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Kaizen - "SMALL is KILLER"

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  1. 1. Group : 8
  2. 2. Contents Introduction Features of Kaizen Five Elements Implementation Applicability of Kaizen Mini Kaizen Case Study
  3. 3. Introduction  Masaaki Imai is known as the developer of kaizen  KAI means ‘change’ or ‘the action to correct’ ZEN means ‘good’
  4. 4. Features of Kaizen  Widely applicable  Highly effective & result oriented  A learning experience  Term based & cross functional
  5. 5. Kaizen elements  Teamwork: Kaizen has always been a team effort, where synergies of various members are harnessed for increased productivity  Increased efficiency: Kaizen reduces cycle time & lowers costs. This leads to higher efficiency
  6. 6. Ctd...  Improved morale & employee satisfaction: Since all employees are involved in Kaizen process, there is a high level of employee engagement  Improved safety: Kaizen helps clean up work areas, allowing better control of equipment & processes  The five-S framework: The Kaizen method is often described in terms of the “five-S framework.” The five-S framework consists of the Japanese words “seiri” for tidiness, “seiton” for order, “seiso” for clean, “seiketsu” for standardization & “shitsuke” for discipline
  7. 7. Implementation Of Kaizen1. Training 2. Project Selection 3. Team Selection 4. Value Stream Mapping 5. Process Mapping
  8. 8. Ctd... 6. Developing Baseline Data 7. Creating Spaghetti Charts 8. Conducting Time Study Analysis 9. Developing Continuous Improvement 10. Implementing Appropriate Changes
  9. 9. Applicability of Kaizen MASAKI IMAI lists the following kaizen duties for different level in Management where as follows:  TOP MANAGEMENT  MIDDLE MANAGEMENT  SUPERVISORS  WORKERS
  10. 10. TOP MANAGEMENT  Be determined to introduced kaizen as corporate  Provide support and direction for kaizen by allocating resources MIDDLE MANAGEMENT  Deploy & implement kaizen goals as directed by top management  Helps employees develop skills & tools for problem solving
  11. 11. SUPERVISORS  Improve communication with workers and sustain high morale  Support small group activities & the individual suggestion system WORKERS  Engage in Kaizen through the suggestion system & small group activities
  12. 12. Mini Kaizen  Mini Kaizen is part of corporate culture  Mini Kaizen, is aimed at increasing productivity, quality, & worker satisfaction, all from a very grassroots level  Mini Kaizen helps to reduce wastes, promotes personal growth of employees & the company, provides guidance for employees
  13. 13. Ctd...  This methodology teaches that every employee should be encouraged to come up with new & innovative ideas, no matter how big or small they are  This change should be done by the employee, with a minimal investment of time  Quick and Easy Kaizen Ex. 1 - ouTube.flv
  14. 14. Ctd...  Three Key Characteristics  Permanent method changes  Continuous flow of small ideas  Immediate local implementation
  15. 15. Case Study: Toyota
  16. 16. Ctd...  Toyota Motor Company was one of the first Japanese businesses to implement Kaizen. After World War II, Kaizen was adopted by several Japanese companies to help rebuild. Since this time, kaizen has become so successful, that it has spread to several businesses throughout the world  Toyota benchmarks itself on efficiency. It trains recruits in 'muscle memory', so that their hands work with unfailing precision
  17. 17. Ctd...  The result: an Etios, Etios Liva or Corolla rolls off the assembly line in Toyota's Plant No. 2 in Bidadi, Karnataka, every 119 seconds, & an Innova or Fortuner in Plant No. 1 every 162 seconds. In 16.5 hours of operation in a day, the two plants produce a total of 744 vehicles  After a plant reaches peak efficiency, the management reduces the number of workers slightly, so that the efficiency ratio falls. Then it introduces kaizen to return to the earlier level
  18. 18. Ctd...  An industry expert says that the Innova's steel yield ratio in India is the best in the world  Toyota India ranks number one globally in the shipping quality audit, an annual exercise carried out at Toyota facilities worldwide  The audit focuses on the quality of vehicles before they are dispatched to market
  19. 19. Presented By, Ankita Bondre Gauri Dhalwalkar Nikita Lakhan Priya Dolas Soniya Raikar Prakhar Jain