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OLPC Visual Project
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OLPC Visual Project


Published on

2011 Spring …

2011 Spring
OLPC Class in SNU

Published in: Design

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  • 1. OLPC
  • 2. OUTLINE 1. Project Goal 2. Project Process 3. Questions 4. Hypothesis 5. Considerations 6. Visual Project
  • 3. 1. Project GoalQ. How can we efficiently educate children who have lived in urban ghetto on common senses like health basics to avoid the dangers of death? OLPC
  • 4. 1. Project GoalA. Let’s make customized education contents for children and deliver them with small portable devices like OLPC. OLPC
  • 5. 2. Project Process Expert Interview • NANCEN Officer • OLPC Asia CEO • Professor Lee Joon • Projector Expert OLPC
  • 6. 2. Project Process Entrepreneurship • Online platform,, to help children living in dumpsites OLPC
  • 7. 2. Project Process Prototyping • Station Prototyping • Prototype OLPC projector with a cheap second handed magic lantern OLPC
  • 8. 2. Project Process Research (Benchmarking) • MIT Media lab, IBM Classmate • Review other universities’ projects related to ICT4D • Literature Review of ICT4D OLPC
  • 9. 3. Questions Is OLPC a best-fit product for the developing countries? XO is Great, OLPC for India is Not Its Not a Technical Problem, OLPC is Too Expensive “OLPC XO can perhaps be useful in some middle-income and most high-income countries. But for a low-income country like India, we have to continue to look for something more appropriate such as blackboards, books, and paper notebooks.” OLPC
  • 10. 3. QuestionsConfession of a India educator• It is difficult to deploy OLPC because of high cost in India.• Govt. is relativity immune and unable to find money forlarge scale deployments.• Even if someone deploy OLPC in a classroom, unavailability of "class teacher" who can teach OLPC.• In the village "Kikarwali" almost No OLPC Laptop were used. They were use only for the time of inspection of school. OLPC
  • 11. 4. Our hypothesis It is economically and environmentally impossible to distribute personal computers to each children in urban ghetto. Then, What about using one OLPC laptop to share educational resources with children? OLPC
  • 12. 4. Our hypothesisTeaching Experience in India, 2011 OLPC
  • 13. 4. Our hypothesisIssues while solving the problems OLPC
  • 14. 5. Considerations Target Educator Space Tech. Contents Who are the Who delivers Where are Any required What subjects target user? education children technologies? they need to service to educated learn? What kind of children? safely? the value propositioncan we create? OLPC
  • 15. 5. Considerations Target OLPC
  • 16. 5. Considerations 대상자 제공자 기술 컨텐츠Target User 는 누구이며, 누가 아이들에게 어떤 Value 아이들에게 Space 필요한 기술은? 무엇을 가르칠Proposition 을 교육 서비스를 것인가? 제시해야 제공할 것인가? 하는가? OLPC
  • 17. 5. Considerations 대상자 제공자 공간 컨텐츠Target User 는 누구이며, 누가 아이들이 아이들에게 어떤 Value 아이들에게 교육받는 Tech. 무엇을 가르칠Proposition 을 교육 서비스를 장소는? 것인가? 제시해야 제공할 것인가? 하는가? OLPC
  • 18. 5. Considerations 대상자 제공자 공간 기술Target User 는 누구이며, 누가 아이들이 어떤 Value 아이들에게 교육받는 필요한 기술은? ContentsProposition 을 교육 서비스를 장소는? 제시해야 제공할 것인가? 하는가? OLPC
  • 19. So.. The solution to this? OLPC xo를 함께 볼 수 있는 프로젝터 UPCYCLE 프로젝터 Project
  • 20. 6. Visual Project OLPC
  • 21. 6. Visual Project1) Do it ourselves making projectors RISKY and a bit Expensive !! OLPC
  • 22. 6. Visual Project2) Directly connect OLPC with Project Success, but still need a projector OLPC
  • 23. 6. Visual Project3) Prototyping with second handed magic lantern Relatively cheap, but some issues OLPC
  • 24. 6. Visual Project4) Prototyping DIY-projector with package Box The cheapest way, but some issues OLPC
  • 25. Thank You OLPC