BrandonHassler Del Taco w/ No Google+
  • 26. @BrandonHassler Taco Bell w/ Google+ Easy real estate by simply having an active Google+ page!
  • 27. @BrandonHassler Your Pages Have PageRank
  • 28. @BrandonHassler Deseret News - PR 3
  • 29. @BrandonHassler ESPN - PR 6
  • 30. @BrandonHassler The White House - PR 8
  • 31. @BrandonHassler How to Optimize
  • 32. @BrandonHassler Take Advantage of Links These are "followed" links to my website and social pages.
  • 33. @BrandonHassler Take Advantage of Links Your page and personal bio's support "followed" links. Take advantage!
  • 34. @BrandonHassler Use Hashtags
  • 35. @BrandonHassler Tag Other People/Brands
  • 36. @BrandonHassler Use Custom Photos w/ Links Upload a custom photo to your posts w/ links. Photos catch attention and increase your Click Through Rate.
  • 37. @BrandonHassler Engage Your Fans Don't be afraid to be different. Be human! Treat your fans like your friends, not like customers who have no brain.
  • 38. @BrandonHassler Posts containing questions increase your comments by 92%
  • 39. @BrandonHassler Posts that have questions at the end get 2xas many comments of those where the questions were in the middle of the post.
  • 40. @BrandonHassler ● Comment = 3.3x More Comments ● Share = 7x More Shares ● Like = 3x More Likes ● Caption Photo = 5.5x More Comments Tell Your Fans What To Do
  • 41. @BrandonHassler Use Communities
  • 42. @BrandonHassler A Search For "Sports" Communities
  • 43. @BrandonHassler Find Your Niche Communities Imagine walking into a room with 1,120 people who are all interested in your industry. Talk about an easy sell!
  • 44. @BrandonHassler Post Something With Value (Don't Spam) This piece about "The Walking Dead" is a perfect piece to promote in "The Walking Dead" communities.
  • 45. @BrandonHassler Add a G+ Share Button to Your Website
  • 46. @BrandonHassler Share Buttons Aren't Limited to Blog Posts
  • 47. @BrandonHassler Keep Your Page Fresh Post as often as you can, and always be ahead of your competition. Posting the same thing you posted on Facebook is much better than not posting on Google+ at all.
  • 48. @BrandonHassler Create a Content Schedule Life is hectic. Take one day a week and plan out what you will post the following week. Use free online tools to "schedule" your posts ahead of time.
  • 49. @BrandonHassler Learn More Follow Brandon